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2011 Goals

It's that time of the year where people make resolutions and goals for the new year.

I've never been one to make resolutions, as I don't even know what those are, but I'm a big fan of goals. I often make goals for myself, even if the goal is just "get the laundry done by the end of the week" it's still a goal and I find I feel more of an accomplishment once the laundry it done if I considered it a goal.

It's a nice little mind game I play with myself, but it seems to work!

So here are my goals for 2011:

1. Make a weekly meal plan AND Cook at least one new meal a week
When we first go married I was one heck of a cook during the week. Then we moved and my schedule got all out of whack (apparently I'm a toddler) and I quit cooking as much. However, I have to say if I make a meal plan for the week then I really stick to it. And I've started doing that more lately. So my goal for the new year, is to not only meal plan EVERY week, but to also throw in a new meal once a week. Nobody wants to eat poppyseed chicken every. single. week. Well I could, but nobody = Luke.

2. Spend time with the Lord everyday
In the past I have made goals to read the bible in a year, or do a devotional every day or something like that. This year I am just being general. I am so not disciplined in this year and I am so not proud of it. However, I'm also not a stickler on the whole "you must have 30 minutes of quiet time a day to grow spiritually". I think that time with the Lord can come in many forms throughout the day. So I'm going to be general this year. Time with the Lord is vital in spiritual growth, but I'm not going to put myself in a box about it.

3. Memorize 2 scriptures a month
This is a pretty lofty goal for me but I believe it can happen. I already bought my spiral notebook and I'm ready to start memorizing!

4. Replace all the hangers in our closet with black plastic hangers
Luke already informed me that this was a completely weird goal, but it's my list so I'm keeping it on here! I think closets that have all matching hangers look so nice and put together. Plus the plastic hangers are so much better for shirts. Those nasty wire hangers always leave little indentions in shirts. So all black and plastic hangers for 2011 it is! Every time I go to Target a buy a pack of 20 plastic hangers, so I'm well on my way to achieving this goal.

5. Use the blog more like a journal
I have never been a person who is consumed with the amount of comments I get on my blog or how many people stop by my blog everyday. Not only have I never been consumed with it, but somewhere along the lines this year I quit caring all together. In fact most times I don't understand why people get so consumed with it. Who cares if nobody comments on your blog?!?! I would rather have one genuine comments than a bunch of comments that are just "pleasing" comments. However, with that said, I sometimes find myself censoring what I blog because the details would be too tedious, or it might seem boring or things like that. However, this year I'm really not going to care about those things. I am going to blog all the boring tedious details of our lives. I LOVE looking back through the years on my blog to see what Luke and I have done, conversations we have had, time we spent with our family, etc. Those are all more important to me than the amount of people commenting and/or reading. So even if it may seem boring, I want to blog more details this year.

6. Take more pictures and learn how to flipping use my camera
I find it quite ironic that the year I got a nice new camera I took less pictures than I have in pervious years. That thing is just SO DANG BIG, plus I have no idea how to use it, and if I try to be all fancy with it the pictures come out fuzzy, and if I just use "auto" I get all flustered because I might as well have a nice normal $65 camera. So I just chooses not to take any pictures. But I vow to change that for 2011. Besides, there is a certain new addition coming this year that I will probably want to take pictures of.

7. Buy Christmas presents throughout the year
I feel like I think of great Christmas presents for friends and family throughout the year, and then December hits and my mind draws a blank. So this year I will just buy them as I think of them. Plus it will help the ole budget to buy them sporadically. (every time I use that words I think of Clueless).

8. Incorporate date nights into our schedule
Luke and I have never been big "daters". In fact our first date was a car trip through the McDonald's drive through line. Romantic. We got to the movies every so often, and out to eat often, but rarely do we take time to have a nice date night. But now with the baby coming I'm thinking we need to make an effort to go on dates. Now we just need to find a babysitter.

9. Find some sort of way to work out
I'm sort of freaking out about all the weight I'm gaining during pregnancy. I try not to complain about it, because I once hated when pregnant women complained about gaining weight, however I completely GET IT now. And I don't talk about it a lot, because I am thankful to be pregnant. I know there are many women who would give anything to be pregnant. However, the weight gain is REALLY starting to freak me out. I would be lying if I said I haven't shed a few tears over it all. I have no idea how I will lose the weight once Eli is here, but I want to try. I've never been a big "worker-outer" but I need to figure out something. Shred, here I come.

10. Be a Supportive Wife
This was one of my goals for last year, and I'm not really sure how well I did on this one. I think this will always be one that I am working on, every year.

I didn't really intend to make 10 goals, but if the shoe fits I'll wear it. Now I just need to print these out and read them daily.


  1. What great goals.

    I love your goal about the blog. So often i don't write things on my blog because I think the same thing...that will just bore others. But just like you, I love those little details when i go back and read a year a later. I might steal that goal :) the meal planning and camera goals! Let me know if I can help in either one :)


  2. We're like you - we're list makers. We feel very accomplished when we get to mark it off, even if it's just clean the garage!

    Alex and I sat down today and listed our goals for the year. Several on your list are on mine. Like meal planning. I've been terrible about that this year, but now that Amelia is eating REAL food - I feel like I'm a bad mother if I don't cook. One thing on my list is - I'm going to try and cook through an entire cookbook this year. Try every single recipe. We'll see how that goes.

    Date nights were also on our list. The older Amelia gets - the more I see a need for these.

    I need to add the scripture memory to mine...I used to have to do this when I was in private school. We were made to memorize so much scripture, but now that I'm older - my memory isn't near what it used to be.

    Happy New Year, friend!

  3. I have phased out all of our metal hangers. Now we have a rainbow of plastic ones....I didn't think ANYONE cared about this but me!

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  5. Happy New Year, sweet friend!! I just love you and your blog! Journal away and I will always read and comment! :) I make a meal plan every week (Well.....okay....MOST weeks!) and it does help me to cook more. I am not a great cook but I am working on it! I am also an "all plastic hangers" kind of girl! I am going to jump on that scripture memory train myself as well. I have done it, but sporadically and I think I need a better and more defined schedule. (OH--and the fact that you mentioned Clueless made me squeal in delight!!!An actual squeal!!! I love that movie so much!!!)
    You bring me JOY!!!! I am so serious that one of my NY goals is to have lunch or a Sonic date with you in 2011!!!!! PLEASE LET'S MAKE THAT HAPPEN!!!!!! :)

  6. reat goals! I do much better with lists too. I don't post comments much but I did want to tell you one of the reasons I love you blog so much is because you are honest and don't seem to hold back a lot. A lot of blogs tend to get too fluffy for me.

  7. Love all your goals!!
    Love the plastic hanger thing! I have all white plastic hangers in my closet. I really love it. Josh makes fun of me but my closet looks way better than his.
    Can you believe you are having Eli this year??? So exciting!

  8. we have very similar goals, my friend! i pray you find the Lord in a new way this year!

  9. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I just typed THE longest response EVER, and it said "blogger cannot complete this action" and closed out. Grr. Maybe I'll try again later. :(

  10. Great goals! I like to call them goals too. I think it's easier and more fun to reach your goals. Love the goal to have all black plastic hangers!! We did that when we moved into our home. Check the dollar store!

  11. Great goals!!

    I totally agree about the plastic hangers. We have converted to all white, and it makes a big difference!

    I look forward to reading more in 2011. :)

  12. I'm a hanger freak too! I don't like the wire ones either! All white in our closet.

  13. Great goals! I really like the one about your blog. I tend to write a lot of details and then worry about if people will want to read it because it might be boring. But then I decided I didn't care because I would want to read it later on.

    Good luck with the menu planning. That's one of my goals for the year as well.

  14. I always think of "Clueless" too when I hear the word sporadically!!

    Don't know if you read the LPM blog, but Beth Moore is doing scripture memory twice a month, and it has helped keep me on track in the past! That is one of my goals too.

  15. I love your goals!

    My girlfriend and I found these cookbooks at the Junior Hospitality Holiday Mart this last Novemeber and it's amazing for planning different and new meals. You need to order the "My Family Meal Planner" it totally takes all the guess work out of dinner. My favorite part is that it comes with a pre-printed grocery list so you just grab your weekly shopping list of the fridge and go!

    Here's the link to their site:

    Hubs and I usually only make 3 of the 4 recipes each week and then eat the leftovers the rest. MOST of them have been delicious. It has seriously changed our lives!

  16. I love these goals!

    Don't worry about being mundane.... sometimes, the posts about the mundane are actually the most interesting. At least, they are to me, lol. I always feel like I put too much detail and am boring people..... but really, I know that I'm the only one who will ever go back to read the posts and that I want the details.

    Regarding the meal plans.... it's a great idea. The new recipe each week would overwhelm me. I'd have to pick new recipes like 3 months at a time, lol.

  17. i love this post megan! i'm totally stealing 2, 3, and maybe
    4. i can so relate to #6. i got an amazing camera last year that i had been begging my husband for and i have no clue how to use it. i even took a class at the camera store and i'm still clueless!

  18. I have all white matching hangers in my closet and I love love love it! I wish I had black though. I'm jealous! :)

  19. I'm so with you on the same colored hangers. Mine are all pink:) It makes me happy when I look at my closet. It's the little things!
    And I take it you were a huge Clueless fan?! That remains one of only maybe 5 movies in my lifetime that I can quote (remembering movie lines is not my speciality)
    and I too think of clueless everytime I use sporadically!! I thought I was the only one!! Made me laugh to read that I wasn't:)


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