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Weekly Weekend Update

Friday evening was a very calm and laid back night. I had planned on cooking some yummy chicken parmigiana and watching Home Alone, but Luke insisted that Home Alone is best enjoyed with a large pizza. I didn't question his motives, but took it as a good reason to not cook and to enjoy some yummy pizza.

So we watched Home Alone, ate some pepperoni pizza with a side of fried ravioli, followed by fresh funfetti cookies.

It was a good night.

Saturday we started our day by trying this little hole-in-the-wall breakfast cafe by our house. We have seen it a lot but never knew if it was any good.

It is one of those tiny little places that is either going to be downright nasty or completely amazing.

It was COMPLETELY AMAZING. I have a feeling I will be frequenting that breakfast place a few times before Eli makes his appearance.

After breakfast we ran around town and tried to get some last minute Christmas shopping done.

I say tried because we have no idea what to get a few people and we spent a lot of time trying to figure it out.

I also spent a good amount of time in Lowe's looking for my husband because he decided to walk away from me and not answer his cell phone when I called (he was on the other line).

But story is neither here nor there and might cause some not so good emotions to flare up again.

Later that night we tried some sample colors on the wall that will be Eli's nursery. I have a vision in my mind that I'm going for but not sure how to bring it into fruition. I think I've decided which sample below most fits the picture in my mind, but I still need some time to think about it.

Sunday was our Christmas service at church. The one that Luke gets all stressed about and has been working hard towards. I was in kid's church that morning (where I am every other Sunday) but I heard it was a great service. It sounded like it had some fabulous music!

After church we had a community lunch. My friend Jayma came by that to help me serve. We were dessert-servers. And as a pregnant woman I have to say that the desserts looked extra delicious.

I should have gotten an action shot of us serving our desserts but I couldn't find Luke and didn't want to ask somebody else to PLEASE STOP WORKING HARD AND TAKE OUR PICTURE. I only feel comfortable doing that with Luke.

So here we are after the lunch. Kinda posing the same, not on purpose.

Sunday night we had our Christmas staff dinner with the church. It was yummy and I ate my full meal, and then stopped on the way home and got a cheeserburger and tator tots. And I still could have eaten something else. I was SO HUNGRY. I think baby boy is growing.

I can't believe this week is Christmas week! I'm working Mon-Wed so it doesn't quite feel like Christmas is right around the corner, but it is. Craziness!


  1. I feel like I do the same thing with Brad when we go to stores and he walks away..

    You look adorable in that picture too! I love your sweater. Where did you get it?!

  2. I always lose my husband in Lowes. Or Home Depot. Or Target. Or the grocery store. Basically anywhere with distractions like tools, toys, or food. Glad to hear you (and baby boy) are eating well! Merry Christmas week!

  3. Can't wait to hear more about the nursery! You look great! Merry Christmas week to you! I'm working till Wednesday too!

  4. I hate it when Brandon doesn't answer his phone b/c he's on the other line with someone too!

    And for some reason, Home Alone always makes me think of eating pizza and having a pop. I think the pizza hut commercials were really popular back when the movie came out. (I'm a lover of good commercial jingles this is how I know this ridiculous crap.)

    Anyway, you look so cute pregnant!!

  5. I look like I'm pregnant in the face. Disgusting...

  6. oh hubs never answers his phone and it drives me nutso!!!

    i love eating pizza with soda...especially, while watching home alone.
    maybe b/c they do in the beg. of the movie =)

    i love christmas movies!!!

    you look so cute pregnant!!!

  7. What's the breakfast place? Which paint sample are you choosing? It's going to look great!

    Mel L.


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