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Neighborhood Charity Case

When Luke and I first found our house we loved it. We fell in love with everything about it. One main thing we fell in love with was the yard. Three quarters of an acre of green grass to run around on.

However, when we would tell people how big our yard was, they would ask if we were crazy. Who on earth wants to mow that much lawn?!?!

Luke thought this question was absurd, he grew up on a lot more than three quarters of an acre and strangely enough he was looking forward to mowing the lawn.

Yes, looking forward to it.

He had it in his mind that mowing the lawn would get his body back in shape.

Now I don't think he is out of shape but whatever.

So Luke went and picked out a fancy schmancy new push mower because he was so excited about getting in shape.

No riding lawn mower for this Indian.

After a couple of weekends of living in our house it was evident that our yard needed to be mowed. Luke was getting anxious about spending several hours on Saturday morning mowing the lawn.

He was a man with a plan. A mowing plan.

His mowing clothes were ready, his shoes were by the door, the mower was gased up, he was going to get his mow on. And tone his body while doing it. Or so he thought.

Side note, is it even possible to tone your body by mowing the lawn for an hour once every two weeks? I'm not one to question my husband's thoughts as he is usually the smart one, but this seemed a bit odd to me.

So back to the mowing......

Luke was out mowing the lawn for about 5 minutes when a man on a riding lawn mower pulled up and started helping him.

A complete stranger we had never seen before in our lives.

Who literally came out of the middle of nowhere.

It was like a little riding lawn mower guardian angel.

I thought this was so nice.

Luke thought it was nice, but was looking forward to mowing the whole lawn by himself.

He late asked me if he looked like he was mowing wrong and needed help.

I had no idea.

He was clearly disturbed by the riding lawn mower guardian angel.

I started to realize that Luke needed to mow the lawn. It was important to him.

One more thing about him that I will never understand.

Fast forward to the next mowing session. Wait, I don't remember when it was because somebody else in the neighborhood mowed our lawn before Luke had a chance.

I mean completely mowed it, we came home and it was already mowed.

I thought this was amazing.

Luke was frustrated for two reasons.

1. It was messing up his awesome workout plan
2. It was threatening his manhood

Finally there were a couple of days when Luke got to mow the lawn by himself with no help.

Those were victorious days.

A couple of weeks ago he was mowing the lawn while I was watching TV. I looked outside to see how much he had left to mow and much to my surprise he was nowhere in sight but instead there was a woman mowing our lawn.

A WOMAN. It was one of the funniest things ever.

Then here comes Luke from around the back. Luke and the anonymous woman mowed our lawn together and then she went on her merry way.

I really should have taken a picture.

When Luke walked in he looked at me and said "Do I just look pathetic when I'm mowing?"

I really didn't know how to respond. I mean obviously he doesn't look pathetic mowing the lawn, but there has to be a reason why EVERY NEIGHBOR HELPS HIM MOW THE LAWN.

OK, fast forward to present day:

Luke was planning on mowing the lawn today. I believe his last words to me this morning were "I have to mow the lawn before somebody else in the neighborhood does it."

Famous last words.

It is like mowing the lawn has become a personal and unattainable goal in his life.

At the end of the day I was driving home from work and I thought to myself "I sure hope Luke gets to mow the lawn today, he might doubt his manhood if he doesn't."

As I pulled in our driveway from work, what do you think I saw?

I saw a friendly man driving by on his riding lawn mower, waving to me as he mowed our lawn.

The riding lawn mower guardian angel strikes again.

I immediately called Luke to notify him of our friendly mower. To which he replied "go make him stop!"

Ok yeah, I'm going to go out to the extra friendly man who is mowing our lawn for FREE and ask him to stop, because my husband thinks he is going to get in shape by mowing the lawn and he finds some sort of manly fulfillment by mowing the lawn.

Not gonna happen.

I did go out and ask the man if he would like some water, he kindly denied the water and said he was almost done.

Poor Luke, when he got home he looked so defeated. He thinks he is now the charity case of the neighborhood.


I may or may not have been laughing hysterically.

I think Luke is very manly, even if he doesn't mow our lawn.

However I think he needs to stick to The Shred if he wants to get in shape, I don't think he is going to be mowing our lawn anytime soon.

Thank you anonymous mowers of our neighborhood. I appreciate you!


  1. Oh my goodness. That is hilarious. I would love for someone to do that for me since I'm the one who gets to mow for the next three months while my husband is away!

  2. Okay, two things:



    I want to move to your neighborhood!! My lawn needs to be mowed so bad.

    Bless Luke's mowin'-lovin' heart.

  3. As much as your husband is disappointed, I have to say this story and post is hilarious... I may have even been laughing out loud when you said he shouted 'I'M THE FLIPPING CHARITY CASE OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD"

    You have some amazingly nice neighbors though!! wow!

  4. OMG - That is so funny! I hope your hubby gets to mow his own lawn someday so he can feel "manly" again.

  5. That is so funny! Although the elderly lady next door mows our entire alley way for everyone! I feel so bad but I am never home when she does it. My husband is secretly glad that she does it though!

  6. Just died laughing! Hilarious! :) Glad you have friendly neighbors!

  7. I could not STOP laughing. You couldn't make that up if you tried. Ok, I think Luke needs to fight his battles; he needs to go mow every lawn but his own. That will show those guardian mow angels. :)

  8. OMG the same thing happened to us! My hubs (who is also Indian :) thinks push mowing the lawn is a workout and our neighbor has come on over to 'help' too! Just an FYI one day I decided to mow myself and let me tell you, push mowing is NOT a workout, my heartrate never got over a 100! Whatever makes them happy though!

  9. Okay!!! This is hilarious!!!! Its a lawn mowing conspiracy I tell ya, hahaha!!!! :)

  10. I can't stop laughing. That totally reminds me of our neighborhood growing up!

    They're likely mowing it because A) you're new to the hood and B)they think he's INSANE for wanting to do it with a push mower.

    I remember that when we moved into the house on just about 3/4 of an acre, my dad mowed the lawn with a push mower ONCE (we didn't have any neighbors at the time). And then went to Lowes and bought a riding mower. If I remember correctly it took him 3 hours to push mow the whole lawn.

    Crazy Luke! I mean, poor Luke.

  11. Enjoy it! We would love for someone to mow ours! Seriously, though...what a funny story!

    Elisa in Cincinnati

  12. Too funny! I can see how he would be frustrated, but geez... I'd find it hard to turn it down! Tell him maybe he could go mow someone elses lawn! Just imagine how in shape he would get if he mowed a different lawn every night! Now, there's a challenge :o)

  13. Oh geez! He sounds like my husband! My husband bought a push mower for our 2 city lots (not sure acreage-wise how big that is, but bigger than most people's)...except we don't have kind neighbors...they bring their dogs to poop in our yard and cut their grass a couple of days after we do so that it always looks like our grass needs to be mowed. The "make him stop" comment....I can see Wade saying

  14. Hahahahahahaha laughing hysterically!!! This is SO funny!! I am sure Dak wishes the neighborhood Mowing Guardian Angel would visit our yard....but alas, nope the teenager has to do it. How sad. heehee

    I've been catching up.... the flowers Luke sent you were just beautiful ~~ Happy 2nd Anniversary!!!

    Have a Blessed day ~~ Dawn

  15. That is too funny!! Ah, husbands and their manlihood! That's really nice that you live around such friendly people though! I don't think that would happen in my neighborhood :)

  16. That is hysterical, poor Luke he just want's to mow the lawn!

  17. I'm laughing, but all I can think of is...

    That's not a huge yard (where I live), what state do you live in again? LOL

    We mow our neighbors front yard from time to time just because the grass gets taller than my husband likes. BUT, we mow once a week - does he seriously only mow once every 2 weeks? LOL Poor guy - maybe he should go mow it on a day that it really doesn't need mowed - just for a trim, then he'll feel all manly! :)

  18. oh man we moved to the wrong nieghborhood! that is so funny and bizarre! I guess people just feel bad since it's such a big yard and y'all have a push mower instead of a riding?

  19. I think you must live in the nicest neighborhood of all time :)

  20. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!! This blog post was so awesome.

  21. What nice neighbors! Can I borrow some?

  22. HA! So many things to comment on here!

    1. Luke is hilarious. I love that he feels threatened. J would totally feel the same way. Why is manhood equated with lawn mowing?

    2. The fact that it was a woman out there one day!

    and 3. I love that you brought the guy water...only way to properly respond to someone doing a good deed for you all!

  23. This is amazing! I can't believe your neighbors just come by and mow your lawn. I have never heard of that! You better bake them some bread or something so they will keep doing it. Just don't tell Luke. haha.

  24. Too funny - my husband hates to me. He'd probably kiss every single one of those people.

  25. That is hilarious! My husband mows our neighbor's yard sometimes, but he is really, really old! I really think the part about the woman mowing cracked me up the most!

  26. That is too funny. And you said mow so much in that post that the word has now lost all meaning to me.
    Here's praying he gets a chance next time!

  27. This is hysterical. My husband is the same way, he finds it almost therapeutic to put on his ipod and baseball cap and mow the lawn. He even does it in nice zigzag panterns. Love it. I will never understand it, but I'm certainly NOT complaining. I hope Luke gets his lawn mowing fill soon. :)

  28. Hilarious!
    This is actually a "pay-it-forward" thing tons of communities are doing! It is going on all over the U.S. You know, "Mow Thy Neighbor's Lawn"!

    Kind of like paying for the person behind you in the drive-thru!

    Some day Luke will want to pick a yard and "Pay It Forward"!

    Wonderful day to you both! xo, misha

  29. This story is HILARIOUS! And my husband would love to be the charity case of the neighborhood because he hates mowing more than anything! Enjoy your freshly cut grass! :)

  30. You have awesome neighbors! But, I have to admit this was hilarious just because he wanted to mow the lawn so badly!

  31. This is HYSTERICAL..... I'm actually sitting in my office, laughing out loud with tears forming in my eyes.

    Oh my goodness, this is so funny.

    Poor Luke, lol.

    I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when you looked out the window and a woman was helping him mow the lawn.

  32. I absolutely love this post! lol poor Luke!

  33. Haha that is a hilarious story!! Well maybe not to your husband, but so funny that people keep mowing your lawn without you guys asking. Such kind people!

  34. A-Freaking-Dorable. And hilarious. In my neighborhood we have a snowplow angel who magically once in a while plows our driveway. I love that angel almost as much as my back does.

  35. That is amazing!! LOL. Poor Luke. His workout plan was thwarted by his own personal lawn mowing angels. Ha ha!!

  36. That is hilarious.. but poor Luke! Glad you have such kind neighbors. Maybe Luke should start mowing other peoples lawns since he can't mow his own ;)

  37. Ok, I'm seriously wanting to laugh outloud at my desk right now!

    However, my husband would definitely be like Luke--we don't have a large yard, but if someone else messed with it he would have a cow!

    So Hilarious!!

  38. How funny! And although I'm sure it hurts your hubbie's ego, I would LOVE for someone to come mow our grass, and we live in a townhome! I can't even begin to imagine push mowing a yard of your size!

  39. This is hysterical. Oh the curse of kindness!

  40. this made me laugh so much! seriously i'm dying. poor luke. hahahahaha

  41. I'm dying laughing right now, too funny! Although Luke's manhood seems theatened, I say he embraces it during the hot and humid summer months!

  42. That's funny! My husband would probably be thrilled if he didn't have to do it! At least you know you have some nice neighbors!

  43. p.s. tell Luke I think he should set up a lemonade stand out front and tell people he is trying to raise money for a riding mower since people clearly dont approve of his push! then he could use that money for a gym membership and just let the guardian grass angels continue to mow the lawn! he gets to work out and the grass will be nice and cut! its perfect!

  44. Oh my goodness, this is the funniest story EVER!! I can't believe your neighbors mow your lawn! My husband would LOVE that! I'm cracking up!

  45. That is amazing, you must have the nicest neighbors ever! I say let the nice people help if they want and let Luke do something else manly, like fix something ;-)

    2. Can I move into your neighborhood? My neighbors snow blow for us but that's it. I would love to not have to mow! In fact, Luke could mow my lawn. Think he is interesting in coming to the eat coast to mow a 1/3 of an acre lot? :-)

  47. That is TOO funny! I giggled throughout this entire post! What a great neighborhood you must live in!! I wish my husband had Luke's desire to mow the lawn! It's a battle every time to get him out there because as I told him when we got married, I'll take care of the inside if you take care of the outside!

    I love your blog and your writing!! I don't comment much so I thought I would stop by and say HI!!

  48. So strange. What incredibly nice neighbors!

  49. Oh and BTW I am the one that sometimes replies to your BB Tweets!! I am a huge of Big Brother fan!! :)

  50. Oh my gosh that is the funniest thing I've read all day!

  51. Bless his heart! If you lived closer to us my honey would gladly let Luke mow our one acre of grass!

  52. Hilarious!! You're so lucky to have such nice neighbors! ....Weirdly nice.

  53. OMG. That is hilarious. Like seriously. I can only dream to live in a neighborhood like that. that is awesome. wow.


  54. This is the funniest thing I've read all week. I'd tell him if he wants to mow the lawn so bad he should attack the neighbors lawns. After all if they are doing yalls, it can't hurt right?

  55. This is quite possibly one of the strangest things I've ever heard of. You are going to have to stop and ask one of these people why they are doing it, you just have to!

    Honestly though, I sure wouldn't turn down a lawn mowing angel!

  56. baaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaahahaha! Jessi, Loren and I had tears rolling down our face because we were laughing so hard. Poor charity case of the neighborhood...err Luke!

  57. Hahaha!!! I want your sweet neighbors! They can come work on our yard anytime they want!

  58. hahahaha this was a hilarious read. you crack me up girl

  59. YOU ARE BACK!! I felt like you were *missing* because you usually post such funny things! Then I read this...on MY! You Are Back! Hilarious!

  60. This is hilarious!! So funny, I would so be like Luke wanting to ask them to stop, I love mowing our lawn!! That is crazy that people keep coming over to do it!!

  61. That is awe-some.
    I just burst out laughing, my husband asked why, I explained and he is extremely confused.

    "Why would some random person cut their grass?"
    Must be a guy thing.

  62. Can you send your neighbors just a little ways east?!? Because our yard desperately needs to be cut!

    Mr. has this ongoing competition with our neighbor. He has to cut his grass before she cuts hers or it makes him crazy. If she gets hers cut first, he'll cut it at night if he has too. It's ridiculous..

  63. LOL, LITERALLY! This is by far one of the funniest posts I've ever read...It's amazing how many great neighbors you have!! Maybe Luke should go pay the favor forward and start mowing other neighbor's lawns so he can get in the "lawn mowing shape" he envisioned.

  64. Ha! This had me rolling with giggles. Hilarious.

  65. I laughed so hard I am crying and laughing in the middle of class. The kids have no clue why. I am going to let them think of me as the crazy teacher.


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