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Project 365 - Week 16

Week 16! I was just talking to someone today about how this year is flying by, so crazy!

Sunday April
Two weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted a certain IKEA bookshelf. My mom's amazing friend was in Dallas for the weekend and offered to bring it back for us, which was so gracious. So Sunday she dropped off the bookshelves and Luke went to put them together. This was when we realized one of the boxes was mislabeled and we had one box with the wrong color of shelves. Bummer. We are going to make a trip to Dallas to return them. This was before we realized what happened. We are still grateful that my mom's friend brought them to us, it was so nice of her.
Monday April
It was a pretty slow day, and about 9:00 that night I realized I hadn't seen the past 3 weeks of Desperate Housewives so I decided to watch them. The show is no where near as good as it used to be, but still a bit enjoyable.
Tuesday April 20th
My awesome sister drove two hours to come do my hair. She does this for almost free and I appreciate it so much. She of course brought my adorable little nephew so Luke and I had fun playing with him, he is growing too fast. Luke just had to take this picture, he thought it was hilarious. Also that night my friend Jayma came over and we watched Lost and the Thunder game. Such a fun night!
Wednesday April 21st
My yummy Subway lunch which prompted my Subway post which prompted many of you gagging. I will still eat Subway, my mouth is salivating just looking at this picture.
Thursday April 22
My grandparents came over to see our house and we went to eat with them and my aunt and 3 cousins. It was great. Here is a pic of me and my grandparents.
Friday April 23
Friday morning I woke up bright and early and headed to Atlanta. I was a bit nervous to fly by myself but it all worked out (well at least it did on Friday, Sunday was a different story). I plan on doing a full ATL post tomorrow.
Saturday April 24
Hanging with my lovely girls at a restaurant in Atlanta. My heart just swells thinking of our time together. Such fun times.


  1. I hate that DH is nowhere near as good as it used to be! Dangit! But, I still watch faithfully... just because!

    Your sandwich is making me drool too... :)

  2. Your grandparents are so young! Lucky!

    Desperate Housewives picked up this past Sunday, I think. I dunno about you but I was riveted to the screen. DRAMA!

    Also, the pic of you and your hair completes my life. Hahaha love it!

  3. Loved all the pics Megan! Can't wait for your ATL recap!! :)

  4. The conference sounded like a lot of fun:)

  5. I'm a fellow Project Lifer :o) Just dropping in to say hi! Love your blog!

  6. How sweet of someone to deliver the shelves for you! It stinks that the color was a wrong on one of them!

  7. I could really go for some Subway right about now. Your picture just won me over.

  8. I love the pic of you getting your hair done! You have flawless skin, so pretty! Can't wait to read more and see more about Atlanta!!

  9. I agree completely about Desperate Housewives, it's nowhere near as good as it used to be, but I still watch it too. I absolutely love your Project 365 photos, and am so tempted to try it next year!

  10. love that pic of you and your hair!! haha. looks like a fun week :)

  11. What a great week you had, minus the Ikea bookshelf mishap. I've heard more people with problems about Ikea.

  12. BTW, I just became your 500th follower! Congrats!

  13. Great Pics this week. I was at the conference too on Saturday, but in Traverse City, Mi. I loved it. I had a great time with my friends too.

  14. I love Subway too, we eat it all the time. :) Fun pictures!

  15. Have you tried Quizno's? Love their toasted turkey bullets with a cup of chicken noodle -yum! After reading your post I always look down now to see if the employee's shirt is anywhere near my sandwich (luckily not!).

  16. Great are seriously so adorable...even when you're having your hair done.

  17. Yay for getting your hair did.
    Yay for Subway.
    Yay for traveling.


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