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Weird Dreams

I have failed. I am not going to finish the Harry Potter books before the movie. Which is fine cause I enjoy the movies, so I will still enjoy the first part of the final movie. I just really wish I would have finished the books first.And I plan to finish them all before the final installment of the final movie. And with two holiday breaks in my future this is very doable.

Lately it has been ALL Harry Potter ALL the time at our house.

Well not really all the time, but some of the time.

I read the book when I have free time, I usually fall asleep reading it and Luke and I have spent a great deal of time watching the movies together.

My brain has been infiltrated with Harry.

So this morning when we woke up Luke informed me that last night while we were sleeping I hit him and started yelling for him to pull that thing down, the thing that the TV sits on.

He of course being of right mind had no idea what I was talking about, but he said I was really serious about it and kept asking him to get it down and then I got mad at him cause he didn't know what I as talking about and went back to sleep.

Well as he was telling me this story the memories of last night all came flooding back to me.

I do remember hitting him and telling him to get that floating thing.

You see I thought I saw a floating TV tray, and I wanted Luke to get it down cause a floating anything is just freaky.

And I can remember in my mind trying to figure out if I should be scared or not of this floating tray and then ultimately deciding that in the past I would have been scared, but that was before I went to wizard school, and now I know that anything floating is normal.


Reading Harry Potter, while pregnant and having crazy preggo dreams is not a good combination.

Plus I usually get mildly obsessed with anything that I put an ounce of effort into, so its not a surprise that I'm dreaming about it.

Oh I also dreamed I worked with Robert Pattinson but his name was Cedric Diggory and he disappeared and we assumed he got murdered.

I mean some FREAKY STUFF people.

I explained this all to Luke this morning and I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm crazy. Especially when I referenced that I "went" to wizarding school.

Coo. Coo.

Although I do blame this all on Luke because last night as we were getting into bed, he choose that moment to show me a SCAR ON HIS FOREHEAD.

Um.. he has had a scar on his forehead his whole life and I never knew that??

It was just a weird revelation that apparently started a night of weird dreams in my head.

And if you've never read or watched Harry Potter this will all be completely pointless and boring to you.

Don't worry it will go away soon, I was very into Twilight this time last year and that ship has sailed.

Although if I had to choose I would pick Harry over Twilight any day.


  1. Ha ha, too cute. I love Harry and Twilight! Have you read the Hunger Games yet? You'll love that series as well!

  2. I totally had some crazy Harry dreams when I was in the middle of reading the books and completely obsessed :]

  3. Ooh! I second the Hunger Games comment. But I was going to say at least you didn't end up having...intimate dreams about the wizarding world. That seems to be what keeps happening to me with the preggo dreams.

  4. I agree. I would pick Harry too. =)

  5. Oh my gosh, I love the preggo dreams! Sounds like fun to me. :) I always have boring dreams.

  6. I love that you went to wizard school! hahaha. Sorry you aren't going to finish the books in time, but it sounds like you put in a good effort!


    Too funny!!!

    Yeah, as much as I love Twilight, I was prefer Harry Potter.

  8. I'm cracking up!!

    I become mildly obsessed with anything I put a touch of effort into as well, and I've had some rather interesting dreams because of it. Ha!

  9. LOL. You crack me up. Although walking away from Harry sounds like crazy talk to me.

    Also, that scar on his forehead confirms my theory of who you relate to in the books.

  10. I was the opposite. I couldn't sleep during the last two books because I was too worried about Harry! Seriously, I was a walking zombie for an entire week because I would stay up late reading and then couldn't sleep for fear something would happen to Harry. This makes total sense, yes?

  11. I laughed my whole way through this post!! You sound like me. HA! Can't wait for Friday!!!

  12. You make me laugh :)

    And as for forgetting about Harry a year from now? That won't happen. There will always be a Harry sized hole in your heart and you'll think of him and the series at the oddest times. It's too good to forget about!!

  13. Too bad I really wish I had been to Hogwarts. And I would also choose Harry over Twilight any day.

  14. i laughed out loud reading this post.

  15. Hahah, too funny! I love Harry Potter and can't wait to see the new movie (after the packed theater phase is over).

  16. I don't do Harry at all but I still found this post highly entertaining. I have been all about the crazy preggo dreams lately. The one where a serial killer slashed a high school friend's husband into a bloddy mess but never quite killed him so he kept walking around talking/screaming in pain was horrifying, but the one where I swam (while breathing underwater) with a big group of beautiful dolphins and (friendly) sharks was pretty awesome. I never know what I'm gonna get when my head hits the pillow these days!

  17. Haha! Harry Potter dreams! The day between 2 of my sister's transplant surgeries, my cousin read HP out loud with scary voices. She still has hallucinations that involve Hogwarts!


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