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Week 26

I had stuff to do after work and knew I wouldn't see Luke till later that night when I was tired and sleepy looking so I had a co-worker take this picture at work. The sunlight is hitting my face which makes me look very angelic looking, don't be fooled. Also, we are focusing on the belly here, not the face.

Also in pregnancy news: sometime between Saturday and Tuesday I grew A TON. Actually I think it was Eli who grew, but still I got large(er). I can definitely tell he is bigger in my stomach, as I feel him in more than one place at a time. Plus my belly button has started doing weird things. I have a very deep belly button so I dont think I will get an "outie" but it has started changing shape according to where he is sitting. It's so funny to watch!

How Far Along: 26 weeks (actually I'm 27 weeks today but I like to recap the week before)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm up to 21 pounds, but I mean really who is counting at this point? (besides the Dr. who will probably give me the smack down at my next appointment)

Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants. And if I'm going to be honest (which, when have I not been?) those are getting a little snug also. I'm not sure what I will wear in February but I'm looking for work appropriate Pajama pants. Shirts are all pretty much maternity. If I could go back in time I would have bought a size up in maternity pants instead of buying my usual size.

Gender: BOY!! Eli Tree

Movement: I'm not sure how much babies are supposed to move at this point, but he mainly just moves around at night. I feel him some during the day, but at night he is having a party in there!! Love of big movements and I feel movement on both sides of my belly at the same time. He's having fun in there and he is definitely bigger!!

Cravings: Nothing in particular. I honestly feel like my eating habits aren't that different from what they were pre-pregnancy. And every time I say this Luke busts out laughing, so apparently he thinks differently.

Symptoms: Little to no sleep has finally hit me. I have been tossing and turning every night this week and I think it's because he has been growing so much. I am exhausted during the day. I went to bed at 9:00 last night, I think the last time I went to bed at 9:00 was when I was 5 years old. Plus I wake up many times a night to go to the bathroom, most of the times they are false alarms, even though I felt like I was about to wet the bed!

Best Moment this week: Spending time with college friends talking about kiddos and pregnancy, and also feeling him a lot more.

And my favorite husband quote of the week:
Whoa, look at your belly, and you still have 3 months to go!!!

Always a source of encouragement that one.

And for the record, Luke's comments never bother me. He tells me all the time how beautiful he thinks I am while pregnant and mushy stuff like that. I choose to share the hilarious stuff he says when not thinking because it really is funny to me.

And a front shot. I can't get over how much I grew in a few short days! I'm loving watching this "science experiment" with my body. My mom told me to just get ready cause it's about to grow a lot more!


  1. Megan, you look so so great!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. You look great! I remember when my belly button became totally flat, it was a little creepy. :)

  3. You are still adorable as ever. And I love all of the husband quotes! :)

  4. You look adorable! love all of Luke's comments.. they sound like funny random things my husband would say :]

  5. You are such a cute preggo!
    Hope you're still feeling well and the sleep, ugh, I like to think it's better after the baby is out :).

  6. so adorable you are =)

    i love Luke's comments...sounds like my hubbins!!!

  7. totally agree with are a beautiful preggo lady! and just wait the bathroom stuff in the night only gets worse. i think by the time i hit the last 4 weeks, i was getting up every 45 minutes. i got more sleep after Anne Margaret got here and while she was a newborn than i did while pregnant!

  8. I'll be 26 weeks tomorrow and also feel like my little guy just grew a TON. I keep thinking I'm huge and then I realize how much HUGER I'm going to get. It's fascinating though :)

  9. You are looking great!!! I had to laugh though at the last picture - at quick glace, I thought you were holding yourself like you have to pee!!! :)

  10. You're so gorgeous!! He definitely popped out this week. You look SO GREAT!

  11. Pregnancy suits you, pretty mama! Having a deep belly button is such a blessing. I would have died if mine had popped out.

    I'm so glad you include favorite husband quote to your posts...they make me laugh every time!

  12. I love your outfits! I'm doing a giveaway today on my blog, you should come by and enter.

  13. I love how skinny your tree is - so unique. And provides such a great backdrop to the pregnancy steps photo!

  14. Love your outfit! Very pretty! And the light does make you look angelic!

  15. You look so pregnant now!! I love that big belly!!

    And BG didn't move a lot during the day. Someone told me that the more you move around, the more that lulls them to sleep. Then when you're still, they go crazy. Seemed to be the case for us.

  16. you look great! And you will get soooo much bigger! (belly of course!) and I think everything went back to normal for me except for my belly button. It still has some strangeness to it!

  17. Awww -- Love the picture by the Christmas tree! And could your legs BE any skinnier?!? Geez louise - you are ALL belly and you look so good!

  18. Beautiful as ever and you know I gotta comment on how long your hair is.

  19. Megan,
    You look amazing!!!

    Your hubby is too funny!!

    Have a Blessed evening,

  20. Hey! I have loved reading your pregnancy updates. I am also preggo - 18 weeks. I have one question ... where did you get the pants/jeans that you're wearing in these pictures?


  21. AAAHHH you look ADORABLE! Your bump is so precious and I love that it is starting to get bigger! You look amazing, mamma!


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