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House Project #2

This weekend Luke and I conquered our house project #2: painting the front door.

For some reason our front door was green. I'm beginning to think the previous home owners loved green. Anybody remember the green carpet? I have nothing against the color green. In fact I listed it as my favorite color in grades 3rd - 5th (I moved on to yellow after that). But green doesn't really seem to fit the color scheme of the house. So we have begun removing green from the house.

But lets not kid ourselves, we all know from my desperate pleas of needing decorating help that I know nothing about color schemes.

I have owned my bedspread for 2 years and all this time I thought it was turquoise and brown. I found out this past weekend it is brown and GREEN.

After I bought like 10 turquoise decorating items. Cool.

And let's not talk about how the color green is haunting me everywhere I go.

Self pity party over back to the door.

Luke and I had decided that we were going to buy a pretty wooden door with a glass window.

Then we priced them.

Then I fainted.

Then we decided to just paint our metal door and call it a day.

I mean really, have you priced wooden doors with glass? ARE THEY MADE OF GOLD?!?! They are so flipping expensive, and while I would love to have one I would rather spend my money on something else.

Like more turquoise decorations to go with my green bedspread.

So after deciding to paint the door I did some research online, well when I say online I obviously mean blogs because that is my number one source for any sort of advice on any subject.

I found lots of blogs where people painted doors and decided that this would be a fairly easy project and we (Luke) should tackle it.

So I sent Luke an email with several blogs attached and told him lets do this and get this paint to which he replied "Oh is that what your lovely blogging friends told you to do?"

He has blog issues.

But he did end up buying the exact paint my bloggy friends suggested so don't worry he does trust the lovely blogging friends.

So on a beautiful Saturday morning we whipped out the paint and I began painting the door.

It was my first time to paint in over 10 years. I had an unfortunate accident on a mission trip in junior high involving me, a gallon of white paint, and the home-owners prized garden.

I have never forgotten what a gallon of paint looks like all over a garden after it has fallen off of a ladder.

Or my youth pastor's face as he watched the gallon of paint fall into the prized garden.

I mean who gives a 13 year old girl a gallon of paint on a ladder?!? I'm just saying....

OK Back to the door:

I started painting Saturday morning and lasted roughly around 30 minutes.

Painting is hard work and my hand started cramping.

So Luke took over and I may have seen him roll his eyes.

I was having too many flashbacks of the mission trip in junior high and I just couldn't handle the pressure.

I was given multiple threats to not spill the paint on our new wood floor.

It was all just so nerve wracking.

Here is cute Luke hard at work painting the door. We decided to paint the inside of the door and I am so glad that we did.
Here are some before and after pics:

After outside:
Before Inside:After Inside:

I love the way it turned out and I'm so glad I have a husband who is such a hard worker!

Oh and please ignore the blank walls. I have yet to tackle hanging decorations.

And I have now written the longest post ever about painting a door. That my friends is talent.


  1. Wow. The difference is incredible! It's amazing what a little can of paint can do for a front porch. :) It looks great, girl. Good job!

  2. Black? Who'da thunk? Looks a-mazing. I'm thoroughly impressed.

  3. That door looks AMAZING now!! Love it :)

  4. It looks fabulous. Great work!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Love the black door, and provides such a great backdrop for decorating ideas on those blank walls that I promise I ignored per your instructions. I giggle that your husband had blog issues, I think all of ours do to a certain extinct. It's the lack of attention that they get from the time we spend in this crazy little part of the world

  7. Looks amazing!! This is on our to-do list this Spring. I just can't decide on a color... Although I'm really digging that black! Might just go with that :)

  8. The front door looks amazing! The colour works perfectly with the bricks. The wreath and the mat are so cute. You can decorate girl!

    come see me at

  9. Looks great way better than the green! :)

  10. When I first started reading, I thought, Well I kinda like green! But then when I saw the before and after pictures, I can totally see the difference. It looks great!

  11. It looks so much better! I've been meaning to do ours black, but haven't gotten around to it yet. You've inspired me to get it done!

  12. When will Luke realize that the bloggy world is filled with nothing but voices of experience? :)

    Love the door.. I was expecting RED but love the black!! Very classy!

  13. Exactly! (to what Rebecca Jo said) Was envisioning red, but the black is so much better! Quit claiming you don't have design talent!

  14. Wow, I wouldn't have thought to go with black for a front door but it looks VERY classy! Tell Luke good job!

  15. Love the door! It looks awesome. I need to do the same thing to my door this weekend!

  16. What a difference a little bit of paint makes! It looks great!

  17. LOVE IT!! and my hubby has bloggy issues too! i am glad i am not the only one who gets eyes rolled at them for our awesome imaginary friends!

  18. Love it - and your house looks so cute! I like the different door knobs too - see you know what you're doing!

  19. That door looks fantastic!!! Great job :)

  20. Wow...that looks fabulous! Maybe I should paint our front door now...or at least have Hubby do it!

  21. I love it! We painted ours chocolate brown. I'm now thinking we should paint the inside as well. It's still plain 'ole white. Love how yours turned out!!

  22. I like it! I always love reading your posts!

  23. Look great!

  24. It looks great, and your wreath is a lovely touch!

  25. Wood doors are very expensive!! We decided to not do a new one too cause of the price, there are other things that need to be done! I LOVE how your front door turned out!! Great job!!

  26. Oh the joys of home ownership. I'm so glad we're still renting for now!

    But the door looks amazing! What a great choice. :)

  27. It makes a huge difference! I love it!

  28. It turned out SO great!! Crazy what a bit of paint can do for a metal door!

  29. Oh huge difference, it looks GREAT!!

  30. Looks GREAT!! I'm loving all the house pics girl!

  31. Love, love, love the black door! If you can't tell, I'm catching up on old posts of yours that I've missed!


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