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Second Baby Shower

This weekend was our second baby shower. Once again I walked away from the day feeling completely and utterly blessed.

The shower this weekend was given by a group of women from Luke's hometown. I have come to know them through the years. They did a great job of putting together this shower and thought of every detail

The cake that matches our bedding:

The food spread:

The cute E napkins (E for Eli)

M&M's that said cute things like "Baby Eli" and"Heaven Sent" and a few other things...The blessing ring:

Me with the hostesses:

with my momma:with Luke's momma:And with my mom and grandma:
with one of my college roommate's who kinda, sorta, in a way introducd me and Luke:
Present opening fun:

Woo hoo our travel system!! Our baby can safely come home from the hospital now! Now we just need to find a car to bring him home in. Easier said than done:

Cute baby overalls:

A beautiful blanket that my mom made to match the bedding (that she made). I love this so much. (awesome pic of me)

It was such a wonderful shower and Eli was gifted with so many great things.

Also, looking at these pictures, it is amazing how much I have grown in the 2 weeks since my last shower. After my wreck 2 weeks ago I went a little crazy and decided life is too short to not eat good food. Clearly Megan went a little crazy in the food department. smore's pop tarts are good but maybe I don't need to eat two of them every single day. Or a whole can of Pickle Pringles (which another pregnant friend graciously introduced me to).

I'm sure it seems like I talk about getting bigger a lot, its just such a weird thing to watch your body transform. Hopefully it will transform back the other way. Only time will tell...

Anyways, back to shower talk. Getting all of these items for Eli is so exciting! Luke keeps telling me that he wishes he was here already, but then he also tells me how weird it is that we have a room full of stuff waiting for a person that we DON'T EVEN KNOW YET (emphasis intended as he says it)! It's amazing how fast this pregnancy is flying by. I can't wait to see him!

We are supposed to get snow tonight and tomrorow and Im really counting on it so that I can start getting his stuff washed, organized, and put up! So exciting!


  1. Baby showers have been very surreal to me. I still don't believe that all this stuff is for a person I am going to be completely responsible for. You look GREAT! I'm glad you had a good time at your shower. As far as getting bigger, I get it. It's just an odd thing. I keep telling myself that I only have about 5 more weeks to not worry about my weight. Sometimes that justification works.

  2. Oh Megan, LOVE it all!!!! So sweet!!! You are one loved Momma and of course an extremely loved little boy!!! :)

  3. Love the bedding colors! The cake and blanket are adorable!

  4. love the blanket!
    what a great mom you have =)

    love the cake too!!!

    girl, keep eating and eating until that baby comes and don't regret it!!!

  5. The blanket is precious! Your mom is one talented lady!

  6. Your bedding must be awesome if it looks like that cake!
    You look great, you are ALL stomach!

  7. I know you dont believe me, but you look perfect! :-) I cant wait to see the room all done - it looks like it's going to be great if your bedding looks like that!

  8. As always, you are completely adorable.

    That blanket from your mom is STUNNING. Definitely going to be one of Eli's favorite things!

    What a blessed baby Eli is going to be.... he's not even here and everybody loves him SO MUCH!

  9. Wow! Looks like you got some great stuff! And yours and Luke's mom's are gorgeous!!

  10. What a great shower and you look adorable as always! That cake and those strawberries look amazing. You will love your Chicco Travel System! We loved ours. Can't wait to see little E's face!!

  11. I read your blog and love it, but have never posted a comment before but I felt like I should today... You are the most adorable pregnant woman ever! It looks like you are getting some awesome stuff at your showers! Congrats on the little one about to join your family!

    P.S. I tried to send an email to you previously, but I got an automated response saying the email address couldn't be reached, so I'm not sure what the deal is but just wanted to let you know!

  12. Megan you are so funny and you look great pregnant so I don't think you have anything to worry about! Although this coming from a stranger probably doesn't mean anything and I felt just like you when I was pregnant with my son Ryder. It definitely will "all go back down" to normal.. In time :) Your husband seems so funny and I bet you two are hilarious together. Looks like an awesome shower and I love the cake! How much further until your due date?

    Hope u get snow!! :)

    Laura from

  13. So fun!!! You are looking so cute!!!

  14. I just have to say....pickle pringles?!?

  15. You look adorable! Love all the shower decor. What is a blessing ring? Looks super cute.

  16. What an adorable shower, I love how it all coordinates with Eli's nursery.
    I hope you get your snow day tomorrow!

  17. I love the blanket your mom made! How special!!! :) Also, your mom is gorgeous! As are you, obviously... but your future looks bright because your mom looks great! HA!

  18. I love the blanket your mom made for Eli. Beautiful baby shower!


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