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Here Lately

Well, once again I didn't mean to go this long without posting something new.

I really don't have a good excuse unless you count eating cheez-its and watching TV a good excuse.

No? Ok, well it was worth a shot.

So in order to finally post something, here is a tiny recap of my not so exciting life lately.

1. Last weekend Luke went to Texas to lead worship for the main campus of our church so I decided to head "home" (I still call my parents house home) to spend the weekend with my family.

Saturday we went to balloon festival. There was a giant infltable slide and Maxton (my nephew) and my baby sister Haley went down one of the slides. I don't think Maxton knew what to think about it.

It was really neat to see all the balloons, although you couldn't pay me money to get in one of those:

(By the way, both of those pictures were taken at the same time. I have absolutely no idea how to work my schmancy fancy camera. I just point and shoot and see what happens, obviously)

2. This past weekend Luke and I went to a wedding of a couple from our small group. It was a wonderful wedding and I am so excited for them. I just love weddings.

I was really proud of myself because I wore a dress that I've had for 2 years. I always feel like I need to buy new outfits for events in life,but I've realized this is dumb and wasteful thinking. So I wore this dress that I originally bought for my wedding shower in 2008 and only wore it once. I was glad to wear it again.

(I look short and squaty in this picture, I can own it)

3. I have spent a great deal of time at work fending for my life. For some reason wasps have taken up residence in my office and no amount of poison is going to get rid of them. So instead they fly around my head, sometimes land on my shoulder or crawl up my pant leg, and then I wait for them to land and smash them. Sometimes I have to call for reinforcements because they try and attack me. I'm pretty sure they know I've killed their other wasp friends and they are out to get me. I'm not even kidding.

Here is a nest that was outside my door, COVERED in wasps, ready to attack me.

I don't remember that being in my job description.

4. Lastly I am now an advisor for an honor society on campus, which if you know me is completely hilarious because I am no where near honor society material. we had our first meeting tonight and they made me a special "advisor" button. I am special.

So that's about it. I'm sure there are other happenings that I could add, but this was pretty boring as it was and I need to rest up for work tomorrow.

I have a busy day ahead of me. It's tough work to scream, run, and then find the courage to kill some nasty wasps, while pretending to be extra smart so that I don't get kicked out of being the honor society advisor.

All in a day's work.


  1. Oh my gosh how scary is the wasp nest?! I would have freaked the heck out.

  2. ummm i haven't looked at my google reader in weeks-- not since nina's wedding-- and i've missed lots of your posts! :(

    such a bummer about the wasp nests.

    also- do you think your honor society students know that west virginia is a state? just sayin'.... :)

    the pictures at the balloon festival are amazing! you're a great photographer!

  3. Oh, girl… love those hot air balloon pictures. I’ve always wanted to go on one!!!!!

  4. I agree on the wearing of items more than once, why do we do that? I'm going to bust out some old things as well...well they aren't technically old..right? You looked great! ;)

  5. Ok, you're not alone. I still call my parents' house home as well...I am constantly corrected by my husband! that dress! I've come to the realization that I can reuse those special occasion dresses as well! That yellow is so fn!

  6. I'm so glad someone else has the problem of feeling like they have to buy new clothes for events. I was so proud of myself when I went to the beach with friends this weekend and didn't buy one new clothing item!

  7. Those balloon pictures are beautiful!!!

    I hate wasps.

  8. They need to take care of that wasp nest! I'm scared for you! :)
    Love the yellow dress.

  9. I have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon! I am jealous! I've never seen one in real life. Maybe I need to visit OK...

    Also, I do the same thing with my clothes. I am terrible at rewearing my nicer dresses. Why is that? I love them!

  10. aww, what a fun trip home :) I will not go on a hot air balloon either, eek! I love your dress, you look beautiful!! and yikes, those wasps are out of control! I'm not sure I would work in there until every trace of them was gone ;) Hope you're doing great, friend!

  11. Maxton is getting big!!! And as cute as ever!!! You are as cute as ever, too!!! :) And NOT squatty at all!!!!

  12. That wasps nest gives me the willies - yuck!

    oh and i love the yellow dress :-) glad you wore it again!

  13. I totally want to go in a hot air balloon!

    For one of my friend's engagements, he took her up in a hot air balloon. I was so jealous. For multiple reasons.

  14. omg that wasp nest would freak me out! eek!

    you look super cute in that yellow dress, very far from squatty missy!

  15. Glad you survived the week without Luke. After visiting Julie without her hubby for almost two weeks!!!, I give you both a pat on the back.

  16. that yellow dress is super cute! makes me wish i had cute "old" clothes like that in my closet. you rocked it! :)

  17. The look on Maxton's face is priceless!

    And I would absolutely have a panic attack if that wasps nest was anywhere near me. I'm so allergic. They need to help an honor-society-sister out and get rid of that thing!

  18. I love that yellow dress- it's so cute! I also love Maxton's face at the balloon festival!

  19. How do you look so cute in both pictures you posted today!?

    I would not be able to go to your office with those wasps around. I am deathly afraid of them. You are a hero in my eyes. I can't believe you can kill them...

  20. Balloon Festival looked amazing!!! I have been in a hot air balloon once, and with a huge fear of heights, not sure what the heck I was thinking because I almost passed out! What an experience, but I will never do it again! haha! Hope you're having a great week!

  21. Hi Megan! Just found your blog and loved reading through some of your posts! You and I actually have a lot in common... it's always nice to find someone like yourself. :) Anyway, I really enjoy your writing and humor and will check back now and then. Cheers! Jenni

  22. What an incredible sight to see and such beautiful photos! Hot air ballooning is fun and relatively safe long as you do it with a reputable and experienced person. I tried it many years ago in Australia at dawn. Quite an experience to see the desert at such heights.

    p.s. I like your blog.

    Rambles with Reese


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