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Project 365 - Week 17

Whew! This was a busy week!

Sunday April 25th:
This was the day I headed home from Atlanta, like I said before I was ready to be at home with my husband, in fact I spent a great bit of the morning crying about how ready I was to get home. Then I got stuck in the airport. This is one of those "me right now" pictures because I took this after I found out I didn't get on the THIRD flight of the day. Boo hoo (and anger).
Monday April 26th:
Luke's band had a show this night. I wasn't overly thrilled about going because I had lots of laundry and cleaning to do, but I also want to be a supportive wife. It ended up being a great night (with free pizza!) I got to use my new lens so that was fun. Here is a pic I took of cute Luke.
Tuesday April 27th:
My office hosted an event for our student organization. Students could come make free sundae's. I never know how much food to order and tend to over order. But I think I would always rather have more than run out?? I just never know. Here are the strawberries and whipped cream for that event. I mean really, have you ever seen so much whipped cream?!?
Wednesday April 28th:
We have these baby birds that have taken residence in our wreath on our front porch. They are so cute. Here is the best picture I could get of them, they look pretty smooshed in there (and as of Monday May 3rd they have taken flight)
Thursday April 29th:
I had another event this week, my favorite parts of events are the cheese trays. I LOVE CHEESE. The cheese tray is the first platter on this table. Yum Yum.
Friday April 30th:
I took off of work on Friday so that Luke and I could go to Dallas and take care of our bookshelf mess. It ended up being a great day. We got our bookshelf along with lots of other goodies. I still dislike Ikea, but I gave them my money that day so its a bit of a contradiction! I took this pic to send to my mom to show her that the money was on a gift card and everything was taken care of! Praise the Lord!!
Saturday May 1st:
Luke and I slept in and then headed out to furniture shop. We finally found a kitchen table, yay!! Later that evening we went to eat with our friends Kelsey and Chris and then went and saw their new house. We both closed on our houses a week apart and moved into them a week apart. Such fun times!


  1. Are you like secretly 12?? You look so young in that first picture!! You are young anyways, but you know what I mean!!

  2. Heathers comment made me laugh, hah! I think you are gorgeous and age well :)

  3. This is a fun project!

    The lens looks sharp!

  4. Oh wow, those strawberries and whipped cream... I could eat both bowls all myself!! Yum <3

  5. Could I please have some of the strawberries & whipped cream?! My summertime favorite!

  6. I loove your Project 365 pics - so fun!

    And you are completely adorable. Seriously.

  7. I agree that every party needs a cheese platter!

  8. mmmm.... I love cheese too... I think I have to go eat some now i'm thinking about it...

    Sorry to laugh at your first picture - but you look VERY angry... & I dont think I've ever seen you angry... its weird seeing that face! :)

  9. That's a really cool picture of Luke, on-stage!!

    I love strawberries. That's such an awesome bowl of strawberries.

  10. I'm glad you got that Ikea mess dealt with!

  11. you and poor little sad mad cute face ;) so glad you finally got home!!

    that pic of Luke on stage is so good! you are a good wifey! :)


    my Aunt had some little birds just like that above her garage, so cute, and they were stuffed in there too, haha.

    love cheese! i melted some on some reduced fat club crackers today, i guess the reduced fat part was compromised by the cheese part, ha!

    so glad the Ikea stuff got worked out and i want to see the new kitchen table! we need/want ;) a new one too!

    that is so much fun that you and your friends bought your new homes at the same time! :)

  12. That is a great pic of Luke! Glad I got to see you today!!

  13. Thats an awesome picture of Luke and LOVE your outfit in the last picture!!!!! :)

  14. I really wish I had done Project Life Tuesday. You will love looking back and seeing what you did all year!

    I love cheese. I mean love it. I could eat an entire cheese tray alone.

  15. I'm with you on the cheese. YUM!

    Yippee for new furniture!

  16. We have baby birds that just hatched at our house!! I was SO excited about it :)

    What lens did you get?

  17. Love that picture of great!

  18. what great pictures! :-) I love the one of Luke - and that whipped cream looks so so delicious!


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