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Me Right Now

I have been disconnected from the blog world lately. When I sit down to write the words do not form like they once did and my mind is blank.

I am also insanely behind on reading all of my favorite blogs.

I hate this and it makes me sad because blogging has become such a big part of my life. I have met some of my best friends through blogging. Seriously. It's like the E-harmony for friends.

Friend-Harmony. Somebody market that quick.

Anyways I don't feel entirely disconnected from my blog friends because I keep up with a lot of friends through Twitter and this has helped me when I feel like my blogging days are over.

Today a sweet friend on Twitter reminded me that I just need to be myself on my blog. That is what first drew people to my blog, nobody expects me to always be "on" people just want me to be real.

It seems so simple, but when I received her simple message it really resonated with me.

I have always been real on this blog and I want to continue to be that way.

So for now, this is who I am right now, the real me on June 28, 2010.

I am an employee who is trying to balance a crazy new work load. Who is loving all of the new work, but at the same time overwhelmed and wanting to succeed in every way, without letting work overcome my every thought. An employee who is taking everything one day at a time.

I am a wife who loves my husband more than I ever thought I could. A wife who wants to cook dinner for my husband every night and keep a clean house, but realizes I can't always do this on my own and I'm learning to accept help. I am a wife who wants to walk beside my husband, I do not want to be spiritual dead weight that he has to drag.

I am a Christ-follower who is working through an ugly case of bitterness right now. A believer who often forgets to fill myself with the daily nutrients I need through some one-on-one time with my Creator. A person who fails everyday but strives to live a life that is pleasing to Him. A Christ-follower who is learning to not ask so many questions, but instead learn to seek Him more.

I am a girl who sometimes opens my mouth when I shouldn't. Who knows all to well what it feels like to wish I had just kept my mouth shut. But at the same time I am a girl who loves that trait about myself, learning to use it appropriately is a goal I am working towards.

I am a friend who is thankful for all of my friendships. Long distance and close, blog friend through email and blog friend turned real life friend, work friends, family friends, and friends who came out of nowhere. I am thankful for all of these friendships, and I hope that when people think of me they think of me as a good friend.

I am your typical "first born child" who is always worried about something and tries to "fix" everything, even when it's not my place to remedy the situation. I will (and have) spent hours laying awake at night worrying and trying to resolve a situation that is out of my hands. I am working on trusting God more (obviously).

I am a reader who is working through the Harry Potter series right now and is loving every minute of it.

I am an avid TV watcher who is currently obsessed with the series Friday Night Lights and can't believe I have lived this long without watching it.

I am a family person. I love family time so much and am thankful for the family that surrounds me. Not only do I have an amazing family, but I married into an amazing family. Blessed is a good way to describe how I feel when I think about my family.

I am a blogger who is sick and tired of Chinese spam comments and wants them to GO AWAY.

And lastly I am me. A me who is trying desperately to balance everything in my life and realizing that I can't always please everyone, solve every problem, or change everybody who I feel like needs to be changed. I am in a season of learning and growing. I stumble everyday but never take my eyes off of the One who created me to be me.


  1. That's the thing about you. Even when you think you're not "on", you totally are. You've always been a very "real" blogger and your readers appreciate that. Besides, I love reading your perspectives on things and think that you are quite witty even when you do not know you are or are not trying to be!

  2. Very well said. Welcome back. :)

  3. oh I love you:) I love this post! I'm so lucky to be able to call you a bloggy friend and real life friend!!

  4. Lisa (from work) :)June 29, 2010 at 8:52 PM


    Im sure you hate "work people" reading your blog, but I always do.

    Work can get kind of crazy and I know we aren't as close as I'd like, but I feel like reading your blog has allowed me to get to know the REAL you and the person I've gotten to know through your blog is a wonderful person who cares about everyone and everything--which is never a bad trait to have, even if it can get frustrating and stress you out sometimes.

    I know work must be crazy with the new position and sometimes I feel bad b/c I KNOW I'm not working as hard as you, so please come to me if you ever need help or want me to just start doing things at the office so you can focus on other things. I'm here to help, k? :)

    Anyways, I know, random to leave you this long message on a comment, but I felt compelled.

  5. I love FNL! Clear eyes and full hearts! I have the box series. Tim Riggins is reason enough just to watch! Great post!

  6. Megan, this was beautifully written! This post is one of the many reasons I read your blog and love you, girl!!! :)

  7. Have I mentioned lately that you are amazing?

    Amen on the work stuff... I'm strugling right there with you!!

    And this... I could have written this: "
    I am your typical "first born child" who is always worried about something and tries to "fix" everything, even when it's not my place to remedy the situation. I will (and have) spent hours laying awake at night worrying and trying to resolve a situation that is out of my hands. I am working on trusting God more (obviously)."

    Thank you for jumping back into blogging!

  8. Megan,
    You my dear, are a breath of fresh air to this tired 40 somethings (yes I know ~~ old!! =) gal who needed a little pick-me-up this morning. They you for your candor and your honesty.

    You are a gem ~~ Have a Blessed day,

  9. Great post. You are always so honest and that is what I love so much about your blog. Thanks for keeping it real.

  10. I can relate to feeling like a "spiritual dead weight" for my husband. It's something that I have been needing to work on for a long time now. Thanks for your post.
    And I'm also sick of the chinese spam comments, glad to hear I'm not the only one getting them.

  11. Girl I just love you! :-) Everytime I see you write or twitter that you're giving up blogging I feel sad - I would miss you!!! Anyways, glad you wrote this post - I love you!

  12. LOVE this blog post. It was perfect. I have been missing your blog and your humor. You are funny even when you don't think you are and your blog is all about you and what you want to write about. Way to go girl, this is a perfect post!!! :)

  13. You are fabulous, Megan!! I cannot wait to meet you in real life someday!!

  14. I am also going through some kind of funk. I just kind find the right way to get back into it.

    Love how you did though.

  15. you're awesome! don't stop blogging- you've definitely still got it!

  16. It's great to see that you're back, I love your blog and really hope you stick with it!!! : )

  17. And THIS post is why we love you...
    Don't disappear like that again ;)

  18. Love this. And as so many above has said...this is why we love you! You seriously make me smile with each & every post. And amen to Friday Night Lights, Chinese Spam comments, and being a first born child.

  19. I love this post, Megan!!!!

    And, I finally had to put comment moderation on. The spammers were getting out of control:(

  20. I love the "chinese spam" sentence. hahaha. It is so true! I miss your 365 picture posts or whatever they were called. Once I have read a blog for a while I don't care about cute posts, I just want to see their life. Gchat and Twitter is not enough of Megan. I need you on blogger too. :)

  21. I love your posts! I love how real and honest and down to earth you are! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have learned how to cure post-gym hair with the curl-down. Thank you for blogging, I love to read what you have to say and your honesty is refreshing.

  22. LOVE IT!

    PS - FNL is amazing and Chinese spanners definitely need to go away!

  23. Welcome back! I have never seen FNL but sort of fell into the harry potter series and loved it! And chinese spammers have been driving me nuts!

  24. I am a perfectionist as well... I want to be perfect in every role I have in my life. It gets difficult now that I am a mom....I am trying to realize that some things just don't matter that much. It is tough, and I will always try to be 'perfect' but I am trying to be ok with just 'ok' too!

  25. These are the kind of posts that you are so good at. We love this Megan! you just need to continue being you, because you're who we come to read about.

    I hate chinese spammers too. With a passion.

    You can't quit blogging. I simply can't let you!

  26. hi from a new reader. glad to be here!

    also: i HATE THE SPAM COMMENTS TOO. how lame.

    ps: my word verification (to prevent spam comments) says "slamboog" tee-hee-hee

  27. seriously, i cried reading this megan. you are awesome blossom.

  28. 茜茜知道他有了外遇

  29. I love your honesty and openness. I must admit, I miss your humorous posts but all in good time!

  30. I thought of you today when my husband and I ordered a Subway sandwich. The teenager's shirt totally touched our sandwich. Bleh!!

  31. I'm Kelly and I hop over from Whitney's blog (GlamLife) once in a while to read what you have to say. I always enjoy your honesty and humor. I finally decided to become a "follower" and add you to my google reader. I always feel a tad bit weird following someone when I've never met them or even commented on their blog, so I felt I should comment. :) Happy 4th!


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