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Mommy Help

Becoming a new mommy can be very very overwhelming.

And I haven't even popped out the kid yet! I can't imagine what it will be like when the little guy is sitting here in front of me crying and I'm trying to decipher what that certain cry means!!!

I get anxiety just thinking about it.

But before he arrives there are lots of things to buy. Bottles to choose, blankets to pick for swaddling, and plenty of other items to buy. Some that I have probably never even heard of.

I have several friends who are also pregnant with their first little one and we have talked about how we aren't really sure what we need this first go around.

Considering we have NOTHING baby related in our homes now.

So....I thought I would enlist you, my friends to help us first-time moms.

Perhaps you have written a previous blog post (or several) about baby products that you couldn't live without that first year. Or products that you thought you wouldn't be able to live without, and turns out it was a big ole waste of money for you.

Maybe you haven't written a blog post about that certain topic but you want to share your wise knowledge with me.

Either way link your post (or posts) below. I don't care if you have 10 of them, all of us new mommies will appreciate it!!!

Or if you don't have a post, or don't want to write a whole post about this topic you can leave your words of wisdom in the comments section.

Believe me, we need help!

So if you care to share, link a post about your favorite baby products, or your best new mommy advice that you have, or you can share your wisdom in the comments!


  1. I found that swaddlers (the Kiddapotamus brand - with velcro) were the main reason Addy slept through the night so quickly. She has now outgrown them but when she was younger if we didn't put her in the swaddler she would wake up after 3-4 hours where as when she was swaddled, she would sleep for over 12 hours. I seriously, SERIOUSLY recommend reading BabyWise and the Happiest Baby on the Block. Two different opinions and you can take from them whatever you'd like. I believe that a schedule and the swaddlers, helped Addy sleep, as well as they have made an impact on how happy she is. The books, if nothing else, give you great advice on feeding, how to calm a crying baby, and BabyWise offers a lot of advice for breastfeeding. You will be a great mom!!!

  2. girl! i have a 8 week old and i did the same thing you are doing - asking for advice from those who have gone before me. that said, i compiled ALL of the info i received and have emailed it to multiple of my friends who are now expecting. i am going to email it to you as it was all really really helpful to me. it is the longest email you will ever read, so bring a snack...

  3. I could totally write a post about this except my baby girl is climbing all over me so that's not going to happen, but I have a few things I LOVED. The swaddlers the first commenter meationed, LIFESAVERS! Also a Moby wrap is a must have, a good swing and a video moniter! I was one of those crazy Mom's who bought everything I 'thought' I needed and let me tell you it was WAYYYYYY to much. No blankets, or bumpers in the crib. I have a million blankets :) Clothing, seriously all you need is onsies!! I packed away a ton of clothing that she never even got to wear, kind of made me sick that I wasted so much money on it! If you are BF'ing the boppy or breastfriend pillow!! OK she's done letting me type :) Good luck!!

  4. I think I've written a post but now I can't find it!
    Here are my favorites:

    Gumdrops pacis (they are the best - but you have to order them online)

    Huggies diapers (Pampers gave B a horrible rash)

    A swing and bouncy seat (I have had good luck with Fisher Price - my Graco swing had a motor problem and I found out later most Graco's do)

    A mobile - this is awesome. It's not really for when they are tiny, but as they get older; it helped me get B on such a good nap schedule.

    At your shower you will get a ton of blankets. They are more useful than you think. Receiving blankets can also be used as burp rags and a thousand other things.

    Bottles - We used Dr. Brown's because of some of B's issues after he came home from the NICU. This time, as long as Brody is healthy, we are using Playtex Drop In's. All my friends swear by them.

    I found the mittens (the ones to keep NB's from scratching) useless. If you want to use something on their hand, socks actually stay on better.

    Sling - If you plan to use a sling I highly recommend the Baby K'Tan. It's way less complicated than a Moby but the same purpose. They have videos on their website that are very informative.

    I'm not a fan of parenting from a book, but you have to do what is best for you. I, like you, tend to freak out...especially because I brought home a NICU baby. I knew that reading up too much would make that worse for me. Instead I relied on my own instinct and my mom's advice. I'm glad I did - B was sleeping through the night at 2.5 months old and taking 4 hour naps at 6 months!

    Misc Stuff to have on hand - Destin, baby wash, shampoo, Tylenol, teething tablets, baby orajel, a plastic portable changing pad, plenty of burp rags or cloth diapers to use as burp rags.

  5. Thank you thank you thank you! I will absolutely be stalking this post for info!

  6. My daughter is 6 weeks old, so I don't have a lot of experience. Here's what I know:

    Get a good cradle swing. We have a Fisher Price Lil Lamb and she loves it.

    Our baby has some gas problems. We use Mylecon drops (generic) but our pediatrician recommended Gripe Water and it is amazing!! It works AS SOON as you give it to baby.

    A friend recommended the My Brest Friend nursing pillow over the Boppy because it's a little more stable. I have both and LOVE the My Brest Friend especially when you are first starting to nurse. It holds the baby better and he won't roll towards you like with the Boppy. They are slightly expensive. If you don't get one as a gift, I recommend looking at a baby consignment. I found the brest friend for $8; took it home and washed it. It's like new and saved us lots of $$!

    We use the Pampers Sensitive diapers (NOT any with Dry Max...they are known to cause chemical burns!) We won't use them for much longer (because she's getting older and the price) but they are great and what the hospital recommended for baby's newborn sensitive skin. Worth the money when they're newborn! Also, they have a yellow line that turns green when the diaper is wet. A little more expensive but they are great when you're first starting out and trying to distinguish certain baby cries for dirty diapers; makes life much easier as far as diapering in the beginning.

    This is the most important will be a great mom! I worried too about how I would know certain things about my daughter and a friend told me it's completely different when it's YOUR baby. Believe me, there is so much you will know about him after carrying him for 9 months that you don't even know you know yet! Moms have a natural instinct. You'll be wonderful!

  7. These are the things that I would say are necessary! (this is just what worked for us)

    Dr. Brown's bottles were the only ones she would take...lots of pieces but totally worth it

    Swaddle blanket for sure! We used the miracle blanket when she was itty bitty and then switched to the swaddle me brand

    pampers diapers but make sure to use the kind WITHOUT the drymax....we use pampers baby dry

    The Dr. told me that Johnson & Johnson is the worst product for their sinsitive skin so our pedi recommend we use plain ole dove bar soap or aveeno

    I am sure I will think of more and will let you know!

  8. Here are a couple of things I LOVED:
    Boppy - with several covers.
    Bumbo - my daughter is 22 months old and she still sits in hers at the table when we are at my parents.
    Gowns - these are great for when your baby is tiny. It make diaper changes during the night so much easier
    I liked NUK and evenflo bottles, but my daughter didn't seem to be too picky so I think we just got lucky.

    Some things I didn't like or wish I hadn't got:
    Wipey warmer - I couldn't keep the wipes moist and my daughter didn't seem to mind room temp wipes.
    Bottle warmer - for some reason I just never used it.

    Just a few tips I learned -
    Have several different brands of diapers for newborns. It tooks us a few days to figure out which brand worked best. I couldn't keep the huggies from leaking so pampers worked best for us. I think everyone is different.
    Buy big items like car seat, pack and play, swing, etc in neutral colors if you plan on using them again in the future. Just in case you don't have a boy next time.

    Hope this helps, good luck :)

  9. All the other mommies have been spot-on in their advice, but just a few other things that came to mind...

    If you can find a swing you like that uses an outlet, GET IT! Nothing like going to CVS at 2am to get 4C batteries b/c the swing went out. (My youngest took her only naps in her swing for about 3 months)

    Get a couple of brands of pacis to try. I wouldn't stock up on one particular kind b/c they might not like that one (true story!)

    There are some little waterproof pads.. Usually about 1'x2' that can SAVE you from having to change an entire crib in case of a wet leaky diaper. (Again, @2am, LIFESAVER!)

    Congrats again to you guys!

  10. OH! For diaper rashes (and honestly, it works on any kind of skin irritation), our pediatrician turned us on to Resinol cream. It comes in a little jar, and you can get it OTC from the pharmacy. Cheap (like 7-8 bucks) and will clear any rashes up PRONTO.

  11. Not a mommy yet, but the Dear Baby blog (oh so adorable, I'd go back and read from the beginning of the pregnancy if I were you-so so sweet and pretty!) really recommends the tummy tub for baby baths, and pretty much convinced me that is what I will want to try when it's my turn. I tried to link to her post (it's a whole "my favorite baby things" post), but strangely it doesn't link? So if you go to, and scroll down to "archives," it was published June 28, 2010.

    And I don't remember where I heard this, but I've heard not to get a bouncer AND a swing at first. I heard (again, not very authoritative! but it makes sense to me) to try to see which one your baby would like best, and which one fits into your lifestyle better, and save some money (and space) that way.

    I don't know if there is one of these in Oklahoma, but there's on in Fort Worth and Austin. It's called Just Between Friends sale. It's primarily consignment, but my work friends go and get tons and tons of stuff still with tags on it/never been used. First time moms get in first!

  12. Thought of a few more things...

    I've never liked the Diaper Genie. I would have to use them when I worked in our church nursery and always said I'd never have one. We have the Diaper Dekor Plus. It is so much better than a genie and is so much easier to a trash can but keeps the odor out.

    Also, have gowns and zip up bags for night sleeping. You'll be so glad you have an easy way to change diapers in the middle of the night. You won't want to deal with legs and snaps!

  13. I emailed all my 'mommy friends' for the same advice when I was pregnant a year ago.. I will warn you that what works for one baby, won't always work for yours - I learned that quickly!!! My little girl was never a 'swaddle baby'. We did find that the Miracle Blanket was the ONLY one she couldn't get out of. We transitioned to Halo Sleepsacks pretty quickly and at 11 months, she still sleeps very soundly in them. We also LOVED Aden and Anai blankets - so soft and breathable!!! Many people I know swaddle with them, but we just used them as comfy blankets for car rides, etc. Another mom already stated this, but Eli will not need hardly any clothing for the first 3 months. We had SO many things with tags on them that we packed away b/c the Carters sleepers are just the most practical and comfy things for them when they're that little (and Kissy Kissy or Magnolia Baby when you're taking him out somewhere). We swear by Dr. Browns bottles, but NOT the bottle brushes! The best brushes are First Years brushes - they're the most sturdy. We loved the Little Lamb Fisher Price swing, but didn't love the matching bouncer. A bumbo is a great purchase when Eli is close to sitting up and the Fisher Price Jumperoo is a great purchase once he's sitting up and he's sturdy enough to bounce. Monitors are a personal choice, but our home is small and I'm already a neurotic person, so I was worried a video monitor would make me that much more neurotic (plus.. my friend that has one can turn the channel and see other babies sleeping in homes nearby - creepy!). We opted for a sony sound monitor and have been very happy with it. We can hear her through her door when she cries anyway, but at 11 months, we still leave the monitor on :). Hmmm... other things... any bibs will work when they're itty bitty, but Silly Billyz biblets are really the best after ~4 months: They are SUPER absorbent for all of that drool and attach with a strong snap (also good for you b/c velcro sticks to everything in the wash!) Bottle and wipe warmers are a huge waste of money. We preferred Pampers Swaddlers (no dry max) when our baby girl was little, but then once she started moving, Huggies Little Movers were better. (We cloth diaper at home, too, and use the disposable for outings and day care... Bum Genuis are the best cloth diapers.) Okay... that's a lot! I'm sure I have more, but you have more than enough advice to read through! You'll quickly figure out what works best for Eli! Good luck :).

  14. These comments really do hit the nail on the head... Just amke sure NOT to take tags off or throw away receipts until you are SURE you will use it. I thought I knew exactly what to get with my second daughter because I had already done it once. Turns out they are the complete opposite in everything! Some advice I do have to give is, make sure YOU are prepared. Stock up now on your girlie items... extra long overnight pads, nursing pads (even if you are not nursing... you'll still leak), Dermoplast, witch hazel pads, stool softener, soft ice packs, at least two sports bras that hook in the back (if not nursing)... it's not glamourous at all but the last thing you want is to send Luke to CVS to get these things for you. So excited for you... Baby will be here before you know it!

    P.S. Stop by my blog to enter my giveaway for holiday cards! I designed them.

  15. I feel so strongly about mine, I'm just going to mention one thing so you don't get bogged down with a long comment.

    My MEDELA Pump-in-Style Advaced Breast Pump

    Has become my best friend and worth every bit of the $300 I paid for it. Not kidding.

  16. Don't bother investing in a diaper champ or diaper genie when you have an outside trash can. You really won't want diapers in your house anyhow! The Kiddopotamus Swaddle Me's are a MUST because swaddling a baby without them is NOT an easy task! A all means! But here's my number one baby MUST HAVE: A BOB Revolution stroller! Yes, it is pricey but worth every single penny, in my opinion. You will never need another stroller again! It is so easy to push and all terrain so if you are outdoors much you will appreciate it. They re-sell fast on Craigs List so consider it an investment with a return, if it will "ease the pocketbook." I have the single and just sold my double as my oldest is now 4 and doesn't sit in a stroller anymore. I LOVE those strollers and I recommend them to every mom I know. Also, don't bother with a breast pump until you know if your baby will nurse well. There's always a chance you'll have to go to formula, regardless of the best intentions to nurse! Have fun, trust the Lord, and congratulations!

  17. I entered a link, but I also wanted to tell you that the little baby bathtubs are kind of a waste of plastic. They are only useful for like two months, but then the baby is too small for the big tub. The PRIMO bathtub (got ours on Amazon) is awesome! I found it at 4 months old or so, and now at 16 months he still uses it. It is a really, really good investment.

    I'd try to find a mom with bottles and watch her prep them. I used the drop in liners... but now I think they were dumb. I could have easily rinsed the bottles and wouldn't have had a problem. You also might not need many bottles -maybe just one. Avent is really good.

    If you use cloth diapers... try out Bum Genius products. They are the best. And you can register!

    Another good thing is the product Soothies. They are these little gel pads that really help for nursing in the first week when you think OHMYGOD ouch.

    I think I a bouncy is more important than a swing. I wouldn't waste your big ticket items for your registry on a swing... unless its a travel swing... because you can find or borrow on easily. They are expensive and take up SO much room.

    I didn't get a wipe warmer, and I am glad. I didn't get a traditional high chair - but a space saver one - and I am REALLY glad. I also didn't

    Bravado nursing tanks are really great. I wore one for the delivery because I didn't want to wear a drapey gown or be naked (really, they wanted that!).

    What else... if you don't register for much, you get lots of gift cards which is really helpful because it seems like all moms go to Target ten times in the first few weeks for things.

    Don't buy any blankets. People give them to you like crazy.

    I wish I registered for an Ergo carrier - they are expensive. It is a FANTASTIC product. Don't waste money on a cheapie carrier or even on a Bjorn that is new... you can't use them for very long. If you can borrow, that is best...

    You don't really need to register for clothes, people just give them to you no matter what! Also, ask people at a shower to give you advice, too, or to share their favorite baby products with you. That is so helpful.

  18. I agree with everyone on the swaddlers, my son LOVED his and then eventually moved to the Halo sleep sacks...

    One thing that you will NEED, especially if your son does get congested or sick is a good humidifier..My dad is a pediatrician and that was the first thing he bought us..

    Also I adored this thing called Sheet savors (you can get them at Target, by the sheets)..You put them under you childs head on top of the sheet..If you have a child that spits up or even tends to slobber, or when they are sick and are snotting everywhere.all you have to do is undo them and then you have a clean sheet right under it.. It saves you from having to change the whole bed at 3 in the morning..

    Oh and I highly recommend making your own baby food, it is SOOOO easy and ALOT healthier for you baby AND WAY WAY cheaper then buying the jar stuff, plus you can give your baby food, like broccoli that you will not find in the jar stuff ...All you need is a food processor..

    oh and I know this might sound like strange advice, but talk to a girlfriend that has had a vaginal birth to talk to you about what "issues" you will be having or could happen after giving birth.. NO ONE or any Book that I read told me about that stuff, till I personally experienced it and I kind of wished someone would of

  19. My little girl had HORRIBLE colic for the first 5 months and these are the things I found that helped her:

    Dr. Brown bottles--they are a lot of pieces but they cut down a lot on the bubbles that would give her horrible gas pains.

    Gripe Water--LIFE SAVER!!! You can get it pretty much anywhere. It's completely safe, and works well on colic, but also helps with regular tummy aches and hiccups. I looked up the ingredients and it basically has stuff like cinnamon bark, ginger, chamomile, dill, etc. But check each brand because each brand may be a little different. NO ONE told me about this little treasure, and for 3 months I was pretty much in tears every day because I felt like a failure not being able to make her tummy pain go away. Get it! It's a must have item. :)

    Other good items that worked for us are a bumbo, swaddlers, a GOOD breast pump if you're planning to breast feed (I recommend a Medela), also if you breastfeed, get a good lotion for your boobies because you will be sore at first :) Medela also makes a good lotion that's safe for babies.

  20. Thanks for doing this post! I am due in March and I could use all the information and tips I can get!

  21. Gowns!! A must have (even though my hubby called them boy dresses). You can just pick up Gerber ones even at Wal-Mart. GREAT for middle of the night changes. I used to put a onesie and socks on my little ones also at the same time for extra warmth.

    Gumdrop pacifiers.

    A swing (I love Graco) that plugs in and doesn't just take batteries. You will save a ton of moola on batteries that way!

    The Miracle Blanket was a GODSEND! We used it with our little guy until he was about 4 months old and I wish I would have known about them when my daughter was little. Connor slept SO good being swaddled tightly.

    A wipes warmer. I got one as a shower present 3 years ago and LOVED it! I used it until it died and then just bought another one. I have 2 kiddies and that is definitely a favorite thing of mine!

    I've used every imaginable type of diaper cream on my kids and my favorite by far is Triple Paste. A little more expensive but worth it.

    I LOVE Huggies Little Movers diapers. That is the only diaper I've ever used for my kids. I've tried others but nothing compares to them. Except for Pampers Swaddlers for newborns (just super soft!). And then Huggies Overnights for bedtime. My kids started sleeping thru the night at 5 and 6 weeks and I was not waking them to change them. So I would either put them in a size up in diaper or the overnight diapers and they are great!!

    Sophie the Giraffe teether - awesome teething toy!! So soft and my son loves his still at 17 months!

    Baby Einstein dvd's are fantastic.

    Hope this helps!! : )


  22. I added my link :) I'll have to do another post before Littlest comes about things we like use in the first several months :)

  23. I love you for this. Really, I do. JD and I just visited Babies-R-Us for the first time Saturday, just to have a look around and hooooo boy, I thought I was overwhelmed before! This will be such a valuable resource for me and I will be back often to check. If you see me visitng your site a ridiculous number of times, this will be why. Thank you!

  24. I just read Lauren's comment about the email her friend sent her... will you forward it to me pretty please? Ber611 at aol dot com. TIA!

  25. A lot of people suggest great things on the post I linked up... so I thought you could read through my comments on it:) I already told you a lot of suggestions the other night on gmail.. but if you want me to email you some I can:)

  26. Great post! I found it very useful. Love the final result. Thanks for the inspiration and the tips.


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