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Weekly Weekend Update - TU/Notre Dame game

This weekend was a fast a furious weekend, but it was a fun one!

Friday afternoon Luke and I set off to the airport, to fly out to Chicago.

Here is me and Baby Tree all ready to go:

Actually first we made a pit stop in Denver to meet Luke's parents and then we were on our way to Chicago.

TU (Tulsa University) - where Luke's brother went to school and played football was playing Notre Dame. This was the first ever time for these 2 schools to play each other and at the beginning of the season when Luke found out about this he insisted that we go to the game.

And I'm never one to argue about a trip. I love traveling, even if its quick.

So Friday night we flew into Chicacgo and then Saturday morning we drove to Notre Dame.

The university is so pretty and everybody was so friendly. Everwhere we went I thought, "I wonder if Rudy walked right here?" or "did Rudy take classes in that building?" Needless to say I did not grow up a football fan but rather a movie fan and my only association with Notre Dame is the movie "Rudy" (love that Sean Astin).

We walked around the campus and got some pictures.

Here we are in front of touchdown Jesus:

The whole fam:

And in front of the stadium:

Then we headed into the stadium and found our seats. We had great seats right in front of the field:

And yes I was bundled up like it was 30 degrees outside, when really it was around 62. I am ready for that "always hot" thing to kick in while pregnant.

OK and let's talk about the seats at the Notre Dame stadium. I'm sorry, I called it a "seat" but really it was a PLANK OF WOOD. I mean look: Can you imagine your butt sitting on this for four hours??

There was a Notre Dame fan sitting right next to me and I told her I wasn't used to sitting on such a skinny piece of wood for such long periods of time to watch a football game, we are used to either very nice seats, or very nice bleachers. She was not amused and I'm pretty sure took offense. I didn't care.

Anyways, the Notre Dame band was HUUUUGE and so neat to listen to, here they are preforming:

The little leprechaun man:
And the TU flags! Homeboy carrying the "U" almost bit it about 5 times, he looked terrified, I'm glad he didn't fall but it was funny to watch.
I now need to interrupt this blog post to tell you something. I have a condition called "nervous pee". It is a real condition (diagnosed by myself) and anytime I get nervous I have to use the restroom. Badly.

Well as the seats began to fill up I got so nervous that I was going to have to use the restroom during the middle of the game and I would have no way of getting out of the stands. I mean NO WAY. I looked to my east, west, north and south and this was all is saw:

You couldn't squeeze a sheet of paper through those people.

There was no way to get out.

And suddenly I had to go to the bathroom so bad I couldn't hold it any longer (nervous pee) it was horrible. I eventually made my way out and tripped over people and touched a lot of strangers. I had the awkward choice of either putting my belly in their face or my butt in their face. I chose my butt.

Anyways, the nervous pee was well worth it because we won!!!
After the game we headed back to Chicago and spent some time downtown. It seems like such a fun city and I hope to go back someday. We ate at Giordano's Pizza. Yummm. Cute Luke with his pizza.
Sunday morning, very early in the morning, we flew back home.

It was a quick trip but so fun and we were so glad we got to be there to watch the big win!


  1. Looks like fun! We visited Chicago for a total of about 8 hours during our road trip in 2009. It was a fun city!

    Weekend trips, even if they're short and quick are fun. It's just nice to be away and out of the "normal" for a little while :)

  2. I have a BIL & a BIL2B that both graduated from Notre Dame! I had no idea their bleachers are like benches! That may keep me from ever going! Yikes! My BIL2B's roommate was one of their former leprechauns and he's the best man in the upcoming wedding! I've heard interesting stories about him so I'm very anxious to meet him!

  3. I'm sooo jealous Giordano's pizza is my favorite!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh how fun!!! You look so cute!! Was the pizza good? I've wondered if Chicago pizza is better than any other pizza. I am a pizza girl.

    Have a Blessed week,

  5. The butt vs. belly thing in someone's face is always awkard...I imagine even more so when the belly is a pregnant one! I always go with the butt too:)

    Looks like a fun trip, that pizza looks delish!

  6. Oh my gosh! I just laughed so hard out loud at your dx of nervous pee! And there was a 3 year old trick or treater at my door who asked why I was laughing. Why? Why? Why? Why? Finally, the mom stepped in!

    I'm so glad you had fun! I'm a TU fan (obvs) but Notre Dame is so close to my heart being that growing up (until 8th grade) if they won on Saturday, we didn't have homework on Monday! But, super yay for a TU win!

  7. How fun!!!!!

    The only thing I know about Notre Dame is what Regis tells us, but it seems like a great place to watch a football game. Minus the wooden plank business.

  8. That looks like so much fun!! I would be bundled up like you...I don't do well with the cold. And I can't believe you sat on that seat! My butt and back hurt just looking at it. Glad y'all had a great quick trip!

  9. how fun! I can't imagine sitting on that wood though. I too, love RUDY!

  10. Sooooooooooooo fun!! :) I've alwayS wanted to go to Chicago!!!!

  11. So fun! i love Chicago :-)

    and your baby bump is just adorable?!

  12. How fun, I'm jealous! I bet that was a blast!!

  13. My hubs and I made a trip to Chicago not to long ago for a Cubs game and we ate at Giordano's pizza and it was wonderful!!! We can't wait to go back

  14. What a fun trip!! And you are so cute with that baby bump. Looking good, little mama!

  15. Sounds like so much fun! One of the boys on the Tulsa team went to high school with me, Clay Sears #82. Small world! I cannot imagine sitting on that bench, well if you call it that, either!

  16. Girl, how you sat on that plank of wood is unbeknownst to me. MY GRACIOUS SAKES. You are a good woman.

  17. Girl, I just cannot believe you were in my state. And at my school. Ok, not really my school but my neighbor-school. Adopted brother school. Whatever.

    Yes, the bleachers suck. However, when you are a student you STAND for almost the whole game and... not gonna lie, the benches look AMAZINGLY comfy after that four hour stand-fest.

    Such a fun weekend trip! And yes, everyone on campus is really that nice. Except the athletes, they're jerks.

  18. I do the same thing when I think about Notre Dame, RUDY!!! I love that movie!

  19. What a great weekend. You look great.

    ps so jealous of your Chicago style pizza. It's my favorite!

  20. I am the Queen of having a nervous bladder. It's very disruptive.

    Chicago is nothing. Visit Detroit :D

  21. Oh, am I surprised to see this! I'm an ND alum. Definitely a great place to watch a game. Although...I have season tickets to Penn State, and only bothered with my alum tickets to OSU this year. If you pay enough (like, thousands) they DO have some chair seats. ;) Glad you had fun!

  22. You are a brave woman to be travelling while pregnant! Did you get the Nervous Pee syndrome on the plane? I do. And I'm not pregnant. :P

  23. What a fun trip! And whoa, those seats (if you can even call them that)...I would've gone crazy!

  24. i understand the nervous pee thing completely! i'm jealous of your trip! i've been promising hubbs we'll make it to chicago sooooon! he can't wait to have some of that yummy pizza :)

  25. Yay for TU winning! The Rose Bowl (where UCLA plays) has bleachers and I hate them! I much prefer the real seats at my USC's Coliseum.

    Glad you had a fun trip! :)

  26. Since I'm a ND fan, I'm sorry to see that they lost but I'm glad that you had fun!

  27. I diagnosed myself with "nervous pee" a few years ago! Glad to know I am not the only one haha :-)

  28. Looks like a great trip! And I LOVE Giordanno's!

    We used to go to a church conference in Chicago every year and Giordanno's was always a necessary stop :)

  29. Giordano's is my FAVORITE!!! You can have it put on dry ice and shipped to you. I did that for Brad last Valentine's day! Glad you enjoyed. P.S. I'm @whitneymolder on Twitter!


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