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Table and Fall Decor

I'm not sure if I've mentioned on my blog how much trouble I have had in finding a kitchen table.

I know I've talked, and whined about it on twitter, but I can't remember if I blogged about it or not.

But anyways...I have had the HARDEST time finding a kitchen table. We moved into our house in March and starting searching immediately.

And continued searching, searching and searching. In the meantime I found a dining room table, but still no kitchen table.

We tossed around the idea of not even getting a kitchen table and doing something fun and funky with the area (although we had no idea what fun funky would be) but I couldn't get over the fact of not having a kitchen table.

Then one day we went into the "As Is" room at a local furniture store and I saw a table that I loved. It was everything I wanted. It was round, it came with a leaf, it was "shabby chic". Everything I wanted.

But it was in the "As Is" section so I figured something was wrong. I looked at the side and saw this:The side was "dinged" up a bit, but it really isn't noticeable.

See you can't even see it here:

And this is the best part....the table was originally $3,100. We paid $300! I can't even do that math we saved so much!!

I snatched that bad boy up immediately!

And with a little touch up wood something or other, that dinged up side won't even be noticeable.

It was WELL worth the wait.

Also in other news I put up a few Fall decorations. I don't have a lot, but I plan to grow my collection throughout the years.

Our fireplace. I think the black stains in the back add a nice touch:

The dining room, I got this centerpiece and runner from Hobby Lobby.
A cute little paper towel holder pumpkin. I got him at Kirkland's and love it.Some pumpkins on my little hutch thing (is this a hutch, I'm not sure what to call it)
So those are my fall decorations. I still need to get a fall wreath.

Happy Fall!


  1. I believe it's called a credenza. Excellent deal you received on the table, it is gorgeous!!!

  2. You have the same dining room table that we do (the square one)! It's gorgeous isn't it?

  3. Love the table! Good things come to those who wait! :)
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. See, good things come to those who wait! Love the Fall d├ęcor :)

  5. We got our kitchen table at an "as is" place too! Such great deals. Love your fall decorations and your tables!

  6. We have the same table runner, I love the color and the new kitchen table! What a steal

  7. love it all girl! great deal on taht table!

  8. a friend of mine and i actually made fall wreaths and it was so fun and so cheap! michaels makes it really easy... :)

    love the decorations and the table!

  9. That table is gorgeous, and those chairs are amazing!!! Did you buy them separately? because they go together perfectly!!
    good job

  10. it! The table is perfect for that space!

  11. I love that table! It is beautiful and perfect for the space.

  12. That's a great find in the kitchen table! Love it!

    Your fall decorations are so cute. :)

  13. Your home is really starting to come together Megan!! I love the fall decorations. I just love pumpkins, and I love your new table!! BeautifuL!

  14. Love the lines of the chairs and table! Very pretty :) And what a deal!

  15. I love the table you picked and what a crazy good deal!!

  16. Kirland's is my favorite!! I could go there daily.


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