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I'm on a Deadline

I've never been one to deny the fact that I am what you might call a "band-wagoner"

If something is popular I either love it, or will love it soon.

Maybe I'm a follower - or maybe I just don't want to miss out on something good!!

So naturally I've been meaning to read Harry Potter for quite sometime now.

My curiousty was first peaked when the last book was released. Luke and I had been on a trip with his family when it was released. On our way home as we walked through the airport it seemed like every single person was reading the book. Every where we turned people were sitting, standing, or even walking while reading the book. So I made it my goal to read it.

I started the first book shortly before Luke and I got engaged. And then I got busy planning a wedding and crying everyday so that didn't leave a lot of time for reading.

Fast forward a couple of years. Previews for the last movie began appearing online and I then made it my absolute GOAL to read all the books and watch all the movies before the final movie came out. That way I could watch the final movie for the first time with everybody else and I wouldn't be behind.

Easier said than done.

First of all I'm not a big "fantasy" reader. I will read a romance fiction book (think Nicholas Sparks, etc) in about a day or so. Very easy reads.

Harry Potter, for me, is a whole other story. It takes a while for me to wrap my mind around everything. There are SO many characters, and so much stuff that is out of the ordinary I have to read it extra slow and go back through and make sure I caught every detail.

Even the first book that was originally geared towards children took me forever. There is just so much going on that isn't "normal" it's hard for me to comprehend.

I know, so lame, and I kind of can't believe I am admitting this. Don't think less of me.

So anyways, getting through the Harry Potter books has not happened as quickly as I once thought or hoped.

Plus life hasn't left a lot of time for reading lately. Boo.

But now the time has come. I have to get down and dirty.

I have less than a month to finish 3 books and 2 movies. Three LONG books. Three books with LOTS of information, and I am a very thorough reader! I go back through to make sure I haven't missed a single detail.

But our tickets are purchased and the date is set. I have no choice but to finish the books. And I want to finish the books soon.

I love the books and I do love the movies even though they change some things, which seems natural, so I can't wait to read the rest of the series!

Are there any other HP fans out there??

Any other fellow bandwagoners who aren't ashamed??

I also jumped on the Twilight bandwagon after everybody had read them all. It's just what I do! :-)


  1. Well, I have to admit, I've been reading the books since they came out. So I was in 5th grade. And then I re-read all of them this past year since I had read them over such a drawn out period. But, I'm glad you got into them. I love the books and I'm so excited for the movie.

    But Twilight? I was totally a bandwagoner. I didn't even know about them until the first movie came out.

  2. I was also a bandwagon HP reader... I had only one goal during the 9 mo between college graduation and the start of law school (besides pay my rent bar tending and spend as much time drinking margaritas and sunbathing as humanly possible): Read the First 6 HP Books Before the 7th Came Out (and Then Finish That One Before Day 1 of Law School).

    I was very rushed through Book 6. I really need to go back and read it. I also want to reread Book 7 before the movie comes out... not sure if that will happen or not! I was a bandwagon Twilight reader as well... except I hated them all... I couldn't not finish them though. I had much more success with being a Bandwagon Hunger Games Reader though! Good Luck!

  3. I'm so glad you're now a bandwagoner! I did that with Twilight, but HP is my first love since forever. BUT I am trying to re-read them all before the last movie comes out and I am failing miserably! I have faith that you'll finish. :)

    And good to hear that wedding planning made someone else cry every day. Like I really have time to think about linen colors!

  4. I'm a bandwagoner too!
    I read the Twilight series and still haven't jumped on the HP one yet... one day!!

    Another great band wagon to jump on is Emily Giffen's books... I definitely recommend it since the first movie is coming out next year!
    Something Borrowed and Something Blue - very easy chicklet reads! They are EXCELLENT!

  5. I LOVE HARRY POTTER. And although I definitely fall into the bandwagoner category in many ways, HP isn't one of them. I kinda grew up with Harry Potter. I was 11 when I read the first three books, and then I kind of managed to be around his age as the books were released, with me having just graduated high school when the last one was released. I was that kid who practically waited on their front porch for the Amazon man to deliver their copy.

    It makes my heart pitter-patter to hear about someone who hasn't read them reading for the first time. Enjoy! The last ones are so intense, and so worth it!

  6. I know that you will meet your deadlines! I am not an HP follower. I think I tried to go to the first or second movie and I feel asleep inside the theater. I just couldn't do it. Maybe I'll have more patience since I'm a bit older now. I don't know. Perhaps I'll try if you think it's worth it ; )

  7. I've kept trying to read Harry Potter and I can only seem to get through 1-5 I try and try to get through 6 but I just get busy or forget to pick it up again. I definitely need to finish the series!

  8. I'm a big fan of being a bandwagon fan. If everyone else is liking something, I probably will too! :)

  9. I started reading the HP series when it was brand new so I had to wait for each book...torture! Before each movie came out I'd reread the book, I have to say I prefer the books over the movies. Either way I think they are amazing

    I never jumped on The Twilight bandwagon...

  10. I LOVE the Harry Potter series. There is a lot of information to comprehend, but the books are amazing. The last 2 books were my favorite!

  11. I didn't read HP right when they came out. I started reading them after like 2 or 3 of the movies came out. LOVED THEM ALL! I read the whole series over Christmas break one year in college and couldn't get enough. (I'm more of a Nicholas Sparks girl, too, but I pretty much love to read anything). I also LOVED Twilight and I was a little late catching on to that one too.

  12. I am like that too. I read the Harry Potter series last summer (2009). I had read the first book over the summer a couple of years ago and I agree, it was very difficult to read. Then I decided I HAD to read the books. So I started over with the first book and read all seven of them in 2 months. They are amazing. It gets easier to get into the "fantasy world." I also did the same thing with Twilight. I just decided one day I wanted to read them, and read them in 4 days. I couldn't put them down. And in a way, that's how Harry Potter turned out to be for me too. I love them. My fiance, who NEVER reads, also read them and just loved them. We're very excited to see the first part of the last book this month... might even talk fiance into making it his very first ever midnight movie.... mine was New Moon! :-)


  13. You already know my feelings on ol' Harry!

    You can do it! I know they get CRAZY, but they really only get better!!

    Is it crazy that I can't wait to have kids who are 6-7ish so we can read them together? J won't read them (he is so lame), but he has promised that when we have kids we can read them as a family. I cannot wait!!

  14. i've loved the HP books since they came out. i've read each of them at least twice {i'm nerd, i know} I'm sad to say that I actually was at a bookstore at midnight when the 4th book came out...i was that girl. i haven't loved the movies in the same way, but i've always been a book girl more than a movie girl. but i wish you luck with that challenge--you won't be disappointed once you're done!

  15. I was an original Harry Potter reader... but I totally jumped on the bandwagon with Twilight... & The Hunger Games!!!

    But I prefer the bandwagon thing because then you dont have to wait a year for the next book -you can go straight from one to another! I DESPISED having to wait for each harry potter book!!!

  16. I LOVE HP! I started reading them in 6th grade when just the first 2 were out. They are definitely my fave series! I don't care for the movies, but I get that there's no way they could fit all the details in. Twilight, however, I just can't even take seriously lol

  17. You know I'm right there with you! I'm almost half way through the last book and there is SO much going on I can't handle it.

    I've cried a few times. Hard to cry and read girl...

  18. I started reading HP around when the 4th book came out. And read all 4 in a week. Was NOT a struggle here...other than the complete OCD ignoring of everything else! I've read all the books, seen all the movies, and can't wait for the next one!

  19. I've watched every movie as they've come out, however, hadn't read any of the books.

    The last book was given to me as a present right after it came out. I then decided it would be best to read the previous six. LOVED them. It took me about 3 1/2 months, but I read the last one in two days during Christmas break. It was soooo amazing.

    Next time you come to Disney World, you need to save one day for Universal to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It's phenomenal.

  20. just gave in and read all HP books this summer.... LOOOOOVED them!!!!!!!

    books 4 and 6 are my favs. the last book took me forever to finish--i think because i was sad it was going to end...but they are so good! stick with it! :)

  21. i actually love harry potter as well! i think i was in highschool when the first one came out. i haven't read the last one yet...but i am planning on doing so!

  22. For a LONG time, I refused to read the books because the movies were pretty good. My friends finally collected them all and forced me to read them. I read all 7 books in two weeks. I couldn't put them down. It is a LOT of information to take in at once, but they are SO good! I can't believe that one person's mind could come up with all of that!

  23. I started reading the Harry Potter books when they first one came out! I loved them!!
    It took me awhile to get into the whole Twilight thing and I really only started reading those because my brother had to read the first one for school. It was lying around my parents house and I was out of reading material so I started to read it and loved it!!

  24. HP isn't a bandwagon thing beacuse it's SUPER GOOD! Liking amazing things doesn't make us bandwagoners!!!

    Love Harry :) You're defintely not alone!!

  25. I love Harry Potter, but I'm not on the Twilight bandwagon...yet...I'm sure all it would take is one movie.

  26. I love Harry Potter! I haven't read the books (good for you!) but I'd like to. I love the movies!

  27. That's a big task but you can do it! I started reading the first couple in 2000 and then read the last 3 as they came out. I didn't like it that way because I would forget what I read from book to book! At least you get to read them all together!

    I never did jump on the Twilight bandwagon and I caught The Hunger Games craze a little late, but luckily it was just as it was finishing which was even better!

  28. I've been on the HP bandwagon since the beginning, although I've only seen 2 of the movies. I just told my husband last weekend we need to have a HP movie marathon leading up to the release of #7 pt. 1. Who knows if it will happen, but I know I could definitely use a refresher!

  29. I never did it because I'm totally not a band wagon girl. If everyone is getting on I'm running in the opposite direction. Same for Twilight..But I have heard I'm missing out?! ;) xo

  30. I LOVE Harry Potter. The background on my iPhone is the HP7 movie poster. HA! My husband is a huge Harry Potter fan, we own all the books and all the movies. What I love about it is I can read through them and talk to him about it and he helps me understand it better! Good luck on your quest. I finished book 7 in 5 days and it's SO good!!!

  31. Oh my gosh. I cannot WAIT to see the movie! I've read all the books and frankly, I should have reread them in preparation for the movie, but I'm lazy so I'm not. But yes, I'm loving the HP story! So sad to see it end.


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