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Registering and a Bloody Nose

Saturday Luke and I had only one goal: to register for baby items. I think we both went into this task with some underlying fears. You see upon getting engaged, registering for wedding gifts was one of my most anticipated events.

And then we attempted to do it.

And it was a disaster.
We fought the entire time.

I don't even remember what we fought about because I mean what is there to fight about when you are registering for spatula's and coffee mugs?
Apparently a lot.
I may have even broken down and started crying in the middle of Bed Bath and Beyond because how can I marry a man who wants to register for DEEP BOWLS when clearly SHALLOW BOWLS are the only way to go?!?!
It was a sensitive time in my life.

I ended up just registering for everything through the beauty of the Internet because I knew we couldn't handle going into the store together again.

Fast forward 2 years later and it's time to register for baby items.

Despite our past, we managed to successfully complete a day of registering and even managed to have fun while doing it!

I was the scanner and scanned our items while Luke meticulously marked items off on our registry checklist the store provided. He took his job seriously and was so frustrated if he couldn't find the item on the checklist.

Things did get a bit confusing at times and we made several phone calls to my mom and I pulled up my blog of this post several times to reread comments and posts.

I am really excited about the items we registered for. We are that much closer to seeing our sweet little guy!!

Here we are in all of our registering glory. I am always shocked at how pleasant Luke looks in pics because he definitely thought taking our picture was the dumbest idea ever.

Registering is very exhausting. This big mama was tired and needed to rest her feet.

As we were leaving the store, Luke told Eli that he was lucky he didn't have to hear us fighting, that we were kind of crazy last time, but this time around registering was much smoother.

Afterwards we ate lunch at Chili's. I love their queso.

On the way home we decided to make a stop at Best Buy which is in the busiest intersection of our town. I mean cars everywhere, people honking, cars stuck in traffic for hours, craziness.

It was at the point when we were right in the middle of this mess that my nose deiced to start GUSHING blood.

I'm not talking about a cute little nose bleed, "oops there's a drop of blood" nose bleed. I'm talking a nose bleed like somebody chopped my nose off.

And in that moment all I could worry about was how embarrassing it was.

I wasn't worried about getting blood on my maternity jeans that I have worn 293 days in a row, or my new shirt, or even the seats in our car. All I was worried about was everybody in the other cars looking at me with my nose plugged, head bent back and blood still POURING out of my nose.

I'm not really sure why that would embarrass me so badly? I mean I'm the girl who pretty much shares every detail in my life, causing my mom to beg me to STOP SHARING SO MUCH INFORMATION WITH THE WORLD.

But for some reason that nose bleed on that busy street on a Saturday afternoon just about did me in.

We are going to pull the pregnancy card on that one.

Luke kept saying "why is your nose bleeding?!?" And I kept saying "I don't know but its so embarrassing are people staring?!?!"

I'm not really sure WHY he was so concerned with WHY my nose was bleeding.

And I'm not really sure WHY I thought people in other cars would be looking at me, or even care that my nose was bleeding

I finally got the bloody nose under control, just as Luke pulled into a Starbucks and ran inside to get paper towels, I couldn't go inside, I was an unsanitary mess.

I asked him to get a bunch of wet paper towels and he came back with about 150 dry paper towels and one paper towel that was barely wet on the corner.

Our communication at its finest.

But I managed to get myself cleaned up, while Luke kept asking WHY my nose was bleeding.

I think the fact that I am big and pregnant and bleeding out of my nose was alarming to him.

I would like to see that same alarm at 2:00am when I wake up screaming because I have the worst leg cramp ever.

Theoretically speaking of course.

And I just spent entirely too long telling a story about my bloody nose.

It's the little memories in life that matter.


  1. I love the way you write. You just have a way with words!! :) Glad it went better this time.

    And the whole paper towel thing sounds like something Brad and I would do!!

  2. I think the answer to Luke's question is that bloody noses are fairly common for pregnant women. I've certainly had more than I care to think about. Thankfully, they've all happened at home so I didn't have to worry about the horrible embarrassment :-)

  3. You crack me up!!!!! Seriously love your sense of humor.

  4. I love the way you tell a story. Your post always make me laugh. And I'm glad to know my husband and I werent the only ones who fought through wedding registery.

  5. Yup, bloody nose this morning, and actually wearing those gray boots (or ones that look REALLY similar) right now. Can't wait to register!

  6. So glad that the actual process of registering was easier--even if it had a slightly traumatic ending :)

  7. Oh my how I understand the trauma of registering! First we couldn't even decide WHERE to register and when we finally did, we were "whisper yelling" - hissing at each other in lower tones so other people wouldn't notice. Then the tears came. In the middle of Macy's, drawing attention just like we didn't want to. Oy.

    Good to hear baby registering is easier. I'll definitely keep that in mind for when we take that plunge!

  8. HAHA!! So cute and funny...had a good chuckle with your post today ;) I stormed out a kitchen store the other day- we had a fight about plates!! Can you believe it...the things we fight about. Thankfully we've only been married one year...still many years left to work on that communication :)

  9. I'm glad to hear you got through the registering process without injury... sort of...

    I guess you're prone to nose bleeds? I don't get them, so they are foreign to me. Is there something you can do to prevent them? It sounds like something that isn't very good for you!

  10. I'm glad that this registering experience for you guys was much better that the first! My husband and I really struggled with our wedding registry too so I am definitely scared to do a baby one one day. Cute picture of you both with the scanner :)

  11. my husband and i found the whole time we registered too. it was a stressful situation! glad to here this time went better, maybe there is hope for us too :)

  12. Great post! I, too, found registering very stressful! Ahhhh!!! Glad to hear it went well and that your nose bleed cleared up :)

  13. I agree that registering can be totally stressful! I've done most of ours online but we still need to go in and try out a few things- strollers at the top of that list. Also I've had the first two nosebleeds of my entire life in the past week- it may be totally common in pregnancy, but it is still NO FUN!

  14. I'm so sorry that you had a nosebleed, but I had to laugh out loud because I had a melt down in the middle of Bed Bath and Beyond while we were registering for wedding gifts, as well! There were like 5 other couples registering at the same time and we kept getting in each others' way and COULDN'T THEY TELL THAT I NEEDED CLEAR AISLES TO VIEW ALL OF THE OPTIONS. So we left, and came back at 8:00 that night and the store was empty! It was glorious :) When we were registering at Target for the baby a few months ago, I got a migraine! What is it with us and registering??

  15. Too funny! Not that you had a nose bleed, but the way you told it. I'm glad you had a better experience registering, too.

  16. You are so hysterical, I love how you write these stories. :) Glad the actual registering went a bit better than the aftermath!!

  17. I'm glad registering this time around went much better. And crazy about your nose. I bet no one was looking if yall were in all that traffic. You crack me up girl!

  18. So funny!
    Wedding registering didn't go well for us either. I'm glad to hear it went better for you this time!

  19. Haha, y'all crack me up! Sorry about your bloody nose. I can totally hear my husband asking me WHY like that if my nose was bleeding too. About the leg cramps -- if you point your toes up (towards your leg) the cramp *will* stop. Someone gave me that advice and it always works for me.

  20. You give me hope about baby registering one day! I too thought the wedding registering would be so fun but we too may have gotten into some "discussions". Not my finest :) Hope your nose is okay now!

  21. So I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh at the nose bleed are funny :)

    Glad you registered and you got your nose bleed under control!!

  22. So glad registering went well! My husband and I fought through our wedding registry too, so I'm happy to hear there's hope. : )

  23. My nose never had bled until I got pregnant and then it would bleed all the time - so frustrating! Hope it doesn't happen to you again!

  24. i laughed so hard at this post. multiple times. you are hilarious.

    and i'm sorry about your nosebleed. from the girl who gets queasy about body stuff - that would be truly terrifying! glad you are better :)

  25. I remember my first pregnancy nose bleed! It was so scary! I started coughing, and I actually coughed up a lot of blood. I jumped on the phone to the doctor, and right as she gets on the line I notice my nose is pouring blood too. I was so panicked I didn't even realize it was my nose! It's pretty common but another pregnancy "thang" that just isn't that glamorous.

  26. I was okay until I read, "I'm talking a nose bleed like somebody chopped my nose off." (LOLOLOL) So not funny that you're nose was bleeding, but your stories make me laugh. :)

    You're looking FAB, as always!

  27. the way you told this story is so hilarious and awesome... haha.

    Luke does look good for thinking the pic is ridiculous. my hubs thinks its ridiculous when i make us take random pictures and you can tell by the look on his face in the picture!

  28. You are such a good story teller. I love the remark about Luke looking very happy in the picture despite his complaining about it--Ty does the same thing. Oh boys.

  29. I distinctly remember this very thing, except luckily it was during the night. There was a TRAIL of blood to the bathroom, down the whole front of my shirt, everywhere. It looked like a murder scene. So I totally feel ya!

  30. You look just like me when we registered :) Taking a break in the glider! Ha! Glad you had a better experience than before. We did as well...and I was so scared because I hated registering for wedding gifts.

  31. Oh my word - I laughed SO hard at this post. Wow, too funny!! Thanks for providing so much laughter. My tear ducts are working just fine too by the way. I recently found your blog - glad I did! Best of luck on the rest of your pregnancy and here's to no more bloody noses!


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