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Friday Thoughts

1. I am tired. And I should be in bed but instead I'm sitting on the couch doing productive things like blogging and watching youtube videos.

2. It's good to know that the majority of you (that left comments) also cry at completely unsentimental moments.

3. Also we have established that hairy babies can in fact be cute.

4. This week has been crazy and insane. Actually this whole month has been that way. Next week I do not have one thing on my calendar. Not one meeting. Not one appointment. Not one activity after work that will interfere with my sweet relaxin' time. Nothing. That equals = Pure. Bliss.

5. About once a week I regret not doing bridal portraits. I actually regret it so much that I had scheduled a time with a photog friend of mine to get all fancy in my wedding dress and she was going to take my pictures. Then I got knocked up. Sometimes you just have to let things go.

6. Several of you mentioned in your comment that you think our sweet baby is either a boy or a girl. Well let's hope it's one of those, but you know what I mean. So I put a poll on the blog for you tell us what you think. And by us I mean me because Luke thinks my blog relationships are weird. I was going to wait and do this a little closer to the gender reveal (October 12th) but then I thought why wait?? Go ahead and guess!

7. My least favorite part of the day is my nightly routine. Taking out my contacts, brushing my teeth, taking off my makeup and finally washing my face. It is so long and I'm usually so tired and all I want to do is get in bed!

8. I have eaten roughly 13948 air heads this week. If you aren't familiar with airheads they are similar to a laffy taffy. Basically flavored sugar. I should probably go see a dentist pretty soon.

9. I had black polish on my toes, well it was chipping so I tried to cover it up with red. Red nail polish does not cover up black, it simply acts as a glaze. And I can't get a pedicure due to the mysterious (what I'm sure was a spider) bite on my foot. So I have a very unfortunate toe nail situation going on right now.

10. I am not proofreading this post. There will be mistakes. I'm going to bed.


  1. Since when was watching hours of youtubes considered to be unproductive?? That's hard work!

    I voted in your poll...I'm going with boy :)

    And for the record, I looooove airheads!

  2. I feel exactly the same way about my bedtime routine. I wish I could just walk into the bedroom and get into bed. Seriously annoying!

  3. Blogging & YouTube videos are very productive uses of time. Even if they delay my sleepytime.

    Dude, it's totally a boy. Jacob.

    We've already discussed that removing one's makeup and such is the bane of girlish existence. Which is why I usually wash my face at 6 pm when I walk in the door.

    I'm jealous of your airhead consumption. Might actually stop for some on the way to work.

    Also... it's a boy boy boy boy boy boy. And I am going to feel bad cause it's a girl cause I was wishing for her to have a lil wiener.

  4. I have to agree with Rachel and ask, since when is searching for YouTube videos unproductive?! That's hard work girl!

    I hate my nighttime routine. I am so lazy. I probably go to bed with makeup way more often than I should. I hate it that much. Of course I also hate the morning routine of showering and brushing my teeth and putting on make up too. I should've been a boy!

    I've had the thought that baby Tree was a boy since you told us you were "with child". (Don't you love that expression?!) But... it might be a girl... Your bump looks like mine did and everyone thought BG was a boy too.. If it's a girl she can get electrolysis with BG if they need it. Dang these husbands with that ridiculous hair gene!!

    I leave you the longest comments. Stepping away now..

  5. Oh my goodness, I've had a bunch of Airheads as well! Dollar General sells this 6-pack for $1 and I just can't pass it up when I go in there! Pure sugar, oh how I love it!

  6. I love that you said you got "knocked up" and couldn't get your bridal portraits. I'm sorry you can't, but the way you said it made me giggle.

    I don't think I've ever had a week without ONE appointment after work. I'm so jealous of you right now. :)

  7. I hate the night time routine too!!! I'm always so tired and just want to go to sleep. UGH

  8. lol you crack me up.

  9. you can just do a polish change and not get a pedicure!

  10. I love Airheads, they are awesome and remind me of high school. Not totally sure why they remind me of high school, but, they do.

    I didn't do bridal portraits either and it haunts me! I want do bridals now but: my step mom misplaced my veil and my hair is a totally different color than it was when I got married. And I weigh like 15 more pounds, so, nooo...

  11. I love airheads. This pregnancy I loved the sour air heads or whatever they are called.
    I vote boy but I will go vote on the side, too.
    I hope you get some rest this weekend!

  12. I wish I had bridal portraits also. Bummer. My husband would think I was ridiculous if I scheduled them now and I like him to think highly of me so I guess I won't ever have them.

    I do my "nightly routine" around the time I get home from work. I wash my face and feet. Then after dinner I almost immediately brush my teeth. Breaking it into pieces assures it all gets done and I don't feel miserable maintaining myself b/c I do it while I still have energy.

    Also... taking out my contacts happens whenever my eyes start to hurt and it is by far one of my favorite things to do every day.

  13. This post made me laugh.... how many time have I tried to cover up chipped nailpolish with an extra coat.... and I don't even have a spider bite excuse, I was just lazy :)

  14. I'm voting boy! I HATE my nightly routine. It takes so long!

  15. Airheads are addicting, so I can understand. Also, the phrase knocked up is just funny to me. Maybe the photo session after the baby??

    Also, no clue why, but I think it's a boy...maybe

  16. We didn't even hire a professional photographer, let alone have bridal portraits. It fit our budget at the time and we still got some decent pictures, but I wish we would have gone all out!

    My husband also thinks my blog relationships are weird... Whatever, husbands are weird.

  17. Girl, you are SO funny. I love to read your thoughts!! And I cannot wait to find out what the gender of your baby will be!! Such suspense!! :)


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