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Weekly Weekend Update

Friday night Luke and I had plans to go see Harry Potter with some of our friends. Before I get to the movie review I have to say that I currently work with one of the world's biggest Harry Potter fans. Like for real. I text her 294805 times with all my questions while reading the books. So of course, being one of the world's biggest HP fans, she saw the movie on Thursday night at midnight and wore her Harry Potter get-up, and so then the next day she kindly let me borrow the outfit for the movie.

Megan as Harry:I do have to say Luke who never gets embarrassed was incredibly embarrassed of me and told me that it wasn't even funny embarrassing it was just plain embarrassing. Whatever.

I intended on wearing my Harry Potter get-up but my friend didn't have any Harry Potter accessories, so me being the very giving person I am let her wear my tie. But I kept the glasses.

Here we are in line:The movie was very good. I have many thoughts but I won't get into them here. Also during the movie I realized that when the final installment comes out in July we will need to get a babysitter to go see the movie.


Saturday I cleaned all day. Nothing exciting there. Our house was disgusting so I spent pretty much the whole day cleaning.

Then that night some friends came over and we watched the OU game and ate dinner. It was fun and relaxing after cleaning all day long.

Sunday was church like normal and then Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family. The food was super yummy and it was good to hang out with family.

Here I am with my sisters:

My sweet nephew holding a rabbit. (random)
It was a great weekend.

Tomorrow is Monday and is my only day of work this week. I am excited for some time off and spending time with our families.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!


  1. Seriously Megan, you look like you have a pillow under your shirt. I don't see a pound anywhere else on your body. Remind me to hate you for that :-)

  2. Love the Harry Potter outfit! My Mister refused to take me to see it! He boycotts all things HP, sadness. =(

    And PS does your adult sister who is a mother have JUSTIN BEIBER on her shirt? That is pretty awesome!! I've got the Bieber Fever too! (And I will for sure be seeing his 3D movie)

  3. Love the HP love! So fun!
    I can't wait till I catch up and watch it. Which will probably be next year.

    Also... you are the cutest preggo ever. That is all.

  4. I know I already said it on FB, but I loooove your HP outfit! I cannot wait to see the movie this week. I'll let you know when I do.

    Enjoy your only day of work today. I am only a little jealous. We have school tomorrow and a half day Wednesday. I am not looking forward to it.

  5. Dustin and I went to see HP Friday night! It's gonna be hard to wait to see the second half! And, I think you look cute in those glasses and I'm kinda jealous I didn't have any ;)

  6. haha I love that he said it wasn't funny embarrassing but just plain embarrassing . . . Most of the time Adam is funny embarrassing, but sometimes he is just plain embarrassing :-) haha

  7. Tell Luke that I sat next to a guy that was in full Voldemort gear.... and about five rows ahead of me, there was a guy that was completely dressed as Hagrid. It could have been worse, lol.

    LOVED the movie and want to go see it again!

  8. I still haven't seen the movie!!! Dang new town with no babysitters! =( I am loving your HP outfit. That is so something I would do and Luke's reaction is exactly what my husband would say. What is wrong with them???

  9. Haha I adore your HP outfit, so cute!


  11. Love those random pictures!

    I'm so glad you got to see the movie! I seriously cannot wait until July to see the ending. Then I'll rent ALL the movies and watch them in a row. so excited.

  12. That is my bunny there! Maxton is so cute with him! I do NOT have the bieber fever. (notice I did NOT capitalize his name. He is so not worthy!!!) sorry dont wanna offend anyone but.....
    Nelia p.s. Heaven help us all from Justin Bieber and Twilight. I love HP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST BOOK EVER. YES I MEAN THE BOOKS NOT THE MOVIE. THE MOVIES ARE JUST MEDIOCRE. I ALSO LOVE CAPS LOCK FYI. IM NOT SCREAMING.

  13. You look so cute!!! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am not coming home this week but I will be at Christmas-time and if you are in the "city" (so to speak!) we need to plan a lunch or at least a quick Sonic get together!!! I want to see that darling baby bump (and you of course!) in person!

  14. I have no idea why Luke would be embarrassed by that costume. MEN. Can't wait for July!!! We should so have a bloggy meetup for HP fans. Now we just need a central location...ha!


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