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Random Thursday Thoughts

1. This week is flying by, and let's not even talk about the year. Is it seriously MAY?!? I feel like the winter usually drags on but this year it just zoomed by.

2. When we moved into our house my MIL brought me a Scentsy warmer and 3 scents. Now I am considering selling it. Any Scentsy fans out there?

3. This may be a post for another day but our house is the very first house in our neighborhood and I sometimes forget about a little thing called see-through-windows and walk around partially clothed with all of the windows open. This has caused me to jump down and crawl on the floor many times when I realize any and everybody can see right into our home. Luke pointed out that they could still see me crawling, I'm still half clothed - just lower to the ground.

4. I haven't been blogging as much lately. I tend to go through blogging ruts, I think it's normal.

5. I crave frozen yogurt on a daily basis now that we have a frozen yogurt store on EVERY corner. I think it's a conspiracy.

6. My student worker just told me about a marathon in DISNEY WORLD. It starts at night and you run through the parks and then finish up at Epcot for a giant party. Um, that sounds like marathon heaven (which could be an oxymoron). I don't want to do a full marathon but could seriously consider the half-marathon if Disney World is involved.

7. That motivation might help me get through hill #5867 when I am running through my neighborhood and would rather sit down and cry but then I remember how weird people looked at my when I sat down and cried in the airport and that might be multiplied if I just sit down on a curb in our neighborhood and cry. And then Luke would be known as the man married to the "crier." Which let's face it thats how every other group of people identifies us, it would be nice if we kept this a secret from the people in our neighborhood.

8. When I do posts like this I feel like I have lost all ability to write a decent post and it scares me. Then I get over it.

9. Also twitter sometimes steals my posts. Sometimes I will have a post in mind and then I will put it into 140 characters and that said post that I was formulating in my mind has now turned into 140 measly characters, and has forever vanished into blog posts-that-could-have-been world.

10. We are getting a Chick Fila less than a mile from my work. PRAISE be to JESUS.

11. See I already tweeted that little fact about Chick Fila so I debated whether to even put it in this post, but there are some of you who don't follow me on twitter so you wouldn't have seen it, and then there are others of you who have seen it so then it will be redundant do you. SO confusing!

12. Who knew Twitter could bring so much stress to my life.


ATL Recap

It's time that I do a little recap over my Atlanta trip this past weekend.

Friday morning I woke up and headed to the airport. Well I had Luke drive me, I had never flown alone before and I was pretty nervous. But it all turned out ok, with the exception of Sunday.

When the plane landed in ATL I had a text from Jenna saying that she, Caroline and Faith were at the airport and wanted to say hello. I met up with them and then Erin called to let me know she was there. We all headed to Chick Fila to chat it up.

Here we are at Chick Fila:

Around 5:00 Erin and I headed back to the airport to pick up Rachel from In No Simple Language and Mrs. NCF. I had never met either of these girls but as soon as we saw each other it was like I had known them for years. They are both just so sweet and have such big hearts. God knew what he was doing when he planned for them to come, I don't know what I would have done without them on Sunday, they were still at the airport when I missed my flight. I love that they are both now my IRL friends!
We stopped by the hotel to drop off our luggage and then met up with Amy, Lianna, and Becca for dinner. What fun we had! Here we are at dinner after we told the waiter we all had met online and I'm 99% sure he didn't believe us. Throughout the weekend I found that I loved telling people we were a group of girls who met online. The look on people's faces is priceless. Amy and Lianna at dinner. Beautiful girls inside and out.
Becca lives in ATL so she met up with us all weekend and sat next to me at the conference. I had been so excited about meet up with her. Her blog is one that inspires me daily. She and her husband have such a heart for God's people it makes me cry just thinking about it. I am blessed to now call her a friend.Saturday morning we woke up bright and early (entirely too early for a Saturday morning) and went to eat breakfast. I made lots of new friends at breakfast and had a fun time. After breakfast we headed to the conference where Beth BROUGHT IT. She is such an amazing speaker and the time just flies by when I listen to her. I learned so many things, some of which I shared in my airport post and I am still processing the rest. I want to finish the book and then go through all of my notes.

Erin and I at the conference.
I had met Erin once before but this was my first time to spend a whole weekend with her. All weekend I was so thankful that she was there with me. She is one of those people that is just so sweet that it's contagious. I have learned that it's one thing to connect with a person through blogging/emailing but to truly connect with them when you are together in person is so amazing. She really just "gets" me and it was nice to have somebody to talk and talk and talk to.

A group of precious girls from the conference:After the conference we headed to eat dinner.

Well first we walked through rain for about a mile, sat in the parking lot for about an hour THEN we headed to eat.

And when I say rain I mean RAIN so please excuse my hair in all the pictures from here on out. But don't worry I'm not insecure about it!
The rest of Saturday night was wonderful. Dinner was so much fun and I'm pretty sure my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much
Our group of girls:
Pinksass met up with us at dinner. I have been friends with her through blogging and twitter for awhile now and we both share our love for Twilight and we aren't afraid or too old to say if we are Team Jacob or Team Edward. :-) She was just as fun and beautiful as I thought she would be. I am so glad she hung out with us on Saturday night.
I have been reading Amy's blog since I first started blogging and her blog always inspires me in one way or another. She always has such a great attitude and is beautiful from the inside out. It was so great to finally meet her.
Lyndsay and I, this girl is just down-right-funny. I mean hilarious. I wish I could spend everyday with her.
I did have a picture of me and Trina but I can't find it so here is Trina and Lyndsay looking all cute. Trina stayed at the same hotel as us and I am so glad she did. We have been blog friends for awhile but it was so nice to finally meet in person. She is so stylish, I need to take some pointers from her!

The weekend was different than I expected. I didn't have good or bad expectations, just such different expectations than how it was, but it was wonderful. All of these girls were amazing and between the conference and quality time with these girls the weekend was wonderful. Words cannot express how amazing all of these women are. I could say it a million times, but I wish I lived closer to all of them, but it just makes it that much better when we get together. I hope we can do it again soon!


Project 365 - Week 16

Week 16! I was just talking to someone today about how this year is flying by, so crazy!

Sunday April
Two weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted a certain IKEA bookshelf. My mom's amazing friend was in Dallas for the weekend and offered to bring it back for us, which was so gracious. So Sunday she dropped off the bookshelves and Luke went to put them together. This was when we realized one of the boxes was mislabeled and we had one box with the wrong color of shelves. Bummer. We are going to make a trip to Dallas to return them. This was before we realized what happened. We are still grateful that my mom's friend brought them to us, it was so nice of her.
Monday April
It was a pretty slow day, and about 9:00 that night I realized I hadn't seen the past 3 weeks of Desperate Housewives so I decided to watch them. The show is no where near as good as it used to be, but still a bit enjoyable.
Tuesday April 20th
My awesome sister drove two hours to come do my hair. She does this for almost free and I appreciate it so much. She of course brought my adorable little nephew so Luke and I had fun playing with him, he is growing too fast. Luke just had to take this picture, he thought it was hilarious. Also that night my friend Jayma came over and we watched Lost and the Thunder game. Such a fun night!
Wednesday April 21st
My yummy Subway lunch which prompted my Subway post which prompted many of you gagging. I will still eat Subway, my mouth is salivating just looking at this picture.
Thursday April 22
My grandparents came over to see our house and we went to eat with them and my aunt and 3 cousins. It was great. Here is a pic of me and my grandparents.
Friday April 23
Friday morning I woke up bright and early and headed to Atlanta. I was a bit nervous to fly by myself but it all worked out (well at least it did on Friday, Sunday was a different story). I plan on doing a full ATL post tomorrow.
Saturday April 24
Hanging with my lovely girls at a restaurant in Atlanta. My heart just swells thinking of our time together. Such fun times.


A Debriefing

This past weekend was the Beth Moore conference in Atlanta combined with an awesome bloggy get together.

And an awesome time it was, but a recap of the trip will have to wait, because my Sunday coming home was incredibly interesting and God was totally speaking to me in the middle of the airport.

So backup story.

I had a flight at 1:40, got to the airport a little early, changed my flight to a 10:40 flight, missed that flight, a not-so-friendly-Delta worker told me there were absolutely no seats left going to OK the rest of the day, INSERT PANIC ATTACK, I was put on "standby" all day and hung around the airport hoping to get on a plane.

So here we go with what God was teaching me today:

My own personality is one of my biggest insecurities, and after reading So Long Insecurity it has made this insecurity stick out like a sore thumb in my life. In fact there was a time while reading the book that I wanted to slam it shut, chunk it across the room and say I refuse to read this Godly/biblical truth. I am better off living in denial.

However, I do desire to grow in my walk with God so I trudged forward, reading and looking forward to the conference weekend.

Never in a million years could I have predicted that this weekend would bring out some of my biggest insecurities.

It is safe to say that satan knew why I was at this event and tried his darndest to get me down. And sad to say I caved at some points. Which I always do, but luckily I always recognize it and sometimes can correct it.

It is ironic that I was in ATL for an insecurity conference and there were moments when I questioned everything about myself. There were moments when I didn't think I could receive the work that Beth was delivering because I was so convinced that if she was to meet me, she would not like my personality, therefore I was not worthy of receiving a message she was delivering (even though I know the message is from God, through Beth).

Writing all of that out, I know it sounds ridiculous and I know it is a lie, but in the moment it is a battle that is hard to fight. And honestly, I can't believe I am sharing these thoughts, but thats another thing about my personality that I don't like. I am an over-sharer and I can't be fake.

Because of my own issues with my insecurity with my personality I left the weekend beat down, frustrated, and trying to process the message from Saturday. I couldn't wait to get home and had called Luke that morning in tears telling him that I was just so ready to be home and I was going to try and get an earlier flight so that I could get home ASAP (HA).

And then something funny happened. I got STRANDED at an airport in a strange land. The girl who was literally crying to get home and had never wanted to get home SO badly and attempted to get home earlier, ended up stranded there for hours indefinitely.

At one point I thought I would never go home again.

I sat down had a LONG HARD cry, communicated through text with some bloggy friends who were local and would come pick me up if I needed it, threw myself the biggest pity party known to man, had a talk with God and let him know I was frustrated with him, and then got up and proceeded forward.

I could sit there and cry, which is what I wanted to do, or move on with my life. Always two options.

As the day continued on I made some awesome friends. I ate lunch with an older couple who had an amazing story including 35 years as missionaries in Japan. They prayed with me that I would get on the next flight out to OKC (which I did!)

I made friends with a girl who is a student at the university I work at and lives on the same street as me!

I made many other friends and had some great conversations, and such a wonderful time.

It wasn't until the end of my time, when I was about to board my plane when I realized that I let my personality shine on this day.

I had left the weekend feeling down on myself and defeated. I had received an awesome message from God, pertaining exactly to how I was feeling but I had not yet processed it.

If I had ended up going home at the time I planned I would have emotionally "thrown up" on Luke and it wouldn't have been pretty, or fair to either of us.

God literally had to get me stop moving and be still and remind me that I am His child, He created me with this personality, and when I stop obsessing over it (like I did this weekend) and just let it shine (like I did at the airport) He will use it for His good. Not that He can't use it for His good when I am obsessing over it, but if I am so obsessed with myself it is harder to discern His voice wanting to use me.

So I began the day in tears, broken down, and ended the long (SIX HOURS) day at the airport full of his presence.

It was almost like he especially designed a debriefing for me. I had time to process the words from the conference and even put them into practice.

I could go on and on about how He used this crazy day, but I am rambling and not explaining very coherently so it's time for me to wrap it up.

It was a great weekend I left with some new in real life friends, that I CANNOT wait to see again.

And FYI: I made it home at 6 and kissed the roads of Oklahoma. I've never been so happy to see this state.


A little problem with my favorite sandwich

I need to talk to you all about something. It is something that has bothered me for awhile but I have never voiced it.

It has to do with Subway.

Now, I love Subway. Love it more than any other sandwich chain in America.

But something bothers me.

And I have tried to dismiss it for quite sometime but I can't anymore.

I have only discussed this one other person in my life and that was Luke.

So here goes.

We all know how the Subway sandwich maker stands behind that glass and that counter full of deli meat, cheese, and veggies galore right?

Well, I have noticed that when this said Subway sandwich maker leans over to put said deli meat, cheese and veggies galore on my sandwich they lean over my sandwich and MORE TIMES THAN NOT their shirt rubs on my sandwich.

This is when my mind starts running wild and I imagine this shirt rolled up in some corner of their dirty room somewhere.

Or a cat sitting and peeing on it and then the person not knowing it and throwing it on cause they are late to work and then this same cat pee filled shirt rubs on my sandwich.

These are the type of things that go through my head.

I have been known to see a Subway sandwich maker's shirt rub on my sandwich, go home and tear off that part of the wonderful sandwich and throw it away.

I have also been known to go home and go through the scenarios in my head: Lets say this shirt was rolled up in the corner of a dirty room only to touch my sandwich mere hours later, and then I ate that sandwich, what would happen to me?

Most likely nothing.

So I dismiss it from my head and enjoy my sandwich.

People, this is self control at its finest. I mean I cannot exercise this type of self control when it comes to not eating chocolate chip cookies, but dismissing a dirty shirt from my mind seems to come easy.

I have learned my lesson and now I refuse to watch my sandwich being made. I simply turn my eyes away from the production of my wonderful sandwich.

I usually just look to the left of where I am standing. I'm sure the workers at my favorite Subway think that I have eye sight problems.

Little do they know it's just mind problems, and if I see their shirt touch my sandwich my mind will run wild.

So while exercising healthy eating habits with a veggie filled sandwich (and cheese, creamy Italian dressing and salt and pepper) I also like to exercise healthy mind habits and dismiss thoughts of dirty shirts in the corners of rooms from my mind.

Now don't get me wrong. I still love my Subway, I could never turn my back on them, I just think they need to implement a new sandwich making system.

Preferably one that does not involve the sandwich maker leaning over my sandwich. Lets not even talk about the one time a person was short and leaned over to get my veggies and the armpit of their shirt touched my sandwich.


Has anybody else noticed this?


Project 365 - Week 15

Sunday April 11:
In my last post I mentioned that Luke is the cat whisperer. On Sunday we went on a walk and this cat just came running to him like he was his best friend.
Monday April 12th:
This week on campus was Student Worker Appreciation week so on Monday we took our student workers out to eat for lunch. I will miss them when they graduate!
Tuesday April 13th:
This was a slow day. Luke had to stay at the church late so I came home did my Couch to 5k almost collapsed and then came home and rested. Tough day. Here are my feet in my new grass.
Wednesday April 14th:
This was just a normal day, work then we went to church for vision meeting at church. BUT my picture is my outfit for the day because I threw this outfit on and got more comments on it then I have ever gotten on an outfit. I was honestly running late for work and went to my backup outfit of a dress over my leggings. Then I remembered it was a bit chilly outside so I put this cardigan on over it. Nothing special. I had the funniest comments. One person even asked me if I had just got out of dance class (I do not dance, nor do I go to class).
Thursday April 15th:
I came home from work and did my Couch to 5K and documented one of the insane hills in my neighborhood. I feel like this picture doesn't even do it justice. They are MASSIVE.
Friday April 16th:
I took the day off of work because Luke and I were originally supposed to be in NYC and I had already planned to have the day off. Then we decided to go to Dallas for the day, but that morning decided not to go. So we just spent a day in the city running around getting stuff for the house.That night I made Pioneer Woman's Chicken Parmiginia. Yum Yum!
Saturday April 17th:
It was a rainy Saturday so we took advantage of the time and home and started to hang up decorations on the wall. It was a challenge cause I have no idea where I want to hang things, but we made progress! Woo hoo!
So it was a pretty slow week but a good one.


Random Thursday Thoughts

1. Luke and I are supposed to be on a plane to NYC right now, but due to some scheduling conflicts we decided that this wasn't the best time for a NYC trip. I was a little bummed. But also a little relieved as everything has been a bit chaotic lately. Hopefully we will go soon!

2. I am about two more earthquakes away from standing on a street corner yelling "It's the end of the world!!!!!!!!"

3. I wish so badly that we had an IKEA here in Oklahoma. I really want this bookshelf for Luke's music room, but I don't want to drive to Dallas.
(eta: shipping for this bookshelf would be over $300, that is more than the cost of the actual bookshelf so having it shipped is out of the question.)

4. I'm at a stand-still with house decorations. I did as much as I could before the hubs cut me off and told me to quit going to TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby everyday after work. I'm ok with being cut off, I don't want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on house stuff, but I would also like to get my house ready to go!

5. My goal is to watch Season One of Glee soon. I set big goals for myself.

6. Without fail every time I become close to somebody in life they move away. I don't know if its just the season of life I am in, my age, or if God is trying to tell/show me something? Who knows.

7. I hate feeling inadequate, and I have felt it a lot lately.

8. You've heard of the dog whisperer but have you ever heard of the cat whisperer? Well Luke is the cat whisperer. In fact its a bit creepy how much cats love him. We have lots of outdoor cats around us and look will just look at them and they will come strolling up to him and just look at him. It might have something to do with his hair.

9. I have worked on campus for 3 years now and I cannot remember what it was like to be a student. It is so weird. Its like every college memory I have was erased in the last year.

10. We have a front room in our house (the former green carpet room) that is technically a dinning room, but I don't feel like we would ever use it as a dinning room so I decided to turn it into my study. But then I decided that having two offices (Luke's music room and then a front study) might be a waste of space. So then I thought about turning into a sitting room with a couch and some cool chairs, but then I wondered if we would ever use that (similar to it being a dinning room) so now I am at a complete loss as to what to do. Anybody have any thoughts on this?


Barefoot in my grass

Before we found our home I would talk about how I can't wait to run my toes through fresh green grass.

Well I finally got to do it!

And I have a lot of grass to run my toes through. About an acre to be exact. This is a picture of the side of our house.

We didn't intend on getting a house with an acre, but it just sort of happened so we went with it. Luke grew up on a lot of land, but I grew up in a neighborhood so this is all new to me

I can't wait until our trees have leaves on them and it is all green.

However I don't appreciate the spiders and mice that come with all of the grass. Yuck. And we have a small creek behind us. If I ever see a snake I am moving out.

Also yesterday I mentioned that I bought two pieces of furniture from a local artist. I am going to do my study (the room that we put the wood floor in) in yellow and black so I thought these pieces would be wonderful

I definitely want to use the chair as my desk chair, but now I am torn on whether I want to use the big piece in my study or as our TV stand. We have been looking for a new TV stand so this just might be perfect. House decisions, house decisions......

This was a completely random post, but I figured since I can't yet show you the inside of the house I could show you our yard.

Well I could show you the inside of the house but who wants to see a bunch of blank walls? Not me. So somebody come hang decorations on them! Please and thank you.


Project 365 - Week I have no idea

After taking a couple of weeks off I am picking back up on my project 365.

I got behind during moving, but I missed it so I worked hard this week to make sure and remember to take a picture everyday.

However I have NO idea what week this is. I'm sure I will figure it out.

Sunday April 4th:
Both of our families came in for Easter Sunday. We snapped this picture with Luke's family as they were leaving.
Monday April 5th:
We had our small group on Monday night so I made funfetti cookies. I love to make Pillsbury funfetti cookies with Betty Crocker rainbow chip icing. It is the very best. And clearly Luke is a fan.
Tuesday April 6th:
I LOVE a good thunderstorm, and lucky for me we get lots of good thunderstorms here in Oklahoma. I like the storms minus a tornado. On Tuesday we had our first thunderstorm in our home complete with hail. I don't know if you can tell but this is the hail on our front porch.
Wednesday April 7th:
On Thursday the department I work for had a big event, and I helped to plan the event. So on Wednesday we headed over to the banquet room to set up and make sure everything was ready to go. Here I am next to one of our big posters that we set up.
Thursday April 8th:
The big event day! The only pic I snapped that day and it's not a great one.
Friday April 9th:
Luke's band had a show on Friday night. It was called Live on the Plaza and it was on this strip where local artists sold their products. Whether it was jewelry, furniture or music. It was really neat and I ended up buying some furniture from a girl I went to college with. She is so talented and I love supporting a local artist.
Saturday April 10th:
Saturday we hung out at home, waited for our garage door repair man and painted the door. It was our first Saturday in our home all by ourselves and it was so wonderful and relaxing. I am so thankful for my husband. I never could have imagined what a great husband I would one day have!


House Project #2

This weekend Luke and I conquered our house project #2: painting the front door.

For some reason our front door was green. I'm beginning to think the previous home owners loved green. Anybody remember the green carpet? I have nothing against the color green. In fact I listed it as my favorite color in grades 3rd - 5th (I moved on to yellow after that). But green doesn't really seem to fit the color scheme of the house. So we have begun removing green from the house.

But lets not kid ourselves, we all know from my desperate pleas of needing decorating help that I know nothing about color schemes.

I have owned my bedspread for 2 years and all this time I thought it was turquoise and brown. I found out this past weekend it is brown and GREEN.

After I bought like 10 turquoise decorating items. Cool.

And let's not talk about how the color green is haunting me everywhere I go.

Self pity party over back to the door.

Luke and I had decided that we were going to buy a pretty wooden door with a glass window.

Then we priced them.

Then I fainted.

Then we decided to just paint our metal door and call it a day.

I mean really, have you priced wooden doors with glass? ARE THEY MADE OF GOLD?!?! They are so flipping expensive, and while I would love to have one I would rather spend my money on something else.

Like more turquoise decorations to go with my green bedspread.

So after deciding to paint the door I did some research online, well when I say online I obviously mean blogs because that is my number one source for any sort of advice on any subject.

I found lots of blogs where people painted doors and decided that this would be a fairly easy project and we (Luke) should tackle it.

So I sent Luke an email with several blogs attached and told him lets do this and get this paint to which he replied "Oh is that what your lovely blogging friends told you to do?"

He has blog issues.

But he did end up buying the exact paint my bloggy friends suggested so don't worry he does trust the lovely blogging friends.

So on a beautiful Saturday morning we whipped out the paint and I began painting the door.

It was my first time to paint in over 10 years. I had an unfortunate accident on a mission trip in junior high involving me, a gallon of white paint, and the home-owners prized garden.

I have never forgotten what a gallon of paint looks like all over a garden after it has fallen off of a ladder.

Or my youth pastor's face as he watched the gallon of paint fall into the prized garden.

I mean who gives a 13 year old girl a gallon of paint on a ladder?!? I'm just saying....

OK Back to the door:

I started painting Saturday morning and lasted roughly around 30 minutes.

Painting is hard work and my hand started cramping.

So Luke took over and I may have seen him roll his eyes.

I was having too many flashbacks of the mission trip in junior high and I just couldn't handle the pressure.

I was given multiple threats to not spill the paint on our new wood floor.

It was all just so nerve wracking.

Here is cute Luke hard at work painting the door. We decided to paint the inside of the door and I am so glad that we did.
Here are some before and after pics:

After outside:
Before Inside:After Inside:

I love the way it turned out and I'm so glad I have a husband who is such a hard worker!

Oh and please ignore the blank walls. I have yet to tackle hanging decorations.

And I have now written the longest post ever about painting a door. That my friends is talent.