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Question and Answer Part Five

Thank you for all of your sweet comments on the "why I love blogging" post. I seriously love blogging and all the sweet comments on that post proved why!!

I know you have been waiting in suspense so I am going to finish up all the questions from my Q&A post that I did like 6 months ago.

Probably not that long but it feels like it.

So here we got with the second-to-last set of questions:

Tell us more about your job. What exactly do you do?
I am an events planner for a specific office at a university. I have various other job duties outside of event planning, but planning events is my love.

What is the favorite thing about your job and how did you get into your career?
I don't know if I have one specific thing I love about my job more than any other. I LOVE working on a university campus and watching the happenings around me. I still live on an academic calendar, and refer to season of life as fall semester and spring semester. I'm not around a lot of students in my everyday job, but I still love the fact that I am on a campus that is growing and changing everyday.

I worked in the office I work in now when I was a student and then after I graduated I went away for a year (and had several jobs during that time) and then a full time job opened up in the office so I applied immediately. It was a huge blessing. I actually didn't start as the events planner but changed positions about a year after I started my job.

What is your dream job?
Hm...That is something that probably changes with different seasons of my life. At one point I wanted to be a wedding planner, at another point I wanted to be a photographer, sometimes I think I want to own a boutique. It is always changing.

However, if I had to pick a dream job I would pick something that Luke and I could do together and I could do from home. I don't even know what that looks like but I would love to work with my husband and own our own company.

Babies, Babies, Babies,
What is your favorite boy/girl name.
Well this changes often. Right now I love the name Eli for a boy and Anniston for a girl. It will change before I have kids though. Trust me.

Have you thought about when you have kids? Anything you want to do before then?
Luke and I have tossed around a few time periods of life when we think we would want to start trying for a baby, but that is subject to change, and to be honest it has changed several times. We of course want to travel more before we have a baby, but will also continue to travel after we have kids so thats not a huge must.

How many?
We would like to have four, but ask me that again after we have one.

You are stranded on an island and you can only have 3 items. What would they be.
Does the island have internet service? If so my iphone, bible, and chapstick

How did you first get into blogging, how does your hubby feel about it and your blog friends.
I got into blogging because I have always been a big fan of any sort of social networking, and I was reading a lot of blogs so I decided to start my own.
Luke likes the fact that I have a blog, but thinks that I sometime share a bit too much (he doesn't share anything with anybody). He calls my blog friends my "imaginary friends" which just cracks me up.
He does read every post and comment though, and refers to all of you by your blog name. As I have started becoming "real life" friends with bloggers I will ask him if I should refer to them by name or by their blog name when talking about them to him. He says it is best to call them by blog name. He was an english major so he correct my grammar alot. So when you see something grammatically wrong in my posts (which does happen) just know that I have already been made aware of this mistake.

OK we are almost done!! Only one set of questions left!


  1. My hubby is also in events- seems like a great job, he loves it!
    Oh and I also would DIE without my chapstick!!

  2. How did I not realize that you were an events planner? Cause that's my dreams job right there.

    And I too would bring my chapstick to a deserted island.... I would most certainly perish without it.

    Maybe I should finish my Q&A from a few months ago. Tomorrow. Or maybe next week.

  3. Big Man thinks my blog friends are imaginary but he has met a few of them so he knows now that I'm not just talking to myself.

  4. I'd be severely lost without my chapstick. Nice choice! husband totally calls my blog friends imaginary too. Glad it's not just my husband :)

  5. Great answers! I love your blog and I am glad you decided to join the blogging world! It sounds like your job is awesome!

  6. I love reading all of your answers! I always have chapstick on me too! haha, Hubby does the same thing, if I say a blog friend's name he says oh from Blog name, haha! I love that Luke knows who everybody is too!

  7. I think it's nice that he reads along, too! My Husband reads mine but never comments. I always have to ask him what he thinks about a particular post.

  8. I like the name Anniston very unique I never would have thought about it

  9. ha - that's really funny about him using everyone's blog names. Fun stuff...


  10. It's so sweet that Luke reads each and post and comment!

    And ditto on the chapstick...I'm not sure I could like without it!

  11. Anniston was a top contender for our little girls' name. I LOVED it!!! However, could not get the hubby on board... boo!

  12. ewww, the name Anniston is so cute! I really like that! I think it would be so cool to work at an university. I love these kind of posts.

  13. I got my notecards on Saturday! Thank you so much, they are adorable!

  14. I love your Q&A posts! And my hubby does the same thing with grammar and with my blog friends and their names! :-)

  15. I worked at a college in Events too until recently. It's a busy job but it's a lot of fun too. I would probably choose the same 3 items.

  16. I can just hear you saying, "Oh, I have plans with Sweet Simplicity, GlamLifeHW, In This Wonderful Life and Living Our Own Fairytale. haha! This cracks me up. I label you and Megan as T--Megan and O--Megan. But then, I always say well O--Megan is really from T. haha. Poor Ty.


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