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Tornado Season

It's tornado season here in Oklahoma and its always an interesting time.

Not so much interesting because of the storms, but interesting because you find out who is terrified of storms and who could care less.

It's always surprising.

It's always interesting because you get to watch the local news completely sensationalize everything. They referred to our hail as the size of "hen-eggs." Not baseballs, or golf balls or the usual terms.

No ya'll, this is Okie and we got hen size hail.

I firmly believe that the majority of people in Oklahoma are scared of storms because our weather men make SURE you are scared.

I grew up with a family that is not scared of storms. In fact one time the tornado sirens were going off and my mom was in the backyard grilling our dinner and us kiddos were playing on the swing set. My dad got home from work and exclaimed that we needed to take cover immediately.

So my mom finished our shish-ka-bobs and we ate them in our tiny powder room while waiting out the storm. Two adults, Two kids, 1 baby, and a smallish dog in a tiny powder room eating shish-ka-bobs.

Some of my best memories came from that small blue powder room.

It was always fun to me, which is probably why I'm not really scared of storms.

And I say "not really" scared loosely because there are times when I am scared.

Like when I am at my office, which was built in the early 1900's and could be compared to a small stack of hay. Sometimes when a strong wind comes by I'm pretty sure the office is going to fall in.

And when we lived in the 2nd story apartment because they always tell you to go to the bottom ground when a storm is coming and we didn't know the people that lived under us, so we just had to take our chances in our 2nd story apartment.

Tornado's are a good reason to get to know your neighbors.

Everytime those sirens would go off I would think, dang I really wish we knew that lady below us.

One rule you should know is that you are never supposed to be in a car when a tornado is coming.

On Monday I stupidly decided to drive home during the storm and regretted it instantly.

While I was driving home it was pouring rain. In a quick moment it was as if the rains parted and the car got silent and then ever so clearly I heard the man on the radio say:

"we cannot see these tornado's through the heavy rain, if it is raining where you are a tornado could pop down at any moment, take cover now."

Then it started pouring immediately, thunder started pounding and it got dark.

I may have imagined all of that, but now 48 hours later, it is exactly how it plays out in my mind.

Well I didn't exaggerate what the man on the radio said, just the weather conditions.

Remember when I said I'm "not really" scared. Well in that moment with just me, the exaggerated weather man, and my light little car that I imagined flying through the air, I got really really scared.

I called Luke to see where he was but I couldn't reach him.

My phone wasn't working that well and it was hard to connect.

Apparently during tornado's everybody calls their loved ones.

So I somehow managed to call my mom and told her I loved her if I got swept away by a tornado that popped out of the sky.

She said to me:


Such the sensitive soul she is.

Finally I reached Luke to let him know that a tornado might pop down and get me and that I loved him and he said:

"Well be careful. How do you want your steak? I'm at Outback getting us some steaks for dinner."

Which made me excited and took away some of my fears.

So we spent the rest of our night eating steak and watching the local news that I so complained about earlier.

Somtimes I need a little exaggerated local weather news in my life. It's what makes the world go round.

Also, they were cutting into regularly scheduled programming so there wasn't really anything to watch on TV.

We are supposed to get more storms tonight, I am praying for those that lost their homes on Monday, these storms can be scary! Especially when we get that there hen size hail.


  1. hen size hail! so funny. be safe out there. I think I would be in the paranoid group. :/

  2. yikes! tornadoes are the scariest things to me. i have recurring dreams about tornadoes all the time. and plane crashes. terrible terrible dreams!

    but glad you got your steak!

  3. You gotta love that Luke…… I guess in a time of crisis steaks are on the brains of men, haha!!!
    I feel you girl, we deal not so much with tornado season but definitely with hurricane season!!!

  4. ok, i didn't know you lived in okl! my hubby has beent there since dec! he's coming home today....but anyways he was near where the storms were! we're kinda used to it being from fl but he said it was crazy!

  5. Dude, when tornadoes interrupt my TV time... that makes for a verry unhappy Sarah.

    Almost makes me wish I'd blow away instead of getting my TV interrupted.

  6. Living in OK does make for some good storm shelter moments with the fam. It was always such an exciting time for us kids!

  7. good luck! I'm glad your okay - I'd miss your post if you were gone. j/k

    Storms terrify me. I live in MI so we rarely get tornadoes but those warning signs on the tv always freak me out!

  8. As a kid growing up at the very end of Tornado Alley here in Texas, I know what you mean! Storms rarely phase me - and my parents were super nonchalant about them growing up... although the Texas Public Education Systems sure did get all riled up with those stupid tornado drills they made us do!

  9. my favorite line was "tornado genesis"!! I am of the camp that doesn't really freak out until they say intersections that are by my house... then I start to panic!

  10. i can totally relate on many levels! i grew up in joplin, also in the middle of tornado alley. i remember one time my mom and i were studying for finals on the front porch, in the middle of a tornado while the sirens were going off. we loved the fun weather. but, of course, it was nice that we never got our house hit too. and, the local weather people.. they do looove to exaggerate. my favorite was one time when the girl said, "tonight it's going to be dark and cold." dark? really? :) all that said, i hope you guys stay safe!

  11. I think I would cry and crap my pants even if they did not touch down near me! LOL...I am such a cry baby!

  12. Ha! So true! Once upon a time, I worked at a car dealership, and 1/2 of us stood in the glass-enclosed bay watching the tornado go down the street in front of us, while the other 1/2 was huddled in the file room. No account for judgment.

  13. I'm one of those people that FREAKS out during a storm. Especially when the sirens start to go off. Husband just rolls his eyes and tells me we're going to be fine.

  14. Your weather sounds crazy! I'm glad you're ok! I would probably freak - but I also find things like that somewhat thrilling and exciting. Is that twisted? ;-)

  15. I laughed when I heard the guys on the news talking about the "hen egg" hail on Monday. I had never heard that comparison before. I did have to get in my closet when the "unconfirmed" tornado went through Edmond. My ears definitely popped as the circulation passed overhead, but we didn't have any damage.

    Like you, I've never been one to fear storms. I grew up storm spotting with my dad, and though I've seen countless tornadoes, I (and my family) have never been personally effected... until Monday. My husband's aunt and uncle lost their house southeast of Shawnee. We are so thankful that they are safe, but still in a bit of shock that the house and barns are gone.

  16. We had a tornado warning last night! I didnt realize til the warning was almost over becuase I was consummed in my DVR.

    My mom is petrified of storms. I cannot tell you how many times I had to go in the basement bathroom and take cover for nothing. I started bringing my barbies to keep me company.

    Be careful in Ok this season!

  17. that's crazy about the hail - that seems big and scary to me!! When we moved here from Canada my family would get so panicked at the tornado siren that we would grab large quantities of food and blankets and go hide in the basement for hours . . . lame.

  18. oh my goodness! your car incident, cr-azy! and Luke's and your Mom's responses, so funny. The one time we were in a tornado warning (in Kansas for my sister's wedding) we were in an Outback, haha! We kind of laughed about it with slight fear in our faces, especially after the locals all said it look BAD and they see the warnings all the time, but after little bit her fiance decided it was time we drove back to my sister's, watching the yellow sky behind us as we tried to outrun the storm! little scary! :)

  19. Ha, well I'm glad that you aren't scared of them! My sister and I always grew up terrified of them! On Monday, my heart just wanted to leap out of me, while my in-laws were outside in the rain and looking around. Not for me! I'm glad that I didn't have to drive around in it!

  20. Ok the shish-kabob story is cracking me up! We have tornadoes here too, not nearly as often as Oklahoma but often enough. I am TERRIFIED of storms--could be that my parents have had pretty serious damage from 2 storms in the past 7 years! Definitely not something I like to deal with!

  21. I don't think I could handle in Florida I grew up with hurricanes..but you can atleast prepare for those for several days.

  22. I grew up in Texas so I am not really scared of storms either. They are not my favorite but I do not go crazy or anything.

  23. My friend that lives in OKC posted pics on facebook of the hail you guys had the other night. It busted her back window in her car. That's CRAZY to me. We get our share of hurricane storms and nor'easters here, but tornadoes are pretty rare. I'd be scared to death every time a siren came on!

  24. Tornados freak me out to some extent, but in reality I would love to chase them! crazy I know! I hate it when big storms come and matt is out of town, that's the worse! Your mom sounds alot like my mom!!

  25. That is the one thing I don't miss about Okie!! There are far too many tornadoes. I remember piling in our hallway or in a small bathroom or going to the school and hunkering down in the basemen!! So so scary. I am extremely terrified of tornadoes!

    Thankfully all we really have to worry about here is hurricanes, which is still bad but you get some kind of warning with those.

    Be safe!!

  26. They really only bother me when I'm not in my own home; Like when I'm at school, or walmart, or in my car I don't care for them. One Easter Sunday I was headed from my parents back to where I lived and I thought all the storms were over. I got about 5 miles down the interstate, noticed people stopping, looked to the right and saw a tornado in the field! I just kept on driving very quickly the other direction! My mom was always big about going to the basement and we would do it just b/c it was easier than having her yell at us!

  27. Tornados don't really scare me as much as the impending doom that the weathermen impart upon the entire tri-state area. Like you said - they make sure you're scared. Here, I actually think these weathermen get excited for the death and destruction that always follows inclement weather here. You can hear it in their voice.
    Glad you're ok!

  28. You are the funniest thing! If you went to pieces everytime there was a storm you would be a permanent wreck! I imagine Oklahoma girls a raised tough.

  29. Gracious! I saw a bit of the news and was going to tweet you to see how you were. Lots of damage on the news. Glad you are ok!

  30. I was so scared of tornadoes. Coming from Arizona the concept of anything but sunshine was foreign to me. The first time the sirens went off I wanted to crawl in the closet, curl up in a fetal position and suck my thumb. I was terrified. Now, after living here four years, I'm the crazy person on the porch with the video camera saying "hey honey come look at this funnel cloud."

  31. Oh man, Outback makes such a GREAT steak!! And I too, walk outside and watch when they say a storm is coming. I think it's just cause I'm from Oklahoma.

  32. good luck! I'm glad your okay - I'd miss your post if you were gone
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