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A Phone Glimpse

I've had my iphone for 2 years and throughout the 2 years I have taken a little over 700 pictures. There are some interesing pictures on there and a tiny glimpse into my life for the last 2 years.

Come with me if you will, for a glimpse into my life through my phone.

This is one of the very first pictures on my phone. We were still on our "winter break" and we were in Luke's hometown eating with his family. I look hott with my nasty hair, and Mr. Luke needs a haircut badly.
My baby sister took this picture on my phone. I'm sure she will be thrilled that I put it on the blog, but its the picture that pops up when she calls. It makes me laugh everytime.

My parents one day at lunch. My dad closes his eyes when he smiles so this is his version of taking a picture and keeping his eyes open. He looks creepy.

The Texas state line when I drove to visit my friend Erin. I was so proud of myself for driving there by myself! I'm not an independent driver!
My absolute favorite meal. I miss it so much. I'm not eating Subway while I'm pregnant due to the concerns about the meat......I miss this meal with all of my being.

Most of the time I love when my husband randomly plays his guitar at night. I can't wait to hear him sing to our sweet baby Tree.
The day we got the key to our house!!! I had been puking this day and look like trash, but we were finally homeowners!! This was after signing 6 million papers. Basically signing my life away.

Luke and I kept our nephew one weekend and my sister put all his clothes in different baggies labeled with where he should wear them. This was his bag of church clothes. I loved it. Will somebody do that for me when my baby is here?

I love this picture of my dad putting together a rocking horse for my nephew. I love it because it's Christmas day, there are stockings hung from the chimney with care and a fire in the fireplace. Ahh I love it. I love Christmas.

My very first Scentsy order!! I was so excited to get it! It was a big order!
My cute husband on one of our lunch dates. I love eating lunch with him.
Almost a year ago I put homecoming on my calendar (an event I plan at work) and now it is almost here!! I can't believe it!

These are my favorite jeans, and now when I see this picture I think hm... Will I be able to get into those again?? The questions of life.
This picture of my sister and dad cracks me up, they were checking to see if the headphones worked for the DVD player in her car. They both have the same expression on their face.

So those are some completely random pics from my phone.

Just my life!



Do you ever have moments of your life that feel completely out of control? My life is good right now, but it is busy.

Does anybody remember September? Because I just don't. It was here for like a day and then suddenly it was September 29th. Craziness.

So the other day I stepped back to evaluate my life and realizes that every aspect of it was a complete mess.

And I don't mean a figurative mess I mean a complete and literal mess.

My house is a pit, and needs some serious TLC. I'm not going to show you pictures of my house because that would just be embarrassing.

But also my office and car are out of control right now.

I will show you those, not sure how they are different than pictures of my house, but just roll with it.

A glimpse:

My office:

What? It's not professional to have papers scattered all over your floor and several dishes on your desk, not to mention the trusty box of Chez its?
A closer look at my desk. Please note the strawberry jelly on the left side. That has been there for about 3 weeks. I'm thinking I just need to trash it.
Next is my car, this is the passengers seat. How many bags does one person need?? Apparently in this case four. And the back seat is just gross. Those jeans in the middle have been in there so long that they don't even fit anymore!

So this weekend is going to officially operation "Megan cleans her life".

First office on Friday, then car and house on Saturday.

I feel more chaotic when everything is a mess, especially my car.

Does anybody feel this way?


Week 15

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 15 weeks (but tomorrow I am at 16 weeks, I do my recaps at the end of my week)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 3lbs. Ha! Feels like a whole lot more.

Maternity Clothes: Well I am fully in maternity jeans and I am A-ok with that. I was still wearing my regular work dress pants, but today on the way to work I realized I couldn't breathe and my baby was probably wondering why I was smooshing him/her in the name of fashion, so I called in late to work and stopped by Target to pick up some preggo dress pants. I have never felt more free.

Gender: Still don't know! Be sure and vote on the poll at the top of the blog! I thought I knew for sure, and then I read boy/girl pregnancy symptoms and now I'm confused! But I still think I know. Maybe.....

Movement: Not yet, I'm ready though!

Sleep: I slept like an angel this weekend when we were in Texas. Why you ask? Because we had a king size bed. It is time for an upgrade in the Tree household. There is just not enough room for me, Luke and my belly.

What I miss: Nothing this week.

Cravings: I was craving BBQ this week and couldn't find a BBQ place between my office and home. I THOUGHT THIS WAS OKLAHOMA?!?! So I drove several miles out of my way and waited for a good 20 minutes. It was well worth it.

Best Moment this week: Sleeping in a king size bed! Ha! Really I don't know...the week was just kind of normal.

And my favorite husband quote of the week: While preparing to leave for Texas he turns to me and asks:
"Do we need to pack anything for the baby?"
Yes he was referring to that lemon size fetus still in my womb. He is going to be a crazy man when the baby is here.


Weekly Weekend Update

My week last week was soooo crazy. In fact, I joke around about "being busy" watching TV but I really haven't sat down to watch a full TV show in the past two weeks. I don't know about you, but to me, that is just a travesty.

I plan to change that this week and watch a whole lotta TV.

To make things crazier last week Luke told me on Thursday that we were flying out to Corpus Christi, Texas on Friday.

Our church (where Luke works) is apart of a multi-site church and the "main" campus is in Corpus, so we flew out there to spend the weekend with some of the church folk down there.

"Church folk" thats a christianese word.

We had a great weekend and met some awesome people. Sometimes it is just refreshing to take yourself out of your normal everyday routine, away from your everyday people. It was just what the Dr. ordered for me and Luke.

And by Dr. I mean, the Big Man upstairs.

It was a really great weekend.

And I'm pleased to say that I took 4 wonderful pictures on my iphone.

I have this big expensive camera that I just about died to have, and I rely on my grainy, out-of-focus, doesn't-even-get-service-half-the-time phone.

And let me tell you these are four fabulous pictures.

First we have Luke sleeping, on the plane. He always sleeps with his head like this. Doesn't it look so uncomfortable???

And can we talk about all of that hair on his head for a minute? I've had the WORST heartburn lately. There is definitely some hair grow-age taking place in my belly.

The next picture is my attempt at taking an ocean water picture. Through the car window. I definitely got more of the road and sky in my picture than the actual ocean. it really the ocean in Texas? I'm so confused about that. The next two pictures are of myself, because apparently it took me gaining a bit of weight to take pictures of myself and to also squeeze myself into jeggings.

I never wanted to wear jeggings pre-preggo. But now? I love them, and they are so comfortable.

So I took a picture, because that's the natural thing to do in the tweeting/bloggy world.

Me in all my jeggings glory:And the side belly view. I'm definitely at the stage where I want to tell everybody I'm pregnant and don't just need to move up a size in my jeans.

But I know it will pass, and I'm just grateful for this experience, so I will get over it.

That's probably a belly full of hair!

So that was our weekend.

And look at those pics, who needs a fancy schmancy camera when you've got a phone???

Question...Does anybody reading this blog live in Corpus??? Just wondering.

And I do have to say God Bless the creator of the maternity jeans. Pure Goodness.


Friday Thoughts

1. I am tired. And I should be in bed but instead I'm sitting on the couch doing productive things like blogging and watching youtube videos.

2. It's good to know that the majority of you (that left comments) also cry at completely unsentimental moments.

3. Also we have established that hairy babies can in fact be cute.

4. This week has been crazy and insane. Actually this whole month has been that way. Next week I do not have one thing on my calendar. Not one meeting. Not one appointment. Not one activity after work that will interfere with my sweet relaxin' time. Nothing. That equals = Pure. Bliss.

5. About once a week I regret not doing bridal portraits. I actually regret it so much that I had scheduled a time with a photog friend of mine to get all fancy in my wedding dress and she was going to take my pictures. Then I got knocked up. Sometimes you just have to let things go.

6. Several of you mentioned in your comment that you think our sweet baby is either a boy or a girl. Well let's hope it's one of those, but you know what I mean. So I put a poll on the blog for you tell us what you think. And by us I mean me because Luke thinks my blog relationships are weird. I was going to wait and do this a little closer to the gender reveal (October 12th) but then I thought why wait?? Go ahead and guess!

7. My least favorite part of the day is my nightly routine. Taking out my contacts, brushing my teeth, taking off my makeup and finally washing my face. It is so long and I'm usually so tired and all I want to do is get in bed!

8. I have eaten roughly 13948 air heads this week. If you aren't familiar with airheads they are similar to a laffy taffy. Basically flavored sugar. I should probably go see a dentist pretty soon.

9. I had black polish on my toes, well it was chipping so I tried to cover it up with red. Red nail polish does not cover up black, it simply acts as a glaze. And I can't get a pedicure due to the mysterious (what I'm sure was a spider) bite on my foot. So I have a very unfortunate toe nail situation going on right now.

10. I am not proofreading this post. There will be mistakes. I'm going to bed.


My No-Crying Phobia

I consider myself a big crier. I cry at the most random things and pretty much once a day.

That may seem weird but I consider it healthy.

However there is one problem with my crying. I cry at the weirdest and most random things, not the "normal" things that most people would and do cry at.

For example:

After waiting for 5 looooooooooong years, Luke finally poped the question to me in such a romantic way that just fit us. It was so sweet and I will never forget the amazing words he said to me that night.

But did I cry? Nope. Not a tear.

However during the movie New Moon (Twilight series) when Bella leaves poor sweet adorable little Jacob to go find that nasty savage beast of a vampire I find myself crying tears of angst.

Not normal.

Our wedding day was one of the most beautiful days. After a short and stressful 4 month engagement the day turned out perfectly and could not have been more God-ordained. I tried my best to squeeze out some tears of joy from my eyes.

Did I cry? Nope. Not a drop. Not a drip drop of tears on my wedding day that I looked forward to my entire life.

However, sometimes I will go on photographer's blogs and look at random pictures of people I don't even know who are getting married, or having a baby and I will bawl my eyes out.

Not normal.

Last night I had a dream about my baby. I was in the delivery room about to deliver and when I saw my baby everybody in the room turned to me waiting for me to shed tears of joy over the delivery of my new sweet baby. (by the way everytime I dream about my baby it is the same gender). But I didn't shed a tear, and everybody in the room was shocked that a new mom could deliver a baby and not cry.

And then I woke up and almost cried.

Now I have a phobia that I'm not going to cry when my baby is born and people are going to think I'm weird(er).

I have had a couple of friends who made a big deal that I didn't cry on my wedding day and how weird that is, So clearly, THE PRESSURE IS ON.

This isn't my first phobia since getting pregnant. My first phobia began a couple of weeks ago when I suddenly had a fear that my baby was only going to look like Luke (if ya know what I mean) and I would feel no connection to this hairy baby at all.

But, no worries, this phobia has since passed and I chalked it up to nothing more or less than typical "first-time-mommy-worries"

And really I think Luke is so cute I want our baby to look like him, minus the mounds of hair, so that phobia is gone.

So now I have to deal with this phobia of not crying at the "normal" things in life. Like the birth of my child.

And this too shall pass.


Week 14

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 14 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm not really sure...I still need to buy a scale. Maybe I will sneak into the health center at work and weigh myself there.

Maternity Clothes: I wore maternity jeans on Friday. I had them sitting in my closet for about a week but I was still wearing my regular jeans with the bella band, pretty much so I could be one of those girls that said, "oh I wore my regular jeans all the way to __ week" (I always picture that sentence voiced in an annoying voice). Then I thought, why the heck am I squeezing myself into these jeans when I have PURE GOODNESS sitting in my closet waiting for me?!?! So I busted out the maternity pants and it was like sweet freedom.

Gender: Don't know yet but we will be finding out in October! I still have my suspicions....And I haven't veered.

Movement: Not yet, I'm ready though!

Sleep: Sleep was bad this week for some reason. Luke says he's noticed that when I have a belly growth spurt I had a bad night of sleep the night before. Good thing he is keeping tabs on my BELLY GROWTH.

What I miss: Diet coke and a cold turkey and cheese sandwich. I still miss these. Nothing's changed.

Cravings: Candy candy candy. My baby is going to come out covered in high fructose corn syrup.

Best Moment this week: Setting our gender reveal appointment! October 12th!

Also, I think I should include my favorite "husband" quote of the week for every highlight.

This week:

Luke: Aren't you in week 14 now? Isn't the first trimester over? I thought you were supposed to start acting normal again, when does that happen?

Apparently he doesn't think this sweet face is the face of "normal"
Unfortunately that picture was not staged. It was a moment of pure annoyance. We're gonna go ahead and blame the hormones on that one.


Weekly Weekend Update

I miss doing my weekly weekend updates. I find myself going back through my archives to see what we did "this weekend last year" so my goal is to make a better attempt to do my weekly weekend updates, and also to take more pictures. I've gotten bad about that lately. I'm sure that will change when the sweet babe comes. :-)

Friday night Luke and I stayed home and took it easy. We had plans to go out with friends, but both of us had a crazy week, plus its the end of the month so the cash isn't flowing (if ya know what I mean) so we decided to have a night in.

I cleaned, and Luke grilled steaks, potato's and made some pasta salad. We OF COURSE watched a couple of episodes of Friday Night Lights and had a nice relaxing night together.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to the OU game with our good friends Kelsey and Chris. We aren't OU fans (which is rare around here) but our friends our big fans and we like hanging out with them so we joined them for the game.

It was so fun, completely hot, but a lot of fun.

This is where my weekend update gets long because it results in a trip to the ER.

After the game Luke and I headed to the fair because his band was playing a show at 9:00 on Friday night.

As Luke was unloading his car I was walking through the grass to his stage (with sandals on) and I felt a sting right in the middle of my right foot. It hurt so bad, and was so strange because I had sandals on. I was hoping it would go away but it kept stinging and itching. I took my sandal off and I didn't seen anything, like a bite or something but it was itching so bad so I was scratching the fire out of my foot.

That night I went home and went to bed and didn't think about my foot again.

Every Sunday morning Luke leaves to go to the church around 7:00. He always wakes me up to tell my bye, when he woke me up this morning I told him my foot was still bothering me and had been itching all night.

Then I went back to sleep.

I woke up about an hour later and as soon as I put my foot on the ground it felt like I was stepping on a golf ball. It was the oddest feeling. So I looked to see what I was stepping on and then realized it was just my foot. So I looked at the bottom of my foot and saw that it was SOO red and swollen. Not Good.

So naturally I called my mom to get her opinion.

Actually I googled "Spider bite while pregnant" first. Looked at about two sites and decided it would not be in my best interest to keep reading.

Love it when that self control actually works.

My mom thought I should probably go to an urgent care to get it checked out. So I got dressed and drove around town to every Urgent Care. Apparently they all open at noon on Sunday.


So after a couple of calls to my mom and to Luke (who was getting ready to go on stage at church) we all decided it would be best if I went ahead and went to the emergency room. Which is a scary, scary place. I kept my nose and mouth under my shirt for a good majority of the time. So that I wouldn't breathe the same air as all the other sickies. They should have a separate waiting room for those who are healthy but have physical impalement's.

I'm sure I looked ridiculous but there were people puking, hacking up their lungs, and sneezing near me. I don't care how I looked.

Long story short, I sat there for about an hour and a half, finally saw a man who calls himself a Dr, who told me that he doesn't know what bit me but its pretty infected.

Gee, thanks.

I told him I was having pain in the upper part of my leg and could that be from the bite?

He said "probably".

So helpful.

So now I'm on an antibiotic, laying on the couch with my leg elevated praying that this goes away with no trouble.

Everything is so much scarier when your pregnant. Especially when your Dr. looks like Doogie Howser and acts like you are a complete waste of his time.

My foot still itches pretty badly (which I'm guessing is the infection) and hurts to walk. I'm not worried about myself just praying that nothing affects the baby.

Now I'm off to sanitize the clothes I was wearing in the ER. I brought my Harry Potter book with me and I can't decide if i want to spray Lysol on it, or just go buy a new one.

Once I get the ER bills I will probably just spray it with Lysol.


Love CAN Build a Bridge

In the past whenever I would hit "lull's" in my blogging material I would blame it on the fact that nothing exciting was going on in my life.

Well I think that was a big fat lie.

Because now something exciting is going on in my life and I still don't really have anything to blog about.

I mean, I think growing a human being is pretty exciting. However I don't think people want to hear about it every single day.

Plus life is pretty busy right now so that doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging.

Between catching up on my DVR, reading Harry Potter 4, reading Hunger Games, and also finding some time to eat us out of house and home I've got a pretty full plate. Both figuratively and literally.

Today while fast and furiously catching up on my DVR I was watched the past 2 episodes of Oprah.

Well today she had The Judd's on her show which totally reminded me of a story I've never told on my blog.

It involves the song "Love Can Build a Bridge", me, Luke, and a marriage conference.

A marriage conference before we were even married.

Before we were even engaged.

Let's backtrack:

Many moons ago before Luke and I were dating or even engaged we were signed up to go to marriage conference.

Somehow participating in the marriage conference fell into Luke's category as a worship leader, even though he wasn't married. Minor detail.

Try doing that math.

I could spend hours explaining this marriage conference, that lasted an entire weekend mind you. Sometime if we ever meet in person ask me to tell you about our marriage conference experience BEFORE WE WERE MARRIED. It makes a fun in-person story.

I could tell you about how the whole weekend they would talk about our roles as husband and wife, and then pause and turn to me and Luke and say "or good friends" and then would resume their speech. The. Whole. Weekend.

But today I will only tell you about the part that involves the beautiful ballad by The Judd's. And how at the end of the weekend we had to form a circle with those who were participants with us and hold hands and sway together as we listened to this song. Then in the end we all had to partake in a giant group hug.

A note for the future, shall we meet. I'm not a fan of group hugs.

So now every time I hear that about love building a bridge I convulse for a about a minute with memories of people patting me on the back telling me that even if Luke and I don't get married we would always be great friends.

Well here we are many moons later, still great friends and low and behold we're actually married. And yet, that weekend still remains one of the most awkward moments of my life.

However I am grateful that we were sent to the marriage conference. It still, to this day provides many moments of comic relief in our marriage when we think back on stories from that weekend.

Plus when life gets hard we just remember Love can build a bridge.

You didn't see that one coming did you?


Week 13

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 13 Weeks - I'm at the end of my 13 weeks. I've been doing my "highlights" at the end of the week instead of the beginning. But I've noticed others doing it at the beginning.
Size of baby: 3 inches long - the size of a medium shrimp (that's what my weekly email said, I did not make that up)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Not really sure, I need to buy a scale so I can check between dr. appointments.
Maternity Clothes: Nope, just my trusty ole Bella Band - my love
Gender: Don't know yet but we will be finding out in October!
Movement: Not yet, I'm ready though!
Sleep: Sleeping has gotten a little better. Except when Luke wakes me up about 5 times a night and says "you're on your back, roll over!!!" He's a little protective.
What I miss: Diet coke and a cold turkey and cheese sandwich
Cravings: Today I was craving pitas. So random. So I went to pita pit and enjoyed every bite
Symptoms: This week I have felt pretty normal.
Best Moment this week: Receiving our first baby gift from a family friend. It made it feel real!


The First Trimester List

Since getting pregnant I've been compiling a little list of things that have happened to me during the 1st trimester. Most of these I was not expecting and I think it's my duty to let all the "not yet mommies" know about some of these. So here is my list of things I learned during the first trimester:

1. Contrary to how it looks in the mirror, the baby is in fact growing in your stomach and not your butt. Due to the rapid growth of my bum I thought for sure the baby was in there.

2. You will have more gas than you know what to do with. Most adolescent boys would be jealous of you. Your husband will be disgusted. You are growing his child. He will get over it.

3. Your husband will start to have sympathy pregnancy symptoms. And there ain't NOTHING cute about it.

4. If your husband says to you "you seem different is something wrong?" You have permission to hit him

5. It is completely normal to be craving a McDonald's big mac burger with large fries. Purchase said burger and fries. And then throw it in the trash because now the thought of eating burger and fries makes you want to hurl

6. Google is your worst enemy. STAY AWAY. I sat in front of the computer in tears more times than I would care to mention for fear that something was wrong with me, something wasn't wrong, I was only GROWING A HUMAN

7. If you tell your husband, "this week the sweet baby is growing little ears and a nose" and he says "eww" you have permission to hit him.

8. Even though you are hungry all the time you won't want to eat anything. Not because of morning sickness, or because it will make you want to vomit, but because every time you eat something there will be somebody or some website that will tell you the very food that you just consumed is bad for your baby. I was told not to eat a certain food because it wasn't good for the baby. I researched it and found people were on both sides of the issue (don't eat vs eat) so I got brave one day and ordered this certain food. I couldn't even take 3 bites. The first two bites were as if I was eating rat poison. I can't put anything in my body that has a .2% chance of harming the baby.

9. On that note, if you know of something that I shouldn't eat or drink. DON'T TELL ME. I'm better off not knowing. Trust me.

10. If you have pain in your elbow, big toe, eye, ear, and many other places it is most likely not related to what the baby is doing, and although the nurse is patient, she probably wishes you would stop calling.

11. Call it a "baby" bump all you want. In the first 10 or so weeks we all know its really just "I'm having a baby so now I eat whatever I want" bump"

12. Songs that you normally find corny and annoying now make you bawl like a baby

13. Every time you see a sweet sleeping baby you smile and yearn for those next months to fly by so you can hold your sweet babe

14. Every time you see a screaming baby you fall to the fetal position, cry to yourself and wonder what you've done to your life.

15. Do not buy food in bulk. No matter how good it looks in the grocery store, you may hate the sight of it once it is in your kitchen pantry.

16. You become much more aware of everything. Like your laptop on your lap. Is that bad? Is it hurting the baby? And then the crazy mind games start (continue).

17. When you wake up in the morning you are exhausted. Like just ran a marathon exhausted. Growing a human is tiring!

So there's my list. I'm sure there should be some more things should be on the list but I'm too tired to remember.

I am loving this whole experience. Its like I'm a living science experiment! I'm learning something new everyday. I'm just glad I'm not being graded for this science experiment. Those never turned out well for me during my school years.


Week 12

Today I had another Dr. appointment and Luke and I were able to hear our sweet baby's heartbeat again. Such a sweet sound! It was a good strong, fast heartbeat and we are thankful!

Several of my twitter BFF's have asked to see belly pics, which of course I was totally planning on doing.....I just never thought my my belly would be this prevalent this early, but hey its all for a good cause; a sweet baby at the end!

And even though I kissed insecurity goodbye I need to give a little disclaimer before I post these pictures.

When I get ready for work in the mornings I am alone. Basically I'm saying, no one is here to take my picture when I'm looking my best. So these pictures are at about 8pm at night when my makeup has long since worn-off, my hair has been thrown up in a pony tail, and I am walking around in a near comatose state just trying to stay awake. In other words I look really, really bad. But in order to show you my pretty side I would have to wake up about 45 minutes earlier so that Luke would have time to take my picture before he leaves for work.

And between me and you that just ain't happening. I don't care about my looks that much.

So scary pictures it is! I choose bad pictures over sleep....I have no shame.

Also, I'm going to do that little pregnancy questionnaire thing, which to be honest I never read until I was actually pregnant so feel free to skim it. It's really for my own self to come back and read later.

Week 12:
(do not be alarmed the baby is in my stomach and not my butt, looks can be deceiving)

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 12 Weeks
Size of baby: Not sure exact measurements, but my book says its the size of a lime
Total Weight Gain/Loss: So far I've gained 2 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Nope, just my trusty ole Bella Band - my love
Gender: Don't know yet but we will be finding out in October!
Movement: Not yet, I thought I felt flutters once, but never felt anything again, so obviously it was gas.
Sleep: Oh gosh. Don't even get me started. I always thought restless sleep occurred in the 3rd trimester. Not so much in my case. I toss and turn all night long.
What I miss: Diet coke and sleeping on my back and stomach
Cravings: Anything cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese-its, cheeto cheese puffs, cheese crackers etc etc
Symptoms: I'm tired all the time and sometimes I feel nauseous, but mostly I feel great
Best Moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat for the second time!

And just for kicks:

Week 10
Week 11

And another Week 12 pic, this one is good because I actually have make up on and my hair is decent (it was taken on labor day when Luke was home to take my picture PROMPTLY after I got ready for the day) However I had my jeans pulled up over my stomach so it's not a good depiction of my baby belly. But I can't put only bad pictures of me on here!! It's my blog and I'll do what I want to!


Thursday Thoughts

1. We do not have any plans for Labor Day. Normally this would make me sad and I would feel like a loser (true story I have issues) but this weekend I am looking forwward to just doing nothing and hanging with that cute hubby of mine. The rest of our weekends for the Fall are pretty booked so this will be nice and relaxing.

2. I plan to find a kitchen table and purchase it this weekend. I have been looking for a kitchen table since MARCH. I quit looking for about a month in hopes that it would re-energize me. Well it has and I'm ready (and praying) to find one.

3. I am so ready to eat hot chili, taco soup, corn chowder, and lots of other yummy fall soups.

4. I have been craving a McDonald's egg mcmuffin for awhile now well bascially any meal from McDonald's (go ahead, judge away, I'm cool with it). Wednesday when I got home form work I had a booklet of McDonalds coupons for FREE meals in my mailbox. If that's not God I don't know what is.

5. I am getting my hair done today, September is always a tricky time for me, I like to go dark in the fall but is it too early in September? I think I decided to go ahead and darken it up a little

6. On her blog today Erin pointed out that today is 9/02/10 which obviously means it is 90210 marathon today. I think I will pull out my 90210 Dvd's when I get home. I will always love Dylan (even though I was in kindergarten when the show first started)

7. I really want to see the movie Easy A. Trailer found here. Does that make me a teeny bopper? Probably. I tend to be a little Emo sometimes.

8. This weekend I found old reruns of Coach on TV. I LOVED that show. I remember watching it with my grandparents when I would go stay with them. There was a marathon on so I watched it all day. It made me happy.

9. Obviously I watch a lot of TV

10. I love looking up my old favorite shows on wikipedia and reading all about them.