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Christmas 2010

Once again, it is the end of the year and I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone. We were able to spend a week with our families (we split the week between the two of them) and it was such a wonderful time.

A wonderful and lazy time. As we drove the 2 1/1 hours home last night Luke and I recapped our trip and realized we did absolutely nothing.

Unless you count eating, eating, talking, watching TV, eating, crying over eating so much and sleeping doing something.

But we don't.

And for the record, I told Luke not to cry about how much he was eating that we would get back on track once we got home.

Wednesday night, after Luke got home from youth we hit the road and headed to my house to spend Wednesday through Saturday afternoon with my family.

We played games, ate lots of yummy food that my mom had prepared for the holiday and just hung out. We also attempted to learn Michael Jackson dance moves playing the Michael Jackson Just Dance video game for the Wii. This giant belly in front of my body seriously puts a damper on my madd dancing skillz.

Christmas Eve we went and looked at some lights and then made a pit stop at walmart to pick up some games to play that night.

Christmas morning we woke up and opened all of our presents from mainly my parents and then also each other.

It was SO fun to watch my nephew open all his presents. He is at a really fun age and enjoyed it all so much.

I'm really bummed because I forgot my charger for my camera and it was dead the whole time. I didn't get any pictures the whole time.

My mom took this pic and it is the only pic I have from the day. Me and my sisters.

Saturday afternoon we headed to Luke's house to open presents with his family. Again, I have no pictures.

After we opened presents we hung out for a bit, and then headed back home because Luke had to lead worship the next morning. After church we drove back to Luke's house and spent the next couple of days with his family.

It was a great and relaxing time. Filled with more eating and football watching. On Sunday night Luke had a bunch of his high school friends over and they had a mini reunion. I'm glad he was able to do that. I did a lot of reading during that time. Oh yeah and eating.

We saw the movie True Grit at one point during the week, which was just OK. I'm not a big "western" girl.

Wednesday we headed back home and got in around 9:00.

It was such a wonderful Christmas. Our families blessed our socks off with the gifts, and above all we are just thankful for the time we got to spend so much time at home with our families.


  1. Glad ya'll had fun eating! I mean...hanging out. :)

  2. Your t-shirt cracks me up! I am so glad you had a picture of it! :)

  3. So glad you had a merry Christmas my friend!

  4. Love your shirt! My cousin had one that said "Santa ain't got nothing on this belly."

  5. Where did you get your shirt? It's super cute. We just found out we're pregnant and I wanted to find a cute shirt to tell the family.

  6. Did you not get to see your grandparents on Christmas Day? Poor girl.

  7. Such a cute t-shirt on you!! Too cute! Sounds like your relaxing Christmas was just perfect. Sleeping and eating is where it's at. :)

  8. I'm glad you got to spend so much time with your families!


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