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Week 16

Still not sure which one is growing faster, my butt or belly??

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 16 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 4lbs

Maternity Clothes: All pants. No shirts or leggings yet

Gender: Still don't know! We have an appointment scheduled to find out next week but I might push it back. I have a crazy busy week next week and I'm afraid I wouldn't really enjoy it and would be rushed. I'm going to think about it more though.

Movement: Not yet, I'm ready though!

Sleep: I have slept ok lately. I wake up a lot on my back and that scares me. And Luke has quit waking me up when he finds me on my back, instead he just rolls me over. Which then wakes me up.

What I miss: For some reason I have been missing wine this week. I like to drink wine when I eat popcorn and I had popcorn this week and it made me want wine.

Cravings: Just food in general this week. But I really haven't had a big appetite. It's hard to eat a lot. I think my stomach has shrunk.

Best Moment this week: Going to the fair with my family. Such fun times!

And my favorite husband quote of the week:
"The more pregnant you get the more beautiful you are."
Awww, I honestly don't see how he thinks that (cue pregnancy acne among many other crazy things, but I believe him)

So a pretty simple week, which is fine with me!


  1. aww, what a sweet comment from Luke!!

  2. Don't worry, I'm drinking enough wine for the both of us. Actually, for all 3 of us. You, me, and Jacob.

    Find out the gender asap so I can start buying little BOY clothes, ok?

  3. Aw you're starting to pop out now too! You're a cute preggo!And you'll have cute mixed babies! I love me some dark meat! (My Hus is Indian too...)

  4. What an adorable post!!!
    It's great that the husband tells you these things!!

  5. Sweet hubby.
    You're gonna get many more comments like that I bet. Sounds like Luke is one of those guys who appreciates a pregnant lady.
    My husband is and it definitely helps when you're feeling not cute and huge!

  6. awe, Congratulations! You look adorable! {try proactive for your skin really works!}

  7. Okay, you are so cute!!! Oh PLEASE find out the gender next week. I'm thinking baby boy Tree =)

    What a sweet thing for your hubby to say. Tell him to keep that up!!

    Have a Blessed day friend,

  8. That comment Luke made totally proves that he’s a keeper!!!!! :)

  9. Wine and popcorn? What a random pairing! haha.

  10. I just saw Sarah's comment about Jacob. hahahahahahaha.

  11. You get cuter by the millisecond I swear. That belly is adorable!

    And Luke, you are a smart, smart boy!

    I am torn on your gender... I almost think it might be a girl....

  12. Your hubby is TOO SWEET! And I miss wine at times, too. :) Looking fabulous, girl!

  13. love the sweet comment. hubbys good for that a lot of times :)

  14. You look beautiful, seriously!


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