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Weekly Weekend Update

We had another fun and busy weekend.

Friday right when I got home from work we immediately got in the car and drove about an hour away to enjoy a hay ride and bonfire with several families from our church. I haven't been on a hayride in forever but I loved it. We had such a good time.

Headed out. I now always like to get pictures of me with Baby Tree. I won't always have him in my belly with me so I like to capture the moments. Probably a little weird.

Oh and please take note of the bag and magazines in the back on the floor. Those have been there since we got back from Chicago LAST WEEK. Here's the thing, somebody left those magazines in the chair pocket in front of me, so I was like OH YES FREE MAGAZINES and immediately put them in my bad. THen I got home and started thinking "who was touching this magazine?" "did they wash their hands after using the restroom?" '"did they pick their nose" "what if they put poison on the magazines and left them there for some unsuspecting fool to pick them up".

So they have sat right there not to be touched every since.

It's a complicated life in my mind but it's something I have learned to live with.

ANYWAYS...back to a bit of normalcy, here is Luke headed to the hay ride.

After I took this picture he informed me that he doesn't like pictures of himself driving.

Um...ok, that's not weird.

Us enjoying the hay ride:

and Luke roasting some hot dogs and smores for me. Yes I won't eat turkey but I eat hot dogs. It's complicated and I don't understand my mind either. Please don't try!!!

Saturday morning we headed to Tulsa. Luke went to the TU game and I spent the day fabric shopping with my mom. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful seamstress of a mother and she is going to make my baby bedding, so I have been researching fabric online and getting ideas for what I like.

We set out to some fabric stores in search of fabric similar but cheaper then what I have found online.

And I picked fabric that is NOTHING like what I picked online. That's usually how my life works. But I love fabric and can't wait for my mom to make the bedding.

Sunday we did our normal church thing and then I had an open house for my Scentsy.

Now I'm back home enjoying a few too many baked cheetos and watching football. Well I'm not really watching the football, but ya know, the hubs it so it's on.

Oh and I'm also about to start Harry Potter. I'm now on the 5th book, trucking away!!


  1. What a great weekend!! And you look fabulous :D

  2. You look so cute!

    Alex and I first held hands on a hay ride. Awww...sweet memories.

    I'm wondering what that man is pouring into that woman's cup behind Luke. Any thoughts? :)

    Can't wait to see the bedding!!

  3. Book 5! It's probably my 2nd favorite in the series (after 3)! We need to gchat about HP :)

    Glad y'all had a fun weekend. I can't wait to see what pretty fabrics you picked out for your little guys room!

  4. So as you know I'm weird but I always think about the salt and pepper shakers and ketchup and all that at restaurants when I use them. Like who was touching this before me? It grosses me out. I try to never touch them with my hands now. Preston says I'm crazy. I'm like hello have we met! ;)

  5. Haha, your little quirks crack me up. Glad you had fun at the bonfire, you looked super cute!

  6. oh i just love you! seriously laughing over here. and now i want a hot dog.

  7. Lovely pictures of the two of you!!! Sounds like a great time.
    I laughed at the magazine comments!!

  8. you look adorable :-) And good for you for taking pictures - I have like 3 pictures of me when I'm pregnant. And they dont include my belly, so the only way I can even tell i'm pregnant is that my face is more-than-a-little "puffy" . . .

  9. How exciting that your mom is going to make the bedding! I can't wait to see it!

    I hope your Scentsy party open house was a huge success!

  10. Girl, I am on HP book 4 and am totally gonna pass you if you don't pick up the pace. Consider yourself warned.

    But then again, you're all growing a human being and everything so I guess it's understandable.

    Can't wait to see the fabric and bedding you've picked out... you're gonna share, right? Don't leave me hanging!

    You and baby Tree are looking quite adorable these days!!

  11. You look great!

    Also, get ready to tear through HP 5. I think if you get going, you'll be done within the week!


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