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Project 365 - Week 4

Sunday January 23rd
I started a new bible study at my church today. It is Kay Arthur study and is my second one of hers to do. I loved the last one and I am absolutely loving this one. I've never been a big "studier" of the old testament and have felt convicted about it many times. So digging into God's word in the old testament has really opened my eyes. I can't wait to see what this study reveals.
Monday January 24th:
Monday afternoon I had my bi-weekly Dr appointment. This is where I sit every other week. After dinner we went to eat at Outback with Luke's mom who was in town for meetings.
Tuesday January 25th:
This is the last picture of my car ever. My wrecker came to pick up my car and I totally teared up as he drove it off. I've been through a lot with that car. My parents flew to Atlanta and drove it back for me in 2007, it was with me when I was single waiting on a certain boy to propose. It traveled back and forth with me as I was planning a long distance wedding. It's just been through so much. I will miss her (him?).
Wednesday January 26th:
I really don't have a picture from this day, so I'm using this picture that we took last week because this is what I do a lot of days. This is the glider in Eli's room and I go sit in it and just look at his room and imagine what it will be like when he is there (plus the glider is super comfortable). I cannot believe that I will soon be rocking my baby in that chair. I love spending time in his room!
Thursday January 27th:
Again, no picture, so I included this picture of Sonic's logo. People, I had Sonic 5 times this week. That is sick and disgusting. My poor baby. I have also gotten in the habit of getting a route 44 water every single day. They are only 50 cents and then I refill the cup all throughout the day. I find I drink a lot more water this way.

Friday January 28th:
No picture again. I was bad this week. But Friday was crazy. I was running around all day and never stopped until we got in the car to meet my mom halfway between our house and my parent's house. Then I spent the rest of the night writing thank you notes and talking to my mom.

Saturday January 29th
This was the day of my shower. After the shower I went back to my parent's house and hung out there the rest of the day. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. 77 degrees, sunny, and just so pretty. So my mom and I walked my nephew to the park. He was loving the weather!


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You are such a cute preggo!

    Also, I ate more than my fair share of fast food with each of my pregnancies and while nursing. The babe will be fine ;). (I basically took advantage of it being ok to gain weight and then my massive appetite and extra calories being burned).

  2. Clearly I have no need for a glider for maternity reasons, but I LOVE that glider. And brown is a good choice because lighter colors get dirty so easily!

  3. That glider looks AMAZING! I can't wait to see a pic of you holding sweet baby Eli in it!

    Seriously, in most of the pics of you you barely look pregnant! You're so tiny!

    Bye-bye to you car... I know I'd cry when they took mine away, for sure! So sad.

  4. I'm glad you had an attachment to your car too! And I'm glad you & the babe were ok after the accident! I said goodbye to my car before it left to be sold!

  5. That glider looks SO COMFY! You are seriously the cutest pregnant girl ever! ha! :)

  6. That glider is so cute! It looks comfy too, which is hard to find in attractive gliders! :)

    I also would feel sad about losing my car... We traded in my old accord for a newer acura two years ago and I was sad eventhough we were clearly upgrading our cars. So, I understand the attachment issue! :)

  7. What a fun week ;) I am trying to take a picture a day too!

  8. fun week! i have given up on my 365 project... maybe i'll pick up doing one like this. i like this format better anyway...

  9. You look so cute in the doctor's office!!

  10. I can't wait until you get to sit with Eli in your rocker too, awww, so sweet!! Made me emotional just thinking about it :) It is so hard to say goodbye to an old car, I still reminisce about my old car (Hubby makes fun of it but it was the best car ;)) and if it helps at all, I ate so much fast food when pregnant and all the littles are great! :-) You look adorable and Eli is fab!


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