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Second Baby Shower

This weekend was our second baby shower. Once again I walked away from the day feeling completely and utterly blessed.

The shower this weekend was given by a group of women from Luke's hometown. I have come to know them through the years. They did a great job of putting together this shower and thought of every detail

The cake that matches our bedding:

The food spread:

The cute E napkins (E for Eli)

M&M's that said cute things like "Baby Eli" and"Heaven Sent" and a few other things...The blessing ring:

Me with the hostesses:

with my momma:with Luke's momma:And with my mom and grandma:
with one of my college roommate's who kinda, sorta, in a way introducd me and Luke:
Present opening fun:

Woo hoo our travel system!! Our baby can safely come home from the hospital now! Now we just need to find a car to bring him home in. Easier said than done:

Cute baby overalls:

A beautiful blanket that my mom made to match the bedding (that she made). I love this so much. (awesome pic of me)

It was such a wonderful shower and Eli was gifted with so many great things.

Also, looking at these pictures, it is amazing how much I have grown in the 2 weeks since my last shower. After my wreck 2 weeks ago I went a little crazy and decided life is too short to not eat good food. Clearly Megan went a little crazy in the food department. smore's pop tarts are good but maybe I don't need to eat two of them every single day. Or a whole can of Pickle Pringles (which another pregnant friend graciously introduced me to).

I'm sure it seems like I talk about getting bigger a lot, its just such a weird thing to watch your body transform. Hopefully it will transform back the other way. Only time will tell...

Anyways, back to shower talk. Getting all of these items for Eli is so exciting! Luke keeps telling me that he wishes he was here already, but then he also tells me how weird it is that we have a room full of stuff waiting for a person that we DON'T EVEN KNOW YET (emphasis intended as he says it)! It's amazing how fast this pregnancy is flying by. I can't wait to see him!

We are supposed to get snow tonight and tomrorow and Im really counting on it so that I can start getting his stuff washed, organized, and put up! So exciting!


Weeks 30-32

Well it has been a couple of weeks since I last did my weekly pregnancy updates. I honestly thought about quitting them because of two reasons.

1. I get frustrated with the pictures - not me in the picture but the picture quality. I feel like they always look different and despite the fact that I have a "fancy schmancy" camera they don't ever look like good quality. So I get frustrated with them.


2. I honestly don't feel like they are an accurate depiction of what my belly really looks like. Or my hair.

Also, I might look pleasant in each picture but you don't see the other side of the camera. I can almost guarantee you that on the other side of each picture there was a "discussion" between the Tree husband and wife. For some reason Luke doesn't like to stand and take 15 pictures of me while I look at each one and critique how he holds the camera, uses the camera, and basically just breathes.

Imagine that.

HOWEVER, with all of that said I decided to continue them. They are interesting to go back and read and really fun to go back and decide which picture I look the worst in. Like week 15 when the pregnancy acne was OUT. OF. CONTROL. Fun, memorable, times.

So without further ado (the above was plenty ado enough) I give you.....

Week 30:
Week 31:
Week 32:
Can someone please get girlfriend in Week 31 a pony tail holder? For. Real.

How Far Along: 32 weeks (33 tomorrow)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have a question. Why does this say "total weight gain/loss" do people REALLY lose weight while pregnant? That is insane. As far as weight gain I'm in the 30's and we will leave it at that. However my dr. did tell me my weight was PERFECT for my week, so I feel like I just won a gold medal.

Maternity Clothes: Yes all. Except my trusty cardigans. I even moved up a size in my underwear.

Gender: Boy! Eli Tree!!

Movement: Oh yeah. He is rocking and rolling in there and I love it. I love watching my belly bounce all around.

Sleep: Bad, bad, bad bad. Aside from heartburn this is my worst pregnancy "symptom" which I will of course take the bad sleep just to see my sweet baby at the end of it all, but it's just bad right now.

What I miss: Sleeping on my back and belly. And I still won't eat deli meat, so I miss that.

Cravings: Anything and everything.

Symptoms: Heartburn and acid reflux are really bad right now and I've heard they only get worse as the 3rd trimester goes on.

Best Moment this week: Making more progress on the nursery and also hearing Eli's heartbeat on Monday at the Dr's office. The hospital called my dr when I had my wreck so she was aware of it and asked how I was feeling and said Eli still looked great.

Something strange has happened to me since entering the 3rd trimester. I can't stop eating. I love me some food and I want it all the time. Hopefully I don't gain too much during these last weeks. I have two smore's pop tarts every single day. Those things are a God-send.

I really can't believe we are in the 8th month of pregnancy. It has flown by, as I knew it would. I have another shower this weekend so I am looking forward to that.

Now please excuse me while I go pop half a bottle of Tums. The heartburn is in full force tonight.


Do you ever just need for things to be quiet? A time to shut off everything around you and just be?

Well that is what Luke and I are doing this week.

On Sunday night we decided together that we were going to abstain from any TV watching this week.

For those of you that know me well, you know that this is bad. I can't even think of a witty metaphor to compare the absence of TV in my life. It's just bad in general.

However, I know that I watch a little too much TV and I have felt convicted about it lately, and have actually even thought that I need to cut TV out of my life for awhile. So when Luke brought it up I knew that it was something that we both needed to do.

It may seem weird or silly to just stop watching TV for a week, but we have legit reasons. We have a lot of questions and things to figure out right now in our life. Apparently the addition of a new CHILD to your family will do that. So instead of flippantly asking God our questions and then continuing on with life, we will stop and listen.

Which might be what everybody else does, but for me, there maybe, might, have been times in the past when I would ask God a specific question and then in that same breathe quickly turn on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and watch NeNe tell Kim "I WILL snap your neck". So biblical.

Last night was our first night without TV and I actually survived. Luke commented on how nice it was to not have noise all the time. While I sat in the corner in tears. At one point we actually got in a bit of an argument. Well Luke said it was a discussion, but I call it an argument, and I might have commented on how the absence of TV causes us to go crazy and argue.

I also did not agree that it was nice to not have noise. I am the kind of person who comes home and instantly turns on the TV. It doesn't matter what channel or what show (nothing scary). As long as the TV is on I am golden.

So obviously this is going to be good for me. It is good to take away the frivolous things in life that we think we are dependent on in life every once in awhile and truly go back to the basics of where our dependence is.

And can I just say one thing? Why is it that the one week of my life that I'm not watching TV Oprah flipping finds her SISTER? I mean what is up with that?

And don't even get me started on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. Thankfully my DVR will be working overtime this week.

Who knows, maybe by the end of the week I won't even care about all that trash anymore?

Although I think that's doubtful. I need 12 step program for my addiction to the Housewives.


Project 365 - Week 3

Saturday January 15th:
The day of my first shower. Here I am with my awesome hostesses! So thankful for all that they did!
Sunday January 16th:
The day of my wreck. Ugh. This was at about 2:00 in the morning. I was watching TV strapped to the monitors that were monitoring Eli's heartbeat and if I was having contractions. It was at this time that I remembered I never took a picture that day, so I snapped one of Luke sleeping.
Monday January 17th:
I was off work today because of Martin Luther King Jr. day and Luke was very sick so he stayed home and slept pretty much all day. We went and picked up my rental car and I saw my car in the light (since my wreck was at night). My car:Tuesday January 18th:
Luke was still sick today, the whole time he was sick he walked around with this blanket around him and every time I saw him it startled me. It reminded me of Darth Vader. Wednesday January 19th:
Today was a pretty normal day. I haven't downloaded an album off of i-tunes in a long time so I decided to treat myself to a new CD and downloaded A Beautiful Exchange from Hillsong. Love. Thursday January 20th:
I love coming home to packages on the front porch. Today I came home to my new February Scentsy warmer of the month, plus the new Shades of Green scent. I LOVE them both. The green warmer is so pretty! Friday January 21st:
Friday was a crazy day of meetings for me, I was running around, but I love being busy. Much better than sitting bored at a desk. That night we went to eat with some friends and then enjoyed some time at a coffee shop after dinner. Fun times as usual.


Random Thoughts

1. Today we got a bit of ice here. I'm talking about a small dusting. But all the schools were closed and my office didn't open until noon. So I spent the morning cleaning house and enjoying a bit of down time before heading to work.

2. My car is totaled. I was 99% sure it would be but got the official word yesterday. Time to start car hunting. We have no idea what we want to get, I guess thats part of the fun, go out and test the waters and see what's out there! I will miss my Honda. I'm a Honda girl through and through.

3. I really haven't felt like myself lately. I've had a lot on my mind, and then all the drama happened Sunday and I just haven't felt "normal". On Tuesday night I tried watching Teen Mom, Real Housewives and something else I can't remember, but I couldn't get into any of them. You know Megan has a problem when trashy reality television isn't helping. Luckily by Wednesday night I was watching them. On the road up!

4. I am obsessed with watching my stomach bounce around. It is one of the weirdest, coolest, most amazing things ever. God is good.

5. Luke finally started to feel better yesterday thank goodness! This has just been a weird week and I hated him being sick. And I'll admit some of it was for selfish reasons. I was just so ready for everything to go back to normal, plus I really hated seeing him so sick. Thank goodness he is almost back to his normal self!

6. I haven't cooked once this week. I have been a bad wife.

7. I have memorized two scripture verses this year so far and it is amazing how those scriptures will come to mind at just the right time. The other night I woke up in a bit of a panic (I'm telling you I haven't been "normal" lately) and immediately a verse I didn't even realize I had memorized came flooding to my mind. I love that.

8. Since getting pregnant I have acquired about 1,000 new cardigans. It is the only clothing item that I can buy now and wear now and know that it will still fit once Eli is born. Therefore I have purchased a lot of them. They also cover my love-handles. Can't beat that!

9. I never read just one book at a time. I am currently reading 3 different books (Belly Laughs, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and Radical). It causes me to read books much slower cause I'm reading so many!

10. I think it's that time of the year to go a bit more blonde with my hair. I've decided I like it better lighter. But then again I always change my mind.


Crazy End to the Weekend

This weekend ended on a crazy note.

Sunday night I was in a car wreck on the highway. I had run to the store to get several items and ended up spending the rest of the night in the hospital. Thankfully I'm ok, the other person was ok and our sweet baby Eli is just fine.

I've tried to think back on various events in my life and I think this might have been the scariest thing I have ever been through. The fact that I am pregnant made it 100 times scarier.

After the wreck, I called Luke to let him know what happened and to come meet me. I then took to Twitter and asked my friends to be praying for Eli. I was just so worried about him. Later Luke told me he couldn't believe I thought to tweet in that moment, he wasn't upset just couldn't believe it crossed my mind. It crossed my mind because I knew there were prayer warriors that would honestly and fervently pray for Eli in that moment. I am so beyond thankful for the friendships I have made and for the people who prayed in that moment. There is a peace that comes from that, that cannot be described.

While waiting on Luke and the cops to get there I couldn't stop thinking about Eli and praying that he would move just a bit so I would know he was ok in there. I remember being told that sometimes drinking orange juice will get your baby moving around. I had just bought a gallon of OJ at the store (so random), so I got in my car and tore open that gallon and started chugging it like nobody's business. I needed to feel my baby move.

Eventually Luke showed up, and the highway patrol man showed up, we got everything squared away and Luke and I took off to the hospital.

We were there for about 5 hours and they monitored Eli's heartbeat the entire time and monitored me to make sure I wasn't having contractions. From the moment they hooked up the doppler they said Eli's heartbeat was strong and he was doing excellent. Praise the Lord. Such sweet words. They wanted to continue to monitor me for several hours though and I was just fine with that.

My poor husband was so so so sick and fell asleep almost immediately after we were told that Eli was just fine. I felt so bad for him that he was so sick. Here is my little snuggle bug in the hospital room: Doesn't he look so comfy? I definitely didn't look that comfy.

I couldn't sleep (imagine that, my adrenaline was still going strong) so I was forced to watch the 4 channels the hospital offered. There was NOTHING on TV except for some infomercials and some channel about newborn babies, which I thought was ironic considering I was pregnant, until I remembered I was in the maternity wing at a hospital. Not so ironic. Around 2:30 I found an episode of The Hill's. God Bless Lauren and Brody and their "reality" show.

Around 3:00 Dear John came on, I have wanted to watch that movie for awhile so I was glad to be occupied by some cheesy love story. P.S. that boy in that movie is cute.

And I'm so glad I have now recapped what I watched on TV in the hospital. Clearly somebody is a little TV obsessed.

Around 4:00am we were released from the hospital. Even though it was a long night, I loved listening to that little heartbeat for several hours. It was in the 140- 150's all night. And I'm talking about Eli's heartbeat not Luke's, I just listened to him snore all night. He doesn't usually snore but the sickness has caused the snoring.

When we got home Luke went to the guest room to sleep, trying to keep the sickness away from me and I just sat in bed for a bit before falling asleep.

My mind was racing and I eventually had to consciously shut my mind down. I praised the Lord for his protection and asked him to calm my mind, and then I fell asleep.

I am so thankful for the Lord's protection and don't doubt it for one moment.

I already had Monday off of work because of MLK day and Luke was way too sick to go to work so we just relaxed on Monday. I was very glad I had Monday off.

We are still praying that Eli stays put in my belly for the appropriate amount of time. Apparently in an effort to scare the HECK out of me, the nurses told me to watch for signs of contractions and labor, so we are praying that God would keep that little guy safe and put.

So that is the story of how I got into a car wreck at 7 months pregnant, not exactly something I would suggest.

And thank you to everybody who prayed that night, it was comforting!


First Baby Shower

Yesterday was our first baby shower and it was amazing!! I had such a good time and I am so thankful for my sister and 2 friends who took the time, energy and money to put together a wonderful shower. I am also so thankful for all the friends and family who took the time out of their day to come celebrate baby Eli and gift him with some awesome stuff. It was truly humbling. Now Eli's room is full of gifts that need to be washed and put up. So exciting!

I don't want to leave anything out so I have a ton of pictures to share:

Cravings Table:
More cravings:

The table when you walked in the door:

Everybody put a name in the hat suggesting what Eli's middle name should be:

My Weekly pregnancy pics:

The adorable cake:

Eli's first framed picture:

The Drinks: (the punch was Hawaiian punch, what I've been craving so much!)

Cowboy Eli:

Me, my mom and sisters:

Plus grandma and Maxton:
Me with the hostesses: (Jodi, me, Kara, and Kati (my sister)
Our pregnancy pic:
Friends made in the blog world: (Jessica, Emily, me, Jane, Lindsey)

The string game:

Opening Presents

With the baby daddy:

I love looking back through these pictures. It was such a fun day.


Project 365 - Week 2

It's been a quiet week here on the ole blog front. I sat down to write a post many times, but I've had a lot on my mind lately, and when I have a lot on my mind it's hard to formulate sentences.

But I did manage to still take a picture everyday for my project 365. So here they are:

Saturday January 8th:
Luke's parent's had graciously picked up the nursery furniture from the store because they have a truck and trailer, so on Saturday they loaded it all up and brought it to us. Luke's brother and his girlfriend also came to our house for the day so we spent the day putting together the furniture and just hanging out. I love the furniture and I'm so excited for the nursery to come together. Sunday January 9th:
Sunday was just a typical church day. I subbed in kid's for another volunteer. Then after service we went to lunch with our friends Kelsey and Chris. I had a pizza for lunch and it was yummy. I also apparently lost my eyes. Don't worry I found them shortly after taking this pic. Monday January 10th:
I hadn't fixed tacos in awhile and Luke had been craving them so I made tacos for dinner on Monday night. Luke recently joined 2 soccer leagues so he has a soccer game twice a week, and the days and times vary from week to week. This Monday he had a game at 9:55pm so we hung out and did our regular night stuff and then around 9:30 he left and headed to his soccer game. I got in bed and read some Harry Potter and fell asleep to the sounds of the Real Housewives of Atlanta in the background. Quality television of course. I don't even remember Luke coming home, but he did tell me that they lost. Tuesday January 11th:
Tuesday was a pretty normal day. Wake up, get ready, go to work, work, get home, eat dinner, relax. I started my new Harry Potter book (the 6th one) and enjoyed these chocolate chip cookies that Luke brought home. It was a good night. Wednesday January 12th:
It has been soooo cold here lately! On the way to work on Wednesday I noticed that it was 12 degrees. If it's going to be 12 degree's I'm gonna need it to snow!
Thursday January 13th:
I was walking across campus and saw this cute little squirrel munching on some acorns. Every time I stepped closer to him (her?) to take this pic he would stop munching, look at me and then begin munching again. I was terrified that he was going to jump on me like the squirrel jumps on that lady on Christmas Vacation, but I still risked it for the pic. He was just so cute! (Can you tell I've been emotional this week? I mean a flipping squirrel eating an acorn makes me happy)Friday January 14th:
I didn't get around to taking a weekly pregnancy picture this week or doing my weekly recap but here I am on Friday (31 weeks).