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My Wishes

"If you could wish for anything in your life and get it, what would you wish for?"

It's the age old question.

No matter how old I am, where I am in live, or whoever asks me this question, my answer is always the same:

"I wish that I could have a beautiful singing voice."

I have always wanted a beautiful singing voice. And it was further intensified when I started dating, and eventually married a musician.

Luke never makes me feel this way, but I feel like I am sometimes failing our relationship because we can't sing together.

Ya know, break out our guitars and have a mini jam session in our living room singing together.

Actually come to think of it, yeah right, I'm not sure I could actaully ever pry myself away from the TV long enough for a mini jam session.

Well one day Luke asked me what my wishes would be if I had two of them?

I didn't have to think long or hard about that question.

I told him what my two wishes would be:

1. To have a beautiful singing voice so that we could sing together all the time
2. To have long happy lives together with healthy children.

So of course, naturally, I asked him what his two wishes would be.

Without hesitation he said:

1. To have a time machine and travel to any time period
2. That the Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory was a real palce and I could go there and see the oompa loompa's.

I really had no words.

That right there defines our relationship.

And I love it.


  1. I feel the same way! More than anything in the world, I wish for a pretty singing voice. Not even like rockstar quality--just where I wouldn't be embarrassed to sing in public!! I love your blog--today it just totally fits me! :)

  2. And that is reason #98439753907593 why we all love Luke, haha!!!!! :)

  3. That is hilarious. I can just hear my husband saying something just like that.

  4. So funny! While your wishes are much more practical, now that I think about it, his wishes would be pretty awesome if they actually came true. You two are so adorable!

  5. I have to say I agree with you 100 percent about the singing voice! My husband sings and I really wish I could join in!

  6. I used to pray for a good singing voice all the time. Still do occasionally. :)
    Apparently, God doesn't think I need it.

  7. I wish I had that as well. Then again I wish my hair was naturally curly at times as well!

  8. Thats hilarious and sounds just like me and Adam! :-)

  9. haha! love it! ive always said i want to take singing lessons just to be able to sing well.

  10. haha, sounds like me and my bf Danny!

  11. Hahahahahaha hilarious!!

    I too have always wished I could sing.... I just wish I hadn't done choir all through elementary school without someone telling me I CANNOT SING!

  12. Haha! Love it. I totally wish I could sing too, ugh!

  13. The oompa loompas? Really?! I think they're totally creepy!

  14. Too funny!! Men are such like little children sometimes. Hubs always tells me, "stop treating me like one of your 4th graders". My reply.."stop acting like one" :) True love!

  15. I used to wish for a good singing voice too! I break windows when I sing, it sure isn't pretty. And until recently I dated a musician for years as well, so I got a lot of flak about my voice! lol. I love the comparison of the wishes. :)

  16. Tell Luke my wish would TRUMP his... I wouldnt WANT Willy Wonka's place to be real... Its a freaky messed up world & Oompa Oompas are just scary - in the 70's AND today's version...

  17. Haha- Luke is brillant.

    I would wish for the same things you did though! I secretly have "concerts" in my room for my dog. I sing to her. It's not very good that's why only the dog gets to hear it. :-)

    Have a good weekend!

  18. Love your wishes... but I've gotta say, I'm with Luke.. haha. A time machine and endless chocolate.. what is better than that? =)

  19. Now, I'm somewhat of an idealist, but maybe you could take voice lessons. Most people aren't completely tone deaf. If you really want to sing that badly perhaps there is hope for you. I have sang my whole life basically but just recently started taking voice lessons and I have learned so much. Maybe there's hope!!!!!


  20. 男人有了外遇,但是他不想離婚

  21. Oh my word, I am cracking up at Luke's wishes, hilarious!! The oompa loompa's scared me!! I wish I could sing too girl, so bad!!

  22. Love it! I am now following you!

  23. 知道他有了外遇

  24. I love it! I really don't know what my two things would be, but I love that you both have answers that just totally fit you. That's so cute!


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