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Summertime is Here!

I love this weekend every year. It ALWAYS kicks off the summertime feelin!

Love. That.

It is supposed to get past 100 degree sometime this week and that makes me excited!

I know that seems crazy, but I get really grumpy when it's cold, so hot weather is fantastic with me.

Yes I may sweat.

And yes my thighs might stick to my leather seats in my car.

And maybe I can only wear dresses in the summer because they are nice and breezy.

But regardless, I enjoy a nice HOT summer day.

I love everything that comes with summer.

Well minus the spiders that have INFESTED my house. Our plan is to get some spray this week but in the meantime I don't even want to think about how many spiders I am swallowing at night.

They say the average person swallows a lot of spiders in their lifetime.

I say a lot because I have no idea how many. I googled it and got anywhere between 19 and 59.

Basically A. LOT.

Back to what I love about summer.

Snow Cones.

Flip Flops.

Cold spaghetti salads.

Green grass (even though it makes me break out and my eyes turn puffy and red like there's no tomorrow).

Tank tops.

And so on and so on.

We had a great weekend spending lots of time with friends and family by the pool.

I love summer!


My Wishes

"If you could wish for anything in your life and get it, what would you wish for?"

It's the age old question.

No matter how old I am, where I am in live, or whoever asks me this question, my answer is always the same:

"I wish that I could have a beautiful singing voice."

I have always wanted a beautiful singing voice. And it was further intensified when I started dating, and eventually married a musician.

Luke never makes me feel this way, but I feel like I am sometimes failing our relationship because we can't sing together.

Ya know, break out our guitars and have a mini jam session in our living room singing together.

Actually come to think of it, yeah right, I'm not sure I could actaully ever pry myself away from the TV long enough for a mini jam session.

Well one day Luke asked me what my wishes would be if I had two of them?

I didn't have to think long or hard about that question.

I told him what my two wishes would be:

1. To have a beautiful singing voice so that we could sing together all the time
2. To have long happy lives together with healthy children.

So of course, naturally, I asked him what his two wishes would be.

Without hesitation he said:

1. To have a time machine and travel to any time period
2. That the Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory was a real palce and I could go there and see the oompa loompa's.

I really had no words.

That right there defines our relationship.

And I love it.


New Pants, New Mirror, and B minus

This weekend I went to the mall and bought a new pair of dress pants.

I have been looking a bit drab at work lately and felt it as time to purchase a new pair of pants to spruce up my summer wardrobe a bit. I think looking nice at work is so important and here lately I have been failing in that area, so it was time to make a change.

I went to the mall, loaded with coupons of course, NEVER shop without coupons or pay full price for anything. IT ALL GOES ON SALE.

And that was your Public Service Announcement for the day brought to you by Megan.

I found a couple of pairs of pants, bought them, brought them home and tried them on.

Before I tell you about the pants,I have to tell you I got this new beautiful full length mirror at a discount store the other day (never pay full price for anything). I brought it home, hung it up (had Luke hang it up) and looked at myself in it and started crying.

This brand new, beautiful full length mirror is a mix between a carnival mirror and your reflection in the side a car.

In other words, short, squaty and penguin-like.

My husband is a tall, slim man who could car less about his reflection and even he said the mirror was a travesty and gave all mirrors everywhere a bad name.

Or something like that.

So here I am looking at my short, squaty, penguin-like self in the mirror and I feel something in my back pocket.

The back pocket of the new pants that I just purchased.

I reach in and pull out 3 empty earring holders.

So basically I just purchased pants that somebody took into a dressing room and used to steal jewelry.

Which really irritated me, because they used MY pants to steal. Even though they weren't my pants at the time. STILL, it irriated me.

And I am no stranger to shop lifting. Well I have never shop lifted, but I once worked at a large chain store that can be found in malls across America and we had a horrible shop lifting problem.

I eventually became the person that was in-charge of standing by the dressing rooms counting each article of clothing that went in, and each article of clothing that came out.

Also known as, talking to my friends, while pretending to work.

And I will never understand why I worked at this particular store, other than the fact that my best friend did.

This store charges $150 for one cotton t-shirt that could easily be purchased at Target for $20.

Have you ever heard somebody say, "omigosh I've turned into my parents?"

That above sentence is living proof that of that statement.

And I am still scarred from my time of employment at this store. Our manager would rate us on our appearance and one time my friend and I found his grading sheet (perhaps we sought it out) and he gave me a B minus.

I mean really, who gives somebody a B MINUS? Just give them a flipping plain B. The minus is unnecessary and hurtful.

I will forever think of myself as a B minus.

However it helps to remind myself that this said manager who gave me a B minus is probably alone somewhere, wearing "Fierce" cologne, crying, thinking about how he gave a high school senior who is still learning to love herself, a B minus and scarred her for life.

And it's also the reason why I can never shop in this store again. Plus they have naked people on the walls (who I'm sure are hotter than a B minus) and I don't care to see that nonsense.

Anyways, I got way off track. Clearly I have some belt up issues with ANDREW who gave me a B MINUS. Let's go back to present time:

So here I am standing in front of my short, squaty, penguin-like self holding empty earring holders and all of a sudden it dawns on me.

This is why people say to wash your clothes before you wear them. Because a THIEF could have tried on the pants before you and got their THIEF germs on them and now you are wearing THIEF pants.

I instantly felt dirty.

And then internally debated whether I wanted to wash these brand new pants and get them all stiff and have to go through that process of getting them to feel good again and be somewhat comfortable although we know they will never feel as good as they once did when you first purchased them, or wear pants that were once touched by a thief.

I chose the latter. Comfort is important to me

Comfort being important to me could also be the reason why I am a B minus.

And that's the story of my new pants, new mirror and old scar.

Also it's the reason I am reading So Long Insecruity and why I will never allow my kids to wear a shirt with a moose on it.

Flipping B minus.


Slump of Funk?

It seems that here lately everytime I write a post I mention that I am in a "blogging slump or funk."

So I vowed to not say that anymore because who wants to continue to hear that over and over again.

And then I didn't blog for almost a week because I had absoluetly nothing to say other than I was in a "blogging slump."

Back in the day when I was a young, youthful, witty, writer with the world ahead of me, not a care in the world, people would ask me. "How do you find something to blog about everyday?"

I would laugh with ease and explain that something just comes to me, whether it was serious, silly, or just plain random something always came to me.

And then one day God turned off those serious, silly, or just random thoughts and all that was left was boring, meaningless thoughts.

I could tell you about how we have had storms here almost every night and every time I go outside to look at the sky to see if there is a tornado above my house, I see atleast two other neighbors doing the same thing and it makes me laugh everytime.

Or I could tell you how I wore leggings to work already TWICE this week and how unprofessional I think that is, but it was raining and I felt I had no other choice. Plus I ate almost a half tube of cookie dough the night before and I had to resort to an elastic waistband. Please don't judge.

There could be a story about how running outside is the worst thing ever and my 1 1/2 lung(s?) cannot keep up and most days I want to sit down cry.

So instead I come home, sit on the couch, and eat cookie dough out of the package. It soothes the soul. And then I have to wear elastic waistbands the next day.

But those would all be boring.

In an effort to spark my blogging juices I actually went back to my myspace page (which hasn't been logged into since November) and read my blog from "back in the day."

I was bloggin before bloggin was cool.

Those posts are the most random, usless, funny stories back from when Luke and I were dating, and it reminded me why I blog.

Well I blog for many reasons, but one reason is to remember those funny stories. Even if they only make me laugh.

So hopefully some blogging juices will come to me, otherwise my blog will be one of those that was once updated but now sits back in the blogger vault somewhere never to be touched again.

Oh the horror.

In other news:

Today two years ago I became an aunt.

And now today, I am an aunt to the most precious two year old in the entire world.

Back then, I had no idea how much I would love that little guy. He is so much fun and keeps us laughing (and constantly moving chasing after him) whenever we are around him.

And he only gives me baby-fever a little, teeny, tiny, bit.

Happy birthday Maxton!


Cooking Stress

Last night was a stressful night.

There were no tornado's, there was not a power outage, it was not a weather-related stress.

It was a cooking stress.

In order to make myself feel better I am going to assume that everybody has had a cooking stress at one point or another.

Sidenote: A teacher my senior year of high school told me what happens when you assume and now I can never use the words without thinking of what happens when you assume. Sidenote over.

Luke recently started leading worship for the youth at our church so on Wednesday nights he gets home from work late.

Between you and me, I semi-look forward to this time.

You see I take my TV seriously, and when I am watching a show that I love (i.e. Army Wives, or Glee) Luke stands behind me and unknowingly groans, make comments, and makes fun of the show.

Which totally takes away from the show and makes me want to throw something at him.

Sometimes I do.

However I do have to say some of our favorite shows that we watch together were once shows that he made fun of. I consider it a personal victory when Luke starts to like a show he once claimed to despise.

Mark my words, by the end of the season Luke will love Glee.

Mark. My. Words.

I mean, when we first started dating he made fun of my favorite band Hanson all the time.

Guess who bought their last album for our collection? It wasn't me........

Anyways, I use every other Wednesday night to catch up on my DVR and enjoy my shows in peace and quiet.

I was looking forward to catching up on Army Wives and Glee last night but first I had to prepare dinner.

Usually a simple task.


I had all of the ingredients for this soup and started to lay them out.

It was then that I decided this was going to be too much work. I had lots of shows to watch and as amazing as the soup sounded I didn't want to cut up a bunch of veggies. That's precious TV watchin time!

My chicken was already boiling so I knew I had to cook something that involved boiled chicken. I began hurriedly going through every single recipe. This was already cutting into my TV time.

I came across lots of recipes that I could cook, but they were loaded with cheese, and butters, and lots of fattening things.

Usually this doesn't bother me too much but lately I have been feeling a little tight in the waist area and have committed to start cooking healthy food items.

I pulled out my new Cooking Light cookbook and found a soup that I had almost all of the ingredients for and decided to cook that.

And that should be where this story ends.

But it's not.

True to crazy-Megan form I started fretting that the soup wouldn't be good. Or wouldn't make enough

And then I would be stuck with a gross soup, and I wouldn't have enough for consumption by two people and then OH THE HORROR.

So I decided to make some homemade macaroni and cheese to go with it.

Because homemade macaroni and cheese does wonders for the waist line.

And goes perfectly with healthy soup.

It was a weird night and I finally finished dinner around 8:30ish.

I did watch Glee, and I did eat the healthy soup (cause it was amazing). But I didn't eat much of the mac and cheese. It was an impulse decision.

Impulse decisions never end wisely. I have several 'impulse decisions" in my closet that can testify to this fact.

Also several of you asked about my Chicken Lime Salad recipe. It's actually not a recipe. It was a mix that can be found here. I just added the chicken and veggies. Yum. Yum.

So thats my food post for the week.

Most people post recipes, or tips for the kitchen, I talk about how I cooked two different meals cause I didn't know what I wanted.

Just another day in my complex mind.


Tornado Season

It's tornado season here in Oklahoma and its always an interesting time.

Not so much interesting because of the storms, but interesting because you find out who is terrified of storms and who could care less.

It's always surprising.

It's always interesting because you get to watch the local news completely sensationalize everything. They referred to our hail as the size of "hen-eggs." Not baseballs, or golf balls or the usual terms.

No ya'll, this is Okie and we got hen size hail.

I firmly believe that the majority of people in Oklahoma are scared of storms because our weather men make SURE you are scared.

I grew up with a family that is not scared of storms. In fact one time the tornado sirens were going off and my mom was in the backyard grilling our dinner and us kiddos were playing on the swing set. My dad got home from work and exclaimed that we needed to take cover immediately.

So my mom finished our shish-ka-bobs and we ate them in our tiny powder room while waiting out the storm. Two adults, Two kids, 1 baby, and a smallish dog in a tiny powder room eating shish-ka-bobs.

Some of my best memories came from that small blue powder room.

It was always fun to me, which is probably why I'm not really scared of storms.

And I say "not really" scared loosely because there are times when I am scared.

Like when I am at my office, which was built in the early 1900's and could be compared to a small stack of hay. Sometimes when a strong wind comes by I'm pretty sure the office is going to fall in.

And when we lived in the 2nd story apartment because they always tell you to go to the bottom ground when a storm is coming and we didn't know the people that lived under us, so we just had to take our chances in our 2nd story apartment.

Tornado's are a good reason to get to know your neighbors.

Everytime those sirens would go off I would think, dang I really wish we knew that lady below us.

One rule you should know is that you are never supposed to be in a car when a tornado is coming.

On Monday I stupidly decided to drive home during the storm and regretted it instantly.

While I was driving home it was pouring rain. In a quick moment it was as if the rains parted and the car got silent and then ever so clearly I heard the man on the radio say:

"we cannot see these tornado's through the heavy rain, if it is raining where you are a tornado could pop down at any moment, take cover now."

Then it started pouring immediately, thunder started pounding and it got dark.

I may have imagined all of that, but now 48 hours later, it is exactly how it plays out in my mind.

Well I didn't exaggerate what the man on the radio said, just the weather conditions.

Remember when I said I'm "not really" scared. Well in that moment with just me, the exaggerated weather man, and my light little car that I imagined flying through the air, I got really really scared.

I called Luke to see where he was but I couldn't reach him.

My phone wasn't working that well and it was hard to connect.

Apparently during tornado's everybody calls their loved ones.

So I somehow managed to call my mom and told her I loved her if I got swept away by a tornado that popped out of the sky.

She said to me:


Such the sensitive soul she is.

Finally I reached Luke to let him know that a tornado might pop down and get me and that I loved him and he said:

"Well be careful. How do you want your steak? I'm at Outback getting us some steaks for dinner."

Which made me excited and took away some of my fears.

So we spent the rest of our night eating steak and watching the local news that I so complained about earlier.

Somtimes I need a little exaggerated local weather news in my life. It's what makes the world go round.

Also, they were cutting into regularly scheduled programming so there wasn't really anything to watch on TV.

We are supposed to get more storms tonight, I am praying for those that lost their homes on Monday, these storms can be scary! Especially when we get that there hen size hail.


Project 365 - Week 18

Oh my goodness. I was horrible at taking pictures this week. Most of these are from my phone which I hate because they are grainy and not the best quality. I am trying to get better about taking pics on my good camera but that thing is just so dang heavy to lug around!

Sunday May 2nd:
After church we went to my parents house to give my mom her Mother's Day gift. I took this pic of my mom and baby sister. They are so beautiful! We met up with Luke's parents for dinner and gave his mom her Mother's Day gift. I made our mom's frames which I will probably do a post on soon.
Monday May 3rd:
On my way running out the door I noticed that our rose bushes were blooming. I got so excited and snapped a pic of this pretty rose blooming. I love the beginning of all seasons. And loved that I saw this blooming on Monday morning. I new rose for a new week!
Tuesday May 4th:
Every semester at graduation my office hosts a come and go reception for 3 days for graduates to come pick up a free gift. This was day one. We turn our kitchen into the gift room.
Wednesday May 5th:
Another slow day, so lets check out those rose bushes. We desperately need to trim them up and clean out the leaves in our flower bed. I planned on doing it last weekend but it was 62 degree. No thank you.
Thursday May 6th:
You've heard the story. Girl lift ginormous tree limb that was heavy. Old news.
Friday May 7th:
Friday was the last day of the semester at the university I work at,and also the last day for one of our student worker's. So we took them out to lunch. It was a good last meal. Luke randomly joined us for lunch. It was a good time.
Saturday May 8th:
Luke and I woke up early and went to the Farmer's Market. We got some fresh veggies and then make this yummy lime chicken salad thing for dinner. It was a nice and relaxing day.


It's Been Four Years...

This day, four years ago I graduated from college.....well I walked across the stage in a cap and gown.
Those four years of late nights, long classes, projects, speeches and the occasional drama flew by. But the four years following college just might have flown by faster.

I heard recently that "the days seem long, but the years fly by" I'm sure it's an old quote that I only heard recently, but it is so true.

In those four years since graduating I have.....

Watched my boyfriend graduate from college only to find my name in the graduation program and find out that due to some "late paperwork" I also officially graduated that day, one year after my walk across the stage. Weird.
I started my first job, working at the university I graduated from.

After several months I left that job and I moved onto a start-up company that my dad advised against but I chanced it. I shouldn't have. Those are months I will never get back.

Despite my D's in math all through high school and college I worked at a bank.

Thank God for computers that do everything for us.

I went back to work at the university I graduated from and have enjoyed every moment.

It was there that I got my first "big girl" desk:
I went to the mountains a couple of times:

Went cruisin'Spent many fun days and nights with my friends:
Went on my first business trip and also my first time to visit Washington D.C.
Started a blog and made some amazing friendships. Some of my closest ones today.

Became an aunt to the most adorable little boy:
Married my best friend who still makes me laugh every single day:Went on a couple more trips.

Bought a house.

And made many other memories both big and small.

It's been a good four years since college. However I'm still waiting to feel like an "adult." Maybe I always will be?

Luke and I on my graduation astonished that I finished on time after changing my major seven times. Little did we know.....


Tree Trimming

Do you ever have weeks where you are so busy you feel like you come home, change into your comfy clothes and then lounge on the couch before you hit the sack?

That is what this week has been like for me. It has been pretty busy. I do like busy weeks because it means I'm alive and kicking and enjoying life, but I also like having a little down time.

Tonight we had a free night and I was looking forward to it.

We kicked off the night with a nutritious and delicious meal of hamburgers, french fries, and onion rings.

Then we decided to go on a small jog that promptly made me want to throw up.

Since Luke is an "experienced" runner, he likes to remind me quite often what to do and what not to do when running. He won some sort of medal in high school for track and now he is my coach. Whether I ask him to be or not....

Well tonight Couch warned me that the burger would not mix well with my jogging.

I did not listen.

And I regreted it.

Always listen to Coach, I have mentally jotted it down.

As I was jogging I started to feel nauseous and tried to make it home as fast as possible. As soon as I got home I collapsed in the front yard that I have so yearned for in the past year.

I love having a yard.

There is something so peaceful about a yard.

Me and Coach hanging out in our yard:

While we were lounging in our yard, Luke noticed some dead limbs that needed to be taken down.

So we spent our Thursday night taking down dead tree limbs.

We are such suburban-ites, don't tell Luke, he wants to be a rockstar.

Here he is trying to knock down a dead limb, most normal people use a saw. Not us, we are wild. It's that Indian blood Luke has, it makes him feel like he can do anything.

My job was to take the dead limb to the appropriate wood pile. It should be noted that it is not the same limb, despite Luke's valiant efforts without a saw he couldn't get that beast of a trunk down.

Actually I'm not sure if it was my job, or if I said "let me see if I can lift this." And then when I did Luke randomly snapped a picture.

Or I might have said "This is perfect for my Project 365 TAKE A PICTURE!!!"

Something like that happened.

And then Luke took my picture:

And told me I was the biggest nerd he has ever known.

Which I beg to differ. Luke has told me what he and his friends would do in their past-time while growing up and it involved video games, Bob Dylan music, and Lord of the Rings.

In fact one time far too recently, while preparing for bed, Luke asked me if we could listen to the Lord of the Rings audio CD while we fell asleep.

His romantic efforts cannot be matched by anyone.

And I rest my case that I am in fact NOT the nerdiest person he has ever met.

So anyways, that was our Thursday night. It was pretty average, minus me lifting a GIGANTIC tree limb.

Please never call me weak again.

Unless we are talking about my self control towards cookies.

Because I am totally weak when it comes to some warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies.

Just don't tell Coach I ate them before our jog.


Who I Am

Tonight I was looking back through un-posted posts on my blog. I wrote this particular last September and for some reason I never posted it. This was before I read So Long Insecurity but from this post I can see God was preparing me for that book. Becoming secure in who I am in Him is a journey in life but one that is attainable.

So many times I beat myself up for who I am.

There is a verse in Psalms about "turning off the flow" and sometimes I'm pretty sure that it has my name written in front of it

I am louder than most, and more times than I care to admit I will think before speaking.

Which most times cause the whole 'foot in the mouth' situation.

Tonight I was going through our guest room closet desperately searching for an old journal when I came across two photo albums full of pictures from my college years.

So of course, I had to stop what I was doing and open the album to view the contents inside.

I moved to my college town not knowing a single person or what I was getting myself into. I went to my university on a "whim" and I have been thankful that I went there every since.

I have mentioned this before, but I truly became who I am today through the experiences I had in college. I am me because of those four years.

I grew closer to God during that time.

I learned what it was like to be apart of a church community on my own.

I found my true love.

I lost my true love.

I got him back and kept him this time.

I made some amazing friends.

I lost some friends.

I found friendship in the most unexpected people. Friendships that are still alive today.

I learned how to work through emotions of bitterness and forgiveness, and in fact I am still working on learning that one.

I learned that people will fail you, even those that know your heart and soul, they will fail you.

I learned that you can't study for a test at 4:00am and expect to make a good grade.

I learned the same thing applies to writing a 10 page essay.

I found out community restrooms really gross me out.

I found out that I am me.

I found out that I don't like fake people.

I learned how to be the real me and to stick to it.

I learned to give people a second chance.

I realized that manual labor is not my friend.

I learned this while my church was renovating our new building and I still get made fun of for my lack of help and instead excessive amounts of whining.

I found that when I am away from my family my "first born characteristics" tend to come our very strongly.

I was called bossy for the first time during these years.

I learned that sometimes bossy is a negative word for leader.

So many times I beat myself up over things I say or things I do.

I am a little louder than most, and sometimes I say things that I don't think twice about saying.

But I am a work in progress. God is growing me and teaching me.

So I looked at the pictures and then closed the album and put it back in the closet, and realized something.

I realized it was ok to let the memories flood back. To let the emotions of joy, sadness, anger, happiness, and forgiveness enter my heart.

They made me who I am, and I am still learning, still learning that it is ok to be me.

It took four years and a whole lot of money to figure that out.

Money well spent in my opinion!


Project 365 - Week 17

Whew! This was a busy week!

Sunday April 25th:
This was the day I headed home from Atlanta, like I said before I was ready to be at home with my husband, in fact I spent a great bit of the morning crying about how ready I was to get home. Then I got stuck in the airport. This is one of those "me right now" pictures because I took this after I found out I didn't get on the THIRD flight of the day. Boo hoo (and anger).
Monday April 26th:
Luke's band had a show this night. I wasn't overly thrilled about going because I had lots of laundry and cleaning to do, but I also want to be a supportive wife. It ended up being a great night (with free pizza!) I got to use my new lens so that was fun. Here is a pic I took of cute Luke.
Tuesday April 27th:
My office hosted an event for our student organization. Students could come make free sundae's. I never know how much food to order and tend to over order. But I think I would always rather have more than run out?? I just never know. Here are the strawberries and whipped cream for that event. I mean really, have you ever seen so much whipped cream?!?
Wednesday April 28th:
We have these baby birds that have taken residence in our wreath on our front porch. They are so cute. Here is the best picture I could get of them, they look pretty smooshed in there (and as of Monday May 3rd they have taken flight)
Thursday April 29th:
I had another event this week, my favorite parts of events are the cheese trays. I LOVE CHEESE. The cheese tray is the first platter on this table. Yum Yum.
Friday April 30th:
I took off of work on Friday so that Luke and I could go to Dallas and take care of our bookshelf mess. It ended up being a great day. We got our bookshelf along with lots of other goodies. I still dislike Ikea, but I gave them my money that day so its a bit of a contradiction! I took this pic to send to my mom to show her that the money was on a gift card and everything was taken care of! Praise the Lord!!
Saturday May 1st:
Luke and I slept in and then headed out to furniture shop. We finally found a kitchen table, yay!! Later that evening we went to eat with our friends Kelsey and Chris and then went and saw their new house. We both closed on our houses a week apart and moved into them a week apart. Such fun times!


An Old Soul

I love working on a college campus.

But let me tell you, nothing makes you feel more old than surrounding yourself with a bunch of college students.

The other day, during an event I told one student worker to turn on some music.

So, naturally she turned on some music that was barely audible amidst the loud base sounds, and pretty sure I heard something about slapping that hoe.

Not exactly what I had in mind.

I immediately turned around and said "Turn that trash off."

It was like I turned 90 right then and there.

And I say 90 because neither my parents, nor grandparents are 90 and I'm sure they have never uttered "turn that trash off" it was like I skipped several generations in one fail swoop.

I like to be around the college kids, it helps me better understand my youngest sister who is almost 18, which makes me cry when I think of how fast she has grown.

And almost every time I'm with her I want to tell her I remember the day she was born, but then I remember that makes me sound NINETY so I try to refrain.

I try to say things like, "isn't that Justin Bieber just so adorable?" trying to fit in with the younger generation but instead I come across looking worse than ever.

Speaking of my sister I was so happy because yesterday Luke and I ventured up to north OK to spend a little bit of quality time with my family and his family.

But not together, because while everybody gets along it stresses me out waaaaay too much for our families to get together more than once a quarter.

Its like putting a group of people who are the complete opposite in every. single. way. and saying, here, you barely know each other, you didn't choose to be family, but now you are, so now you must become BFF for the sake of your children.


So anyways Luke and I were on the highway and he mentioned that we hadn't been home (home=where our parents live) since Christmas.

I was in shock! That seems like forever ago.

Then I remembered that we bought a little something called a home and every since then we have been pulled down into this huge black vortex known as, house projects, house cleaning, wood floors, yard work, tree work, decorations, crying because I don't know how to decorate, buying furniture, crying because I don't know what to do with the furniture, etc etc etc.

It's like every single thing in my life that mattered took a backseat to this house.

So dear friends, if you are thinking hm.. MeganTree hasn't commented on my blog lately, just remember it's not you, it's me.

And the fact that I have posts in my google reader dating back to March and I REFUSE to click "mark all as read".

And I realize this post may not make much sense, I'm not even sure where I was going with it.

Other than to say, I'm young but have an old soul, I cry thinking about my baby sister graduating, family get togethers stress me out, I'm trying to read all of your posts, and I don't want to listen to a song about somebody slapping that hoe.

Thank you