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A (second) Year in PIctures

Last year around this time I put together a post of a picture of me and Luke from each month of our first year of marriage. While the second year of marriage may not be near as exciting as the first year is I decided to do it again. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I have nothing to blog about. Nothing.

I do have a little disclaimer: I wasn't as good at taking pictures during the second year of marriage as I was the first. Sad day. Some of these are pretty bad pics. But it's all apart of life right?
So here we go:

At a Sugarland and Keith Urban concert. We aren't big fans of either bands but his parents had some extra tickets and we will never pass up anything FREE. I'm pretty sure Luke played risk on his phone the whole time.

At our friend Tambra's wedding. It was such a beautiful night.October:
Another wedding. This is a bad picture but its my only one from October.
Thanksgiving at my Uncle's house. Luke is squeezing me extra tight just because he loves me THAT much, not because he was sick of taking pictures.

Four-wheeling on Christmas day. Please don't be jealous of our cover-alls.
Spending time with my family. This is the ONLY picture I have of us together from January. There is an extra little guy in the picture. That's our nephew.

This was either for Valentine's Day or Luke's birthday. I'm sure I could look back on the blog and see but it's not that important.

This month we bought a house!! Praise the Lord! Standing on the front porch of our new house.
This was after Luke's band played a show. I'm always such a good little groupie.
This was on Mother's day.
Spending time at the lake in Branson with Luke's family. We had a lot of fun!
So that brings us to present time. After reviewing through my pictures I vow to take more pictures during our third year of marriage!

P.S. Our anniversary isn't until the end of July, this was just a fun early review!


  1. Yay for July 26 anniversaries :) I don't know about you guys, but we are both in shock that's it's already been two year.

    I might steal your idea and do a post like this...hope that's okay!

  2. Ya’ll are just too cute!!! And how can you not Keith Urban or Sugarland??? Ha!

  3. Cute! I like November, cute :)

  4. So I am totally digging that yellow on you!!! What a fun dress!

  5. Cute idea! I love the dress from September! Very pretty on you!

  6. Love all the pics. Yall are adorable.

  7. How fun! Ya'll are such a cute couple.

    1) How can you not like Sugarland or Keith Urban?!?! I went to the Nashville concert and was in heaven, lol.

    2) I've never met Tambra and will never will. However, I still adore her bridesmaid dresses. They were just stunning.

  8. Jess,
    I would love to meet you one day because I completely agree with you those dresses were stunning. They were stunning for 2 reasons 1) my mother made them (and designed the pattern) for all of my bridesmaids...she is fabulous (as you can see) and 2) my best friends are stunning and they were wearing them.

    Really, September?

  9. You two are too too cute!

    I love the November pic! I'd probably frame that one!

    But I'm not gonna lie... love that March pic. We have this pic of my grandparents in their first house and then in a matching frame is a pic of them tearing up the mortgage papers the day they paid off the house 25ish years later. Weep. So, back to your pic, it's a keeper.


  10. I absolutely love this idea and might have to borrow it for our
    1st anniversary this Sunday!

  11. i just love you and lukey!: )

    and your hair is getting so long!!

    and you are gorgeous.

    and happy 2nd anniversary.

    and i miss you!

  12. Happy 2nd Anniversary! We will hit two years in January and I can't believe how fast things are going.

    I love your yellow dress you wore to the wedding. You look beautiful! I also love that Luke is in a band! I played percussion all through high school and college, so I definitely respect a fellow musician. Very fun!

  13. 茜茜知道他有了外遇

  14. 明知道他有婚姻,筱蝶還是陷進去了

  15. Ya'll are just too cute! This is a great blog post definitely motivates you to get pictures together! :)

  16. What?!! You were in Branson and didn't call?! Okay, I know, you don't have my number, but still....really?!! =) I live about 45 mins from Branson, so next time you get this way give me a holler (e-mail, you know =) and we'll have a meeting of the blog minds. WOW that's a scary sentence....anyway..... now I'm just rambling!!

    I LOVE this post ~~ y'all are just so stinkin' cute!!! Happy Early Anniversary ~~



  17. I love this yearly recap! As I was scrolling down the comments to get to this part, so I could leave a comment I saw Erin call Luke, Lukey. Ty's nephew is Lucas and his older sister calls him Lukey and it is the cutest thing ever.

  18. you guys are precious! love this post!

    you always look so adorable. i simply love your style! but i've already told you that =)

  19. Very cute photos - love the idea of documenting each year with monthly pics! I also really like your blog. Happy early anniversary!

  20. i love this recap!! U are luke are the most attractive.. hotest couple, gorgeous couple I know!!! Im so glad I got to see you friday! Had soo much fun! We must do it more often! promise?

  21. I love the idea of recapping your marriage like this! You two are so adorable. :)


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