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Weeks 30-32

Well it has been a couple of weeks since I last did my weekly pregnancy updates. I honestly thought about quitting them because of two reasons.

1. I get frustrated with the pictures - not me in the picture but the picture quality. I feel like they always look different and despite the fact that I have a "fancy schmancy" camera they don't ever look like good quality. So I get frustrated with them.


2. I honestly don't feel like they are an accurate depiction of what my belly really looks like. Or my hair.

Also, I might look pleasant in each picture but you don't see the other side of the camera. I can almost guarantee you that on the other side of each picture there was a "discussion" between the Tree husband and wife. For some reason Luke doesn't like to stand and take 15 pictures of me while I look at each one and critique how he holds the camera, uses the camera, and basically just breathes.

Imagine that.

HOWEVER, with all of that said I decided to continue them. They are interesting to go back and read and really fun to go back and decide which picture I look the worst in. Like week 15 when the pregnancy acne was OUT. OF. CONTROL. Fun, memorable, times.

So without further ado (the above was plenty ado enough) I give you.....

Week 30:
Week 31:
Week 32:
Can someone please get girlfriend in Week 31 a pony tail holder? For. Real.

How Far Along: 32 weeks (33 tomorrow)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have a question. Why does this say "total weight gain/loss" do people REALLY lose weight while pregnant? That is insane. As far as weight gain I'm in the 30's and we will leave it at that. However my dr. did tell me my weight was PERFECT for my week, so I feel like I just won a gold medal.

Maternity Clothes: Yes all. Except my trusty cardigans. I even moved up a size in my underwear.

Gender: Boy! Eli Tree!!

Movement: Oh yeah. He is rocking and rolling in there and I love it. I love watching my belly bounce all around.

Sleep: Bad, bad, bad bad. Aside from heartburn this is my worst pregnancy "symptom" which I will of course take the bad sleep just to see my sweet baby at the end of it all, but it's just bad right now.

What I miss: Sleeping on my back and belly. And I still won't eat deli meat, so I miss that.

Cravings: Anything and everything.

Symptoms: Heartburn and acid reflux are really bad right now and I've heard they only get worse as the 3rd trimester goes on.

Best Moment this week: Making more progress on the nursery and also hearing Eli's heartbeat on Monday at the Dr's office. The hospital called my dr when I had my wreck so she was aware of it and asked how I was feeling and said Eli still looked great.

Something strange has happened to me since entering the 3rd trimester. I can't stop eating. I love me some food and I want it all the time. Hopefully I don't gain too much during these last weeks. I have two smore's pop tarts every single day. Those things are a God-send.

I really can't believe we are in the 8th month of pregnancy. It has flown by, as I knew it would. I have another shower this weekend so I am looking forward to that.

Now please excuse me while I go pop half a bottle of Tums. The heartburn is in full force tonight.


  1. I missed the hubby quote for the week! Those are always hilarious.

  2. i miss hubby quote too! haha... im glad you decided to keep doing the updates.

  3. You know what I read today at 37 weeks in one of the newsletters? Women carrying boys eat more than women carrying I am using that as my excuse! But I don't relate to the "your stomach will be smooshed and you won't be able to eat as much" comments. I can eat a LOT of food in my 3rd trimester!

  4. You look A-mazing!! And you look extra amazing as a 32 week preggo, you look like you just have a volleyball under your shirt (totally typed shit and luckily spell checked).

  5. You look so so cute!! I cannot believe how close you are getting to your due date!

    Since you have noticed my spiritual gift is encouragement I will go ahead and tell you that the heartburn and reflux will get worse. Like to the point that I often cried. Ha! But I can promise you that it ends as soon as they are born!

  6. you have all that heartburn because that baby has luke hair!

  7. In my last trimester I gained and lost a few times, ended up losing about 5 lbs. What to Expect said this was normal and it does happen!

    Eat all you can.. surprisingly enough all my cravings came AFTER I delivered... and then I had no basis to stuff my face with Butterfingers.

  8. You look great! I loved feeling Addy move. That was THE only thing I liked about being pregnant! I had Addy at 33 weeks...crazy huh? Let that be your incentive to stay pregnant full term! Even without lunch meat and no sleep - I would have endured anything to not see her in the NICU. Hang in there!

  9. You really look fabulous - you are one of the cutest pregnant ladies I've ever seen - ALL BELLY! 100% Pretty!

  10. You look fantastic! Seriously, I hope I look this good at 30-32 weeks! I understand the bad sleep, I'm right there with ya! But you are getting so close! I'm glad to hear Eli is doing good!

  11. I know I say this every week but you are SO CUTE. Seriously, pregnancy suits you.

    Sorry about the heartburn though... that stinks!

  12. Girl, you look great--seriously!! And I'd totally be critique the way my husband takes my picture--and I'm not even pregnant!

  13. You are way too critical of yourself. You look fantastic!! I can't believe you are 8 months pregnant! Eli is going to be here so soon.

  14. you look great little momma and i'm so glad to hear all is wonderful!
    poptarts are amazing, i stare at the chocolate fudge ones everytime i go grocery shopping but i can't justify buying them because i eat 2 and i'm not full, i'd like 4. haha!
    and i love how you pointed out the total gain/loss. once i realized it said loss on my weekly updates i removed it! there is no way i'll ever lose weight in this pregnancy!

  15. You look great! I can't believe how soon Eli will be here!

    I'm not pregnant and would eat 2 smore's poptarts a day if I let them enter my house. I can't buy them because I lack any self-control around them!

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  17. You look beautiful!!! Hang in there. You will be holding that beautiful baby boy soon, very soon.

    Have a Blessed evening,

  18. Yea! Glad you decided to keep doing the pictures (along with updates!)
    I think you look beautiful!

    It is nothing short of amazing when you realize you can roll over and lay on your stomach again...and you'll feel so small (that's amazing too)!

  19. Pregnancy looks great on you, happy you decided to continue the pictures! When I was pregnant with our first child I was so sick that I didn't make a "net" gain until week 24! I was down 15 pounds at that point from my pre-pregnancy weight, and I'm not one that loses weight easily. Crazy how different pregnancy treats everyone!

  20. The last picture is so beautiful! The colors are great on you. I am pregnant with my second (19 weeks along) and can tell you that you will be really happy you took pictures all along the way. We made a slideshow with them and put them with his baby videos. Now the second time around it is so fun to look back on those! Love reading your blog and hearing all about your pregnancy!

  21. Hah! My husband and I had the same behind-the-scenes photo "chats."

    Are you on Zantac or Prilosec for the heartburn? It's the only way I survived. And I was addicted to cherry pop tarts during pregnancy, and now I'm reminded of how much I miss them. Problem is I'M trying to lose the pregnancy weight. =(

  22. You look great!! I dont know if anyone has mentioned this, but pickle juice is great for heartburn! You know when you have eaten more tums than you ever thought you would in a lifetime and the tums start to make you sick and taste like chalk?!! Try some pickle juice, just a swig. Sounds strange, but it works! ~Sarah~

  23. Hey Megan,

    I admit I've been somewhat of a stalker (found your blog through Kelly's Korner) until now and had to comment.

    First, I really enjoy your blog, because you are real, seriously its sad how many christians pretend it's all sugarplums and sunshine, when it's not always all good. And holy crap ypure funny. That's enough as I probably sound like a total CREEP!
    Anyway, I'm a photographer in Atlanta and thought I could at the very least give you pointers to make you feel better about your preggo shots.

    1. Finding natural light is KEY. A window, is perfect.
    if there isn't enough light grab a reflector like object, aka sun shade usually used for the car.

    2. Avoid the flash at all costs when the sun is out! And get a light defusser for using your flash after dark.

    3. Read your camera's manual like it's the bible, for real.

    Hope that helps!


  24. I LOVE your blog. You crack me up just as much as Big Mamma (do you read her blog?) If you do read her, that is a HUGE compliment. :)

    I just want to tell you to KEEP UP with the weekly preg. photos, regardless of how much torture you go through to get a picture on there. It is the regret of my life that I didn't do weekly pictures when I was pregnant (with twins-good LORD you haven't seen huge until you saw me). I REGRET so much that I was insecure and didn't want to look "fat" STUPID of me!!!!!! I'd do anything to have weekly pictures of my progress.

    Love your humor and you look GREAT. Really!!!!!!!
    Kelly in Michigan


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