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Time for Random

My life this week:

1. I have written SEVEN posts this week but have yet to publish any of them. None of them rounded out right and sounded worthy of posting.

2. I wrote a post about bitterness.... I struggle with bitterness quite often and trying to figure out how to rid this from my life.

3. Last night Luke felt a BIG kick from Eli. I thought it was so neat but he immediately jerked his hand back and said "ewww that is gross, like a little alien in there". It was a sweet, sweet moment.

4. I discovered a little treasure this week. One of our local news channels shows repeats of old Real Housewives episodes during the day. DVR SCHEDULED. I mean this is like a a thirsty man discovering water while wandering around the desert. I can't get enough of all the crazy housewives, and now I'm catching up on old episodes I've never seen. LOVE IT

5. December is always a crazy time for my husband. He works late a lot of nights and I don't see him as much. I miss him!

6. I am not one t make resolutions for the new year, but I actually have several "goals" in mind for 2011. It might be a bad year to make lofty goals with the birth of a new baby but I am going into it with a positive mindset!! I can do it!

7. I really miss jogging. Me being pregnant has nothing to do with my not jogging. I just hate being outside when it's cold and it's dark by the time I get home. I really think if I had a treadmill I would use it. I just miss jogging so much!

8. I've been wearing an old t-shirt of Luke's to bed every night (because its the only shirt that fits right now ahem) and it wasn't until about the 3rd night of wearing it that I realized it had the nastiest armpit stains I've ever seen in my life. When I laughed about it with Luke he told me they was in fact his brother's armpit stains. Now thats just sick.

9. I'm still wearing that shirt tonight. It's been washed for many years. But still sick.

10. Christmas is next week. That is just craziness.


  1. Pretty sure I just shuddered about the brother's armpit stains.
    But if the shirt fits...wear it!

  2. Love all your randomness! And so eager to see the other 7 posts- I'm sure they're awesome!

  3. I love the Housewives, too! My husband usually goes to the other room when I turn it on though. :)

  4. We talked about bitterness in my Wednesday night class at church. It is such a hard thing to shake. I wish I had my bible in front of me to remember the verses we talked about.

    I wish I missed jogging!

  5. I love Housewives too! Matt works 4-midnight during the week, so while I miss him and feel like I never get to see him, I feel zero guilt for watching my trashy shows. :)

  6. Love the randomness!!

    I'm struggling with bitterness, too. Which is totally out of character. And, it's bothering me.

    I wish I was good enough at jogging to miss it.

  7. I love the Housewives too. Dustin makes fun of it but I catch him watching sometimes with me. He really got into the last season of Jersey Housewives! Ha!

  8. I just love your random blog posts!

  9. haha! I love the sarcasm at the end of #3 :)

    I could only fit into Brent's shirt too! The best for sleeping!

    I CANNOT believe Christmas is almost here. Where did the time go?

  10. #s 3 and 8 are my favorite. You CRACK ME UP MEGAN!!!!

  11. It seems pretty common for dads-to-be to have that reaction. Haha. My husband, when he started feeling the BIG movements, said, "Ew, that's gross..." and shivered. Sigh... :)

  12. Wearing the brother-in-laws shirt would give me pause too, even without pit stains. I love that you're so honest!

  13. I struggle with bitterness also- I read a book that really helped me-
    How to be Free From Bitterness by Jim Wilson.


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