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A recap of sorts

Hello friends, this is me trying to explain to you why I have fallen off the blogging face of the earth.
I really don't know why. I mean life has gotten a bit busier lately, but thats no reason to neglect the ole blog.

So, because I use the ole blog to keep an update on my life, I want to use this time to update myself on what I have been doing.

I have been told that when you have kids you think to yourself: "what the heck did we do before we had kids?" so that is one reason why I love keep track of what we do, to show "what we did before we had kids."

Plus I'm a nerd.

Here we go:

1. In early June I signed up as a consultant for Scentsy wickless candles. I love the products and so far I am absolutely loving being a consultant. I had an open house at our house a couple of weeks ago which was fun because several friends who had not yet seen the new house got to come by!

The setup in the dining room:

The kitchen:
I found this super cute glass drink thingy at a garage sale the day before my party and I was SO excited. Until my party came and the flipping thing didn't work! Garage sale rip off!
Some of my beautiful family members came to the party. It was so fun:
(grandma, me, sister Haley, mom, nephew Maxton)

2. In mid-June Luke and I joined his family for some time away at the lake. We all stayed in one big cabin and had such a great time. We spent our time:

playing wii:
driving go-carts, (which I might add I completely wrecked and got hit about 10 times, oops)
and I spent some quality time with my main squeeze:
I am so very thankful that I married into a family that I love and love spending time with. I realize how blessed I am in that area.

3. I conquered my after workout hair in the morning. I now wash it at night, let it air dry and then use a curling iron to "curl it down." My beautiful friend Amy did a vlog on this and it has been a miracle worker for me. Check it out here. (fyi, my hair doesn't look near as good as Amy's hair, but, I'm attempting).

Me after bootcamp one day, with the miracle curl: AKA: curl down:
I just did a recap on my hair process. That is sad.

4. My guest room has now been turned into a Scentsy room and I have been a crazy woman putting orders together. I am loving it.

Cards on the bed, orders on the floor, and laptop with all the orders ready to go and bags on the bed to wrap the orders in:
Completed orders, wrapped and ready to be delivered:

Piles of scents stacked on the desk, in baskets, and on the floor:
5. This past Saturday I, along with two other lovely ladies, hosted a bridal shower at my house. I am so thankful for a home that I can use to bless others. It was a fun time. I love weddings, they are so exciting!
(Julie, the bride Stephanie, me, and Melanie):
6. Today my mom and dad drove up to eat lunch with us for Father's day. We had a great time. I made Pioneer Woman's lasagna. Yum Yum.
(me, dad, and my mom):
Well, that was a giant recap of basically nothing. But it's what we've been up to for the past month.

I plan to be more consistent with blogging from now on, cause giant recaps like this are pretty boring!

Love love love to all my bloggy friends! I have missed blogging!


  1. I've never heard of Scentsy wickless candles. But it sounds really cool! I can't wait to hear more about it!

  2. i love your recap! so happy the scentsy selling is going well. i'm excited for you! the dining room looks great. serious bummer about the broken dispenser! :(

    the curl down looks amazing on you. gorgeous!

    also-- your parents are adorable!

    i miss you! so much!

  3. Nothing wrong with that recap at all!! I liked it :)
    Your hair looks SO good...
    Love it!

  4. Hey,

    I've been reading your blog for awhile and just started writing myself. Cute recap, nice to know you haven't dropped off the blogosphere :)

  5. You are just the cutest!!!

    Boo on garage fails!!!

  6. Um, you have the most gorgeous and photogenic family EVER. Gorgeous. Lucky you to have such fabulous genes!

    Looks like you are living quite the fun adventures... yay :)

    Especially love the hair recap. Love.

  7. I feel like I've been neglecting my blog too lately.
    I have also not had time to read all of my favorites or I read them, but don't take time to comment. : / It's summer & usually I have more time.

    Your house is so pretty. I'm so happy for you and Luke. I'm sorry I missed the Scentsy party. I appreciate the invite and would have come if we hadn't been on our fishing trip.

    Let's get together real soon to celebrate with Julie. I'm dying to see that little baby!

    Have a great week Megan!

  8. Hooray for a recap! You have been missed, friend.

    My favorite part of this post is when you referred to Luka as your main squeeze. Made me chuckle a bit!

    Also, your dining room table looks great! I guess this means you finally found one? That's awesome :)

  9. PS - I know your husband's name is Luke and not Luka. Typing Fail!

  10. Nice little recap. I really need to put together something like this.

    I am also so behind. Summer just gets in the way.

    Your hair is so long and I love the curl down on you. Beautiful.

  11. Great recap!

    BTW.... the curl down looks great on you! I have super straight, super fine hair, so I'm not so sure it would work for me. It's looks great on you, though!!

  12. Blog land and your readers are glad to see you back!

  13. Thanks for posting the curl down! I saw you taking about it on Twitter, but had no idea what it was.

    Another way to do it and save time in the morning is to use a small barrow and curl it the night before. Then in the morning you just need to fix the few that are not curly enough for you! I have a lot of thick hair so this helps me a lot!

  14. Yay! Glad to see you're back!

    You have the cutest family ever! That stinks about the drink dispenser- it would have been a fab buy! I'm loving the after workout hair. It looks great on you!

  15. I love the recap. I am lacking the blogging mojo lately. I'm glad you linked to the curl down vlog. I have heard you all talk about this on twitter, but was too lazy to ask what it was. haha. Your hair looks great!

  16. Your hair looks great! I may have to try that. I've been thinking about going to a boot camp class. What class do you go to? Is it super expensive? I was thinking of going to one in MWC, but they don't have one starting for another month.

  17. the curl down looks amazing on you! my hair stinks at holding curl, so i haven't conquered the curl down yet!

    how time consuming is the scentsy thing? a friend of mine is trying to convince me to get into that but i'm a huge pro at time wasting and not sure i would have the discipline to do that...

    you look adorable as always in your pics! i've missed your blog!!!

  18. A friend of mine sells Scentsy, but I've never actually seen any of it ... now I'm curious all over again!!

  19. I've never bought a Scentsy, but everyone I know who has one LOVES it! Sounds like you've had a great past month...I love the recap!

  20. Glad for the recap! :) You look adorable in that first picture, by the way. And I've never heard of Scentsy, what is it?

  21. 知道他有了外遇

  22. If it makes you feel better, you always make me laugh! I really appreciated your honesty in your bitterness post. Self-reflection is good for the soul.

  23. I LOVE the curl down on your hair...with your color it looks stunning! And it doesn't hurt at all that you always look great anyway! ;-)

    Oh, and I got hit by "preshant" too. Because apparently some guy in India has nothing better to do than be annoying.

    Miss you!

  24. 茜茜知道他有了外遇

  25. I love scentsy! My sis got me started on it... :)

  26. WOW!! You have been busy!!! I'm tired after reading your blog :)

    LOVE all the pics of you and your are blessed!

  27. hooray for my new scentsy scents! speaking of i need a book from you!
    hooray for the curl-down!
    your hair looks fabulous!
    hooray for time with family!
    it's the best!

  28. 外遇---偷來的時間、偷來的伴侶、偷來的愛情

  29. I need to learn the curl down! Your hair looks so pretty like that. And I'm so very curious what this Chinese comment above mine says. :)

  30. 人家都說男人到大陸都會外遇包二奶

  31. Your mom is so pretty! I really like the dress you wore at the bridal shower too.

  32. Fun post! I am really glad you posted the hair recap, it looks great. I tried the curl down and there is now hope that I can curl my own hair. Hooray!


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