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Tree Trimming

Do you ever have weeks where you are so busy you feel like you come home, change into your comfy clothes and then lounge on the couch before you hit the sack?

That is what this week has been like for me. It has been pretty busy. I do like busy weeks because it means I'm alive and kicking and enjoying life, but I also like having a little down time.

Tonight we had a free night and I was looking forward to it.

We kicked off the night with a nutritious and delicious meal of hamburgers, french fries, and onion rings.

Then we decided to go on a small jog that promptly made me want to throw up.

Since Luke is an "experienced" runner, he likes to remind me quite often what to do and what not to do when running. He won some sort of medal in high school for track and now he is my coach. Whether I ask him to be or not....

Well tonight Couch warned me that the burger would not mix well with my jogging.

I did not listen.

And I regreted it.

Always listen to Coach, I have mentally jotted it down.

As I was jogging I started to feel nauseous and tried to make it home as fast as possible. As soon as I got home I collapsed in the front yard that I have so yearned for in the past year.

I love having a yard.

There is something so peaceful about a yard.

Me and Coach hanging out in our yard:

While we were lounging in our yard, Luke noticed some dead limbs that needed to be taken down.

So we spent our Thursday night taking down dead tree limbs.

We are such suburban-ites, don't tell Luke, he wants to be a rockstar.

Here he is trying to knock down a dead limb, most normal people use a saw. Not us, we are wild. It's that Indian blood Luke has, it makes him feel like he can do anything.

My job was to take the dead limb to the appropriate wood pile. It should be noted that it is not the same limb, despite Luke's valiant efforts without a saw he couldn't get that beast of a trunk down.

Actually I'm not sure if it was my job, or if I said "let me see if I can lift this." And then when I did Luke randomly snapped a picture.

Or I might have said "This is perfect for my Project 365 TAKE A PICTURE!!!"

Something like that happened.

And then Luke took my picture:

And told me I was the biggest nerd he has ever known.

Which I beg to differ. Luke has told me what he and his friends would do in their past-time while growing up and it involved video games, Bob Dylan music, and Lord of the Rings.

In fact one time far too recently, while preparing for bed, Luke asked me if we could listen to the Lord of the Rings audio CD while we fell asleep.

His romantic efforts cannot be matched by anyone.

And I rest my case that I am in fact NOT the nerdiest person he has ever met.

So anyways, that was our Thursday night. It was pretty average, minus me lifting a GIGANTIC tree limb.

Please never call me weak again.

Unless we are talking about my self control towards cookies.

Because I am totally weak when it comes to some warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies.

Just don't tell Coach I ate them before our jog.


  1. LOL...Thanks for the laugh! I needed that tonight! :)

  2. Warm cookies sound good right about now... we went on a jog this evening too... after some Taco Time! I was good & had one small (very small!) soft taco. I am SO not a runner. But, I'm trying. *sigh* I wanted to cry most of the jog... I'm a wimp!

    I love your self reflection in your previous post also! I enjoyed reading it! :)

  3. I'm cracking up. Lord of the Rings before bed? Really, Luke?

    And now I want a burger, fries, and onion rings. Mmmm!

  4. Oh my goodness, you crack me up! I love reading your posts. :)

  5. Your posts are always so funny and cute! I love it!!

  6. You are hilarious! It sounds like you guys had a great Thursday night-minus the whole feeling nauseous stuff :)

  7. so funny! the burger and cookies sound amazing. and i'm just proud of you for getting out there and running!

  8. Megan,
    You are so stinkin' cute I tell ya!! And your "coach" is so right. Jogging after eating ='s hurling or at least feeling like it. Yuck!! I have one of those "coaches" too =)

    Love the you pressing the GINOURMOUS (you welcome =) limb over your head. You are so strong!!

    Have a super Strong day in the Lord,

  9. I wish my husband and I would actually get out there and start running, we pretty much always stick to the relax on the couch 'til bed routine. I love the pic of you with the GIANT tree branch, too funny!!!

  10. Nothing wrong with being a NERD :) - I should know! haha!!

    Nothing worse then having heavy food on your belly when your jogging - UGH!

  11. You two crack me up! Sounds like a great way to spend an evening. I love the way you two love each other.

  12. hahaha... I like the picture!

    (and cookies!)

  13. Hah! Awesome picture. :) But you just gotta love how life always has a way of getting in the way of your peaceful evenings. I'm glad you got the dead limbs taken care of!

  14. a) just because a tree limb is long does NOT mean it's heavy

    b) Luke's pastime seems completely NORMAL (as in what every other person our age did when they were growing up)...they may have replaced Bob Dillon for another music star..but once again, normal.

    c)at least you don't have pause Lord of the Rings every 5 minutes to reference the map of Middle Earth...because we do.

    d) I bet I am the rudest person on your blog

  15. I came to your blog through a friends blog, and I am glad I did because this post made me laugh pretty hard, and I needed a good ole laugh. Thanks

  16. You guys are so cute!! And now I am hungry!! I seriously love y'alls yard!!

  17. This might be my favorite post of yours ever :-) it made me laugh. Which, admittedly, is not that hard to do - but I loved it and I love you!

  18. You guys crack me up! You would think our husbands would know by now that every moment needs to be documented by the camera and just automatically do it for us.

  19. Love the pics! You are too funny!

  20. This is one of the funniest posts I've read in a long time.

  21. I love your self reflection in your previous post also! I enjoyed reading it! :)
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