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House Project - Goodbye Sun Room

Truth time: I've been sitting here for about an hour trying to figure out how begin this post, but I have absolutely not idea what to say.

It could due to the fact that this is a completely boring and pointless post but I like to document our changes to our home, plus I don't think I can make every post pregnancy related, that might get boring.

Home improvements always make a much more exciting post.....

So here we go, our story of how we (Luke) got rid of an ugly room.

We have (had) this weird sun room/room full of rotting wood and nails on the back of our house.

The previous owners turned the back porch into this makeshift "sun room". The living room windows look out into this "sun room" and we never open our window because this room was so horribly ugly.

I, however have mixed feelings about this room. You see when we moved into the home we immediately made a decision to get rid of that room. Actually we decided to get rid of it before we moved in, from the moment we saw the house we knew it was wretched and did not belong.

Then a neighbor told me about how the previous owner was in his 80's and built the sun room for his sick wife so that she wouldn't get bit my mosquitoes when sitting outside enjoying the day.


Doesn't that sound like a story that you see on you tube?

So I of course then had an emotional connection and expressed to Luke that I did not want to tear it down.

Yes it served as a giant eye-sore to the house, yes it blocked sun light from coming into our living room but it was built with some poor man's BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS. This sun room was not coming down on my watch.

That is until Luke and his parents tore it down on Friday.

Apparently Luke doesn't care about old sweet men who love their wives like I do.

Now that it's down I have to say I am SO glad it's gone. Our living room is so much brighter and it was just plain ugly.

I just try to pretend the story that the neighbor told me was just a made up story to tug at my heart strings.

Here is the room before:
The inside of the room, which I might add is the worst picture I have ever taken in my life, let's just pretend that its artistically crooked, instead of proof that not only do I not know how to work my camera but apparently I have no idea how to hold it. (those back windows look into our living room)
Tearing it down. Such a cute little worker: This picture sort of makes Luke look like he has a big butt, which I can assure you he does not. But I also feel ok saying that since my butt is growing at a record speed.
And after:

Obviously it still needs some work. We need to stain the wood, and put up a rail and plant some flowers, but for now it's much better than it was before.

I heard some really mean man who doesn't like kids and only lived with cats built it.

At least that's what I choose to believe.

That rain gutter just chilling on the ground sure looks nice. So do those moving boxes in the corner after we've been in our house for almost six months.

The Tree's keep it classy around here.

Also while Luke's parents were here this weekend they bought us some new patio furniture for our anniversary present.

I'm still shocked by this whole buying other people an anniversary present but I definitely appreciate the generosity.

Those two chairs on the back porch were new and then we put a cute bench and table on the front porch:

I love it! I plan to get a Fallish wreath and put a potted mum on that table.

So ready for Fall!

So that was our latest house project.


What To Eat.....

Since getting pregnant I have had the hardest time finding food to eat.

First I have to say that I've never been a "healthy" eater.

Not sure if eater is a word but you catch my drift.

Now, I haven't been a healthy eater (again just go with it) but I'm also not a bad eater.

Luke and I hardly ever eat fast food, and I don't eat "junk" a whole lot, buuuuut I also don't make sure that I get all my fruits and veggies everyday.

Maybe even every week.

I consider Sour Patch Kids a good dose of fruit.

And I do realize that some people may consider Sour Patch Kids "junk" but that is neither here nor there.

So from the moment I found out I was with-child I started freaking out about what to eat.

Eating for another person is A LOT of PRESSURE.

And some times you have added pressure from other people in your life and thats just not fun.

So put the added pressure of eating healthy, combined with nothing ever sounding good and it makes eating food a completely miserable necessary task.

Like I said, I haven't been sick while pregnant, but also nothing ever sounds good.

Well I take that back, sometimes something always sounds good but it is always only JUNK that sounds good.

Like Chicken nuggets from McDonald's and large fries.

WHY does that sound good?? I NEVER eat McDonald's but there have been some days since getting pregnant where I would hurt somebody for some McDonald's fries.

So bad, I KNOW!

And its never "sweets" that I want. Give me some good, greasy, nasty fast food and I am good to go.

Veggies and healthy chicken? Make me gag my life away.

And I DO NOT want to eat junk, so I find myself in the dilemma of my life.

At least it feels that way at the time.

I can't tell you how many times I've driven around town at lunch, driving from restaurant to restaurant to restaurant trying to find something to eat.

Something.....anything......just not junk.

Nothing sounds good. And if it sounds good I feel too bad to put it in my body.

One time, recently, after driving around for 30 minutes trying to figure out what to eat, I went to a restaurant sat down and called Luke and cried to him that I had no idea what to eat.

We are going to blame the hormones on that one.

My mom asked why I chose to cry inside the restaurant as opposed to the privacy of my car.

I cannot explain the things I do mother! My mind is not right.

I know this is the worlds best example of "making a mountain out of a mole-hill" but sometimes finding something to eat is HARD.

Has anybody else had this problem while they were pregnant?

You only want junk, but you really don't want to eat junk so you cry?

No? Just me? Ok I'm cool with that.

I have to admit there have been times that I have caved and eaten junk (like tonight for dinner, oops), but I also don't want to get into the habit of indulging myself in junk food.

Plus, the in-laws are coming this week so I am going to be on a strict diet of fruits, veggies, and water.

I do not want them to think I only eat junk. It will just be our little secret ok?

Also I have no idea why I used to many FULL CAPS in this post. Luke says I've been more dramatic lately.

It's because I have NO IDEA WHAT TO EAT.

Excuse me, Cheez-Its are calling my name.



Thank you ALL so much for your sweet comments. I loved seeing all of the comments from people who read but have never commented before. Hi to you all!

It was so fun to sit back yesterday and read all of the blog comments, twitter comments and facebook messages.
That is until somebody told Luke congratulations on Facebook and he said he was still waiting on a blood test to prove if it was his.
Dear Lord that man wears me out.
We are so thankful to have so many people praying with us in this journey. It is such a nerve wracking time but I am learning to trust God every step of the way.
I know worry is bad, and now it's really bad because I don't want the baby to feel my "worries" so I am practicing lots of faith and trust.
Imagine that.
I know some people choose to wait until the 1st trimester is over to make the news public, and I understand that. But I was just so exited to share our secret and I knew that so many of our friends would commit to praying for our baby during this time. It was too special to wait!
Here are some of my pregnancy facts right now:
  • I will be 11 weeks on Wednesday and I am due March 16th (2 days after my birthday)
  • I feel great! I only felt a little nauseous weeks 6 and 7 and nothing sounded good to eat. But after that I have felt great and never got "sick" (throwing up).
  • Are you ready for this?? I HATE Chick Fila. I can't handle it right now. I ate it during week 7 and now I want to die if somebody mentions eating there. I feel like I have betrayed my first love. This is what heartbreak feels like.
  • I am tired ALL. THE. Time. I think pregnant women should be allowed to only work part time during the 1st trimester. Some days it has been so hard for me to stay awake while working.
  • I am clearly craving Cheez-its and could eat a box a day if I let myself. But I don't. I only allow myself half a box.
  • I have the best husband ever. He has been so good to me during this time. From my crazy worries of "I just don't' feel pregnant today do you think that's bad?" All the way to fending for himself for dinner because the absolute last thing I want to do is cook dinner (well second to last thing, eating Chick Fila ranks as the #1 last thing I want to do right now)
  • Yes we will be finding out what the gender is. And I already feel like I know. I know I don't really "know" but I'm 99% sure I'm right. :-) Of course Luke thinks I'm crazy.
So I think that's all for now! I think I answered all of the questions that were left in comments but if you have another one feel free to ask. I was always curious about what pregnancy was like and now that I'm going through it I am happy to share. I have already discovered things that "they" don't tell you will happen. That is a future post!
Also, several of you mentioned that I don't follow you on Twitter. If you follow me on Twitter but I don't follow you will you please email me your twitter name? I don't ever not follow anyone on purpose, you probably just got lost in the mix! You can email it to


Our Little Secret

At the beginning of the summer Luke and I decided to commit nightly to praying about our future.

Sure we always pray about our future, but this time we had specific questions and we were ready for some clear direction from the Big Man.

So we went before God and asked him to please CLEARLY show us what was next in our lives.

And He answered. He clearly showed us a couple of tiny pink lines.

In mid July we found out that we were pregnant!

To be honest, it wasn't exactly what we had in mind for the next chapter of our lives but we were beyond excited when we found out.

Excited and scared.....that's normal right?

A couple of weeks ago we went and heard the heart beat and got to see our little Baby Tree.

We affectionally call this picture the gummy bear picture:
So this my friends, is the reason why I haven't been posting as many blogs lately. Every time I sit down to write a blog the only items I can think to discuss are pregnancy related.

Such as, how I'm hungry All. The. Time. Or how all of my clothes are ALREADY crazy tight and it is freaking me out, or how I thought I loved Luke unconditionally and then he ate the last of my Cheez-its and I had to remind myself why I married him (don't worry he has since bought me several boxes and I love him again), or many other pregnancy related topics.

We are excited about this new journey in our lives and invite you to follow along in this new chapter.

Yup, these two crazy kids are going to be parents. Lord help us all!!!


Here Lately

Well, once again I didn't mean to go this long without posting something new.

I really don't have a good excuse unless you count eating cheez-its and watching TV a good excuse.

No? Ok, well it was worth a shot.

So in order to finally post something, here is a tiny recap of my not so exciting life lately.

1. Last weekend Luke went to Texas to lead worship for the main campus of our church so I decided to head "home" (I still call my parents house home) to spend the weekend with my family.

Saturday we went to balloon festival. There was a giant infltable slide and Maxton (my nephew) and my baby sister Haley went down one of the slides. I don't think Maxton knew what to think about it.

It was really neat to see all the balloons, although you couldn't pay me money to get in one of those:

(By the way, both of those pictures were taken at the same time. I have absolutely no idea how to work my schmancy fancy camera. I just point and shoot and see what happens, obviously)

2. This past weekend Luke and I went to a wedding of a couple from our small group. It was a wonderful wedding and I am so excited for them. I just love weddings.

I was really proud of myself because I wore a dress that I've had for 2 years. I always feel like I need to buy new outfits for events in life,but I've realized this is dumb and wasteful thinking. So I wore this dress that I originally bought for my wedding shower in 2008 and only wore it once. I was glad to wear it again.

(I look short and squaty in this picture, I can own it)

3. I have spent a great deal of time at work fending for my life. For some reason wasps have taken up residence in my office and no amount of poison is going to get rid of them. So instead they fly around my head, sometimes land on my shoulder or crawl up my pant leg, and then I wait for them to land and smash them. Sometimes I have to call for reinforcements because they try and attack me. I'm pretty sure they know I've killed their other wasp friends and they are out to get me. I'm not even kidding.

Here is a nest that was outside my door, COVERED in wasps, ready to attack me.

I don't remember that being in my job description.

4. Lastly I am now an advisor for an honor society on campus, which if you know me is completely hilarious because I am no where near honor society material. we had our first meeting tonight and they made me a special "advisor" button. I am special.

So that's about it. I'm sure there are other happenings that I could add, but this was pretty boring as it was and I need to rest up for work tomorrow.

I have a busy day ahead of me. It's tough work to scream, run, and then find the courage to kill some nasty wasps, while pretending to be extra smart so that I don't get kicked out of being the honor society advisor.

All in a day's work.


Random Friday

1. I am yearning to go to Disney World this Fall. I know that people think I am crazy for wanting to go to Disney World so much, but I just love it there so much and I'm not ashamed! I have been three times and only in the summer, I would LOVE to go in the Fall!

2. I am obsessed with Cheez-It's. I've always loved them but lately I've developed a passion for them that can't be matched. I'm already on my second box this week.

3. Recently somebody tweeted that Diet Coke was invented in 1982. This scared teh heck out of me. We have NO idea what the long term effects of DC are. Not to be a Debbie Downer but it freaked me out!

4. On Wednesday Luke has to stay at late at church so this night Has become known as Megan's night. I eat what I want, watch what I want, sit on the computer as long as I want. It's bliss. However around 9:30 I'm always ready for my sweet boy to get home!

5. Every night I get around 15 Chinese spam comments. This is getting ridiculous!!!

6. A neighbor stopped by our house and asked if he could chop down our dead tree for free (something Luke was planning on doing once it got cool). We are starting to get CREEPED OUT.
7. I still have a month left, but I am SO excited about the fair. Think what you want, but nothing makes me happy like fair food. YUM.
8. I can only use Gel pens. I do not like ball point, or those nasty thin ink. Gel all the way baby
9. My office has been infested with wasps. I kill numerous wasps a day (or have somebody in my office kill them while I scream, sometimes I'm brave, sometimes I'm not). Everytime I kill one another happens shortly after. I wonder if they are ghost wasps?
10. I am going to spend time with my family this weekend and have lunch with some fabulous blogger, now real life friends. Fun time!


Our New (old) Show

Recently Luke and I discovered a little piece of gold.

Every single weekday at 6:00AM central time Boy Meets World comes on ABC Family.

And not just at 6:00AM but ALSO at 6:30AM.

You should have seen us when we discovered it, like two kids in a candy store.

The show is corny, the jokes aren't always funny (but sometimes they really are), and the story lines aren't realistic, but we love this show oh so much.

I think part of it is that we are both nostalgic people. And by nostalgic I mean completely nerdy and weird.

Watching this show reminds me of watching it on Friday nights during T.G.I.F. when I was younger. I have posted about my love for T.G.I.F before, and if I was a good blogger I would find that post and link it, but I honestly don't have the energy right now.

I have important things to do like watch Boy Meets World.

I love watching shows from the 90's that remind me of being young. Full House, Hey Dude, Clarissa Explains it All, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Step by Step, Family Matters, Dinosaurs. These are all shows I love to watch now (when I can find them).

So now Boy Meets World has become the highlight of our marriage. Every night we get home, cook dinner, and then sit down and watch our two episodes of our favorite show from the 90's.

And my cute husband laughs hysterically the entire time.

I love watching shows from my childhood with Luke it's like two worlds colliding.

Any other Boy Meets World fans out there? Set your DVRS every weekday at 6:00 and 6:30!

Also, has anybody seen the previews for the new show with Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence? I'm pretty excited about that show.
Remember when I said I was nerdy and weird, that also applies now.


Home Movies

First of all I want to say thank you to everybody who left lunch advice. I have loved reading through them and plan to implement some of your tips.

Second of all I have to say some of ya'll are just nasty. LEAN CUISINES, REALLY?? I tried to eat one of those this year and I gagged my way through it and then washed it down with three chocolate chip cookies.

But whatever floats your boat. Right?

I had planned to do a Weekly Weekend Update post but then I remembered we didn't do a dang thing this weekend.

Luke and I sat around, relaxed, watched TV, read, ate and just spent quality time together. It was pure bliss.

Oh and we saw Toy Story 3. I might have cried for the majority of the movie. I blame it on the beginning when they show Andy's mom's home videos. Home videos make me bawl like a baby.

Regardless if they are real or Pixar. They make me cry.

Every time I go home I beg my family to watch home videos with me. They act all disgruntled about it and like it's the last thing they want to be doing but I know they secretly love it and wait for the moment when I ask to watch them.

Luke included, I know it's the highlight of his life to watch my family's home videos.

And I can't really explain why home video's make me cry.

However I also could have been crying form the amount of popcorn I consumed. Every time we go to the movies Luke and I share one of those huge things of popcorn. And then every time we leave the movies I end up spending the entire night awake with a stomach ache.

You would think I'd learn my lesson.

But it's that buttery, salty goodness. It gets me every time.

So there was our weekend wrap up.

Movies, crying, popcorn. The normal stuff.

In other news I hate to say it but I am ready for Fall. I feel like every winter I am ready for summer and every summer I am ready for Fall. Here is the kicker. I don't like EXTREMES. I like mild warm weather, not sweltering "my legs are charred to my leather seats hot" and I like cool weather not "I can't feel my nose, hands, or any other body part because of frost bite".

But I am ready for sweaters, boots, peppermint mochas, apple cider, etc etc. I might have already said this on my blog, or I might have already tweeted it. I can't remember.

So that is all for now. Now I want to watch some old home movies. And eat some popcorn.