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Project 365 - Week 5

Sunday January 30th:
This is what Eli's room looked like the day after my last shower. Plus there was move on the other side of this camera. Every time we get it all cleared out and put away we bring home more stuff. So thankful for everybody who has gifted us during this time!
Monday January 31st:
I love talking to my family on Face Time on the iphone. On Monday night I talked to my family while we were both anxiously awaiting the snow that was headed our way. This sweet guy had his jammies on ready for bed.
Tuesday February 1st:
The snow came just as expected! And we could not go anywhere. Here are some tree's in our backyard. This does not at all show how much snow we got but I love this picture that Luke took.
February Wednesday 2nd:
Luke and I went outside and snapped some pics of my preggo belly in the snow. The whole time we were trapped inside Luke kept talking about how he wished Eli was here already. We are very ready for that little guy!
Thursday February 3rd:
I love that I was very productive during my 3 snow days at home. My snowcation. On Thursday I organized all the clothes my sister gave me that were my nephew's clothes. These are all of Eli's clothes up to 6 months. Now they just need to be put away!
Friday February 4th:
Luke and I both went back to work on Friday. As soon as we got to our offices the snow started falling, hard! It snowed the rest of the day. Call me crazy but I'm loving all this snow! It doesn't do it all year, it will get warm again soon, I'm just enjoying it while its here!
Saturday February 5th:
Luke and I woke up Saturday and headed out to go car shopping. We hate car shopping. Hate. It. Luke is so money smart is kinda drives me crazy. I understand him wanting to do the right money thing, but I just want a car. And I know the whole process is frustrating for Luke as he spends most of his free time looking for a car. So we are both learning patience. Anyways after we got home we ordered pizza. And I enjoyed my favorite drinks, a Route 44 water and coke. Yes I drink coke and caffeine while pregnant. No I will not touch deli meat. Everybody is different. Getting Route 44 waters has become my favorite thing. And they are only 50 cents at some places and 80 cents at others. Not sure why they are different.


  1. Your pics don't at ALL do justice to just how much snow we got! Glad you enjoyed it! So r y'all splurging for a mini van??!!!??? :)

  2. I had a snowcation this week too! Today was the first day I left the house since Tuesday and it was just to pick up chinese food for supper! I am starting to go stir CRAZY!! Hoping to get out tomorrow if for nothing else to go grocery shopping!

    I've never thought to stop at Sonic for Rt44 Water!! That is just genus!! Sadly I gave up drinking all caffeinated drinks about 2 week ago and I am really missing my sonic drinks (ie Rt 44 DIet Coke) So now I can still enjoy their great ice and have water!! Brilliant!! Thanks for passing that little tip on to me!

  3. through the gift extravaganza, Eli's room looks really cute!!! You guys are SET!! ...and, you look adorable!

  4. I figured out the route 44 conundrum for you. They are cheaper during happy hour. Had to google what they are because I live Europe and saw that (boy that makes me sound sad). Love the blog!


  5. I drank coke while I was pregnant, but wouldn't touch deli meat either. My doctor said deli meat could cause a dangerous food poisoning infection, but a little caffeine would hurt. :)

  6. Love your furniture! I drink dr. pepper sometimes if I have a migraine. My OB dr is the one who actually told me too. But I also crave turkey sandwiches and eat those to. He also said I could that. He did tell me to stay away from hot dogs. I think everybody kinda does their own thing when pregnant. I mean my mom did a lot worse and I turned out ok!

  7. I love your nursery furniture. So beautiful!

    Yay for snowcations!

  8. Wow! You have been super busy!! Doesn't it feel great to get so much accomplished?! Hope the snow settles down for you!

  9. I think I miss preparing the clothes and nursery the most out of all my pregnancy preparations!! I must have rearranged her closets and drawers multiple times. Loved it. You guys have racked up. That is one loved little boy!

  10. I drink a diet coke almost every day (though I did give up caffeine until about Week 20 or so). Up to 200 mg is safe, which is 5 diet cokes. So I am not going to feel guilty about 1/5 of that.

  11. I love the way Eli's nursery looks! The furniture looks so good with the colors you have picked out. Sonic's waters are really good. I think it's the ice.

  12. Your nursery furniture is so pretty! You've received lots of loot for that little boy. :) I wish we could get all of the pregnant bloggers together once your babies are here and take a pic. There are so many of you pregnant right now!

  13. I love the furniture in Eli's room!
    I also got addicted to Route 44 waters at Sonic while pregnant! My addiction was mainly because it was 100 degrees the summer and I was like a dang camel in the heat. I always got mine with a lemon and a lime. I was really into all things sour while pregnant!!

  14. oh Eli's room looks cute from its little sneak peek :-) and look at all that look he's got already! He's going to have a great wardrobe, obviously!

  15. Look at all of those gifts! Holy smokes! The nursery is looking great! I love the picture a day idea. I might have to do something like that when Sophie arrives. P.S. I drink caffeine too... I can't live without my morning cup of coffee, my brain just wouldn't function.

    Ugh, and what I wouldn't do for a Sonic drink right now! ;)


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