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Cooking Stress

Last night was a stressful night.

There were no tornado's, there was not a power outage, it was not a weather-related stress.

It was a cooking stress.

In order to make myself feel better I am going to assume that everybody has had a cooking stress at one point or another.

Sidenote: A teacher my senior year of high school told me what happens when you assume and now I can never use the words without thinking of what happens when you assume. Sidenote over.

Luke recently started leading worship for the youth at our church so on Wednesday nights he gets home from work late.

Between you and me, I semi-look forward to this time.

You see I take my TV seriously, and when I am watching a show that I love (i.e. Army Wives, or Glee) Luke stands behind me and unknowingly groans, make comments, and makes fun of the show.

Which totally takes away from the show and makes me want to throw something at him.

Sometimes I do.

However I do have to say some of our favorite shows that we watch together were once shows that he made fun of. I consider it a personal victory when Luke starts to like a show he once claimed to despise.

Mark my words, by the end of the season Luke will love Glee.

Mark. My. Words.

I mean, when we first started dating he made fun of my favorite band Hanson all the time.

Guess who bought their last album for our collection? It wasn't me........

Anyways, I use every other Wednesday night to catch up on my DVR and enjoy my shows in peace and quiet.

I was looking forward to catching up on Army Wives and Glee last night but first I had to prepare dinner.

Usually a simple task.


I had all of the ingredients for this soup and started to lay them out.

It was then that I decided this was going to be too much work. I had lots of shows to watch and as amazing as the soup sounded I didn't want to cut up a bunch of veggies. That's precious TV watchin time!

My chicken was already boiling so I knew I had to cook something that involved boiled chicken. I began hurriedly going through every single recipe. This was already cutting into my TV time.

I came across lots of recipes that I could cook, but they were loaded with cheese, and butters, and lots of fattening things.

Usually this doesn't bother me too much but lately I have been feeling a little tight in the waist area and have committed to start cooking healthy food items.

I pulled out my new Cooking Light cookbook and found a soup that I had almost all of the ingredients for and decided to cook that.

And that should be where this story ends.

But it's not.

True to crazy-Megan form I started fretting that the soup wouldn't be good. Or wouldn't make enough

And then I would be stuck with a gross soup, and I wouldn't have enough for consumption by two people and then OH THE HORROR.

So I decided to make some homemade macaroni and cheese to go with it.

Because homemade macaroni and cheese does wonders for the waist line.

And goes perfectly with healthy soup.

It was a weird night and I finally finished dinner around 8:30ish.

I did watch Glee, and I did eat the healthy soup (cause it was amazing). But I didn't eat much of the mac and cheese. It was an impulse decision.

Impulse decisions never end wisely. I have several 'impulse decisions" in my closet that can testify to this fact.

Also several of you asked about my Chicken Lime Salad recipe. It's actually not a recipe. It was a mix that can be found here. I just added the chicken and veggies. Yum. Yum.

So thats my food post for the week.

Most people post recipes, or tips for the kitchen, I talk about how I cooked two different meals cause I didn't know what I wanted.

Just another day in my complex mind.


  1. Can I just say I love the complexity of your mind? Share away, friend, share away!

  2. And this is why I don’t cook. Too much stress, haha!!!! :)

  3. Oh, yes. Some shows must be consumed minus husband. My absolute favorite apparently "Makes America dumber by the minute". NO! Well, maybe.

  4. You seriously CRACK ME UP!!!

  5. I get excessively stressed out by cooking as well. I don't know why. I just stress that it will taste good, that it will all by done on time, etc.

  6. Oh that happens all the time to me. But you know what I hate more? When I make one thing but really want another. What I made just doesn't taste as good as what I want in my mind!
    My hubby didn't want to watch Glee with me at first. Now it's his favorite show. I'm sure Luke will come around.

  7. New recipes can always be stressful, for certain, however I find int entertaining, how when you needed to revise, you went for the mac-n-cheese.

  8. I have been stressing out big-time over cooking and meal-planning... why doesn't healthy good food just make itself?! SERIOUSLY!

  9. My husband does the same thing when I watch Glee! It's annoying, and I completely understand. =.)

  10. You should see the recipe-related freak outs that I've had! I completely sypathize!

  11. Ty does the same thing when I'm watching tv! It drives me crazy.

  12. This post stressed me out! This would be why I don't cook...

  13. I have felt the same way about assume ever since my high school principal told me what happens.

  14. So if I had that problem I probably would have just given up and gone's been known to happen a few times.

  15. I usually crave two different things at the same time like that.

  16. as always, you crack me up. i love it. i wanted to ask you and your readers to pray for baby lily.
    here's an excerpt from my blog:
    please keep my friends, the whittens, in your prayers. their newborn daughter, lily, has been diagnosed with the edward syndrome. most babies with this syndrome don't survive birth or, at most, 15 days past birth. little lily is now 17 days old. however, this news is heartbreaking for michael, chrissy, and the entire family.

    please pray for their strength and comfort in this time of need. this first-time mom is incredible -- giving nothing but glory and praise to God as she is on the verge of losing the baby she waited so long for.

    okay, sorry for the mini-novel.

  17. Girl, I hate that the soup thing didn't work out. I love that you added macaroni and cheese with it though! :) I love hearing about your days, these are some of my favorite posts!

  18. *New follower* Really enjoy your writing style so decided to join :) What part of Oklahoma do you live in? I'm guessing by the UCO pictures... somewhere near OKC? I live in Bethany and work in Edmond... small world :)

  19. I have cooking disasters at least twice a week! :)

    And I just found out that Hanson is coming to my town in August... And holy crap you bet your buns I am SO there! lol

  20. I'm telling you... we were destined to be friends!! I cook weird stuff all the time.

  21. There's no shame in a dish of homemade mac and cheese. If you had resorted to velveta shells and cheese, than yes, you'd be lame. But homemade? That's always a good thing!

    Next time you get stressed, feel free to give me a call or text! A little kitchen support goes a long way :)

  22. I have cooking stress every time I have to cook dinner. HA!

  23. You should see the recipe-related freak outs that I've had!
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