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Week 27

We are officially in the 3rd trimester! WOW!

I'm wearing jeggings in the pic above and I debated whether to take another picture for the fact that my belly is large and in charge and I FULLY blame the jeggings, and also cause I'm just that vain. However these weekly photo shoots are dangerously close to getting on Luke's nerves and I think if I would have asked him if to take my picture again after I changed clothes it would have sent him over the edge. I mean he would have done it cause he's the nicest person ever, but not without some grumbling. And I decided it wasn't worth the grumbling.

How Far Along: 27 weeks (actually I'm 28 weeks tomorrow but I like to recap the week before)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: This is a really personal question and I refuse to answer. Just kidding...but really the farther along I get, the more I realize how much I don't want to answer. Right now I'm at 26 pounds. I think this is the first week that I can see the weight in my face.

Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants and most shirts. The shirt pictured above is not maternity which could be why it looks SO TIGHT. We will retire that shirt now.

Gender: BOY!! Eli Tree

Movement: He moves A LOT at night. I didn't feel him much this weekend and it got me really worried. I came home from church on Sunday and drank a large coke trying to get him to wiggle around and move. Today my Dr told me if i put my phone on vibrate and put it on my belly it will get him to move.....interesting. He has been moving a ton today. I like to lift up my shirt and watch my belly move all around. I suggest only doing this in the comfort of your home.

Cravings: Just a cheeseburger on Sunday night. I could feel it in my bones I had to have it so bad.

Symptoms: Sleep has still been pretty bad this week. I have this horrible pain that I get from sleeping on my side, the only way to make it go away is to sleep on my back and while pregnant you aren't supposed to sleep on your back every night. I might try putting a pillow under half my back to make sure that I'm still elevated a bit and to hopefully help the pain. We will see if this helps. Also heartburn is coming back and I wake up with really bad leg cramps.

Best Moment this week: Spending the weekend relaxing with my husband. It feels like we are always on the go so it's nice to have a weekend here and there to do absolutely nothing but be together!

And my favorite husband quote of the week:
Luke: We should have waited till Christmas to tell our parents that we were pregnant that would have been fun.

Me: Ummmmm Don't you think they would have noticed that I gained some weight?!?!?

I don't think he thought that one through.

And a question:

When I was at my Dr.'s office I asked if I was going to have another ultrasound and she said as long as I continued to progress like normal I wouldn't have another one.
I have really been itching to see our baby boy again, and it seems like forever until March (and somedays it seems like March is tomorrow). SO I've been debating whether to go ahead and get a 3d/4d ultrasound. It will be a pic price (in the mid hundreds). So do you think it's worth it?!? Did you have a 3d/4d ultrasound when you were pregnant? Was it worth it? Did you not get it done and regret not doing it?

I would get it done in Mid January. Part of me thinks I need to just wait and see our precious baby when he comes out in March and the other part of me wants to pay the $$ and see him now.



  1. 28 weeks! you are getting close! Maybe try putting a pillow between your legs when you sleep on your side...I slept with a body pillow and it really helped. I didn't have any ultrasounds after we found out she was a girl at 20 weeks either and we didn't do a 4D. It would have been nice to see her but I don't regret not doing it

  2. you do look great! and 26 pounds is nothing, i gained 40! but i'm sure whatever you gain will melt away quickly.. me, not so lucky ;( anywho... just wanted to say i did have the 3D/4D pics done, and i loved them! i framed a good one of her face and set it out at my baby showers ;) i stared at that pic for 10 weeks.. until i got to see the real thing- so precious!

  3. You look wonderful! I bet this Christmas will be extra special! Cannot wait to see that sweet boy's room when you all finish it!

  4. You look so cute!!!

    Do not worry about the weight gain!! It really does come off pretty easily!

    I only had one with Brody and it was at 19 weeks and the last u/s I had with Jillian was at 23 weeks. As much as I would have loved to see them again, I don't regret not having the 3d/4d one. But maybe it's because I'm cheap and I knew we were already spending a lot of money on other things! Ha!

  5. You look great!
    Have you tried playing flashlight tag with Eli? If you hold a flashlight to your belly he might be able to see it & he may react to it.

  6. You look incredible!!! And don't feel bad about 26 pounds. My aunt gained 75 with her twins. ha! I love the Luke quote. So funny!!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. You look great. Don't worry about the weight. I packed on close to 50 pounds with Lucy and I've dropped it all fairly easily. Breastfeeding will help that weight fall off too!

    I never did the 3D ultrasound with any of my four babies because I just couldn't stand paying that much for it, although it would have been helpful with Brett. He SERIOUSLY looked like Homer Simpson in his 2D one and that had me stressing for several months....

  8. Love your updates!

    I can remember sitting in church on day and all of the sudden my ENTIRE STOMACH moved. It was so weird and it took all the self-control I had to keep from busting out laughing. I remember Joey turning to me, with his eyes about to bug out of his head, mouthing "WHAT WAS THAT?!?"

    Lol. Too funny!!

  9. You look great! I'm glad you post your weight gain, because I'm right up there with you (and one week behind) and I feel like all I see is pregnancy blogs where people are the same week as me and have only gained 5-10 pounds! I think you look awesome and I know I feel like my face is puffy too but yours does not look it AT ALL if that helps :)

  10. Hi Megan! So you don't know me but I follow your blog because I think you are hilarious! I love your weekly pregnancy updates but mostly because I like to see the funny thing your husband says to you that week. I can totally relate:) Anyhow, don't worry about the weight gain. I gained 40lbs and it all came off. My body is a bit different but that's not due to the 40lbs, thats due to having a baby. Weight gain=baby=pure bliss....TOTALLY worth it.

  11. haha, i love your updates! they crack me up!
    you are glowing girly and look fabulous!
    glad you suggest only lifting up your shirt to watch your little guy squirm around in the comfort of your own home, ha!!
    i'm going to try the phone on my belly on vibrate tonight to see if my little guy will move more! thanks for sharing!
    enjoy the rest of your week and have a wonderful holiday with your family!!

  12. I asked the same thing & was told the same thing. My Dr also told me though if you use key words like "not alot of movement lately" or "you've been cramping a little" then they will do one. lol and then he winked hahaha

    Idk if you're in Jax or Gville but there's a place on San Jose (if you're in Jax) that does the images/sonograms for $69! We've gotten alot of good pictures. I want to go back in January to get a few more aswell :)

    & you look great btw!!

  13. You look incredible!!
    I hope the pain in your back subsides! I have been sleeping with a pillow between my legs, maybe that might help...

    I can't believe you're already in your 3rd trimester! It seems to be flying by!

  14. If you don't want to spend the money for a 3D ultrasound, you can find a school that trains ultrasound techs and they'll do it for practically nothing. I did it with my son and they took a video of him and gave me 5 pictures and I only paid $20. Since it's so inexpensive I did it a couple times =) Good luck!

  15. Recently started reading your blog and I have a few things to say:
    1. You are so funny!! I love reading your updates!
    2. No worries about the weight gain, I gained 40 pounds and no, it didn't come off over night but I slowly lost some every week and if I had gone back to the gym sooner, it would have been gone sooner. Oh well, it's gone and that all that matters!
    3. We had a 4D at 30 weeks and it was enough to ease my mind for the rest of the pregnancy. She showed us all of her tiny parts, we counted fingers and toes, confirmed once more that indeed it was a girl and the nursery could stay the same! Ha! Paranoria takes on a whole new level while pregnant! But I know plenty of people who opted out and they don't regret it either!

    Didn't intend on leaving you a novel! All of this to say I love your blog and you look great!!

  16. 1. You look precious! I gained 55 pounds and I am 5 foot 3. Not pretty. It will come off!

    2. I had the same problems with sleep. I got a body pillow at Target and between that and going to the chiropracter it really helped with my hips and sleeping.

    3. We had a 4D and I think it was worth it. If you have the money to do it I say why not?! It was fun watching them in 4D moving around. Our son didn't look anything like he did in his sono though. It scared me though because he was HUGE and I was only 24 weeks. That is when my anxiety over the fact I had to get him out started.

  17. I did the 3d/4d ultrasound. I got a gender package where I went at 18 weeks and then I could come by in my third trimester. I waited too long, though. I went at 32/33 weeks and he was too big - we couldn't see anything. So if you are going to go, go within the next 2 weeks so you don't waste your money.

  18. We did the 4D with our son, and it was totally worth it. I loved having a sneak peek, and I can't wait to have a 4D with this baby!

  19. You still look so good! Seriously, don't worry about the weight gain. It will come off! (Just don't look at my waist when I say that! hehe)

    I got lucky (?) in that we got ultrasounds of BG every single week from 30 weeks on. Plus the eight million we had before, so we didn't do the 3d. We thought about it, but decided we didn't need it. I have heard though that you need to go before they get to big. By the time I was 33 weeks, she was so large it was hard to see anything but like a cheek at a time. So if you're going to do it, I would do it soon.

    Hope you enjoy your holidays! I loved being pregnant at Christmas last year.

  20. You look wonderful! I didn't do the 3d thing - didn't think it was worth the money. And I think those pics make the babies look alien (but that's just me). I did end up having another ultrasound when I went two weeks over because they wanted to check fluids to see if I needed to be induced. That was kinda neat, but once my little bean got here, I didn't really care about the belly pics anyway. I just wanted to stare into his big blue eyes (and still do!!).

  21. I just did my 3d/4d ultrasound. It was kinda cool to see him now. We can already tell he has chuby cheeks and he is a snuggler. I have What to Expect app on my iphone and I was reading through the forums and everyone said the place in Edmond was rude. I used A Glimpse Before and After in Moore and they were awesome! Make sure you call ahead and make your appointment though!

  22. I love reading your blog! Best of luck with the birth of your new baby boy. When you have a chance, come over and see my blog:

  23. You do indeed look Beautiful!!!

    Weight gain will happen it's just part of it I am glad you post it, you'll be able to look back on it all later and have all the details!! Very cool!! do NOT look like you've gained any weight except in your precious baby bump!! You look fantastic!!

    I just love you blog!! Love you wit and humor, love your updates!!!

    Have a great week!!

  24. i did had 3D ultrasounds for my 2 kids. and i love them both. I think its just precious to see their beautiful faces, the funny faces they make, their shyness..i just loved it and did nt regret having them.

  25. I opted out of getting the 4d with both of my girls. The first time, it was just way out of range, money wise. Then right before I got pregnant again, my preggo friend got her 4d pics done... Hundreds of dollars later, they weren't even that great (she was definitely regretting it). Now, I've seen some that turn out AWESOME, but it just seemed like a big risk, and I freaked about not knowing if the pics would be good. So, we took the money, went out to eat a REALLY good dinner, saved the rest, and in no time at all I got to see the real thing!

    BTW, you look GREAT! By the time I was 27 weeks along with my girls, my nose had spread halfway across my face and I was wedging myself in the car to get to work!

  26. Megan,
    You look so cute girl!! I love that shirt.

    They didn't have 3D/4D ultra sounds back in the dark ages when I was pregnant =)

    But if they'd have had them, I would so have gotten one, although my baby (18 yr old Dak), says that's just creepy. hahahaha

    Have a Blessed day,

  27. I think you look amazing!!! Cutest bump ever!!! So gosh darn cute!!
    I had a 3d ultrasound and loved it but she never showed us a good face shot.. I don;t know if I would do it or not again with a second child.. but heck Im sure I will bec I will want to see their sweet little face:)

  28. You are so cute! I love your belly :-) And I swear I never thought I gained that much weight with Jayci until I looked at pictures from the end of my pregnancy and wonder who that giant is . . . And the kiddos at camp thought it was amazing and hilarious when they could see Jayci move while she was inside my belly. It was my sure-fire "party trick" :-) haha

  29. Oh my gosh - Luke's comments are priceless!! Hahaha!

    I didn't have the 3D/4D u/s. My MIL offered to pay for one, but it came with conditions that I didn't want to agree to. LOL

  30. You look fabulous!! Luke's quotes are my fav :) I shared this one with hubs and he laughed too!

  31. I am cracking up about Luke thinking you all should have waited to tell your family at Christmas. Hilarious.

  32. I got it done at 31 weeks, and had Addy at 33 weeks, and even knowing that I would have seen her two weeks later - I am SOO glad I spent the money to have video and pictures of her in my belly. And, I even got ultrasound pictures at every appointment and still paid extra for a 45 minute dvd. :) I love it and it will be something I cherish! (maybe the fact that she is my one and only child I feel different?)

    You look super cute by the way!

  33. You are too freaking cute with that bump! And your shirt does not look tight at all in the pics!

  34. hey megan! not sure if you read but katie's sister gave her a 3d/4d ultrasound for her birthday and it completely changed her life! if you have a minute, i'd seriously recommend checking it out :)

    merry christmas!

  35. No worries about the weight gain, I gained 40 pounds and no, it didn't come off over night but I slowly lost some every week and if I had gone back to the gym sooner, it would have been gone sooner. Carlmontpharmacy Online Oh well, it's gone and that all that matters!


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