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Thursday Randoms

1. I am still debating whether I want to do maternity pictures or not. Part of me wants to do it, but then the other part of me doesn't really want to mess with it. I need to decide quick before I get all swollen and (more) puffy. I'm just so bad with decisions!!

2. Speaking of decisions I finally made one, I decided not to do a 3d ultrasound. I'm cool with my decision.

3. I've always been a big reader, but the past year or so I've sadly let the computer and TV consume my life and put reading on the back burner. But I vow to change that this year. I want to recommit to my love of reading. I have a LONG list of books I want to read this year and I'm not sure if I will get them all completed with the new babe here, but I'm going to give it a GO.

4. I started doing Project 365 again this year. I definitely don't have the same enthusiasm about it that I did last year, so I'm curious to see how long I will last. My friend Stephanie showed me this website, which I think will help me with staying on track. It's pretty neat.

5. After I deliver the baby I want a foot long cold cut trio from subway with a LARGE diet coke delivered to me pronto. This can be my push present. I would want nothing more.

6. Luke and I have debated back and forth whether to get an SUV. Money isn't exactly flowing, so we are trying to weigh whether it would be "worth" it and I think we are leaning more towards the option of keeping our cars a bit longer. Which makes me sad because I hate Luke's car. I was not with him when he bought it in 2007 and I definitely would have not let him drive off the car lot with that thing. And do not ask what kind of car it is because I won't tell you because somebody out there probably drives the same car and will be offended. With ALL of that said, I am thankful for a car that gets us from point A to point B. Even though I hate it.

7. Eli still doesn't have a middle name. We have two names we are trying to decide between. Well I'm trying to decide between. Luke has already told me which one he likes the best, but says its up to me.

8. I recently discovered that old episodes of Real Housewives comes on during the day. This is magical. I'm new to the Real Housewife franchise (starting watching about a year and half ago) so there are so many things I didn't know. Like the fact that Bethenny and Jill were so close. I mean I knew they were friends but I had no idea they were BFFAEAEAE. (best friends, forever, and ever and ever). It makes me so sad that Jill wasn't at Bethenny's wedding! Anyways, I now watch Real Housewives all the time. Luke acts like he hates it but I know he secretly gets sucked in by the drama.

9. I really should be cleaning my house right now. I'm thinking I need a house cleaner. Clearly I've been watching too many episodes of Real Housewives.

10. The nursery is coming together! I will show pictures of it once everything is completed, which is hopefully before the baby is born!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Do the photoshoot - that will definitely be a regret if you don't! They are so beautiful - pregnancy is such a beautiful thing to capture on camera. If you dont want to fork out the cash (understandable) I would ask a close friend or family member with a knack for photography to do them.

  2. Right after I had my baby, I ate a COLD turkey sandwich as soon as I possibly could. And I ate them almost everyday after that for two months. They have sadly lost their appeal. :(

  3. I think your photo shoot would be beautiful!!

    Like you, I was never finding the time to read because of computer, tv, etc. I actually just did a post saying that I've now started to "unplug" at 8:30 each night. I try to be asleep by 9:00 {old lady alert!}, so I make myself stop whatever I'm doing {SO hard sometimes!!} to go to bed and read. It's been good for me, but it isn't always easy!

  4. Don't you regret not doing bridal portraits? You should TOTALLY do the maternity photos!
    Can't wait to see the nursery!!!! :)
    Brad acts the same way about Real Housewives! Complains when I watch it but never gets up and goes to another room....hhmmmmm

  5. I feel like a Project 365 is going to be SO much more fun with a baby to take pictures of... endless material to work with, you know?

    I would def NOT get an SUV for now... it's definitely do-able to have a baby in a car. (Says the nanny who had twins in her Chevy Cavalier at age 16. No joke.)

    Real Housewives. Best thing that's ever happened to me, for sure.

  6. i love maternity pictures & i totally think you should do them!

  7. I know you are just dying to do some maternity pictures like the ones I showed you the other day. hehe.

  8. I know you said you already have quite the list of books to read, but you need to add 2 more.

    Almost like being in love
    Last days of summer

    Both are by Steve Kluger and are fantastic!

  9. Love your blog. :)

    I have a 4 month old and my husband and I are trying to decide whether or not to get an SUV. I have a smaller car right now, which runs great but I didn't realize how much stuff I would be packing around for this little rugrat. Hope you guys can come to a decision!

  10. one hundred MILLION BILLION percent do a photoshoot! even if its with a friend/amateur. YOU WILL CHERISH THEM.

    I know its hard to fathom now...but you *will* forget what its like to have a bump a few seconds after you lose it.

    YOU WILL WANT THEM!. Promise!

  11. I agree with the comments about project 365 being more fun with a new subject...BABY ELI!

    You might find it easier to get into it.

    Also, I am hosting a giveaway over on my blog that you might be interested in!

  12. Definitely wish I had done maternity pics. Hmmmm...SUVs overrated, not sure if you had a specific one in mind but man they guzzle the gas. And, laughed until I cried over the cake post. I have never seen more ridiculous writing on a cake. What a great story with great memories!!!

  13. We want an SUV, but are waiting for the perfect deal/time. I'm not a fan of my car (other than it's paid for). It's a pimpin' gold Altima. I had to trade in my 350Z when I divorced, which other than the fact that God hates divorce is a very good reason not to get a divorce. You could lose your cool sports car.

    In all seriousness...Amelia has very little room to stretch her legs in my car, since she's rear facing and will be until she's 16...we need a bigger car. Go with the SUV. :)

  14. I am skipping the maternity pictures b/c I'd rather spend the money on newborn photos, but that's me. I am happy having non-professional photos of me when pregnant...but that's a personal thing!

    I want sushi and Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc the second Thatcher is out. Like that very second.

    I also decided against a 3d picture but then our ultrasound tech turned it on "for fun" at our last appt, which was cool - but I am sort of looking forward to being surprised by what he looks like!

  15. I have been going through books like mad by listening to them on my ipod ... seriously when you have the baby you can be taking care of Eli and "reading" a book at the same time!

  16. Do the maternity pictures! You'll regret it if you don't.

  17. We chose to skip the maternity pictures and spend more on newborn pictures. Which was a blessing because it was impossible to pick just a few pictures to purchase of our sweet boy, so we bought the cd which gave us the rights to all of them.

    Your #5 on your list made me laugh because I sent my poor hubby out for the same sandwich with double the meat and a large coke right after we were all settled after delivery. Let me tell you that was the BEST sandwich ever!!

  18. Oh my gosh do I agree with your push present idea. That sounds like pure perfection to me! In fact, May can't come around soon mouth is already watering!

  19. You should definitely do maternity pictures! You will never regret investing in those! There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman...even when she is 40 weeks and puffy and tired! They are pictures you and your little one will always love!


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