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How We Found Out

So I recently realized that I never posted about how we found out that we were pregnant. It's a big lengthy, but sticking with my goals I'm all about the details this year. I want to have our story written down and recorded.

It all started on Sunday July 11th.

We were out to lunch with some friends when they expressed that they thought they might be pregnant. They were a little concerned as this would not be good timing for them.

I pulled out my trusty little ole iPhone and said "well lets look up pregnancy symptoms and see if you have them."

Clearly the internet knows all.

I went to a "First signs of pregnancy" website and began reading the list off to my friend.

As I read each symptom she would say, "nope, no, not me, nope." After reading through the list she had come to the conclusion that she was in fact not pregnant.

And as I sat there and read the list to her, without telling another soul at the table I knew that I was probably pregnant.

I had almost every symptom on that list, and I didn't even realize it before that moment! Well one symptom I had realized was a little late, but I just thought it would come later. No biggie.

That night I secretly googled more symptoms about the first signs of pregnancy.

How did people know they were pregnant before google? I mean how did people LIVE before google? It just baffles me.

I still had most of the symptoms.

The next morning at work I explained my situation to another friend and she suggested that I take a pergnancy test.

So I claimed my back was hurting and I needed to go get some tylenol and I left work and ran to the store to pick up a lovely pregnancy test. My lie was part true cause my back was hurting really bad. Sign #150 that I was definitely pregnant.

I came back to my office and took the test.

Warning: Do NOT take a pregnancy test at work. It makes for a looooong rest of the day.

Also, do not call your husband and say, "I have to tell you something really important but I can't tell you over the phone"

Cause he will think either

A. you got fired
B. you are pregnant.

It kinda takes the "special" out of the "special moment" of telling your husband you are pregnant for the first time.

So, after Luke started laughing hysterically (like a crazy person, I was scared for a moment) we decided to meet for lunch to discuss our new chapter in life. Actually there wasn't much to discuss we kinda just stared at each other.

After realizing that getting another new guitar has probably been put on hold for another couple of years, Luke got really excited. It finally sunk in that we were indeed pregnant!

The next couple of days were so hard because I knew for a fact that I wanted to tell our families in person that we were pregnant, but we wouldn't be able to see them until the weekend, so that meant waiting to tell them. I talk to my mom every single day and it was SO hard not to tell her and I so badly wanted to ask her about a million questions.

Since I couldn't ask my mom questions, google once again became my BFF, and I scared myself silly more than a couple of times.

Another wise warning. DO NOT read pregnancy message boards. Those girls are crazy and will convince you all sorts of bad things are going on. I have bitterness towards a large group of women that I have never met but just read their crazy words on message boards. I'm working on getting over it. But I still stand by the fact that they are indeed crazy.

I should have learned my lesson from when I read wedding message boards. Nothing but crazy there.

After pregnancy reality hit, I called my dr to make an appointment to see her asap. I called the office and told them my situation (as if I was the first person ever with this situation) And they replied, "oh cool, we'll see you in 8 weeks".


I then learned that there are reasons why the Dr. won't see you before 6-8 week, but it seemed like light years until I could see the Dr. And I'm not even sure how long light years are, but they sound lengthy.

And also during those weeks of waiting your husband will ask, "are you sure your really pregnant?" " how do we really know if those pregnancy tests are accurate" "I don't think you are really pregnant, you seem normal to me"

And it will be annoying. Each and everytime he says it.

In between finding out we were pregnant and my 8 week dr appointment, I started having some really bad cramping, no bleeding, but cramping so severe that the nurse called in a blood test for me.

That afternoon I got a phone call from the nurse saying that my blood test came back and I was "very pregnant". I was so relieved. FINALLY somebody of official status confirm that I was indeed pregnant. I didn't just have one of those made up pregnancies like Mr. Shue's wife on Glee.

When I called Luke to share the good news he immediately wanted to know what the nurse meant by "very pregnant". He asked if I thought that meant we were having twins???

For real, this is what I deal with.

So weeks passed, we went to the dr, and we saw our tiny little gummy bear. And fell in love.

There were so many emotions going on during those weeks, but the one emotion that has remained consistent is thankfulness. We are so thankful for this little guy growing in my belly. We can't wait to meet him.

Sometime soon I will recap how we told our families. I can't believe I haven't done it yet!


  1. Love this story... what a crazy way of realizing that you are pregnant. haha

    Also, you're funny :)

  2. Such a cute story, glad you have documentation!

  3. Ha! Super cute story. :) I love all of Luke's commentary along the way too.

  4. Umm...2 things...

    #1 - I absolutely love this story.
    #2 - I am so glad you're not fake pregnant like Mr. Shue's wife on Glee. That would indeed make you a crazy person like the girls on the message boards!

  5. I love your story! I had all of these same exact emotions. Such an exciting time! And yes, waiting for 8 weeks to see the doctor was RIDICULOUS! ;) And I too refuse to get on the message boards or even google anymore because I COMPLETELY freak myself out. Now I just ask my husband to look for me ;)

    Thanks for sharing your story! It's so neat to read what other pregnant couples are going through.

  6. I'm glad you're finally telling these stories, I thought you were just going to skip over them. And trust me, NOTHING is boring about that story, it's hilarious.

  7. Oh Mr. Shue's wife. You are most definitely not like her! Thank goodness. I'm glad you are sharing all of these stories!

  8. LOL..... I've never met you and probably never will, but I can just imagine you sitting at that table reading out the symptoms and realizing that YOU are the one that has them!!

    Such a cute story!

  9. Love your story! I too experienced much of the same things you told. I love this part...+

    "And also during those weeks of waiting your husband will ask, "are you sure your really pregnant?" " how do we really know if those pregnancy tests are accurate" "I don't think you are really pregnant, you seem normal to me"

    I cannot even begin to count how many times my husband asked me if I really thought I was pregnant. Not because he didn't want us to have a baby, but because I didn't look any different and I didn't feel any different. Do these crazy men think that a belly just develops over night in the first few weeks? :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. I just recently found your blog and your story made me laugh out loud. I cannot wait to read more of your perspective as baby is born!

  11. I'm glad your pregnancy isn't like Mr. Shue's wife. That chick is CRA CRA!!!!

    And I will definitely remember to stay off pregnancy message boards. Thanks!


  12. Great story!! My husband actually told me he thought I was pregnant before I knew...weird!

    I, too, had NO idea that the Dr would make me wait 7 weeks until I could be was torture! :)

  13. I'm currently in the waiting time- 1 1/2 weeks until my 8 week appointment! It is SO nerve racking not knowing if everything is going ok!!! Thanks for sharing your story and for the reminder that the internet is probably not my best friend while I'm a crazy waiting person :)

  14. hahaha love this! what a fun story for you guys to remember!

  15. I am so glad you posted this--what a fun story to remember later on!

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the details!! And I know I say it every single time but you CRACK me up! I love it!!! :)

  17. Cute, but I'm different from you on 2 fronts. 1) I called my husband at lunch and told him. TOTALLY distracted him for the rest of the day. 2) I love my message board ladies! My month is actually sane (for the most part). Though we've gained some people from surrounding months b/c they can't believe that we get along so much better than other boards.

  18. Yay I love these stories! My doctor's office brought me in right away but it might be because I have PCOS and was a little higher risk than normal. I can't imagine having to wait weeks! That would not have been good for my sanity. JD pulled the whole "I'm not going to believe you're really pregnant until your doctor says so" thing too! Silly boys. Can't wait to hear the rest of your story!

  19. Precious story. I told my husband on the phone because he was out of town and I just couldn't wait! I think he almost dropped the phone.

  20. oh my goodness! i cant believe you took a preg test at work! too funny!! i told my husband over the phone too and he was um, less than happy!!! cant wait to read how you told your parents!

  21. We also found out we were pregnant on Monday July 12! I took the test at home after my husband had left for work, and although I had always planned to tell him in some cool way, he ended up just getting an excited phone call at work :) Couldn't wait!

  22. Such a great story! I don't know what we would do without google...

  23. Awww this is a great story!!! Love the reference to Glee...hahahaha.

  24. I am STILL laughing after reading *How did people know they were pregnant before Google?* Seriously. Funny! Can't wait to read how you told your parents.

  25. Ha, I love it! I don't know how you kept calm and didn't start freaking out at the table!

  26. I also took the test at work.

    And then I had a panic attack and got sent home. Good times.

  27. Love the story! Keep the good stories comin'! Oh, and I have no idea how people existed before Google. Or cell phones, for that matter. Beats me.

  28. Seriously, could you be any cuter!! Awwww.

  29. Don't mean to pry too much, but were you all trying for a baby?


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