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I'm a jogger......

There was a time in my life when I lived in an apartment and had access to a free treadmill.

And at some point during the course of my apartment-hood I decided that I would start jogging.

I had a neat little Couch to 5K application on my iPhone that fueled my fire and sure enough I started jogging 3 times a week.

And before I knew it I had worked myself up to 3 miles. THREE miles.

Now I know three miles isn't all that much, but for someone who lists her extracurricular activities as "reality television watching" three miles was like climbing my very own little Mt. Everest.

I got into a routine and hitting the treadmill three times a week just became apart of who I am.

I even referred to myself as a "jogger."

A little bit of pride may have been involved.

People would ask me what I planned on doing when we moved into a home and I no longer had a free treadmill and I would laugh at them.

Psh, didn't they know I was a jogger now? I didn't need a treadmill I could conquer the great outdoors. I laughed at the thought of running outside. Easy schmeasy.

And then I moved into our home and a month passed before I attempted jogging.

And then one fateful Tuesday afternoon while driving home from work I decided that it was a beautiful day and it was worthy of a good jog.

"An easy three miles" I thought.

And then I jogged in my new neighborhood.

Full of hills.

With wind gusts close to that of an Oklahoma tornado.

With dirt blowing in my eyes.

And dogs growling at me looking at me like I would make a tasty snack.

And people driving by me almost running me over.

And one man passing me 3 different times, even though I tried to change my course so that I wouldn't have to face the humiliation of barely scooting by him while he ran past me like he was in a flipping marathon.

And the friendliest people in the world driving by me all waving as they drove by, and me trying my best to lift my arm to give a simple wave when all I wanted to do was lie down and cry.

At one point I was pretty sure I was going to die and the only thing that kept me going was the fact that I now refer to myself as a jogger and I had something to prove.

Even though the speed that going would never qualify as a jog. In fact it might be considered a leisurely stroll.

So I am afraid that my days as a jogger are now over and I need to go back to being a cookie connoisseur and reality TV show watcher.

Sometimes we just have to accept our callings in life and go with it.

Please excuse me while I enjoy a funfetti cookie and some Dancing with the Stars.

It's what I'm best at.


  1. I'm with ya girl! Just go with who you are! ha ha

  2. You are so funny! I hate working out SO much. BUT I'm trying... 2 miles a day and The Shred. Ugh. I've managed a few days in a row, and once I'm not sore anymore- maybe it will be good. Ha!

  3. I absolutely hate running outside. I know running on a treadmill is way easier, but I would rather take the easy route if I'm having to fun.

  4. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Running on treadmill indoors is much, much different from running outside. My workouts have gone down to nothing ever since we moved into our house. Good luck!

  5. The wind is HORRIBLE.

  6. LOL... girl, I'm with you. I gave up jogging a while back. And running outside is NOTHING like running on the treadmill, right? Yeah, I found that out the hard way too.

    I was just hoping the hubs would come looking for me if I didn't return home. LOL.

  7. Oh No! Don't give up just yet. Yes, the outside non treadmill runs have bugs and dirt, and dogs and nosy neighbors, but the change of scenery and feeling of accomplishment after the run are all worth it.

    I will be honest and tell you it took me three times through couchto5K before I became a real jogger who could handle hills and maintain a decent speed.

  8. I'm right there with you! I stopped by the gym to run and the baby decided to throw a fit in the nursery so I thought I'll just take her home and run outside. Not so much. The wind was blowing so hard I felt like I was running underwater. No thanks I prefer some air conditioning while I run. :)

  9. I definitely don't jog much (just downloaded couch to 5k, so hopefully that will change), but I totally agree-jogging outside is totally different!! I live in a neighborhood where a lot of the kids at my school live. That makes it 10x worse when they're yelling my name as I jog down the street. Good luck to you!

  10. Girl, you can do it!!

    I mean, if you want to.

    Meanwhile... I'll be on the couch with my famous cookies. Feel free to join me... but don't complain if my butt takes up too much of the couch!

  11. Awwww Megan you are still a jogger! It takes some really crummy runs that make you want to eat about 1000 cookies to realize how much you enjoy the good ones. Keep it up! :)

  12. TOO funny!!!! Keep at it, girlie!!! Although those OK winds are NO FUN!

  13. You do the same form of exercise I do!!! No, not the jogging... The reality tv watching :D It's way underrated...

  14. My husband and I have decided that we are going to be joggers now! First 5k, then half marathon and next spring the "big one"! This is all in theory though. I keep trying to come up with all the excuses I'm going to make and OK weather is most certainly one of them! Good luck on your next neighborhood run (should you attempt one)!

  15. That's hilarious! I feel the same way about jogging outside in Oklahoma! It's too dang windy this time of year and then it gets too hot! There's never a good time. You might try running on the track at a gym or nearby school for a while to get used to the outdoors before you try real streets. Keep going! You're a jogger now :)

  16. I'm totally with you...I've decided that I'm just NOT a jogger! Give me a nice brisk walk anyday but no thanks on the jogging! Enjoy your funfetti cookie!

  17. I used to love the treadmill more then outside... now, I cant bear to get on that contraption. Give me the hills & air anyday... hang in there - it'll get easier.

  18. I too long to be a runner, but it's just not in the cards for me! Funfetti cookies and DWTS are much more up my alley.

  19. I hate, hate, hate running against the wind. It's not just that the treadmill is easier. There is air conditioning inside, there is a t.v. inside, there is a fan inside that blows just the right amount of air (you get it). I get bored outsied, but stupid reality t.v. helps me pass the time on the treadmill. Also waiting a month and then trying to jog might be part of the problem.

  20. You are too funny! Don't give up. :o) Running outside is definitely more of a challenge, start with just a 10-12 minute jog/leisurely stroll and work your way up from there. That's how I started and I still have to resort to it every now and then. I really don't understand those people who actually ENJOY the working out process. Eck. Not me. But my food loving tummy thanks me for trying.

  21. Hahaha. Love it. I'm a cupcake and movie gal myself. Family full of runneres. Me? I'm an eliptical girl.

  22. You are hilarious! You inspired me to download the couch to 5k app last night. I am NOT a runner/jogger or even a casual exerciser, so this will be tough to stick with. But I did day 1 today and feel very good about myself, so maybe I'll be able to follow through this time :)

  23. You're not alone! Running is SOOO hard. We've been training for a half and while we were running outside the other day, I literally stopped in my tracks and started crying right there in the middle of the road. Ya, pretty pathetic. But running outside is so darn hard ;)

  24. so many of my comments to you begin the same way, you crack me up :) i need some of your couch to 5k discipline! i was never a runner but started running with Hubby before we had our first little guy and couldn't believe that i got up to 5 miles! i used to huff and puff jogging down the (very short) driveway to the mailbox, ha! it has been too long and i fear i couldn't make it very far at all anymore, but i am also very good at eating and tv show watching (good evening relax time with the Hubs you know :)). ;)

  25. :) I started backwards... Trained for my first 5k during the crazy August heat & humidity outdoors, then switched to training indoors during the crazy cold winter we had...

    Now I can't bring myself to get back outdoors! I know I've got a rude awakening when I do!

    And PS, love the blog!


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