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Project 365 - Week 6

Sunday February 6:
I don't have a picture from this day. In fact I've spent a great amount of time trying to remember what we did on this day. I finally remembered. I had bible study that night and Luke went to a friend's house to watch the Super Bowl. After my bible study I joined him for a big for some good food and the very end of the game (like last minute). So no picture on Sunday

Monday February 7:
This was Luke's 27th birthday! Currently I am working on winning the worst wife award. I did not have a gift or card or cake or ANYTHING for him on his birthday. I had ordered him something off the internet but it hadn't come in yet. And I did make him a card out of markers and construction paper which he loved. Not sure if he loved the actual card or just the fact that it cost $0.00. Also Monday, Luke's birthday, was the day of my horrible Dr appt where I found out I am gone above and beyond what I was supposed to in the weight department. So I wasn't a happy camper the rest of the night. Anyways, when we got home for the night there was a package on the door and it was some NY Giants apparel that Luke had ordered for Eli. Clearly he is ecstatic to have a boy in the family to pass down his NY Giant love to.
Tuesday February 8:
Our girl scout cookies came in on Tuesday and I had mixed feelings about this. However it did not stop me from partaking in some yummy Tagalongs. My favorite cookie!
Wednesday February 9:
We woke up to more snow on this day! I absolutely love all the snow we are getting! We spent the day in our PJ's catching up on various tasks around the house. It was a wonderful, relaxing day.
Thursday February 10:
Thursday we were back to work, well the campus I work at didn't open until 11:00. So that afternoon we were back to work! When we got home that night I had a package on my door from Scentsy. It was all the new scents and new catalogs. I was SO excited. I spent the rest of the night smelling the new scents and flipping through the catalog. I'm excited for Spring/Summer 2011.
Friday February 11:
On Wednesday I spent most of the day washing Eli's clothes and putting them in piles. By the end of the day I didn't know what my piles were, they were just random piles all over the sofa. By Friday they were still sitting there. I eventually had to just throw them all in his crib until I go buy some hangers.Friday night we just hung out at home with a frozen pizza and netflix. It was a good night.
Saturday February 12th:
This was another low-key day. We woke up, took our time getting ready, ate lunch at Chick-fila, ran some errands, I went to a baby shower, and then we went to Luke's soccer game. That night we made black bean and cheese burritos. I'm realizing we had a very low-key week.


  1. I don't see how you could have possibly gained above and beyond amounts of weight - you seriously look amazing - all tummy! Don't worry, chasing a little one will provide our exercise afterward, and many women gain much more than just 35 lbs!

  2. Quit worrying about the weight! You look great and you will lose it all after the baby - and it's funny how you love the snow - I am soooo sick of it!

  3. YUM, Tagalongs are my favorite! They're called Peanut Butter Patties here, and I was thoroughly confused when I went to place my order this year and they asked what Tagalongs were.

  4. Love the clothes pile! So fun! You look amazing and I've loved seeing all the updates! Thanks for your sweet comment on the pics, I was nervous since it was so freaking cold that day!

  5. I just got 6 nenw scents from scentsy, loving them!


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