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Project 365 - Week 15

Sunday April 11:
In my last post I mentioned that Luke is the cat whisperer. On Sunday we went on a walk and this cat just came running to him like he was his best friend.
Monday April 12th:
This week on campus was Student Worker Appreciation week so on Monday we took our student workers out to eat for lunch. I will miss them when they graduate!
Tuesday April 13th:
This was a slow day. Luke had to stay at the church late so I came home did my Couch to 5k almost collapsed and then came home and rested. Tough day. Here are my feet in my new grass.
Wednesday April 14th:
This was just a normal day, work then we went to church for vision meeting at church. BUT my picture is my outfit for the day because I threw this outfit on and got more comments on it then I have ever gotten on an outfit. I was honestly running late for work and went to my backup outfit of a dress over my leggings. Then I remembered it was a bit chilly outside so I put this cardigan on over it. Nothing special. I had the funniest comments. One person even asked me if I had just got out of dance class (I do not dance, nor do I go to class).
Thursday April 15th:
I came home from work and did my Couch to 5K and documented one of the insane hills in my neighborhood. I feel like this picture doesn't even do it justice. They are MASSIVE.
Friday April 16th:
I took the day off of work because Luke and I were originally supposed to be in NYC and I had already planned to have the day off. Then we decided to go to Dallas for the day, but that morning decided not to go. So we just spent a day in the city running around getting stuff for the house.That night I made Pioneer Woman's Chicken Parmiginia. Yum Yum!
Saturday April 17th:
It was a rainy Saturday so we took advantage of the time and home and started to hang up decorations on the wall. It was a challenge cause I have no idea where I want to hang things, but we made progress! Woo hoo!
So it was a pretty slow week but a good one.


  1. Looks like you had a great week!! I totally love that outfit! I can totally see why you got so many compliments on it <3

  2. Love that outfit, it really is super cute! :)

  3. That outfit is fabulous! It sort of reminds of Madonna (1980's Madonna), but more put together and a little more 2010. How about you help me put together cute outfits in exchange for me providing you with recipes. Deal? :)

  4. Love love the pics! Of course the grass pic is my favorite!

  5. You're so cute in your dance class outfit :-) and have I mentioned that I'm so excited to meet you soon! yay!

  6. I would totally wear that outfit. And if someone asked if I was going to dance class I would say YA SO WHAT? Jealous??


  7. I had to laugh at the commode in your picture....

    Oh man - hills NEVER look like they feel... I can feel ya sister on that one!

  8. So sad about NYC, but you will have fun in ATL. I can't wait to hear all about it!!

  9. I love that outfit! The cardigan reminds me of a sunrise.

  10. you look so cute! that's such a bummer about NYC, are you going to get to reschedule?? that dinner looks SO yummy! and yay for getting decorations up, it feels so good! :)

  11. You look adorable in that outfit! I'm glad you've begun the process of decorating, it was taking that first step that made me feel so good!

  12. I love the Luke is a cat whisperer! I love cats (as you can prob. tell from my obsession with mine).

    You look adorable in your "dance class" outfit! It's very "now" with a touch of 80s.

    PS- Thanks for the backsplash love!

  13. Love these posts! Good for you for keeping up the running. Running and I have a ongoing love-hate relationship. Right now it's hate.

  14. I take FOREVER trying to decide where to hang things on our walls! Looking forward to meeting you this weekend, Megan!

  15. Such a cute blog! I love it :) and your outfit is great! xx


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