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Project 365 - Week 3

Saturday January 15th:
The day of my first shower. Here I am with my awesome hostesses! So thankful for all that they did!
Sunday January 16th:
The day of my wreck. Ugh. This was at about 2:00 in the morning. I was watching TV strapped to the monitors that were monitoring Eli's heartbeat and if I was having contractions. It was at this time that I remembered I never took a picture that day, so I snapped one of Luke sleeping.
Monday January 17th:
I was off work today because of Martin Luther King Jr. day and Luke was very sick so he stayed home and slept pretty much all day. We went and picked up my rental car and I saw my car in the light (since my wreck was at night). My car:Tuesday January 18th:
Luke was still sick today, the whole time he was sick he walked around with this blanket around him and every time I saw him it startled me. It reminded me of Darth Vader. Wednesday January 19th:
Today was a pretty normal day. I haven't downloaded an album off of i-tunes in a long time so I decided to treat myself to a new CD and downloaded A Beautiful Exchange from Hillsong. Love. Thursday January 20th:
I love coming home to packages on the front porch. Today I came home to my new February Scentsy warmer of the month, plus the new Shades of Green scent. I LOVE them both. The green warmer is so pretty! Friday January 21st:
Friday was a crazy day of meetings for me, I was running around, but I love being busy. Much better than sitting bored at a desk. That night we went to eat with some friends and then enjoyed some time at a coffee shop after dinner. Fun times as usual.


  1. Oh my gosh, your car! How scary. So so glad you and Eli are okay! My husband had the flu last wrrk, and he walked around with a blanket like that too, how funny. Glad Luke's feeling better!

  2. Whoa, seeing your car is frightening! So glad you are OK!

  3. Your car! so glad you're okay after that.

    How did car shopping go today? Find anything?

  4. 1- your car- oh my word!! that's crazy!

    2- i love that hillsong cd.

    3- i NEED that scentsy warmer... it's so cute!

  5. WOW. Your car. WOW. You had angels protecting you, girl. That car is tore up. I hate car shopping...I hope you guys find something soon!!

  6. Good luck car shopping. So glad you and Eli are ok. And my fiancee does the same thing as your hubs when he's sick. It always reminds me of my little brother and makes me think of what our future kids could be like. Too cute. Will you add me to your twitter too? Karikemmer. Thanks

  7. Your car is looks like whatever hit you missed the driver's side door? Coincidence? Probably not?

  8. Wow, I'm so glad you're ok! That car pic is scary!!

    Let's hope this week's pictures are all happy and non-wrecked or sick, ok??

  9. I'm not sure why, but you guys have been on my mind a lot this week. I hope everyone is doing well. You and Luke both look great in the last pic so hopefully all is well.
    Have a great week!

  10. Oh your car. :( I hope the car shopping is coming along okay.

    I'm in love with that green warmer. Is it going to be around for a while or just for the month?

  11. OMGOSH!! Seeing your car is freakin' scary! You're soooo blessed you and the baby are both okay!! Thank God!!!!!!!! :)

    How did the accident happen anyway? Just wondering. Well if you don't want to talk about it, I don't blame you!!

    Wow I can't get over the horrible damage done to your car-I mean it's TOAST!!!! :( Sooo sorry but soooo happy you and baby are okay!!

    First time reader...


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