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What's in a Name?

I was all prepared to start sharing our Baby Boy Tree's name.

In fact we had moved up to 100% sure that we were using this name and I was good to go.

And then several people told me that everybody that they know that has this particular name is crazy.

Like Crazy with a capital C.

And every little boy that has this name was the worst boy in the class and was ornery and rowdy.

So then I got worried.

And then I started to panic.

And then I started to wonder.

Does a name determine how a person behaves?

Does the meaning of a name have significance upon a person's life?

How much weight do people put into the meanings of names when trying to decide upon their child's name?


And then while all of these questions were going through my mind I had a flashback to lunch today.

I was standing in line at my favorite sandwich restaurant (they know me now and they know to heat my sandwich up to the preferred degrees). As I'm standing in line the cutest little boy was standing next to me.

I looked down at him admiring this cute little boy, when in a movement that was like slow motion he took off towards the stand of chips and began pulling them down. Like a little Tasmanian devil.

His mom then yelled his name and told him to get back next to her.

And yes, you guessed it. The name she yelled? Why yes it was the name I have picked out. My favorite name! And he was a little terror. Cute, but a terror.

So I'm asking you, do you know the meaning of your name? Do you think that a name determines how a person is going to live their life?

I really don't want to screw up my kid from the get-go by giving him the wrong name!!

Do you think I have issues?

Also, I feel like I have to explain. When I was in college I knew a person that read a book about how a name can either have a blessing or a curse on a person's life.

I do not remember the name of the book, but I have thought of it several times and wondered what it said in the book.

At the time I thought it was weird and had no desire to read it, but apparently it ROYALLY messed with my mind.

So what are your thoughts on a name? Enlighten me.

P.S. Nothing in my life is simple. I complicate EVERYTHING.

P.P.S. There is a good chance that Baby Boy Tree won't be crazy based off his name, but instead based off the fact that his mother is CRAZY TRAIN.

P.P.P.S. I never know if you are supposed to add additional P's or S's when doing more then one P.S.

P.P.P.P.S. Do you think this is the most questions ever in one blog post?


  1. My good friend just had baby #2 a little over a week ago, and they did not actually even name her until she had been born for about an hour. It amazes me though that no matter what name you pick, it will fit your little guy perfectly.

    Now being that I am going to be a teacher, I have a feeling that when I have children of my own, there will be names that will be no way because I had a bad kid in my class with that name!

  2. I do think your name can influence your personality. If I was named Ariedne instead of Jessica, I'd be different. The name becomes a part of you.

    But if you like the name, go for it! Don't base it on other people with that name. You'll always find a bad apple if you look hard enough.

  3. you name that sweet baby whatever you want! that's one of the perks of having a baby! HA! :)

  4. While my Rational Side doesn't believe that names have bearings on children's personalities, there ARE certain names that seem to carry personality traits. ALTHOUGH, I think those names are different for different people. My best friend from law school and I play "Name Our Fictional Children" almost every day on g-chat and there is always a name that one of us mentions where the other one goes "oh god no, there was a XYZ who ate their boogers in preschool... Don't name your baby that!"

    I know some people don't want to share their names because they fear the stories others will have about the booger-eaters in their lives. I am of the school of thought that WILL TELL THEIR BABY NAME THE MINUTE I FIND OUT THE SEX OF OUR BABY. Because otherwise people will steal my baby name. And I won't have claim to it. OBVIOUSLY.

    We all have our "things"... trust me :)

  5. ZOMG. Rereading my comment, I've had one too many glasses of wine to be legally allowed to comment on blogs.

  6. Well, I say that I don't think a name has anything to do with how someone acts, it's just their personality and for kids, how they were raised. On the other hand, with my medical history, I find it incredibly ironic that Mallory means "ill-omened." Yes. I'm serious.

    But come on, tell us the name already!!!! :)

  7. You should share the name you wanted to use and maybe some of your readers know nice, normal kids with that name and that will put your mind at ease about using it. :D

  8. Sure, you're name is part of your idenity (ha, if that's not obvious enough) but it does not define a person. Ultimately I don't think the name dicphers who a child is rather a child is a crazy wild child, or a shy quite child. I think that would be rather silly not to choose a name based on that and you should definitely go with your favorite name! And watch the "crazy child's name" be my baby boy's name! Can't wait to hear wait you pick. Praying for you and your pregnancy, girl.

  9. Well, my name is Catherine Sloan, which translates to Pure Warrior. A little contradictory, if you ask me. Am I pure? Well... not of mind, unfortunately. Am I a warrior? Maybe. I kind of like to think I am a little bit. But maybe a name determines how much you act as much as your sign does. I kind of feel like signs are general enough that they could apply to anyone.

    But in the end, I would be willing to bet how you raise the kid will have a lot more to do with how he turns out than what you name him! Just saying...

  10. I vote DON'T TELL THE NAME. Of course we're all dying to know, but no matter what, people will give you their unsolicited opinion. I love that name, I hate that name, Some little brat has that name, some little angel has that name... Just save yourself the drama and keep it to you and your Mister.

    As for names, I'm Pure One Full of Grace and of course I'd love to live up to that name, but really, how often do we think about our meanings? Like never.

    PS You're right, it's PPS not PSS. Cuz then it'd be Post Script Script instead of Post Post Script.

    PPS Don't worry about the crazy, that little man will be so loved!

  11. My initial gut reaction is that there is some truth to this. My name is Brittany, and I have know A LOT of Brittanys/Brittenys/Brtinis/Britneys/Brittynes/etc. And I have only ever met ONE who was introverted.

    BUT. And this is a big but. The other half of me feels like it's probably just a common name if really so many people in your life can point to a child with that name, and it's more likely people remember the terrors than the average- or well-behaved kids. Kind of like in marketing, it's well-known that an unsatisfied customer will tell 12 people about their bad experience with a company, whereas a very happy customer will tell 1-3 people about their positive experience.

    So I'm going to have to say that logic would win me over on this one. You're just feeling this way because it's scary to make a decision that lasts someone literally their whole life, and does ultinately become a part of who they are as a person. This is normal! And just because I've already written a novel and there's no reason to stop now, most brides have a moment with their wedding dress after it's already hanging in their closet that it's the wrong dress. And then they walk down the aisle and it's just right again. You're just second-guessing yourself because it's such a big decision! You're going to pick the "right" name for your baby :)

  12. I think you make your name your own. Everything else is just personal preference and experience. I don't know what I'll do when I have kids, because I know it will bug me when everyone gives you their two cents about the name you love. Good luck! I hope you decide to share!

  13. the name can influence, but it's not a decider.

    even if you named your little boy voldemort (yes, harry potter reference, yes, i'm rereading it before the movie) it would be how you and your hubby and family raised him that shaped him, not his name. though, some external influence does come with a name, so please, don't name him voldemort ;)

    for instance, every 'ashley' i met from childhood through college was snotty, mean, and other not-co-nice adjectives. i was convinced that there could be no nice ashley on the planet! then, this past summer i worked with an ashley. and she's one of my favorite people in the world now!

    see, names are something, they do define us - but we create that definition, they don't impose it upon us.

  14. I think I read something once that kids that have names that start with a R or H or something have more behavioral issues than others. Which sounds crazy. I know a lot of nice people that have names that start with that letter. But then I did start thinking about students that I had (I'm a teacher) and there was a little truth to it. Coincidence? Who knows.
    Either way, I do think that kids grow into their name. Their name just fits them. Go with whatever name you like- your kid will turn out just fine. :)

  15. There are a few names that freak me out based on terrible/cheesy horror movies that had evil children in them but I will not share for fear that it's a name you like :)

    I believe that we do grow into our names and it's not what you are named that defines you. I'm sure whatever you pick will be fine. My nephew who is three months old has a name that I just couldn't stand until the day he was born and now I can't fathom calling him anything else!

  16. Such a dilemma! I've always thought it was weird that there are a lot of people whose names REALLY fit them. I never understood it because their parents chose their name before they were even born! But I guess when you think about's all about how you raise them/dress them/etc. I have an Xavier in my class and the name fits him so well. He has a mohawk and wears this little skull jacket and I just couldn't picture him as a "Matthew" or "Benjamin."

    Now I'm REALLY curious about the name you picked!

  17. while I am DYING to know the name now, I can understand why people don't share before the baby is born. I think before the baby gets here, people love to tell you the opinion of a name, but as soon as there is an actual baby, then people hold back with their opinions. It's like the baby being there makes it real...just my thoughts.

    As for a name defining a person, I can sort see it. As a teacher, there are some names I'll never name my children, mostly because ONE child has just ruined that name for me One example...Issac (except his mather spelled it Iassick). The child threw scissors and was a holy terror. Is it a bad name? No way! I just happened to know one boy with that name so it personally ruined it for MY future children.

    I say, go with a name you love. Your parenting will determine who the child grows up to be way more than a name!

  18. Ha! I'm a teacher and I know that when we have kids, I will have a very difficult time. I don't think though that a name can curse a child. I think it's about how you guys bring him up and the structure you have at home. But with that being said, there are a few names that I've completely ruled out because I've had a few students who are terrors and have the same name! :)

  19. I laugh when I read this and think that you should just give your child a name that you love and not let any other factors alter this decision....but, I know I would be doing the same thing you are. :) It's amazing how we relate a name to a person who drove us crazy, annoying or just plain mean. However, names are so hard to decide on and if you have something you love, go for it! Your child is YOUR child...not like all the others. Let's just hope that Cooper isn't a name that folks find crazy, that's what I like if I have a boy. :)

  20. I don't think that the name you choose will have bearing on his personality. We are due to have our first baby in 6 weeks, and I didn't think we'd tell the name because I didn't want people acting like they are for you. . ."You can't use that name because . . .". So when we decided to tell, I would say, "Here's the name we chose, and honestly, if you don't like it, I'd prefer that you didn't say so. We've chosen this name and we're not changing it."
    Name him the name YOU LIKE. He's your baby!

  21. Well, my mom always teases me that she picked my profession before I was even born. My name means "from the court" and guess where I work? Yep, in court. So I would have to go with yes...

  22. i do NOT think that name has an effect on how he will turn out. you guys are going to be great/Godly parents and that's what will matter.

    but i have to say, i also understand you're thinking :)

  23. I'm seriously dying here.

    I'm right on the crazy train with you then girl. Choo Choo!

  24. i don't think a name will predict behavior. However, you can post the name and then do a poll and see how many people know someone with that name who is energetic.

  25. First of all, the fact that he has male chromosomes will most likely be the primary determining factor in whether or not he's a crazy little tasmanian devil. Read: he will probably be a crazy little tasmanian devil regardless of the name you choose, because he will be a little boy.

    Also, I think you should tell us the name so that we can all comment with info about other little boys we know with that name.

    Aside from that, I feel that a name is just a name and is completely arbitrary. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet..." and so on and so forth. :)

  26. My mom and dad actually named my brother after a terror-child they knew. He was the oldest of some friend's of the family and was just about the craziest kid my parents had ever seen- but they chose his name because they liked it and they figured that he couldn't be AS bad as this other kid. Sure enough my brother is perfectly normal!

    But I totally identify with new parents not wanting to share the name - other people can be so critical and opinionated!

  27. i think the meaning of a name is important.
    but, do i think it will determine how a child

    different names when i think of them have certain 'stereotypes' that go with them.

    and yes...i do the know the meanings of my boys names and they played a big role in the decision to naming them!!!

    for instance, i wouldn't name my child Ischmael from the bible...because, well -- hello!! =)

    know what i mean!!

    btw...i follow you on twitter...not sure if you follow me @jenngetts =)

  28. My mom owned a daycare and I was a teacher for 4 1/2 years............ so, yeah, there are definitely a few names that I will NEVER name my children.

    I don't think a name determines how a child will act, but there are weird coincidences.

    For instance.......

    Every Ansley I've ever met is hysterical, outgoing with weird instances of shy, and has gorgeous hair.

    Every Emma I've ever met is sweet, spunky, and a Momma Hen.

    Every Brianna I've ever met has traces of weird in her, lol.

    There are more, but those are just a few, lol.

    Pick the name you like. Then, raise him to be the person you know God wants him to be. Beyond that, everything will work itself out :)

  29. Working in schools I def think names have some impact on kids. But at the same time I think how they grow up has way more influence. So don't worry too much about Baby Tree being a devil just based on his name.

  30. I am SOOOOOO interested in what this name is!!! I can think of a few that come to mind where I associate not so savory people ... :) I don't think that should affect YOUR name though. Unless it has a negative connotation to you, you should name Baby Tree whatever you like!

  31. I'm a little torn. Yes, from having worked daycare, there are names I would NEVER name my child. Or, for instance, can you ever picture a senator or CEO named "Buffy"? Or picture "Candy" as anything but a stripper? Aside from those extremes...I don't know how much I buy it, though.

    I'm a Katy. There are a million and one of us. And not every one of us is identical. (although, that being said, I'm really a Katherine, and would NEVER go by Katherine or Kathy because...well...gag, sorry) Your child will be a reflection of ya'll, regardless of his name.

  32. I can't wait to find out what your number one boy name is. I think I might know what your name is. My guess is Zachary. I love finding out what people name their children. Even if its a name I don't particulary care for I love to see how people come up with names. Not everyone is going to love the name you choose but thats the beauty of being a parent. You can name your child whatever you want and nobody has to like it. Its your decision!! Now please tell us :)

  33. So, I think that people are impacted by their name, but, not in a negative way. I couldn't imagine my name being anything other than what it is. It "fits" me. Or, I fit "it" or whatever. I don't LOVE my name, but, it's "me". And that's perfect. I used to teach school and I had a little girl who had my same name, same spelling and everything (which is rare in my name) and she's nothing like me as a child--sweet mannered and calm, loving to the other kids. I on the other hand? Was a terror. My poor parents. Nut, that was just me. Name or otherwise.

    I do admit that I hold onto names that I wouldn't name a child because I have negative people associations with them, but, that's ME. If you name your child that name, I wouldn't associate your child with those people, because you don't have those associations, but I do. Does that make sense?

    My biggest issue with naming my future children is that I like boy names for girls and girl names for boys but I fear this would mess them up big time. But, obviously having a mother who wants to name her daughter Austin is probably what's going to make my kids nuts.

    Annnnd the longest comment ever has finally come to a close.

  34. I just read Rachel's comment -- about Issaik! Ewww, I really don't like creative spelling of traditional names.

    Re: Your name. I think he will make the name his own so don't worry about other toddler terrors that have the name. Of course we are all DYING to know the name -- but if you wait until the kid is born to tell people the name you get a lot less unsolicited feedback because the name is on the birth certificate and there is not much anyone can do to change at that point.

    I've been seriously considering my future children's names for a while now so here is what I do...

    One thing I like to do is imagine seeing the name on a resume or business card. Does it look and sound good there? Also I like say out loud what the name would sound like on a voicemail, like, "Hello, you've reach the office of John Tree, please leave me a message." You'd be suprised how many names I've ruled out via that methodology.

    Best of luck picking the name, hun. Don't stress -- whatever name you pick will be great!

    Sorry for the essay!

  35. That stinks that everyone has been telling you that. Honestly, that's part of the reason my hubby and I aren't telling ppl our name we've picked out. It's a unique name, because I looove names that aren't common, and we KNOW ppl will give us their two sense when we don't really need to hear it. I think you and your sweet hubby should name your son the name you both love and feel in your heart is the name for your little boy. God is in control. He knows how your sweet boy will behave, and I do NOT think he will behave one way or another solely based on his name. I can't wait to see what you two decide!

  36. I am also 18 weeks preggo and we are having a boy too! We are 98% sure we are using Cameron Charles. I had to kind of get over the meaning of names because Cameron means crooked nose. My husband said that would be perfect because I have had 2 nose surgeries for broken noses. BUT we choose it because it is a family name (both are). I have also been very paranoid about what people think, which is why I qualify before I share the name that we are 98% sure. We are calling him that now, to see how we like it! So far so good.

  37. I feel strongly about a lot of names. I think that people have expectations for some and project them onto kids. That may shape their personalities to some degree. I can't wait to hear your baby name, especially since you have such a cool last name! I'd be tempted to name him Joshua, but I'm obsessed with U2 ;)

  38. Hilarious!!! Although I believe names are important and can be meaningful in personal ways, I do not believe in any way that certain names are more "worse" or "cursed" than others. All little boys can act crazy and drive you nuts at times but thats normal and in my opinion does not depend on his name. If you raise your child in a healthy, loving, and disclipined environment then I believe he will turn out just fine. Gosh, I feel sorta like Dr. Phil now...:)

  39. I believe without a doubt that certain names have certain personality traits....but a name isn't going to cause someone to be completely crazy, I do think it will effect their Tanzanian-devilness though. :)

    But, every name is going to have good qualities to go with the less desirable ones!

  40. Don't worry one bit about the meaning or what someone with that name is like. If I could go back, I would have not cared one bit, and honestly, not told anyone the name until she came. Reason being, although Addy completely fits Addy, I really wanted Hadley, calling her Haddie. Whenever I mentioned Hadley to people they would give me not nice looks, or fake nice looks and answers, making me question, and therefore, going with the name that others liked more. I went through a phase after she was born where I wished I wouldn't have listened and gone with what I loved. However, now she is so Addy to me and so know that whatever name she is given, is given by God, and it will fit NO MATTER WHAT and that your baby is going to be perfect, regardless of his name.

  41. If I had a penny for each time someone told a person I know not to name their kid something because they knew someone that named their kid that or had that name and they were the devil's sidekick, I'd be a millionaire! Whew...that was a confusing sentence.

    Use the name YOU want! And tell those crazy people to shut it up and not ruin it with their horror stories. Some people just don't know when to keep their mouth shut!

    I had a co-worker that kept her baby's name a secret, just because of that. She didn't even tell her mom, because she didn't want to hear those crazy stories from people. And it worked out well!

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. After reading other's comments, I would also like to add to the "Use the name YOU want" part of my comment by adding "as long as it's not a ridiculous name." There was a guy here in AL running for some political office by the name of Young Boozer. Uhhhh...yeah. No kidding. He even said in his commercial, "And that's my REAL name!" Hahahaha. So as long as you keep away from that, I think you'll be good. However, it didn't seem to ruin his life any!

    AND my name means "white, fair, smooth." I have the white and fair part down. However, my sister's name means "to tie", or "heifer." ? I don't think she knows that...

  44. I was named after a soap star and I will say, I have absolutely no acting abilities. :)

    I did read in some Malcolm Gladwell book that a name can determine an occupation. Statistically, there are more dentists named Dennis than any other name. Also, I think this also holds true on a last name, I know a florist with the last named Gardner, a carpenter with the last name Woodrich. So if this theory holds correct you are most likely to have an arborist :).

  45. I don't think names shaped who people are. But I do think names shape what we think of people. If I had a horrible friend named Jessica, I'm not anxious to be friends with another person named Jessica. My mom didn't want me to marry a guy named Alex cause her ex's name was Alex. A name is a name. How you treat your child is what determines how he/she acts.

  46. Ok, so I'm going to tell you something you already know, but it's all I've got :)

    No, I don't think a name shapes who a person is or will be. I think (and I know you do as well) that the influence of godly parents is what will shape your childs life the most.

    The Bible says to train up a child in the way he should go and when he's older he won't turn from it.

    Again, I know you know this already, but yes, having a baby is stressful, so I do understand where you're coming from. BUT, on the other hand, don't worry. If you love the name, choose it, and then commit to "train him up". :)

    So happy for you both!

  47. Don't tell anyone the names you are thinking about...or they will tell you their opinion and then it ruins it forever and you will always think about what other people think...does that make sense. Just pick the name you love and love it one tells you "what an awful name" once your baby is here. :0) Good luck!!

  48. Don't stress about this--although i'm sure its easier said than done. I am a teacher and trust me every name makes you think of the all the bad kids and instantly your name list is ruined :)

  49. Ahhh, now I'm dying to know what name you're leaning towards so I can see if I can prove or disprove your theory! Either way, I definitely don't think that a name makes the child, so I wouldn't worry.

  50. I think the name is a part of it, but only a part. I think a huge part has to do with the parents. I think you two have that part covered.

    This baby is going to be great.

    My issues with names begin and end with I will not tell anyone our name until he/she's born. I'll give initials b/c I love monogrammed stuff. But no names. For once, I want to keep a secret in my life. I figure this is a juicy secret to pick.

  51. I couldn't agree more!! Some names I would never give to my future children because I knew people who had that name and...
    I am sure you will pick the perfect name!!
    Have a lovely weekend

  52. My best friend is picking out her baby boy name right now too. They have alot of options, and they both really like Jonah - till her husband decided it sounded like a name with bad luck (i.e. the Bible story...) and her M.D. dad confirmed it with the fact that there is even a psychological term "the Jonah complex." So the only name they could agree on was ruled out because of that. You aren't crazy... picking out a name is tough stuff, but I'm sure you will be so happy with whatever you choose. :)

  53. I LOVE discussing baby names! Name the baby whatever you want! You are the one that will be yelling it the most!:) With my first baby my coworkers would have a new name for the baby each day. Most of the names were so boring! Go ahead, pick something fun!

  54. stick with the name you've chosen! you know you love it already and there's no reason to change it based on other's opinions/stories. they'll have a story for EVERY name you choose. it is YOUR child. go with what you know...and you know you already have that name engraved on your heart. :-) anything else just wouldn't 'fit'.
    i'm so excited for ya'll, megan!

  55. I'm of indian(the REAL indian) decent and we usually don't name our kids till they are born. then we give the birthday and time to a priest in the temple who tells us what letter(s) your kids names shd begin with. It takes the fun out picking oyur kids name cuz u're restricted to only 1 out of 26 alphabets! I personally will just name my kids anything i want! You should too! Tell us what name u guys have picked? I keep checking for updates but... nothing yet :(
    tell us!! I'm a teacher and i've seen kids with same names to be totally different from each other. so... ucan't really say names play a part. just don't name him something like Hitler or Ghandi and u'll be fine :) Go with a name u love! Soon, he'll be the only one with that name that will matter. Love your pregnancy updates by the way. keep them coming! :)

  56. I totally can relate! While I was preggo with my oldest, we couldn't decide on a name... I wanted it to start with an "S", but we couldn't agree on any names, which was mostly my fault! Every name we could think of, I found a fault to it by remembering some random person I knew back in middle school who had that name and was a jerk, etc...

    Go with something you guys like! It's hard to avoid the terrible twos and all the "crazy" that comes along with it anyway, regardless of what you'll name him! ;)

    And I have to say... It's gotta be a boy boom going on! Every single person I've heard or read that was preggo is having a boy! Craziness. And, maybe I should jump on the train!

  57. Oh, Megan. I always love your posts, and how complicated they become! You make me smile:)

    As a mother of two girls, I have a little experience with naming someone. All I can say is this...don't let what other people say about your chosen name bother you. No matter what you pick, there will always be critics!

  58. What if it isn't about what the name but mire about the kinds of parents that choose that name? For example, if you are the laid back kind if mom who names her kid Sky Rainbow, then you are going to be that kind of hippie, laid back mom for little Sky Rainbow. However if you are the kind of person that thinks it is cool to name your kid Brass Nuckels or VooDoo Valentine, you might raise a crazy kid bc you are a freak show.

    Sure names have meaning. God renamed people often in the Bible. However, I think it has to do more with the parenting and the kiddos personality.

  59. i'm guessing it's Zachary. Someone before me also guessed the same name! so is it? this is so strange.. hahaha i commented 2 days ago but after seeing that there's someone else who thinks it might be zachary, i just HAD to say something... hurry up and tell us Megan!

  60. Go with your heart and don't worry about everyone else. There is always going to be someone that doesn't like the name.

  61. Go with your heart and don't worry about everyone else. There is always going to be someone that doesn't like the name.

  62. I tend to complicate EVERYTHING as well!! That's probably why I don't blog often or AT ALL. I have all these amazing ideas but I overthink them too much which leads me to never blog about them.
    I'm so glad you added the PPS about PPS's! I started to read your comments in hopes that someone answered that PPS!! Because I had the same thing come up last week when I was writing someone. I didn't know whether to put PPS or PSS, so I just wrote one looooonooog PS=) Glad to have read Katie M's answer to that!!!
    As for the name, I think we're all at one point pre-judged by our names...but I think anyone can break the mold for a name. I think it's more on how you raise your child of how your child will be than what you name him. Good luck choosen!

  63. Go with the name you want. I don't believe a name has any bearing on a child's personality. It's all in how you raise him. :)

    My mom picked mine and my brother's names because she geniuely liked them and they were unique. She also imagined if they would sound good as a doctor or other professions, but the deciding factor was that she liked them.

    (My dad helped, too). :)


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