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Random Thursday Thoughts

1. Luke and I are supposed to be on a plane to NYC right now, but due to some scheduling conflicts we decided that this wasn't the best time for a NYC trip. I was a little bummed. But also a little relieved as everything has been a bit chaotic lately. Hopefully we will go soon!

2. I am about two more earthquakes away from standing on a street corner yelling "It's the end of the world!!!!!!!!"

3. I wish so badly that we had an IKEA here in Oklahoma. I really want this bookshelf for Luke's music room, but I don't want to drive to Dallas.
(eta: shipping for this bookshelf would be over $300, that is more than the cost of the actual bookshelf so having it shipped is out of the question.)

4. I'm at a stand-still with house decorations. I did as much as I could before the hubs cut me off and told me to quit going to TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby everyday after work. I'm ok with being cut off, I don't want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on house stuff, but I would also like to get my house ready to go!

5. My goal is to watch Season One of Glee soon. I set big goals for myself.

6. Without fail every time I become close to somebody in life they move away. I don't know if its just the season of life I am in, my age, or if God is trying to tell/show me something? Who knows.

7. I hate feeling inadequate, and I have felt it a lot lately.

8. You've heard of the dog whisperer but have you ever heard of the cat whisperer? Well Luke is the cat whisperer. In fact its a bit creepy how much cats love him. We have lots of outdoor cats around us and look will just look at them and they will come strolling up to him and just look at him. It might have something to do with his hair.

9. I have worked on campus for 3 years now and I cannot remember what it was like to be a student. It is so weird. Its like every college memory I have was erased in the last year.

10. We have a front room in our house (the former green carpet room) that is technically a dinning room, but I don't feel like we would ever use it as a dinning room so I decided to turn it into my study. But then I decided that having two offices (Luke's music room and then a front study) might be a waste of space. So then I thought about turning into a sitting room with a couch and some cool chairs, but then I wondered if we would ever use that (similar to it being a dinning room) so now I am at a complete loss as to what to do. Anybody have any thoughts on this?


  1. Buy the bookcase online and have it shipped to your house.

    I say turn it into a study if that's what you want to do. If you can't think of anything else that you'd rather use it for, then I say office. Or multipurpose office. Like, a craft room.

  2. Can you buy the bookcase online?? (Ooo Shannon asked the same thing..)

    You MUST watch Glee asap. It is one of the greatest shows ever, haha.

  3. I hate that about Ikea. There shipping prices are outrageous. My nearest Ikea is DC which is about 3.5 hours from me. I try to suck it up and make the trip once a year. When I go, I'm always happy, though. It's such a fun place!

    And GLEE! I hope you love it. I can't get enough of it :)

    Hope you're having a fabulous Thursday!

  4. I say make it a dining room. You can have a hutch for additional storage which is nice. AND you could use the table for crafts or as a desk. But that way if you ever have people over for a holiday dinner (weird to think about but one day your parents won't want to do it anymore)you have a place for them to eat.
    I never thought I would use a dining room either but now that we don't have one I think about using it all the time.

  5. I don't know how we'll ever accomlish these lofty goals we set for ourselves, but don't worry Glee is on my list too! : )

    It's too funny you say that about the Cat Whisperer, my friend and I say that about my husband too. Her cat hates people, but flocks to him and then won't leave his side.

  6. Oh I feel the same way about Ikea! We usually plan to go to at least one concert a summer in Dallas and that's when we make our ikea trip! Maybe look for a good concert and you can make a little weekend trip out of it. I want to watch glee too! I heard you can watch them on hulu. Good luck with the dining room situation, I'd say use it as a dining room, it'd be handy if you were throwing a shower for someone.

  7. I'm sure I'll be considered a very sheltered girl for saying this but I've actually never stepped foot in an in the heart of the Midwest doesn't lend itself to visiting IKEA on a regular basis so I try not to even tempt myself!

    Hmmm...such decisions with your front room. If you're a reader then a nice sitting area would be nice with no tv for distraction...but a dining room could also be beneficial if you like to entertain frequently!

  8. Look at you and all your room! You went from not having enough to have so many rooms you don't know what to do with them! What a good problem to have :)

    I think I like the idea of a craft room disguised as a dining room. I would adore a hutch thing to hide wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, scrapbook stuff, hot glue gun, all that jazz that I have stashed in the backs of closets, thrown in drawers and stuffed under my bed. You could also prob use your dining room if you have your Bible study or church friends over? Maybe even store board games in a hutch?

    And then, you know, like at Thanksgiving, maybe you could be the hostess!

    (If I had my own craft room I would craft instead of leaving ridiculously long comments about how I would use a craft room!)

  9. I'm the same way about TJ and Hobby Lobby...I could go there every day and spend hours there!

    You should definitely watch the first season of's my fave :)

  10. Hey we are getting ready to go to Dallas and I would be more than happy to pick up the shelves for you if you think they will fit in my little 4-door car. Let me know if you want me to try :)

  11. Love Random Thursday Thoughts. :)

    If I had an Ikea near me, I would pick it up and bring it to you...Alex travels to OKC quite a bit. Dallas is the closest one to me too though. :(

    As for your extra room. We have a kitchen nook and a dining room, as well. We actually use the dining room when we have family or church members over...comes in handy around the holidays especially. Our layout is probably different than yours though...not sure that we could use our space for anything but a dining room. I would wait until you get a better idea of what you would use more though, because dining room tables are expensive! :)

    I'm no help at all. Sorry!

  12. I know what you mean about those front rooms! I feel like they are, uh, out of style! You use the dining room about 3 times a year, and then when it's a living room, everyone just uses the family room instead! lol. I always tell clients to make it a study or a fun room, like a game room, esp young couples! :)

  13. You are cracking me up about the earthquakes, but truth be told me and my husband have had the same talks in our house. How far is Dallas from where you live? That would give you and Caroline a chance to go shopping too! :)

  14. Have a friend come visit you and bring your Ikea thing. Treat them to a fun din din and gift for their helpfulness.

  15. First of all, yes you must watch Glee! I guarantee it'll lower your stress levels :) That show always makes me smile!

    Second of all... With the dining room, have you thought about turning it into a pool table room? Not sure if that's something you and Luke would enjoy, but I know my guy and I have talked about doing that at our next house :) We'd much rather have a pool table than a big formal dining table we'd never use!

  16. Ha! I'm with you on the earthquake thing. It's seems like they're happening every other week.

  17. All these earthquakes are craziness...I'm scared it might be the end too... : (

  18. You read alot, right? I think you could set up the sitting room in a comfortable way so it would be something like a study/sitting room/reading room?

    And GLEE is one of my goals too! Glad we're equally ambitious.

  19. Glee is AWESOME! You have to watch it so you can post comments about it... because I am certain you would write very fun blogs about it.

    Secondly... dining room TOTALLY!! love the hutch idea to hide board games and crafts. We eat our meals in front of the tv, but we use our dining room table for small group get-togethers for church and holidays and crafts and games! I love dressing up the table- makes me feel like a real homeowner :)

    tables can be expensive... but you can find decent ones to paint or cover with a tablecloth at the good will or garage sales. and we bought our chairs at ikea... which I know doesn't help you right now.

  20. love the idea of turning dining room into study. My sister turned hers into a loft/dining room.. its super cute!

    #2 made me laugh! : )

  21. Ikea is so fun! I hope they open up a location near you soon!!

  22. I would join you on the street corner because I've been feeling exactly the same way!

  23. Dude, there are so many directions I want to go with this comment.

    First off, I've never been to IKEA. Maybe we should just drive towards each other until we hit IKEA and then shop our hearts out? Well, that'd probably be a giant waste of time. Plus how would we be able to shop while talking about Edward and Jacob, really?

    Please VLOG when you shout "it's the end of the world" on the street corner. That's blogging at its finest.

    Bummer about NYC. I have been trying to convince my BFFs we need to go there one weekend, but of course everyone is super busy. It blows.

    God I love TJ Maxx.

    I too am trying to watch Glee. Who knew our schedules would be so demanding of our TV time.

    My friends are all far away too. It sucks.

    I don't remember being a student either... and it's only been like.. 10 months for me. Boo.

    Dude, that front room dilemma sucks. There is no good answer, cause you will probably never use that room. Not as a dining room, not as a lounge, not as a study. We need to sit by the TV with our computers, you know?

    Ok, I think that about covers it. Longest comment ever. I win.


  24. honestly, it would look really good as a dining room because it's so can decorate the table up really cute and change it often for a new look. But you do read a lot, you could make it a reading room with cool bookcases and cozy chairs and ottomans.

    Also, I told you not to go all out with the house it's overwhelming and it can't be perfect in the first three weeks you live there. Ok, I'm done.

  25. I have so many random responses!

    3. I adore IKEA! It's so hard not to walk out with a ton of cheap little things (that are all awesome).
    5. Glee is my fave. It's like the miracle mood improver. I usually watch all the episodes more than once while I'm doing work... but that might just be me.
    7. I feel ya. I feel like that stuff comes in streaks. Hopefully a good streak is on the way : )
    10. Pick what you think you will use the most! I think a study sounds good- it's important to have a good work space.

    Great post!

  26. You are so sweet, Megan!!! I sooooo wish I was going to ATL in a couple of weeks to meet you in person!!! :) I feel inadequate all the time...and I, too, am in a weird "stage of life" for friends. I juse don't have that many close "gal pals"--for various reasons. Good luck with the house stuff!!! And have a good weekend!

  27. You will LOVE GLEE!!!!!!!

    And I feel you on the inadequate statement. It's a sucky feeling.

  28. Don't forget the volcano in Europe!

    It is definately End of Days.

    Nice knowing you.

  29. we've been talking for a while now about going to Ikea to look around, a friend got some great bookshelves there too! we have one not too far now, we haven't been in years!

    I could and might go to TJ Maxx all the time! We don't have any Hobby Lobbys, it sounds like I could get lost in there for a while too :)

    We love Glee! We are Gleeks! Both of us :)

  30. There's an Ikea in Atlanta, but I wonder how much it would cost to have the bookcase fly back with you?

    I vote for a study so you could have a desk and a comfy reading nook. That would be so cool! But, also a dining room would be good for hosting more family dinners like you did at Easter. Oh, decisions, decisions!

    I love the randomness and I love you too! Can't wait until next weekend!!!

  31. I like number 5 especially!


  32. Just thought you should know that you're not inadequate. At all.

    Sometimes I need someone to remind me of Truth, so I thought maybe I'd be that person for you today! :-)

  33. I'm the same way about decorating - I want everything done now!! I remember the hubs cutting me off when we first bought our house. Now that we're moving in a year or so, I just know it will all start again. LOL


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