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A Phone Glimpse

I've had my iphone for 2 years and throughout the 2 years I have taken a little over 700 pictures. There are some interesing pictures on there and a tiny glimpse into my life for the last 2 years.

Come with me if you will, for a glimpse into my life through my phone.

This is one of the very first pictures on my phone. We were still on our "winter break" and we were in Luke's hometown eating with his family. I look hott with my nasty hair, and Mr. Luke needs a haircut badly.
My baby sister took this picture on my phone. I'm sure she will be thrilled that I put it on the blog, but its the picture that pops up when she calls. It makes me laugh everytime.

My parents one day at lunch. My dad closes his eyes when he smiles so this is his version of taking a picture and keeping his eyes open. He looks creepy.

The Texas state line when I drove to visit my friend Erin. I was so proud of myself for driving there by myself! I'm not an independent driver!
My absolute favorite meal. I miss it so much. I'm not eating Subway while I'm pregnant due to the concerns about the meat......I miss this meal with all of my being.

Most of the time I love when my husband randomly plays his guitar at night. I can't wait to hear him sing to our sweet baby Tree.
The day we got the key to our house!!! I had been puking this day and look like trash, but we were finally homeowners!! This was after signing 6 million papers. Basically signing my life away.

Luke and I kept our nephew one weekend and my sister put all his clothes in different baggies labeled with where he should wear them. This was his bag of church clothes. I loved it. Will somebody do that for me when my baby is here?

I love this picture of my dad putting together a rocking horse for my nephew. I love it because it's Christmas day, there are stockings hung from the chimney with care and a fire in the fireplace. Ahh I love it. I love Christmas.

My very first Scentsy order!! I was so excited to get it! It was a big order!
My cute husband on one of our lunch dates. I love eating lunch with him.
Almost a year ago I put homecoming on my calendar (an event I plan at work) and now it is almost here!! I can't believe it!

These are my favorite jeans, and now when I see this picture I think hm... Will I be able to get into those again?? The questions of life.
This picture of my sister and dad cracks me up, they were checking to see if the headphones worked for the DVD player in her car. They both have the same expression on their face.

So those are some completely random pics from my phone.

Just my life!


  1. Haha...I love that you said "most of the time" you like hearing him play and that you posted a picture you took while driving after saying you're not an independent driver...that is SO something I'd do! Love it.

  2. One of my favorite meals is the same meal ..except from Quiznos!! Mmmm! Now I'm thinkin maybe I should go there tomorrow! I will get a regular Oven Roasted Turkey Sub with a drink, chips, and a cookie! MMM!

  3. MMMM Subway! J always whines when I want to go there, he says it's the "worst" of fast food sandwich places. I disagree. I love Italian BMT with provolone and baked lays....wish I could go out and get one for lunch today!!

  4. Subway is delish. Best sandwiches ever. I'll be sure to eat some for you while you can't. =) You can thank me later.

    And that pic of you in your jeans? First of all, you're adorable and so skinny. Second of all, you'll get back in them. Well, that's what I was told and I'm working on it!!!

  5. Love it...and love the idea for your nephew's clothes! Hope you find someone to do that for your sweet baby! ;o)

  6. You will be able to wear your jeans again I am sure!! I love you in a hat, your so cute and that picture of your sister is something I would do! ha!! Love seeing your life through pictures!

  7. So funny, I thought about doing a post like this. I love looking back at my phone pictures!

  8. Such a sweet post, and I am loving the detailed ziplock bags!!!


  9. Cute post! Love the jeans! I ate deli during both of my pregnancies, and they turned out perfectly silly. :)

  10. I get almost the same thing at Subway except I get a child.

    You will get back in your tiny jeans, tiny girl! :)

    I bet you have a lot more pictures on your iPhone soon once your sweet baby is here!

  11. I love reading your blog b/c u keep it real! Once you have a name for your little one, I'd love to make you my unique upholstered nursery treat. If you don't find any fabric(s) you like, you are welcome to mail me fabric.
    You can email me at brookb79@yahoo or spellitwithstyle@yahoo.

  12. I enjoyed these!!! And I just looked at my iphone, and I have 553 pictures... but since THIS July. LOL! I'm willing to bet about 500 of them are of my dogs, tho!! :)

  13. I love the trip down memory lane! I don't have nearly that many pictures, although I've had my iphone longer than that. I guess I need to get going!

  14. Ha, love the walk down the last few years! What a change huh? And those jeans are gorgeous, and so are you!!


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