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Week 12

Today I had another Dr. appointment and Luke and I were able to hear our sweet baby's heartbeat again. Such a sweet sound! It was a good strong, fast heartbeat and we are thankful!

Several of my twitter BFF's have asked to see belly pics, which of course I was totally planning on doing.....I just never thought my my belly would be this prevalent this early, but hey its all for a good cause; a sweet baby at the end!

And even though I kissed insecurity goodbye I need to give a little disclaimer before I post these pictures.

When I get ready for work in the mornings I am alone. Basically I'm saying, no one is here to take my picture when I'm looking my best. So these pictures are at about 8pm at night when my makeup has long since worn-off, my hair has been thrown up in a pony tail, and I am walking around in a near comatose state just trying to stay awake. In other words I look really, really bad. But in order to show you my pretty side I would have to wake up about 45 minutes earlier so that Luke would have time to take my picture before he leaves for work.

And between me and you that just ain't happening. I don't care about my looks that much.

So scary pictures it is! I choose bad pictures over sleep....I have no shame.

Also, I'm going to do that little pregnancy questionnaire thing, which to be honest I never read until I was actually pregnant so feel free to skim it. It's really for my own self to come back and read later.

Week 12:
(do not be alarmed the baby is in my stomach and not my butt, looks can be deceiving)

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 12 Weeks
Size of baby: Not sure exact measurements, but my book says its the size of a lime
Total Weight Gain/Loss: So far I've gained 2 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Nope, just my trusty ole Bella Band - my love
Gender: Don't know yet but we will be finding out in October!
Movement: Not yet, I thought I felt flutters once, but never felt anything again, so obviously it was gas.
Sleep: Oh gosh. Don't even get me started. I always thought restless sleep occurred in the 3rd trimester. Not so much in my case. I toss and turn all night long.
What I miss: Diet coke and sleeping on my back and stomach
Cravings: Anything cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese-its, cheeto cheese puffs, cheese crackers etc etc
Symptoms: I'm tired all the time and sometimes I feel nauseous, but mostly I feel great
Best Moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat for the second time!

And just for kicks:

Week 10
Week 11

And another Week 12 pic, this one is good because I actually have make up on and my hair is decent (it was taken on labor day when Luke was home to take my picture PROMPTLY after I got ready for the day) However I had my jeans pulled up over my stomach so it's not a good depiction of my baby belly. But I can't put only bad pictures of me on here!! It's my blog and I'll do what I want to!


  1. I must have missed the exciting news, but I know you and Luke will be such wonderful parents! Lots of prayers for you all and your little jumping bean! I can't wait to follow your journey to motherhood!

  2. Oh, Megan..... you look fabulous!!!!!!!! So glad you're doing this and looking forward to seeing more belly pics!!!!! :)

  3. Awww too cute! I love your little baby bump!

  4. You look adorable with that little baby bump!

  5. I think every picture is absolutely stunning! I love your little baby bump and the little Tree you're growing! ;-)

    Honestly! That first picture is gorgeous. I did crack up at you saying the baby was in your belly and not your butt. Good ole Megan! :)

    I'm just so excited for you! xo

  6. Love it! You look great and some girls would KILL for a butt! So, wear it proud :)

  7. Precious!! Show off that baby :) and you look great!! And girl get you a diet coke!!!!

  8. Aww, you have such a cute teeny little bump! I hope I crave cheese whenever I'm pregnant!

  9. Congrats on the baby Megan(and Luke)!! I have been lost from the blog world for a the pics, your little baby bump is so cute! Cant wait to read more about the pregnancy! Have a good one :)

  10. you look SO cute with a baby bump! so happy for you! glad you are feeling great ;)

  11. Look at this post on my blog:

    Check out the video at the very end. You should do that with your baby's heartbeat! I did it at Build-a-Bear.

  12. so exciting!! you are going to be the cutest little mom EVER!!!

  13. You look great! Such a cute pregnant lady!

  14. Im impressed you haven't whipped out maternity jeans yet. Just wait until you experience the elastic band of goodness. Miss ya, friend.

  15. You are literally the cutest preggers ever!!! :-)

    and ps - I died laughing in the middle of starbucks when you made the comment about your baby being in your stomach and not your butt :-) i love you!

  16. You look great!
    I don't think anyone would even know that's a baby bump if you didn't tell them. You'll look back at these pictures in a few months and think, "gosh, I was TINY!!!"

    Congratulations by the way :). So fun!

  17. Love love love all the baby bump pics! I think you look great!

    Do you have a feeling if it's a boy or girl at all?

  18. You're looking FABULOUS!!! I can't wait to see your tummy each week!

  19. I'm so behind, congratulations!!! That's wonderful, exciting news, you look fabulous!

  20. you are TINY and look GREAT! And you will NOT regret doing belly pictures. I love to look back and see how I grew with Harper and I think it will be fun for your baby to see one day too! (and for you to remember!)

  21. you look fabulous! I died laughing at your comment about the baby being in your stomach and not your butt! Just wait, in several months you'll look back and laugh at your 12 week self and think how small you looked then!

  22. What an adorable preggo you are! Again, congrats!!

  23. You look cute in every picture - don't worry! :) And you are too funny about some of your comments. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  24. you look so good! i love watching the little baby bump grow!!

  25. how is so exciting! Cheese was something I always wanted...still do! :)

  26. You look fantastic! Look at that baby bump! I just love it!

    You will be so glad you did these bump pictures. They are so fun to go back and look at.

    What do you think you're having? Any "gut" feelings?

  27. You are adorable!! So excited about watching this baby grow! And how crazy/exciting is it that you and Kelly (Kelly's Korner) are right with each other in your pregnancies!

  28. You look great! Love your dresses!

  29. You look so so great!! Definitely not an end-of-the-day trainwreck!

    Can't wait for October so I can start buying little Jacob onesies!

    (I'm sorry, is that joke getting old yet??)

  30. You look SOOO cute!!

    I craved all things cheese related with Brody, too. I would down a bag of Cheeto puffs in a day! It was so weird.

  31. you are one cute momma! Can't wait to read more about your journey!

  32. Megan,
    You look completely, totally and wonderfully beautiful!!!

    Love and Hugs to you sweet one,


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