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A little problem with my favorite sandwich

I need to talk to you all about something. It is something that has bothered me for awhile but I have never voiced it.

It has to do with Subway.

Now, I love Subway. Love it more than any other sandwich chain in America.

But something bothers me.

And I have tried to dismiss it for quite sometime but I can't anymore.

I have only discussed this one other person in my life and that was Luke.

So here goes.

We all know how the Subway sandwich maker stands behind that glass and that counter full of deli meat, cheese, and veggies galore right?

Well, I have noticed that when this said Subway sandwich maker leans over to put said deli meat, cheese and veggies galore on my sandwich they lean over my sandwich and MORE TIMES THAN NOT their shirt rubs on my sandwich.

This is when my mind starts running wild and I imagine this shirt rolled up in some corner of their dirty room somewhere.

Or a cat sitting and peeing on it and then the person not knowing it and throwing it on cause they are late to work and then this same cat pee filled shirt rubs on my sandwich.

These are the type of things that go through my head.

I have been known to see a Subway sandwich maker's shirt rub on my sandwich, go home and tear off that part of the wonderful sandwich and throw it away.

I have also been known to go home and go through the scenarios in my head: Lets say this shirt was rolled up in the corner of a dirty room only to touch my sandwich mere hours later, and then I ate that sandwich, what would happen to me?

Most likely nothing.

So I dismiss it from my head and enjoy my sandwich.

People, this is self control at its finest. I mean I cannot exercise this type of self control when it comes to not eating chocolate chip cookies, but dismissing a dirty shirt from my mind seems to come easy.

I have learned my lesson and now I refuse to watch my sandwich being made. I simply turn my eyes away from the production of my wonderful sandwich.

I usually just look to the left of where I am standing. I'm sure the workers at my favorite Subway think that I have eye sight problems.

Little do they know it's just mind problems, and if I see their shirt touch my sandwich my mind will run wild.

So while exercising healthy eating habits with a veggie filled sandwich (and cheese, creamy Italian dressing and salt and pepper) I also like to exercise healthy mind habits and dismiss thoughts of dirty shirts in the corners of rooms from my mind.

Now don't get me wrong. I still love my Subway, I could never turn my back on them, I just think they need to implement a new sandwich making system.

Preferably one that does not involve the sandwich maker leaning over my sandwich. Lets not even talk about the one time a person was short and leaned over to get my veggies and the armpit of their shirt touched my sandwich.


Has anybody else noticed this?


  1. I think I just gagged in regards to the arm pit! Grossss!

    I have never noticed this but it makes perfect sense! Ugh now I can never eat there again! I'm going to have to watch my sandwich like a hawk!

  2. I have NEVER noticed this but now I think I might be looking away too when my sandwich is made, LOL!!!

  3. I actually noticed something similar last time I went. They make the sandwiches with gloves on but to cut it in half she leaned on it with her ungloved skin. Freaked me out.

  4. I notice stuff like that all the time and I hardly EVER go into a fast food place - instead I have Steve go in or I go through the drive thru where I can't see who makes my food. I am a big germaphobe and I don't even touch menu's at restaurants!

  5. I am not sure if I can eat there without thinking of that...great post! I too love Subway - it is mindless healthy! Love, MG

  6. Oh my...I just had Subway for lunch today... I'll be looking for this now.. just asking for the veggies in the first row so no leanage...

  7. ugh! noooo but I definitely had subway for lunch and now I'm going to think about it forever!!! lol

  8. haha that's hilarious about not being able to exercise self-restraint with cookies but able to put the nasty shirt-rub out of your mind. I'm great at that too.

  9. That is so finny! I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I love Subway as well but something that bothers me is that they don't always change gloves in between sandwhiches. I always ask them to get new gloves and they look at me like I am a jerk for making them take time our of their day to do that. Oh Well! Keep posting...I love reading your blog!

  10. haha! This is so something my husband would notice and completely freak out over! Thankfully, I've never noticed this happen at our Subway... I'm going to have to keep and eye now though. ...Or maybe it's best that I don't :) lol

  11. I have definitely noticed this! It is so yucky who knows what is on their shirt! I always think about gross things like that too like at restaurants when they clean dirty plates from a table and then they bring your food out...did they wash their hands after they picked up the dirty plates? most likely not a lot of the time.

    Another thing that sort of disgusts me is that they use the same knife to cut all of the sandwiches at the end at subway. I realize it's not real practical to get a new knife everytime but it still grosses me out. Who KNOWS what bacteria has grown on that knife throughout the day!

  12. Oh no, something new to notice and fret over!!! =)

    Nope never noticed, but now I will. Hmmm I remember the days when they didn't wear gloves. That's all kinds of craziness in the head!!

    Have a Super day,

  13. I am not a huge sandwich girl in the first place... but BARF. BARF. You have just ruined Subway for me. Forever.

    Maybe I'm just hoping your sandwich makers are short... and mine are tall and able to reach easily and not get cat pee all over my sammie.

    Gross. I'll never eat sandwiches again. BARF! UGH!

  14. Did you know that Subway actually ranked as the dirtiest fast food chains in America? Number 4 to be exact

    Another beef I have with them, and I know you could care less about things a-naturale (HA!), but there is High Fructose Corn Syrup in their bread. I hate when places claim to be a healthy option, when all healthy means is low-calorie.

    Ok, I'll put my soap box back in the garage now.

  15. I've never thought about this but sure as heck will be thinking about this now! And the short person thing-ahh! Not sure I could dismiss that one from my mind!

  16. Ewww I've never thought about that till now. Now I will have to watch since you said it. Dammit :)

  17. Eeewww. I've never noticed before, but I will now!! Ugh. I need to pick a Subway with really tall clean employees. Good luck I guess.

  18. I have noticed this too which is probably why I don't go to Subway very often. You are hilarious by the way and this post is so well written. Maybe send it to Subway so they will get a clue, hehe :)

  19. Having worked in and managed a kitchen of a restaurant, you don't even want to contemplate half of it. And I was CRAZY about keeping my kitchen clean. Just about killed a kid that was bad about putting the raw chicken bucket down on counters. I'd follow him around with disinfectant. Anyway, yes, my clothing was always disgusting by the end of a shift. I was always mortified if I had to cover waiting tables and go out on the floor in my grubbiness.

  20. Ewwwwwwww... and I was going to get Subway for dinner tonight! Now I don't think I can :( Ewwwwwww!!!! lol

  21. I have never noticed this, but boy am I going to be watching them like a hawk now!! Ewwww!! I think you should work up the nerve to say something!! After all, it's made your way right? Or is that burger king's saying? I would totally say something!!!

  22. Oh boy! I know what I am going to notice the next time I am at subway!!

  23. Here's my beef with Subway.......

    They don't change gloves between sandwiches. I don't like condiments and so many times my sandwich gets mayo or mustard on it because of the sandwich before it. Then, I have to rip up the bread.

    The worst part is if the knife from the sandwich before gets the grossness IN my sandwich.

    Now, I will be watching for the shirt.

  24. i found your blog through kelly's korner too and don't think you're crazy for one second...people do yucky things :) i'm just glad to hear there are other out there that are crazy like me!

  25. Haha, too funny! I'm not a Subway fan, but I do stop and pick it up for my husband occasionally when I don't feel like making dinner. He would totally freak out if I shared this with him and would never eat Subway again; therefore, I'll just keep this little tidbit to myself! Subway is the only thing that will sufficiently replace a home cooked meal in his mind!

  26. Hahaha you are so funny! I think things like this too, I am such a germophobe!

  27. GAG!!!! I would prob say I wanted a new sandwhich without their cat pee shirt touching it... ahhh

  28. I am, once again, reminded why I love you. It's not because we are alike in our thinking. It's because I get to see the world through an entirely new perspective. You make me smile.


  29. Oh how I love your blog! It's nice to be reassured that there are other people out there who think just like I do.

  30. I don't go to Subway much but this has definitely not crossed my mind. LOL

  31. Kroger cashier sniffed my Italian Parsley...she didn't believe that was what it was apparently..."get your nose out of my parsley" are not weird

  32. have you ever noticed that they do not take off their gloves when they open the toaster machine? aka germs off that handle go on your sub...i am always so so paranoid about it!!


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