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What To Eat.....

Since getting pregnant I have had the hardest time finding food to eat.

First I have to say that I've never been a "healthy" eater.

Not sure if eater is a word but you catch my drift.

Now, I haven't been a healthy eater (again just go with it) but I'm also not a bad eater.

Luke and I hardly ever eat fast food, and I don't eat "junk" a whole lot, buuuuut I also don't make sure that I get all my fruits and veggies everyday.

Maybe even every week.

I consider Sour Patch Kids a good dose of fruit.

And I do realize that some people may consider Sour Patch Kids "junk" but that is neither here nor there.

So from the moment I found out I was with-child I started freaking out about what to eat.

Eating for another person is A LOT of PRESSURE.

And some times you have added pressure from other people in your life and thats just not fun.

So put the added pressure of eating healthy, combined with nothing ever sounding good and it makes eating food a completely miserable necessary task.

Like I said, I haven't been sick while pregnant, but also nothing ever sounds good.

Well I take that back, sometimes something always sounds good but it is always only JUNK that sounds good.

Like Chicken nuggets from McDonald's and large fries.

WHY does that sound good?? I NEVER eat McDonald's but there have been some days since getting pregnant where I would hurt somebody for some McDonald's fries.

So bad, I KNOW!

And its never "sweets" that I want. Give me some good, greasy, nasty fast food and I am good to go.

Veggies and healthy chicken? Make me gag my life away.

And I DO NOT want to eat junk, so I find myself in the dilemma of my life.

At least it feels that way at the time.

I can't tell you how many times I've driven around town at lunch, driving from restaurant to restaurant to restaurant trying to find something to eat.

Something.....anything......just not junk.

Nothing sounds good. And if it sounds good I feel too bad to put it in my body.

One time, recently, after driving around for 30 minutes trying to figure out what to eat, I went to a restaurant sat down and called Luke and cried to him that I had no idea what to eat.

We are going to blame the hormones on that one.

My mom asked why I chose to cry inside the restaurant as opposed to the privacy of my car.

I cannot explain the things I do mother! My mind is not right.

I know this is the worlds best example of "making a mountain out of a mole-hill" but sometimes finding something to eat is HARD.

Has anybody else had this problem while they were pregnant?

You only want junk, but you really don't want to eat junk so you cry?

No? Just me? Ok I'm cool with that.

I have to admit there have been times that I have caved and eaten junk (like tonight for dinner, oops), but I also don't want to get into the habit of indulging myself in junk food.

Plus, the in-laws are coming this week so I am going to be on a strict diet of fruits, veggies, and water.

I do not want them to think I only eat junk. It will just be our little secret ok?

Also I have no idea why I used to many FULL CAPS in this post. Luke says I've been more dramatic lately.

It's because I have NO IDEA WHAT TO EAT.

Excuse me, Cheez-Its are calling my name.


  1. I just ate pretty much what I wanted to when I was pregnant. I have four perfectly healthy babies that have NO food allergies. Stop worrying so much, you and the baby will both be fine.

    I craved things like Chinese food, fish, cottage cheese, and watermelon. Dear LORD I ate a LOT of watermelon...

    If McDonalds nuggets sound good, eat some McDonalds nuggets.

  2. I ate a LOT of watermelon, too.

    I also really wanted Ice Pops the last two months.

    The first six months were just as you described, except I puked two or three times a day, which is worse and so I hope it doesn't happen to you!

    I found that gingersnap cookies and pringles were helpful at settling my stomach.

    I also found that V8 was really helpful, too! And its not that bad.

    What else did I eat... Hm... I wanted the same McD nuggets and fries as you! And I had them two or three times.

    Breakfast cereal always sounded appealing.

    Also... celery. Weird!!!

    I hope one of these foods sounds good to you! I think at this point, eat what you can and what you want. Your body will sort the rest out!

  3. I'm 24 weeks pregnant, and I know how you feel! At the beginning, all I wanted was greasy, salty, starchy food. No sweets. No fruit. No bread. No protein. A McDonald's hash brown was heavenly. But, it did get better and now I'm eating a more balanced diet. That doesn't mean that I don't indulge every once in a while, though! You ARE pregnant... so once your "normal" appetite returns, eat healthy, but enjoy the treats occasionally!

  4. I was horribly sick up until about 25 weeks but I remember nothing sounding good but then being extremely hungry. Then, I remember crying at Cheddars when the waiter brought me honey glazed salmon instead of blackened salmon. Then, I remember eating so much, feeling so full, that I needed to take a nap after every meal. Then, a week before I had Addy, I was absolutely not hungry. Oh, and I started an infatuation with mushrooms (which I never liked), A-1 sauce (ate it with a spoon), and crystal light in my water. All those things have not changed since I had Addy either! Isn't pregnancy so fun!??

  5. For me all the weird food aversions went away at the first trimester and by 13 weeks i felt like myself again and could eat normally (even healthier than before for your same reasons). My second pregnancy I had learned from the first pregnancy that the first trimester is just about survival- I this time I relaxed and lightened up about the diet the first few weeks. Hope this helps!

  6. I've "stalked" your blog for a little bit and can I just say how much your sense of humor amuses me....loving the slightly sarcastic witty take on things. Congrats on the pregnancy. My little guy is almost 7 months, motherhood is AMAZING (oh no, the all caps epidemic is spreading)
    Your body and baby crave what they need so enjoy it all, baby is needing him/her some nuggets.

  7. Oh my gosh!!! Congratulations! I wasn't expecting to read that you were preggo anytime soon on your blog but WHOO HOO! :) I don't comment much... but I do read! Even if I have to catch up on 3 posts at a time! :)

    I am really looking forward to your perspective on pregnancy because I love how you write (makes me giggle and I find myself relating) and how honest you are about everything!

    Sorry about the food situation... I'm no help. As long as you take your prenatal you'll be okay! :)

  8. While i have yet to be in your pregnant shoes, I have, in my never been pregnant overly emotional life, cried over not being able to pick food, find my socks that I wanted, or get the car to start. Don't feel too bad. At least you have an excuse!

  9. I've read your blog for some time now, and I am a few weeks behind you on the pregnancy map, and due in early April. And I completely understand the eating dilemma, as I too cannot be described as a healthy eater. The past few weeks when ever I have had a 'healthy' panic moment I usually guzzle down a glass of orange juice, fully aware that oj isn't even that healthy. And I may or may not have given into those delightful mcdonalds chicken nuggets only two days ago. So I too understand your feelings about wanting to eat healthy and hope that those urges come my way soon!

  10. I am loving your pregnancy updates! My husband I plan to start trying this fall, and your stories make me so excited for when/if it'll be my turn.

  11. OH goodness ... the first 15 weeks of my pregnancy the only thing I ate was Ramen noodles and toaster strudels HAHA...then we moved onto McDonalds double cheeseburgers with extra pickles (so cliche, i know). My normal appetite did return as i got further along and I was able to eat better but in the beginning that is what my diet consisted of. Thank goodness for prenatal vitamins :-)

  12. Waaayyyy back when I was pregnant (30 years ago) I ate whatever I wanted. I didn't even know any better at 20 years old. :) Seems like there are a lot of things these days that "they" say not to eat and things you're supposed to avoid. I had no idea about any of that and just ate when I was hungry and kept snacks around - oh, and I ate a lot of Braum's ice cream. :) Both my kids were perfectly healthy.
    I have to agree with Julie....try not to worry too much.
    I'm betting here pretty soon you'll start craving a lot of things you've never liked before. :)
    P.S. I'm so glad you're not sick! What a blessing!!!

  13. haha greasy food ALWAYS calls my name, just more loudly when I was pregnant! Don't worry, you're already being an amazing mom just by worrying about eating healthy for your little peanut :-)

  14. Ugh, I had no appetite with either of my first two pregnancies.
    First go 'round though, any kind of chicken EXCEPT chick-fil-a completely grossed me out. Grilled chicken? Barf.

    We had many nights of cereal, soup or whatever my husband could conjure up.

    I feel for ya. But that appetite will come back and food will be delicious again :).

  15. i know exactly what you are going through...however, i was sick the entire 9 months with both my boys! ugh!!!

    all i wanted was junk and most of the time i ate it. ha! but, since i was sick i didn't gain any weight...

    but, i tried to balance it with eating lots of fruit.
    my iron was really low so i ate a TON of watermelon!!!

    another big issue for me was i was always thirsty but NOTHING sounding refreshing. absolutely nothing.

    oh the dilemmas we pregnant women go through.
    i'd say indulge every so often and don't feel bad about it!!!

  16. Pretty sure Taco Bueno is always a good bet. Hope it tasted yummy last night! Now, it is 832 in the morning and I am craving a mexi-dip and chips. Yum. Yum. Yum.

  17. Just give in and eat the junk. Your baby will thank you! Your hips on the other hand...:)

  18. I'm not pregnant and never have been, but if your body is craving McD's then go for it. When my mom was preggos with my brother, she ate nothing but McNuggets and Green Beans for about 4 months.

    You are just now at the end of your first trimester.... I bet your cravings will change slightly as you go along.

  19. Ok, I think this is my first comment, but this post made me laugh out loud at WORK. Also, CONGRATULATIONS!

    Now back to your post, I've never been prego but eating healthy food doesn't come naturally to me. I have found though that if I plan something ahead of time with healthy ingredients then I start to look forward to eating it later on in the day.

    This might just be me, but maybe keeping some fruits and veggies around the hosue along with a specific plan for how you're going to use them would help. Or, maybe you could try using them in different ways like putting them in a green monster or juicing them.

  20. You make me laugh!! At least you can blame everything on hormones! Lucky for you, you aren't horribly sick. When I was pregnant with AJ and Mollie mostly, it didn't matter what I would eat, it was going to come up. Water and crackers would come up. It was rough! That was probably the biggest thing I didn't like about pregnancy, somedays nothing just sounded good. Well that, and the swollen ankles that made cankles, the back pain, and the fact that you can't get comfortable trying to sleep in the last trimester! :) Are you laughing??! Love you and your posts!!

  21. One of my friends is 5 months pregnant with twins. She says they have given her the appetite of a teenaged boy. She wants McDonalds and tons of junk foods. Her doc said eat whatever you want. She's having a hard time keeping foods down so anything she can actually eat is best.

  22. I consider Sour Patch Kids a fruit, and I'm not even pregnant!

  23. Wait, sour patch kids don't count as fruit?? Crap!!

    My mom claims she ate chinese takeout at least 4 times a week while pregnant with me. I turned out okay :)

  24. I'm commenting anonymously b/c some onf my friends read your blog and they don't know I'm pregnant yet. Anyway, I EAT ANYTHING I CAN GET MY HANDS ON! Then I feel guilty because it's not healthy. A coworker told me that you always crave what the baby needs, so I sometimes justify my love of ice cream as the baby's need for calcium!

  25. First, let me say, I commend you for wanting to make good, healthy choices for your baby. Its not an easy task in this crazy, fast-food world. A really great way to get your fruits and veggies in when nothing really sounds good is by drinking a smoothie. You can even by pre-made Jamba Juice mixes in the frozen section of grocery stores - which makes it even easier. Throw some spinach or carrot juice in it or something and you won't even taste it, I promise. Actually, make Luke do it, because throwing it in their is half the battle :-)

  26. eat what you want - but try to do it in moderation. i threw up for so long the only thing i could keep down was macaroni and zaxby's frenchfries. i also tried to eat stuff i wasnt "in love" with. that way, once i deliver, i wont want to never eat my favorite foods again cause they made me sick during pregnancy. does that make sense??

    ...also just make sure to take your prenatal vitamin (i had to switch to flintstone ones cause the others made me gag) but those will help make up for any weird eating habits you may have and ensure the baby is getting what it needs.

    oh and doing weird things - its ONLY the beginning. pregnancy brain will kick in with a vengance. i wore my pants backwards to work one day and blamed the funny fit to my growing tummy. HOW EMBARRASSING!

  27. Sour Patch Kids as fruit sounds about right to me. :)

    I freaked out my first few weeks of pregnancy. I wanted to do everything the "right" way, and was all, "I can't have caesar salads because of the raw egg. I can't have deli meat because of bacteria. I can't have..." on and on. Then people (aka experienced moms like my own) started telling me it does NOT have to be that way. Sure, you shouldn't eat deli meat every day, and you should down a raw egg (gross!), but as my doctor put it - eat what you can keep down in the first trimester. Start worrying about the important stuff in the second. The first trimester, because so many women are sick, they don't really care what you eat...just so you're eating. The second trimester is when you should really start paying attention to the fruits and veggies and red meat, etc.

    But I'm right there with ya. I never really cared much about fast food, and I've had way too many McDonald's stops in the past 20 weeks!

  28. I have really craved junk food, too. I was the same way at first-never got sick, but nothing sounded very appealing. These last few weeks I have just eaten anything in my path, so I guess it improved for me! haha I wouldn't worry, though, about eating junk. I always tell myself-well go eat that quarter pounder with cheese and then eat an apple afterwards. (I know that is not nutritionally sound, but I just go with it!)

  29. This post totally CRACKS me up!!! You are TOO funny!!! :) I just told one of my very best friends (who is also 'with-child') to LIVE IT UP and enjoy any food(s) she feels like!!!!!!!!!! :) So, if you feel the ENTIRE box of Cheez-Its are calling your all means, EAT THE ENTIRE BOX, girl!!

    Oh, and make sure you have a stash of them under your bed or something so that when Luke's parents are can retreat to your room and have a little snack!!!!!!!!! ;)

  30. Have you met with your Dr. yet about what is allowed/not allowed? There are only a few things you aren't supposed to eat like certain fish etc. It's a good idea to eat healthy, but as long as you're taking your pre-natal vitamins you are getting all of
    the essential things your body and the baby's body needs. :)

    PS Im pregnant right now, so I know what you're dealing with. :)

  31. Don't worry...when my mom was pregnant with me...all she ate was snickers and diet coke. I turned out fine :)

  32. My biggest fear about being pregnant one day is the fact that my diet will have to change! It sounds like I have the same bad eating habits as you, and I know I will struggle with it most! Giving up Diet Coke might be the death of me!

  33. Ok, so many blogs I read getting pregnant is killing me b/c we're about to start trying...but anyway...

    One of my dear friends ate nothing but noodles and butter, and my sister-in-law lived on watermelon and diet pepsi (and she's married to a neonatologist) for 4 pregnancies. All 5 of those children are beautiful, healthy kids. I'm not saying ignore fruits and veggies, but a little McDonald's isn't gonna hurt. Good luck!

  34. I'm new to the blog, but this post was too funny. I'm not pregnant and have to fight to eat healthier. I think if you're craving something, maybe eat just a little, and then eat something healthier. Want McDonald's chicken nuggets? Get a kids sized meal and then have a salad or something else healthy. Might be a good compromise!

  35. This is hilarious! Congratulations, by the way! I say, eat what you want, just try not to overdo it. You know.. maybe just get the small fries at Micky D's instead of super sizing it. :) Everything in moderation! Also, that's what prenatal vitamins are for- our doc's know we're not going to eat right or get enough of the good stuff for the baby on our own!
    Most of all, don't let it freak you out! You (and the bean) will be just fine!

  36. I feel for you sweetie. I don't know what it's like to be pregnant and ravenously hungry. However, I understand your need to find something to satiate your hunger and nothing satisfies. I live in Italy and it gets boring to eat Italian food all the time and there aren't any ethnic restaurants here, except Chinese (they don't do it well here in Italy).

    p.s. Sweet blog!

    Rambles with Reese

  37. Wow, girl - I just now read that you're pregnant! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you guys:)

    Sorry you're struggling with the whole eating thing. I was just talking to my pregnant friend in Sunday School this morning, and she was telling me that her doctor said to just keep doing what she's always done. I always thought that you should eat super healthy when you're pregnant, but word on the street is that you're baby will still be perfectly healthy either way.

    Obviously I have no experience in this area, but I'd say if you're happy and stress free that's just as important to the baby as a certain kind of food, you know?

    Again, congrats!

  38. Oh my friend!! u are just soo cute! I love that I know you and follow your blog because I feel like you are sitting on my couch telling me your dilemma:) Right now, I would eat what you can.. your are still in the early stage and even though you may not be sick, it is probably just your body adjusting to having a lil baby in your belly.. you are such a good momma for worrying about getting the right nutrition for your lil one!

  39. Me too! Nothing sounds good (and I'm in the 2nd trimester). Baby loves chick-fil-a nuggets, so I would order the kids meal and switch the fries for fruit. And Cool Ranch Doritos, they've been a staple in my pregnancy diet! I try to stay on the vitamins and eat what sounds good when it does. I have been fortunate that I do crave fruit, so that helps balance (or at least that's what I tell myself).

  40. I just found your blog...
    Congratulations! This is such a great time in your life! Enjoy it...even the sickness! :) I am from Oklahoma too so thought I would say hello! Cannot wait to follow your journey!

  41. you are so funny! i love reading your blog. eat whatever you want whenever you want. when will you ever get to do it again?!

  42. Congrats on the baby! Havent been reading in awhile so I had to catch up! Actually just found out Im pregnant too, 7 weeks and having the same problem. Husby is very frustrated at having to pick out what to eat, because I just don't know. But I am loving grapes right now, but only if they are firm, I dont like them if they are not....sigh being pregnant...

  43. oh my gosh, i have the exact same problem!! before getting pregnant i was eating chicken breasts and veggies like they were going out of style! now, it sounds so unappealing! all i really want to eat is junk food, thankfully we don't have much at home. i'd be screwed and i'm trying to be better, i stopped buying sweets at the grocery store but any kind of fast food always sounds SO good! haha! thankfully i don't give in to those cravings. for the longest time all i wanted was candy, sour patch kids were also my weakness, yum! like you i'm always confused on what to eat. lately, i've been buying green giant veggies in those boxes and eating that for lunch but it's not that filling...esp when eating for two ;) oh and baked potatoes are another one of my favorites, i eat one for dinner like 3 nights a week, ha!

    p.s. i'm a few weeks behind you, i'm 17 weeks today. i am just now catching up on all your posts! :) congrats on your baby boy!!

  44. Agh, yes! I'm a latecomer to the comments, but I am 7 weeks pregnant for the first time and I'm thankful I'm not puking, but every time my stomach starts growling loudly enough that I have to eat, I go through a mental catalog of foods until I find one that doesn't sound too terrible...usually it's some sort of breakfast sandwich, fruit, or...well, pretty much those two on repeat. I can't stand the thought of chocolate or most sweets, and I was a chocoholic before I got pregnant! Sounds like I should just give in and stock up on frozen breakfast sandwiches for the rest of the first trimester since, you know, McDonalds only serves breakfast until 10:30 and there are so many more hours in the day...

  45. A bit late on this post, but I'm a week shy of being six months pregnant and I've been crying on and off all day! Ive got gestational diabetes, and have been eating healthy most of the time... But lately I'm so sick of eating the same freaking things all the time. Even trying different things doesn't work because it pretty much consists of the same basic things. I've been so hungry all day and not only does nothing sound good but everything sounds gross. The only things that sound even okay aren't things I should be eating. :( I do not know what to do here.


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